Carnal Curiousities: Part 2

I took my time dressing, wanting to maximize my "assests" as much as possible. When I hunted, I made sure my trap was set with the perfect bait. I wanted to catch the best specimen of prey possible and to do so, you need good bait. Checking my reflection, I decided I definitely had good bait.
I was dressed in an exquisitely tight black halter dress that hugged my ample rear and large chest. My tits were practically spilling out of the dress. The length was perfect as well. It was short enough that it hinted at what was concealed but not so short I couldn't dance or sit. The 3 inch stiletto heels I was wearing made my legs look amazing.
My hair was down, cascading wildly around my face and shoulders. I hadn't curled or put any product in it because I knew soft sexy tresses drove men and women alike wild. I hadn't put on much make-up, just dabbed a bit of lipstick on to accentuate my full shapely mouth and some mascara to make my eyes pop. I'd learned long ago that less is more.
I quickly dabbed a bit of perfume along the hollow of my throat, between my breasts, and along my inner thighs. the sensual musk and peachy floral combination was sure to drive anyone that came close enough to madness. Taking one final look at the finished product, I assured myself I was ready before heading out. I was anxious to discover what lay in store for me.
The club was hot, dark, and smoky. I'd picked this place based on repuatation alone. It was a known hangout for singles and swingers looking for a good time. Sex was prohibited on site but you could get away with anything as close as possible to the act itself. I was sure many had tried and, spotting a particularly sexy male specimen, I wanted to.
He was approximately 6 feet 4 inches, had broad shoulders, a slim waist, tight ass, and strong thighs. I was already beginning to imagine running my hands over his taut back and I hadn't even seen the front. As if he knew I was watching, he turned and gave me the view I craved. What a view it was.
His thick black hair was shaggily cut and curled over his ears, making him seem almost boyish. There was nothing else boyish about him. He was all man. His chiseled features and sensuous mouth had me longing. Longing feel his powerful chest above mine, those wondrous thighs and that tight ass thrusting what his slacks were promising would be amazing. Even in loose fitting slacks, I could see the outline of his massive, thick cock. My gaze lingered on it, my pussy already dampening and mouth watering, before forcing my eyes back to his face.
I wasn't the only one that had been staring. He too had been checking me out and it seemed I had the same effect on him. I turned toward the bar, giving him full view of my ass before sliding onto a barstool. I turned and gave my best "come hither" look and within moments he was beside me. My skin was almost burning from the hot stare he was giving me.
"Why don't we go sit at a booth where we can get better acquianted?" God, even his voice exuded smooth sexuality.
"Why don't we?" I started for the darkest, most secluded booth I could find. I wanted him. Now. Getting caught or having me didn't seem to be on his mind though. He led me to one of the better lit booths closer to the crowd. I sat down slowly, sensuously, knowing he was watching my legs and ass. He settled in as close as possible. I could feel his breath on my neck as he spoke.
"What do you want? Not who, but what. Tell me," he demanded.
Meeting his demands I held nothing back.
"I want your mouth and hands all over my body, making me scream, moan, and beg for more. I want your massive cock filling all three of my holes until I pass out from sheer exhaustion. Sound like a plan?" I challenged.
He did oh so much more than answer. He gripped the back of my neck with one hand and shoved his mouth against mine. The f***e caused a bit of pain but that only added to the pleasure his mouth was giving mine. His tongue made several thrusting, flicking promises I fully intended to make him keep. Then his free hand began its exploration of my body.
In a fraction of a second his hand was inside my dress, stroking my breast. I buried my hands in his hair and moaned my approval. He went from merely stroking to teasing my nipple. His fingers stroked and flicked across it, elliciting more moans from me. Then he squeezed and twisted it. It felt so good my hips thrust toward him, my pussy dying for contact. He pulled back and grinned, knowing he was driving me wild.
"More? Are you aching for more? Is your pussy night and wet for me? Are you throbbing? Why don't I check?" Before I could reply, his hand began sliding up my thigh. I knew if he started to touch me, I would cum. Loudly. I never was very good at keeping quiet. I reached down and grabbed his hand, stopping him, but not removing it from my thigh.
"Oh god, I definitely want more. I want you to feel how wet my pussy is, but I can't be quiet. What if we get caught?"
"Yeah, what if? Too chicken to test it?"
Not being one to ever back down from a challenge, I slid his hand up to my waiting pussy. Seeing as how I was nude under the dress, I knew he could already feel how wet I was, even without penetrating my lips. I reveled in seeing his eyes goes from blue to almost black from that realization. I couldn't help but take a glance at his cock to see how it was faring. A glance wasn't enough. I wanted to touch.
His cock was pressing against his slacks, thick and hard. It looked strong enough to burst through the fabric, and I was beginning to wonder how it hadn't. I half turned toward him to gain him better access to me and me to him. Grinning, I slid my mouth over his and thrust my tongue into his mouth, while my had slid over his cock. Gripping him firmly through his pants I began stroking it. I slid my tongue over his, mimicking what I wanted to do to the massive rod in my hand. He let out a deep groan just before sliding a finger in to stroke my clit.
God, he knew what he was doing. He began swirling his finger in slow lazy circles around my clit, making me moan and thrust toward him. The more he teased, the harder I stroked him. The harder I stroked, the faster he did. When I begged for more he pushed my hand away and thrust two fingers inside my waiting pussy. I came instantly, screaming and fucking his fingers, my juices soaking them and the seat.
"Mmmmmm that's it baby. Your pussy feels soo good. Do you want it filled now??" He pulled me into his lap, my pussy pressing against his cock.
In reply, I reached down and within seconds I had his cock free. I didn't want to wait any longer, couldn't wait. I slid my throbbing pussy onto his long thick shaft and let out an exhilarating moan. God, he felt good.
"I think we're being watched," he chuckled.
I had forgotten all about the crowd and was sure they were watching us, had heard our moans, and I didn't give a damn. His cock felt amazing. To hell with them, let them watch. Hearing something I turned to see a man sit at the end of the booth, watching us, his thick cock in his hand. He was sexy too and it turned me on knowing we were so hot he couldnt resist touching himself.
My partner knew it, could feel my pussy tightening and getting wetter around him. He thrust his hips into me, forcing his ock all the way in. Moaning loudly, I placed my hands on his shoulders for leverage and began riding him hard, moving my hips back and forth, up and down, making sure to get his cock as deep as possible. He matched my movements, grinding his cock against my g-spot and making me ride him even harder. I was dying to cum and he was trying to hold back, wanting to last long enough so I could. He grabbed my ass and start pounding me from underneath.
"Oh god! Don't stop! Fuck me, make me cum baby!" I screamed. I could feel my orgasm tearing through me.
He leaned forward and took my nipple into his mouth, sucking and flicking the tip of his tongue over it. I slammed my pussy down on his cock, spasming over it and screaming louder, soaking his cock with my cum. At the same time my orgasm began to slow, his began to build. He started fucking me like a madman, pounding from under me and gripping my hips, forcing my body to bounce on his cock. I dug my fingernails into his shoulders as I started cumming again, screaming for more, for him not to stop.
As the most powerful orgasm of my life shook me, had my body and pussy vibrating, his exploded as well. I heard our observer moan his own climax and I was driven mad. The feel of my partner's cum filling my pussy, his cock throbbing inside me, and knowing what we'd done to the other man made my orgasm that much more powerful. All thought wiped from my mind and I almost blacked out. God it felt good.
We stayed in our position until we could move again. It seemed like forever. As soon as his cock slipped out, I wanted it back in. I wouldn't have that opportunity though. I tured around to find a very unhappy looking pair of bouncers and a small man staring at us. Uh-oh. We'd been caught.
"We're going to need you three to leave the club. Sex is not permitted on the premesis and masturbation is definitely not permitted in the main club area," the small man snapped.
The bouncers just glared at us like we were disgusting. I looked at my partner and he sent me a wink. He turned to them and smiled.
"We'll go. Sorry about that, we just couldn't control ourselves," he said semi-apologetically.
He then put him arm around my waist and ushered me toward the door. I turned back to see our "friend" following us. What did he think? That we'd make an offer to join us? Suddenly, that idea sounded vey tantalizing. Apparently my new friend thought so too because he made that very suggestion outside.
"You said you wanted me to fill all of you. I only got to fill up that little pussy. I didn't get to taste you either, which I'm dying to do. Why don't we go back to my place? Maybe invite our observer to join us? That way, we can see if you can handle at least two men pleasuring you. Sound good?" He invited.
It did sound good, being filled with two cocks at once. It would definitely be a new experience. Turning to our friend, I motioned for him to come with us. We told him what we wanted to try and he readily accepted. He slid his arm around me and as we walked to me friend's car, the excitement from just having both of their arms around me was enough to have my nipples hard and pussy throbbing. This was definitely turning out to be one very good evening. Hopefully it would end up an amazing night.

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4 years ago
Very hot story, from a very hot writer!
4 years ago
wow that was pretty bold. Great story
4 years ago