Needle Play with Hubby's cock

My hubby is a strong man. he loves sex. I too love sex. He has a nice cock which gets stiff and hard just fondling it.It grows almost mre than twice it's size when it gets stiff and hard. I love to make it hard and feel it in my hands when it grows hard. It pulsates nicely and holding it is a great fun.
We used to have sex more than 4 to 5 times per day when newly married. Slowly the frequency has come down to about once a day. I love when he fondles my boobs. He knows how to play with them. When he sucks the nips--they get all excited and stiff.
We love to cuddle and fondle each other in presence of others. We visit to public parks and in the evenings-sit on benches along with other couples. In big cities the couples do not feel shy to caress each other openly and so do we. We love it when we kiss and hold each other and caress passionately. He always wants me to take out his cock and play with it. When the other strangers look at us --he gets excited. I too love that. This always ends up me giving a nice handjob to him and milk his cock.
Of late he wants me to punish his cock and play with his cock with needles. He wants me to put needles in his cock skin. I too have started liking for doing this. I use the sewing needle with thread and put it through his cock. Sometimes I keep the thread in it and daily apply some antisceptic. The thread creates permanent holes in his frenum. He has a number of holes which I have managed to make in his frenum. After about two weeks the thread can be safely removed and a permanent hole is created in the cock frenum. I often decorate his cock with nice beads by making use of the threads put through the holes.
Sometimes my s****r joins in the fun. He loves it more when we both together play with his cock and fondle it. We tie it at its base and use the leash as a means to play with it. The cock remains all hard ans tiff for hours. She tto sometimes puts the needles through the cock frenum. We always end up giving his cock a good handjob with the needle struck in it. He is very excited when we do this and he loves it.
My friends to want to see as how I am doing this to the cock and want to learn from me as to how it is done. I have already invited two of my close friends and shown them how to play with the hard stiff cock and how to use the needles and thread to open holes in the cock frenum. They too wanted my permission to try on my hubby's cock. I have allowed them this opportunity and they did this. One of them held the cock, tied it at its base and the other friend put the needle. She was scared initially but later on enjoyed the whole scene. My hubby also loved it and got so excited that his cock spilled it's milk just while the needle was going in the cock frenum. Next week they will call some more of their friends to learn the needle play. I too love the whole thing and we have a great sex after the play is over.
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1 month ago
OMG SO DAMN AWESOME SEXY,love this done to me sweetie
7 months ago
Makes me so horny. Would love to see pics of his cock
3 years ago
ok if yuo need a sekond cock im ready to join yuor fun
3 years ago
yes it is a great fun feeling the stiff hard cock all shivering and throbbing when the needles go in it....
3 years ago
Sounds like fun
3 years ago
Would love you to do that to me. xx