My Long Dark Fantasy....

I have had this dream for a while now, and the pieces have finally came together and now it is a fantasy that i would love to share with all of you and something i would so love to have come true.

-- I have been going through a lot recently, and just needed to do something really fun, and exotic. I am single now, long story, just like i said been a lot of crap going on, and during this time, i have been on this awesome site, talking to these four ( yes four awesome guys on here). All of them have been really respectful and understanding during my hard times. Well after all of the crap died down, my bad girl self started flirting, flirting, and flirting with these four individuals. I mean heavy flirting. Phone sex, cyber sex, the whole nine yards, and hell we all done this for two years . So, it was time for us to meet and hang out, and whatever else comes up, he he.
- I made arrangements with these guys to meet them at my hometown airport, and take them for a weekend at my very nice apartment i had all to myself. So, the day came and i headed up to the airport to meet these men. To backtrack a little, over the years i have gotten myself in shape, gotten more tattoos and more piercings, and just gotten really sexy. I was also pretty well off in the money department to. With that said, no one has seen the new me, so this is a very special time for them.
- So they should feel damn lucky, lol. Anyways, i got to the airport and started heading in to meet them. I walked around for about an hour trying to find out where exactly they were. Then after searching, i saw these four sexy, tall and very nice built men, (who also fit the profile pics on this site), just standing around all talking to each other. So i walked up to them , and i could feel their eyes on me, as they stared my body up and down.
- I said " Are you gentlemen from the F site?", they all smirked with wide, excited eyes and said, " well, yes we are". So i chimed in with " well it is me , Ginger from the site". I thought they were all going to faint when they realized who i was, due to how they reacted. So they calmed down and all gave me a group hug, and congratulated me on my new, sexy, beautiful look. As i thanked them, we started walking back to my car, so we could start the party, lol. Oh and i had really hot plans and ideas in store for these four.
- When we got to my car, they almost had a heart attack over my car, for it was one of the silver, brand new chargers, they came out with. So, we all got into my baby, and we drove a good distance, to my apartment at first. I needed to change into some fun clothes. Considering i just got off work, before i went to get the men. So, i led them into my living room, as they commented on how nice my apartment was. I then asked them to have a seat while i slipped into something more comfortable.
- While they waited, i listened to them discussing on how hot and tasty i am looking. So, i wanted to really make them uneasy, he he, so i put on the sexiest , but wearable out in public outfit i could fine. Which was a black dress, that was so tight it showed off all of my curves, and my five inch leather heel boots. I was also not wearing any underwear or not wearing a bra either.As i walked into the room, i wondered how they were going to react to this. And to what i expected, they all jumped up and said "Damn girl". That was all they could say. I smiled and moved to the door, before they tried to jump me lol. Well they followed me, and we walked out, and got into the car. I was taking them to a really hot, sassy, and sexy night/ strip club that i am a regular at. What they do not know is that i am actually a stripper at this club, hehe.
- Part of what i wanted to do tonight , was show them exactly how i am so well off in money. So when we got to the club, i asked them to drop me off first, so they could park the car and i could get a good seat. Oh i am soooo slick lol. Well it seemed to work. They did exaclty what i said, which also included coming in and sitting down at the table, i was there for a sec, but then acted like i had to go to the bath room. But instead of going there, i went backstage and got dressed in this black, silk thin robe, with nothing on underneath, and i put on a pink pair of sexy, high heels. I also wore fangs( which were almost like real fangs) on my teeth that symbolized vampire teeth, and a mask to hide who i was. Well the Dj announced that i was coming out, as the song "porn star dancing" by my darkest days started playing..

- So, I came out walking sexy and in charge, then i grabbed the poll grabbing it tight with my hands, in the most sexiest way a poll has ever been grabbed. Still wearing my mask, so the four men would not realize who i am. I kept starring at them, with inviting, sexy, and piercing eyes. Making their minds wonder. Making them want me and want to do very bad and sexy things to me. I lick my lips, and i keep dancing very sexual to the song, hitting every beat, with my body dancing to it. Then i start stripping off what piece of clothing i had on, starting with the black robe. As i took it off, i threw it to one of the four guys, and everyone cheered. Then i started to take off my bra, but did it slowly instead of to the beat, i really wanted to tease the four men (and they do not even have a clue who i really am lol), so i take off my bra and throw it again in their direction. Lastly i ripped off my thongs and kicked them over to them. After i finished my dance and teasing of them, I grab a microphone. And i tell the crowd thanks, then i reveal the reason why i was flirting so hard with the four paticular men right there. I took off my mask as i said " i flirted with you four, because it is me Ginger, and i am actually a stripper here, and wanted to surprise you guys".
- Their mouths dropped and they cheered and whistled to me in delight. So i walked off stage, and into the dressing room. Got dressed and went out to meet up with them. I got to the tables, and to my surprise i can see by the guys bulging pants, that they really liked my dance, and how i teased and fooled them. Then i said to them" would you guys like to get out of here and come back to my place, and show me how much you appreciated my dance for you four" , they said without hesitation " hell yeah, lets go". Well, we all piled into my car and drove about ten miles down the road to my apartment. When we got there, they started putting their hands all over me, grabbing my ass, (hell smacking it i should say), and they all four also tried grabbing my kitty. But i stopped them and said " be patient boy's, you all will get the chance to make her purr, soon enough". Well, that did not seem to help, because as soon as i got the door open, they all grabbed me, two guys grabbed my arms, then two more grabbed my legs. And they carried me to my bed room. It really surprised me, because i am the one that planned this, but due to my teasing, they took the night into their own hands. I started to scream, "what the fuck are yall doing , this is not how it was suppose to go". Well, they answered " shut up Bitch, you teased us, and fooled us long enough tonight". So, we are going to use, and abuse you now.
- In my mind i was saying " oh god yes, **** me, use me, fuck me, have me". But, with my mouth , i steadily shouted, "NO". Guess they got tired of that, due to one of the four men grabbing a gag and putting it in my mouth, (before i get ahead of myself here, the guys names , so i do not keep saying the four guys lol, are Sir E, JD, Mr. K, and D'lion). After i had the ball gag shoved into my mouth, they all four grabbed me and tied every one of my limbs, to the ends of my bed, until i could not move a muscle. Tears started dripping from my eyes, as a reaction to the fear of this. When Sir E, seen that i was crying, he came up to my face and started to lick my tears, then he pushed my face to the side, revealing my bare neck. Then D'lion came up and bit me so violently , that bl**d just gushed out of my neck, and he stared to lick it up and savor every drop. He got off of me, as so did Sir E, and they all four stripped themselves of their clothes, walked over to me. Sir E, and JD, started to suck on my nipples, and biting on them, making me scream through the ball gag, because they bit right on my nipple piercings. Sending painful sensations throughout my shaking body. Well, to add on to that, Mr. K came up to my face and straddled my face, slamming his hard throbbing cock inside my mouth, making me gag. As he kept fucking my face, Dlion lubed up his cock and made his way between my tied up legs.
- Forcing his also throbbing cock, into my swollen and dripping wet pussy, while the other two consumed my lucious breast, and Mr, K continued to have his way with the inside of my throat. Well, they switched it up, until all four had my pussy. As they were getting close to almost cumming, they untied me, and put me on all fours, and each of them took turns pounding the hell out of my, tight , hardly been used, ass. Making me cry and scream even more. They kept their hands over my mouth as they kept using my ass, getting each of themselves closer, and closer to spreading their seed. All of them wanted to cum inside of me, and mark me with their sperm, so they kept me on all fours, and one after the other, they fucked me again in my pussy. Riding me back and forth like i was their fuck toy, pounding every, single, inch of their cocks inside of me. Bottoming out in my pussy walls, when they got as deep as they could, each one, shot a nice, creamy, hot, load inside of my very warm, tight, and dripping pussy. Well when they finished filling me up, i was f***ed to clean all of them off, so i would not miss any drop of their cream. After i was done, they grabbed me, and carried me to the bed, and laid me down. Then they all laid around me. As they all started to sigh in relief, knowing that they marked me as their own personal FUCK TOY.

THE END.........(To Be continued with part two if you all want more :)", Just let me know )
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