Learning from the master

Her entire body tingled with anticipation as she prepared herself for his arrival. Her hands shaking slightly as she applies make-up Not too much - really he preferred her without any but she felt she needed the confidence it gave her! The underwear he'd bought her was laid out on the bed, as was the dress he'd specified she'd wear.

She glanced at the clock on the wall as she buttoned the dress up, He'd be here in a moment, and the longed for experience would finally reach reality. For months they had talked about it - he'd taken her through every step of what she could expect - describing in detail what he expected of her.

She trusted him - she knew he loved her - so why was she worried now? Why did she feel sick - after all she wanted it so much - She desperately wanted him to make her his slave!

Once he 'bonded' her she would be his forever nobody could break the bond - she would become his property - to do with as he chose - she would never question him or not punishment. She brushed her long hair with trembling hands - leaving it loose down her back as he'd instructed.

Oh God - the doorbell! He was early! She'd already incurred his displeasure as he'd instructed her to be waiting for him. Quickly putting her high-heeled stilettos on she rushed down the stairs and opened door. He stood on the doorstep - with a large brown suitcase in his hand and a scowl on his face.

"Did you have a good journey?" she asked as he brushed past her and went into the room. He put the case down and removed his jacket before replying, "It was pleasant enough" - he said "at least until I got here - I thought I told you to be ready & waiting for me?"
"I'm sorry but you arrived earlier than expected", she replied.

"That’s no excuse" he snapped, "I expected you to do as you are instructed - you should have got up earlier!"

"Come here, then, kiss me" he said. She rushed to him, eager to feel his loving lips on hers. But as she raised her face to kiss him, his hands grasped her hair tightly and twisted through it and yanked back hard. He f***ed his mouth down hard onto hers - thrusting his tongue deeply into her mouth. He secured his grip with one hand and thrust the other into her dress. His fingers unerringly finding her nipple beneath the lace bra. He twisted it hard making her cry out with sudden pain. She could feel the reaction he felt as he thrust his groin hard against her. Dear God, he was so hard already!

He continued to kiss her whilst his hand roamed the confines of her bra. She began to relax slightly as he caressed her breasts now as he felt the tension in her body ease he removed his hand from her breasts and he tenderly stroked her face.

Suddenly both his hands were pushing down on forcing her to her knees in front of him, She realised what he intended and tried to get up - but his superior strength overwhelmed her.
"Get it out" he ordered - "NOW" with trembling hands she struggled to undo the zip of his trousers He wore no belt so undid the clasp and they fell open revealing his cock which sprang out immediately.

She reached for it intending to stroke him but he obviously had other ideas!

He rammed it against her lips but she refused to allow it inside her mouth

"Open your mouth, bitch" he snarled do as you are told!

She tried to shake her head in disagreement but his grip tightened in her hair and with his cock resting against her mouth he grasped he nose firmly. She had no chance but to open her mouth to breathe and his cock thrust deep inside immediately. It hit the back of her throat really hard causing her to gag but swallow instinctively at the same time.

"You filthy whore - do it - suck me" and he thrust hard against her his hand holding her Prisoner as he used her hair to move her head up and down on his cock, "Lick it - suck it and do it properly or you'll be sorry" he grunted.

Her face was pushed so hard into his groin that she could barely breathe. She could feel his cock fucking her mouth and as she desperately tried to do as he'd instructed. All the time he was calling her names - bitch, whore, slut as he continued to abuse her - Till finally she felt his cock begin to twitch that she would she'd die.

"You fucking cow" he roared as his spunk pulsed out of him into her mouth "swallow it, bitch, don't let any escape - ahhh!!! For what seemed like eternity she tried to swallow it all - fearing his punishment if any escaped her mouth!

As she swallowed the last drops and licked his cock clean, he released her hair and she tried to glance up at him, he smiled.

"You did well, slut with only minor details to be improved on your punishment will only be mild

Punishment master? I did as you told me, she begged, "Don’t argue with me, you are my slave and need to be taught the correct way to behave, I am the person to do just that, I will be your master and instruct you But if I feel that you are not trying or being deliberately uncooperative then I will punish you as I see fit. He walked over picked his case up and put it on the chair, he opened it up and to her horror she saw that it was full to overflowing with all manner of sinister looking things, he reached inside and pulled out a collar, black stiff leather with rings attached to it a full 4 inches in width it creaked as he undid the buckles on it, Kneel he ordered indicating a spot right at his feet, as she hesitated he looked at her an almost pitying look crossed his face, come he said almost gently you will enjoy it, did I not promise you pleasure beyond your wildest dreams! Have faith in me and this will be the beginning of your life with me. You will experience sensations and desires more than you could ever imagine. Give yourself to me and you will be reborn - as my sex slave.

She found herself kneeling before him as he fastened the collar round her throat - feeling it rub as he tightened the buckles, She gasped as she realised it stopped her moving her head from side to side very well it's depth kept her chin up too.

His hand reached down for hers and he pulled her up off her knees, He gently kissed her mouth as he fingers began to unbutton her dress, He slid it down from her shoulders and bent to kiss and caress her neck and shoulders. She barely felt him unhook her bra but felt his hands on her breasts, At first cupping them gently then she flinched as he flicked at her nipples then his mouth bent down to envelope them - sucking on them till they were so hard and erect. He caressed then lovingly then grasped them tightly - very tightly and twisted them hard. A cry escaped her lips as a mixture of pain and pleasure shot through her entire body, Her back arched involuntarily as she thrust her tits at him.

He hung on and twisted them again - pinching each nipple between his sharp nails. Suddenly released them - she didn’t know which was worse. The pain as he held them or the agony as the bl**d returned to him after he'd let go!!

His fingers slid inside the crotch of her thong "Mmm , so wet, my little slut - so you enjoyed that did you?" His thumb began to gently rub her clit, She felt it harden and swell as he thrust 2 fingers inside her pussy. She groaned with pleasure as thrust his fingers deep and hard inside her and she felt the muscles deep inside her start to twitch. Suddenly he pulled his hand out and eased the thong off and made her step out of it.

She just stood there before him - naked as the day she was born but for his collar round her neck.

"I think its time" he said, picking up his case and indicating to her t o leave the room before him.

She led him back into the entrance hall and he indicated for her to lead the way upstairs to her room. As he followed closely behind her, she felt his hand stroking her bum and heard him whisper - Ahhh lovely, I'm going to have that later - A flicker of fear crossed her mind then vanished as she remembered he said he would never f***e her to do anything she didn’t want.........

They reached her bedroom and went inside He looked with approval at her bed - a huge king size bed with antique brass headboard and footrest. He placed the case on the chair and again opened it up. This time he pulled wrist restraints out, Wide leather cuffs with buckles and clips hanging off the edges. She allowed him to clip then onto her and turned around as he pulled her wrists behind her back and clipped them together.

They felt comfy enough as they rested against her bum She watched as he again approached the case and this time fetched a very long, very very thick belt like object from it, It reminded her of the horse brasses her grandmother liked to have hanging on the parlour wall.

"Remember, you asked me what a hogtie was, my little slut, well this is one", he said. He clipped it to her collar so it ran down the middle of her back and stopped just above her tight little hole. She felt the weight of it dragging her neck and pulling the collar tight.
His hands stroked her arms - starting at the shoulders and going right down to her wrists. There he stopped and she felt him fiddle with the clip on the other cuffs as he pushed her arms up her back till she gasped and then she heard him slide the clip home into one of its many rings along the length of the hogtie. She tried to move but any such movement caused such pain that she realised it was better to not struggle too much - she felt his fingers probing her wet pussy. She eased her legs apart to give him better access.

"Lean back against my chest" he whispered in her ear. As she did he slid a hand round and started to caress her breasts - this time his fingers lovingly attending to her nipples. Suddenly she heard the clink of chain and felt cold metal on her nipple - She cried out in pain and tried to struggle in vain as she managed to look down she realised that he'd fitted nipple clamps on her. Pain and fear shot through her body, suddenly this wasn’t the fun she'd thought it would be!!

"Please no - take them off - they hurt so much" she begged.

"No, they stay - You'll get used to them very quickly" he replied.

He pushed her face down onto the bed which was so high that her feet barely touched the floor and she began to struggle to regain her footing, She felt his hands round her ankles as he began to fit ankle restraints to them, Thick leather ones with a chain holding them together - she heard him clip the cuffs together effectively stopping her walking - or being able to get up - suddenly she began to feel helpless - She wasn’t sure it was a feeling that she like!!

She sensed him kneel down behind her but still tensed when she felt his tongue on her skin.

He ran it down her spine and began to kiss the cheeks of her bottom as his fingers slid inside her wet pussy.

"Mmm still wet I see, he xxxxxxx" good, very good, slut, you're doing well!!

Her apprehension eased with those words - he was pleased with her so she didn’t really expect the pain that suddenly erupted as he swung the whip across her buttocks. She cried out as he struck her again and again.

"No please stop, you're hurting me" she cried "Ssh little one, this is all part of your training you will come to love it, That was just the beginning - you have more to experience - more to enjoy"

"No never, stop it, I've changed my mind" She screamed, "Let me up, now, I'm begging you"

But what kind of Master stops teaching his pupil before the end of the course? You will thank me for it in the end, I promise you. But don't worry I wont be using the whip on you again......... this time I am going to paddle you!!!

She felt the first blow land screamed, He stopped and she felt his grasping her hair. He pulled it hard and f***ed her head up off the bed - with his other hand he f***ed a strange leather object into her mouth - a gag made of leather with a protuberance like a small thick cock which fitted on top of her tongue and was fastened round her mouth, it f***ed her mouth open but no sound could escape except the odd gurgle.

He pushed her back down onto the bed again and obviously took up his position behind her again as she heard the swish milliseconds before she felt the pain of the blow from the paddle. He xxxxx blows down on her hard and fast till she began to think she'd die.

Suddenly all ceased and she felt his fingers probing her again.

"See - I told you that'd enjoy that, didn't I" he said "you're so wet cos that's really got you horny - you're so very turned on"

She felt his fingers moving in and out of her deep and hard and insistent. Gradually they got faster till he was really fucking her cunt and she could feel the sticky juices running down her thighs His thumb began to rub her tight little hole - she tried to struggle but to no avail.

She felt him smearing her juices round the entrance and slowly inserting his thumb he moved it from side to side easing the hole open - relaxing the muscles Before she had xxxx to catch her breath he'd got both holes filled - fucking both holes in rhythm. She moaned as best she could, as the fucking got faster and faster - deeper and harder.

She felt the orgasm building - she was powerless to resist it - the waves just got bigger and bigger threatening to engulf her. Her breathing quickened as she tried in vain to fight against it then suddenly it exploded - a strangled a****l moan was all she could manage as her body was xxxxx by the most powerful orgasm she'd ever experienced.

His fingers pulled out and she felt his cock xxxxxx its way into her pussy - his hand grabbed her hair like reins and he held on tight as his cock rammed inside her - thrusting deep and hard.

"Come on bitch - take it - take it deep - you want this so much so don’t pretend you don't - you're so wet just thinking about it now you've got the real thing" - and you're loving it you filthy bitch whore"

As he rode her hard and deep she felt him tense and begin to moan then he thrust into her so hard and pulled her hair tightly as he shot his load deep inside her.

She felt is cock slide out of her and her sticky juices mixed with his cum run down her thighs she flinched as he again went to hold her hair but this time he just unfastened her gag and eased it from her mouth. The relief as she was again able to swallow properly and move her mouth was so intense that she felt tears sliding down her cheeks.

Relief short lived however as he pulled her up and thrust his now semi-erect cock into her mouth. "Suck it clean" he instructed and make me hard again"

She tried her best - but with her hands still behind her back it was a losing battle to instil some life into his cock however hard she managed to lick it she just couldn’t get him hard again.

"I'm sorry", she said, "I'm doing my best but its not enough".

"You are not trying hard enough, bitch - but I know what'll concentrate your mind", he laughed.

He again pushed her down onto the bed and positioned her so that her arse was just on the edge, he dipped his fingers in her sticky pussy and once they were covered in her sticky juices he began to smear them all round her little hole. He pushed his finger deep inside her - seeming to delight in her discomfort He thrust his finger in and out quite vigorously then began to ease another finger in and another so that he was fucking her hole with 3 fingers. When he'd got her all wet and slippery he pulled out his fingers and she gasped in disappointment.

"please, don't stop, "she cried" I need to cum so badly - please?"

"Oh you'll come all right, don't you worry slut, and you’ll cum more than you ever thought possible."

A sick feeling in the pit of her stomach signalled that something was going to happen and suddenly she wanted out - to stop all this and just get him out of xxxx

Too late - the pain shot through her body as she felt the use a riding crop on her buttocks as blow after blow rained down on her she screamed in pain and fear. She heard him xxxxx to himself "oh yes, yes thats xxxx her well, She'll bear my brand now for all to see - mmm god that makes me so hard.

At last he stopped - put the crop down and stroked her buttocks. His mere touch sent shivers of pain and anticipation down her spine. She felt his fingers begin to probe her hole again.

"No, please, don't - don't, you know I hate that, please stop it" she begged.

"You are mine now, you're bonded to me for always, and you'll do as I tell you and as I want and you will not argue, do you hear me?"

"And if I decide to fuck your arse, that’s exactly what I'll do" he stated matter of factly.

"But you promised me that you wouldn't f***e me to do anything I didn't want to" she exclaimed.

"Oh but I lied", he said jokingly "you didn’t really believe that surely?

"And right now, my little whore I'm going to fuck your arse so get used to the idea" with that he presented his now fully erect cock to her hole and without any lubrication he thrust into her in a single lunge.

She screamed and tried her best to escape but he hung onto her hips so tightly she couldn't move. His cock thrust in and out of her ass then stopped - she gasped but sensed that he hadn't finished.

You remember when we discussed all this, when I told you what I'd do to xxxx you? he asked her. And I told you that if I felt like it I could fuck you with a shxxxxx sheath and really increase your enjoyment? do you remember?

"I remember, but you promised me that it was only a suggestion not a certainty - you said it wasnt going to happen unless I wanted it to - and I don't - I told you that I couldn't stand it" she besxxxxx him.

"Well, I've decided that you want it - I know what's best for you and I know that you need to feel this to really enjoy having your arse fucked". She felt something hard nudging at her hole and the pain like thousands of red-hot knives was ripping through her body as he thrust his cock deep, deep inside her. Every movement, every thrust in or out and she felt the studs surrounding his cock. The pain was so intense it seemed to take over he whole body. The more she cried out in pain the harder he thrust and the faster he went until she could stand it no longer and she fainted.

When she came round she found she was no longer face down - He'd unclipped her hands as she was laid on her back. As her mind started to take things in she realised he was fastening her wrist restraint to the headboard stretching her arms wide apart. She went to move her legs and found that he'd already fastened her ankles to the sides of the footrest leaving her completely spread eagled across the bed.

He knelt above her - his knees either side of her face - his cock now minus the sheath was resting on her chin. It was still erect and nudging against her mouth.

"No way, not after it's been inside my arse," She stated, "That's disgusting" He laughed, "Oh you'll do it - you'll do everything I say or you'll suffer the consxxxxx - I am your master, now and forever, so get used to it" With that he thrust it deep into her mouth and caused her to gag as she fought to hold down the bile rising in her throat he continued to batter the back of her throat until finally he pulled out and spurted cum all over her face. Thick xx lots of creamy cum splashed her eyes, her mouth even in her hair.

As she lay there the doorbell rang "Don't worry I'll get it" he said "You just lie there and rest", after all it'll be for me anyway.

As she strugxxxx to understand what he meant by it She heard him opening the front door and letting people in - she heard voices so more than one but it sounded like lots - she couldn't think why his friends were here. How did they know where to find him?
She heard footsteps on the stairs - then as she listened xxxx - she realised he wasn't alone. He was bringing people up here - with her tied to the bed!

How could he be so insensitive? She didn't want people seeing her like this - helpless and restrained.

The door opened and he walked back into the bedroom - but followed by half a dozen of his friends "There you are boys - my slut - freshly broken in and in need of serious instruction"
"She’s been on for months now about xxxxxx xx know what it would be like..... Well now I think it's time she found out, don't you?" he said, with a huge grin on his face.

"What's mine is yours, so please feel free, help yourself to anything of her that you fancy.

She watched in horror as they gathered round her bed and began to touch her - poking her, prodding her like she was a piece of meat on a butcher's slab!

They all began to remove their clothes, xxxxx them into a heap in the corner of the room, she could hardly believe her eyes as she realised that everyone of them had a huge erection and some of them were already wanking them. All now fully undressed the men moved closer to the bed. One grabbed her hair and f***ed his cock into her mouth - ramming it in hard and hitting the back of her throat. Hands grabbed at her breasts squeezing them and groping at xxxx. The nipple clamps were ripped off - if it hadn't been xxxxxx cock in her mouth she'd have screamed in pain but xx she opened her mouth to try another cock started to f***e it's way into her mouth. She tried to struggle, fighting xx xxxxxx as she did but the hands holding her hair just hung on tighter and held her still. She thought that she'd suffocate as xxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx view of everything.

She felt fingers ramming into her pussy - no not just fingers! it felt like someone was trying to shove their hand in, She heard grunting sounds all xxxxx her and felt hot spunk shooting over her breasts and stomach, xxxx seconds before one of the cocks in her mouth began to xxxx violently and proceeded to almost choke her with the cum xxxxx into her throat.

"Swallow it, bitch, suck harder" a voice from above her demanded. She tried to swallow but as the other cock was thrusting in and out so fast now she really couldn't it was all she could manage not to choke and gag! Then she felt her nipples being xxxx hard and pulled. Dear God the pain in them was so intense. They had barely recovered from the nipple clamps being removed and now felt like they were being ripped off her body!

She tried to struggle - to get away from the many hands that were violating her body. She could feel fingers being inserted in her bum hole causing pain.

"My God, She's a lovely one, xxx she?" one of the men remarked. "You'd have thought by now she'd have worked out there is no escape - have you not punished her at all?"

"Oh yes", her master replied, "I've punished her but think maybe not enough yet but it will be a pleasure to teach her to be a submissive" As the second cock in her mouth shot it's load nearly choking her She felt cocks being rammed deep into her pussy. Yes, cocks - xxxx she could feel the pressure as both men tried to get their cock in deepest. The men who'd violated her mouth had moved away and suddenly she could see and cry out. "No, leave me alone - master stop them please" she begged "You can't do this - not to me - you love me - you promised to look after me!"

"You'll do as I tell you, and you'll do it now! Who do you think you are to question me, what did I tell you about disagreeing with me? You need to be taught the right way to behave. My friends are here to teach you and when you have learnt all they have to show you - I will take over. Do you understand slut? The sooner you accept the inevitable, the sooner you will experience my love, and become my whore."

She felt her restraints being freed from the bed - she tried to get up but she was lifted off passed from one man to another, hands pawing at her - she was spun back and forth, found and round till she was so dizzy and disorientated that she fell over. As she lay on the floor she looked up and 2 of them started to urinate on her. Their piss burning her eyes as they covered her face and tits with a steady stream of hot piss.

"Stop it - that's disgusting" she cried scrambling off the floor "How could you be so vile?"

One of the men laid on her bed, on his back with an huge erection standing proud like a flag pole. She was pushed sharply from behind and she fell across the man, her wrists being grabbed by someone on xxxx far side of her bed - hands groped between her legs and she felt the mans cock being f***ed into her pussy - impaled and helpless she kicked out at anything she could reach.

"Wow, hold her down boys, quick grab her legs" Roughly her ankles were grabbed and her legs pulled apart and held.

Suddenly she heard that sound again!! But she didn't have chance to prepare herself for the pain that followed. One of then was wielding the crop across her buttocks and he was doing it much harder than her master had done. She screamed as every blow felt like her skin was being flayed.

The pain was so intense it threatened to overwhelm her as her poor body jerked under the onslaught.

The cock in her pussy became more active, the more she squirmed the more excited the man became. Then as suddenly as the beating stopped, she felt fingers stroking her buttocks, feeling the weals that she knew must be decorating them. But then the fingers started to enter her bumhole thrusting in and out very roughly. She cried out in pain but her hair was yanked back sharply and as her head xxxx back a cock was rammed into her throat. Then to complete the humiliation one of the men decided to fuck her arse.

For the next few hours they fucked her every way imaginable. Not content with doing it one at a time they f***ed her onto her hands and knees and made her suck as they took her arse and cunt together and at one point 2 of them decided to fuck her arse together.

They covered her with their cum, it was all over her body, in her hair, on her face. They even made her suck their cocks after they'd been in her arse. In between time they'd administered punishments as and when they felt she'd deserved them.

When their cocks had finally began to wave they'd fitted strap on's and just kept going.

They'd put the nipple clamps back on but had tightened them by several twists and kept pulling at them. She was hoarse with screaming in pain and begging them to stop. She'd tried to scratch their faces and dig her nails into their xxxxs but once they had attached her wrist restraints to her collar she had round her neck so now she was totally helpless - she couldn't even stop herself being pushed from one to another or push herself upright when they f***ed her down on the bed as they continued to use and abuse her.

Finally her master came back into the room. He looked pityingly at her as she laid, exhausted on the bed.

"Well, Slut, have you had enough yet? Are you ready to accept that belong to me now? I can put a stop to this as soon as you accept your place - as my whore."

She managed to get herself off the bed and fell to her knees in front of him. She looked up at him and bent her head forward to kiss his cock.

"You are my master and I am just your whore - to do with as you wish" she said with difficulty. Her throat was sore as she tried to swallow - the constant battering it had received over the last few hours, all to evident by her husky voice.

"And you are prepared to do everything I say - with no arguments are you?" he said softly.

"Yes master, and if I fail to please you it is your right to punish me as you see fit" she whispered, tears running down her cheeks.

"And you give yourself to me, willingly and without xxxxxx?" he asked.

"I give myself totally to you, my body and my soul, to become your bitch whore, please master" she begged.

His hand laid on top her head and she felt his pressure as he pushed down forcing his cock in her mouth.

His fingers xxxxxx in her hair as she sucked him and felt him grow hard and strong in her mouth.

He pulled her up by her hair and thrust his fingers hard into her cunt - feeling the wetness and her swollen lips. He pushed her face down on the bed and holding her down with his hand on her neck he plunged his cock in a single thrust deep within her arse.

As he thrust hard inside her, she felt the waves building up - her whole body, no her entire being!, felt like it was on fire and she knew that she couldn't fight any more. She surrendered to the xxxxxxxx and as her master xxxxxx and shot his load deep inside her she allowed the most intense mind blowing orgasm of her life to take possession of her body and fill her with more love than she believed possible.

"Oh master, now I am your whore! thank you for loving me so much that you were willing to share me with your friends" We are one now - bonded for life.

Together for ever

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Good story
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Good story, he suree knows how to handle a woman.