Draft Photogenic

Alyson looked at her watch. Damn 4:30 she thought, I am never going to get a photo today. She dashed into the camera shop praying there was someone there who could do a passport photo.

"Hi," she smiled brightly to the young girl behind the counter. "Is it too late in the day to get a passport photo done. I'm in a bit of a jam."

"Oh yes no problem we are here for another half hour. Only takes five minutes."

She led Alyson around the counter to the back of the shop where the processing lab was.

"Shane this lady needs a passport photo done."

A voice answered from behind a wall.

"Yeah sure, let me set up the camera. There's a mirror there if you want to fix your hair."

Pulling a brush out of her purse Alyson tamed her flame red mane, and took a second to powder her nose. Minimal make up the form had said. Fine by her.


Alyson turned around and came face to face with what was easily the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. He stood maybe 5'8" or 5'9" but his presence filled the space. He had broad shoulders and a swimmers build. His skin was the colour of coffee with good cream. He kept his head shaven and a wore a neat goatee, but it was his eyes that mesmerized her. They were a luminous brown, the exact colour of cognac, serious but with a hint of mischief. By far his best feature she thought

"I am. Where would you like me?", Alyson turned around.

In my bed was Shane's immediate thought, but no show of emotion betrayed his stray thought. He appraised her quickly. She was a beautiful girl. Long red hair that flowed down her back. Her eyes were that impossible shade that hovered between blue and green depending on her mood. Her lips were full and inviting as she smiled at him. She stood 5'4" and though she was heavier than the average woman she carried it well with curves in all the right places; ample hips round breasts and an ass that could make a man lose his religion.

"See the X on the floor," Shane pointed. "Stand there, back straight, look right into the lens and no smiling please."

Alyson looked seriously into the lens and waited for the flash. There was none.


"Is there a problem?" Alyson asked.

"My flash died, Shane sighed. "I'm afraid I don't have a replacement here either. I won't be able to take your picture today."

"That is a bugger. I needed that for tomorrow morning." Alyson ran her hand through her hair. "Any idea where I could get one done at this hour?"

"Well... if you can wait until we close at five, I have another passport camera at my studio a couple of blocks away. I could do it for you there." He slid a business card out of his wallet and handed it to her. "The address is there."

She thought about it for a minute and realised she didn't have much choice. "Are you sure? That sounds like a lot of trouble for you."

"Oh no trouble. I was going there anyway. Go get yourself a coffee and I will meet you there."

Alyson got into her car and drove the couple of blocks over and parked outside the building. Not long after five she spotted Shane approaching the building. She opened her car door and got out.

"Oh hey you showed up,' he smiled. "C'mon in"

Alyson followed Shane inside. It was a plain room but the photos on the wall were magnificent. "Your work?" Alyson asked.

"Yep, best advertisement for a studio right? I'll just be a second." Shane disappeared through another door. He returned quickly with another passport camera in hand.

"Right through here... um your name? "

"Oh uh Alyson... and you are Shane." Alyson held up the business card.

"Clever girl. Ok if you could stand over there this will just take a few minutes"

Alyson stood in front of the blank wall as Shane positioned the camera.

"And we're good. It takes about two minutes to process."

"Thank you so much. You don't know how much I appreciate this. What do I owe you?"

"Not a thing. It was my fault the flash wasn't replaced. Consider it an act of kindness." Shane smiled.

"No really you don't have to do that. I can pay. Please" Alyson opened her purse.

"No no. It was my pleasure. Really. But um ...oh nevermind."


"Well I had an ulterior motive for asking you here... no no I'm not weird, but I am working on a portfolio. I need a few more shots. You'd be perfect."

"Me? Oh no no I don't think ...I'm not really what you consider photogenic, " Alyson blushed as she spoke. Shane cut her off.

"Perfect. That's what I said. Game?" he flashed her another smile, almost a challenge.

Alyson looked at that smile and thought what the hell. She had her passport photo, and nothing else to do tonight.


Taking her arm he led her through the door where he'd come from with the passport camera. Alyson looked around mildly shocked. The outer waiting room gave no hint to the room that laid beyond. There were four different sets, if that's what you could call them, arranged with what appeared to be themes. One was a french bordello type scene like something out of Moulin Rouge. Another was what appeared to be school lockers. One was an old fashioned claw foot tub and all the trappings for a leisurly bath. The other was some kind of gothic dungeon scene. Alyson looked at Shane with a cocked eyebrow.

"Just what kind of photoshoot had you planned here? You said you weren't weird."

"Oh this ... no no... this is my cash cow. You wouldn't believe what wives will pay for a calander for hubby's 50th birthday. It pays well enough for me to help keep the camera shop afloat and pursue my own interests. Let me get set up"

Alyson relaxed. She watched as Shane readied his camera and equipment.. He went to the stereo on the wall and slipped in a CD. Classical music floated out.

"Chopin? Nice touch."

"Photography is all about mood. I'm setting the mood." Alyson walked around the room as Shane continued to prep. He placed a bench in front of a screen. "Ok up you go"

"I'm not exactly prepared for a photoshoot to be honest...I mean what I am wearing isn't exactly glamourous. Plain skirt, plain blouse." Alyson bit her lip her old shyness creeping up on her.

"Nonsense Alyson. You look lovely. Besides it's all head and shoulder shots. You okay with that? You'd really be helping me out, besides, he grinned, "you owe me."

Alyson took a deep breath. Nothing like spontenaiety. "Let's do it."

Shane came over to position her just so on the bench. "Back straight, shoulders back," he said walking backwards away from her, "tilt your head..no like that... ok hold that." He started clicking away.

"So tell me about your cash cow. Women really come here for these boudoir calenders?" Alyson was intrigued.

"Oh yeah... you should see them, they LOVE it. The thought of exposing their naughty sides, although I assure you everything I do is tasteful, it gets them all excited. They tip quite well," Shane chuckled.

"So how does it work? How do you do it?" Curiosity was killing the cat.

"Turn your head, look over my shoulder... good. Oh we make appoinments, find out what kind of calendar she'd like to make for her husband. I've got four sets, you can use one or all four. There's a room full of costumes all shapes and sizes, although we do stipulate you provide your own fetish wear. Ok now look down... and be serious for this one... think of something sad."

Fetish wear? Look sad? How the hell was she supposed to do that. She started to giggle.

"I'm sorry. Now you have me picturing 50 year old women in PVC gear with whips and handcuffs. How can anyone be serious after that?"

Shane laughed. "Yeah well 50 is the new 40. Some of these women are hot.... and some are not. A customer is a customer tho."

"Do you have gift certificates?' Alyson giggled again "Maybe I will get one for my Mom"

Shane put the camera down. "Althought I'm sure your Mum is lovely, I think I'd much rather see you in a costume." Clearly another challenge was being issued.

"Oh yeah? My choice?" Alyson was issuing a challenge of her own.

"Absolutely. You want to have a look?"

Alyson slid off the stool. "Show me the way."

Shane led her to the wardrobe room. He was right; the place was full of costumes all shapes and sizes to fit his scenes. "Any requests?," Alyson smiled.

"Surprise me." Shane walked out closing the door.

Alyson strolled through the room glancing over the fabrics. Everything was organized and clean and well labeled. Alyson fingered a tartan skirt. Hmmm she thought, this could be interesting. She found a short tartan skirt in her size easily enough, as well as a matching blazer. She kept on her own blouse and stockings. Her own sensible shoes suited the uniform to a tee. Reaching for her purse Alyson extracted her brush and a hair elastic. She found her glasses and put those on as well. Voila instant school girl. She looked at herself in the mirror. What am I getting myself into she thought with an evil smile.

Alyson opened the door and walked back into the room. Shane turned around jaw dropping. "That's not what I expected."

"What? You expected me to sashay out in a feather boa & corsettes singing 'Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?'"


"I know." Alyson walked over to the locker set. "OK tell me what to do"

Shane retreived the camera again. "OK smile for me school girl"

Alyson smiled and the camera snapped away. There were actual books in the locker so she took them out and pretended to be pouring over them studiously. She dropped a book and bent over provocatively to pick it up. She eyed Shane over the edge of her glasses. "It's warm in here." She took off her blazer.

"Mmmm ok be a little more daring for me... why don't you unbutton a couple of those buttons. Maybe you've been called to the dean's office and you are in trouble. Maybe you have to get yourself out of trouble, the best way you know how."

Alyson suddenly felt self-conscious again. "Uh... I don't know." She blushed a little.

Shane put down the camera. He walked over to where she was standing. "Do you even realise how gorgeous you are?"

"Um I don't even know you ad I don't know what I am doing here. Perhaps I should just leave."

"Perhaps, but we both know you want to stay." Shane reached out and pulled her into him. Taking her face in his hands he traced her bottom lip with his thumb and tugged it down. Shane leaned into Alyson annd kissed her, softly at first, guaging her reaction. She didn't pull away. He kissed her again, more thoroughly sliding his tongue over hers tasting, teasing drawing back out breaking the kiss ad looking at her.

"Shall I stop Alyson?"

Alyson let out a shuddering sigh. It had been a long time since she reacted like this to a man. "Please go on." Pulling her into his embrace he began kissing her with more passion. Alyson arched into him aching to be touched.He trailed kisses down her neck and gently nibbled the delicate skin there. She moaned and her breath caught in her throat. "Please don't stop."

Shane leaned back and began unbuttoning her blouse. He trailed kisses down her chest as he deftly reached around and unclasped her bra. he pushed off the blouse the bra and let them drop to the floor. Taking her hand he led her to the bed in the bordello scene. He laid her down on the bed and admired her for a few moments. Her breasts were milky white as was the rest of her exposed skin. Her nipples were a rosey tan colour pert and begging to be sucked. He obliged by leaning over and suckling one of her breasts while he massaged the other breast with his hand. A low moan escaped Alyson's lips and she arched up into Shane again. "Harder" she whispered. "please!"

Shane tugged at the nipple in his mouth with his teeth while he pinched the other between his forefinger and thumb. His cock was beginning to throb. Pulling her up onto her knees he slid his hands down her waist and over her buttocks squeezing them enjoying the roughness of the tweed skirt against her skin. He undid the button and pulled down the zipper and pushed it down over her hips. He then realised then she was wearing gartered stockings and no panties. His cock throbbed for real now and he ached to have her. As the skirt fell away he dug his fingers into the soft flesh of her thighs, caressing. Alyson leaned into his chest letting her breasts rub against his chest. He ran his hands over her buttocks and gently spread her cheeks sliding his finger down the length of her seeing how wet she was. Alyson whimpered a little, and d**g her nails down the length of his back. Shane shivered.

"You sir have far too much clothing on." Alyson tugged his shirt over Shane's head, and threw it on the floor. Her shaking hand tugged at his belt and she eventually got that off. Standing at the edge of the bed Shane allowed Alyson to undress him completly. She slid off the bed and onto her knees in front on him. She kissed her way down to his rock hard cock. Looking up at him she asked "Can I suck your cock Shane... please?"

He wrapped his hand in her hair and guided her head over the length of his throbbing shaft. Like a good girl she didn't stop until the whole shaft was in her throat up to his balls. He pulled her head back and drew out his cock. Taking it in his hand he pressed it against her cheek and lightly slapped her with it. She smiled playfully and stuck her tongue out to flick the head with is. Once again he f***ed his cock into her mouth. She moaned around it. Looking up at him she begged "Please fuck my mouth Shane." He groaned and it was he could do not to cum right there. He gritted his teeth and held back. Slowly he fucked her mouth as her eager tongue danced over his cock.

"I want to see if you are ready for me? Can I?" he asked. "Yes... please," she replied simply.

He laid her on the bed again and spread her legs. He began to explore her wet pussy. She was so wet, that the insides of her thighs were slick with her own juices. Shane drew a finger up the length of her and pressed it into her mouth. Alyson eagerly sucked her own wetness off his finger. He rubber he swollen clit with one hand as he delved one finger than two inside her. She was very tight he was pleased to feel the walls of her pussy contract around his finger. His cock strained but he needed to hear her say what she wanted next. He needed her to want it as much as he did.

"Alyson what do you want me to do next?"

"Oh Shane, I want you to fuck me... I want you to fuck my ass... please fuck my ass, Alyson begged with a sob in her voice.

"Such a bad girl, I may need to punish you."

Shane turned her over on all fours pulling her towards him. He spread more of her wetness over her ass and slowly inserted his finger to relax her. With his other hand he carressed her and lightly spanked her. Soon she was relaxed enough to accept the head of his cock. Slow, slow he pressed the tip of his rigid cock into Alyson's eargerly waiting ass. He groaned loudly and she arched her back into him. He slid his cock carefully all the way into her ass all the way up to his balls. She cried out and moaned. As he gently fucked her ass he massaged her throbbing clit. She cried out again and begged him to rub her clit faster. "Oh God I want to cum." He obliged her knowing like most women this would only make her want more. He pulled out of her ass and continued to rub her clit as she crested and came all over his hand.

"What a bad little girl you are," Shane chuckled. "what shall we do next?"

"Please Shane I need you to fuck my pussy. Hard. Please" Her eyes pleaded with him. He rolled her back onto her back putting a pillow ner her ass for better suport. He grasped her hips and entered her pussy. Lifting her legs and pushing them back towards her chest he began fucking her slowly, deeply filling her hot tight pussy with his throbbing cock. The both groaned in sync. Each downward stroke Shane made Alyson clenched her kegal muscles and he could feel her grip his cock. It was more than her could bare. He grasped her hips and began to slam his cock into her showing no mercy.

"OH GOD YES Shane FUCK ME FUCK ME HARD," Alyson screamed. "I'M GOING TO CUM"

Shane slammed his cock deep into Alyson's pussy as her whole body arched contracted and pulled him into her. He too groaned and suddenly his hot cum was gushing into her. He continued to fuck her as she rode wave after wave of pleasure.

"Such a naughty girl. A naughty naughty girl," Shane murmered into her ear.

"Ah but I am your naughty girl." She kissed him thoroughly. "What shall I make us for supper?"

Shane pulled her into him. "Let me just hold you ... we'll discuss supper later love"
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Not bad, not bad at all.
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naughty lil'slut good telling