seduced in a club

The couple parked their car off Wood Street and went on the hunt they would spend the night hunting their prey going from Bar to Bar most times they went empty handed; they had to be careful a*****ion and **** is an extremely serious affair.
At thirty one years Donald Mathers was an extremely handsome man he stood six foot three and a half in his stocking feet.
He was educated and was fully aware of his power over women; even if his cock hadn't have been a fat eight inches most women were mesmerised by his dark masculine good looks.
They had been in two bars around Wood Street and now they were on their way to The Krazy House as usual it was packed the couple stood out even in a Bar as crowed as this.

They got their drinks and stood trying to talk above the music but constantly looking around for a victim.

Meanwhile father along Wood Street a sexy young woman stepped out of her cab into the night air.
I wouldn't mind you taking me home later on; she whispered to her self,as the the young black taxi driver sped off down Wood Street.
Emma walked down the busy Street she took in the mixture of sounds ; music, excited voices,people shouting, traffic noise .
It was the first Friday night of the month she looked and felt good.
Her friend Sue was stood outside "Hebie Jeebies " waiting for her the two went inside it was nine twenty.

Two hours and a lot more than two drinks later Emma and Sue were paying to go into "La Baeau."
As they made their way to the bar Donald who was head and shoulders above the throng saw Emma standing on her tippy toes desperately trying to gain the bar man's attention, as Donald watched her he decided there was something about her, her turned his eyes towards his partner and indicated towards and at Emma with his eyes, his partner's eye's feasted on Emma's body taking in the fullness of her breasts her shapely bottom sheathed in her cotton thin short dress.
His partner nodded her head in silent agreement her eyes meeting Donald's it was as if they could communicate without speaking.

With that silent pact, It was game on.

By deliberately standing next to Emma and Sue it was a simple task to draw them into conversation, both Donald and Jaycee stood ether side of Emma giving her their attention and listening to her views.

Early on Emma realised that they both fancied her it felt good to be so desired so wanted: the couple Donald and Jaycee were obviously educated and loaded.
"Are you sure"? said Sue as they stood in the toilets talking before they went back to the couple at the bar.
"Yes said Emma it will be fine; you go, you are working tomorrow; I will be fine"
As Sue made her way to the exit ;Emma walked back towards Donald and Jaycee.

The invitation to go on to the club with them seemed fine, the club was only a short walk away in "Lower Seel Street" although it was one Emma had not heard of she agreed to go with them.
"It is open all night" said Donald "Also its a little more exclusive; so it should make for an interesting night all round"
They walked over to the club it was a beautiful night.
Emma felt happy.

The couple were obviously know by the club owners and its patrons : an empty booth was made available for them and drinks were brought over, Emma was thoroughly enjoying the whole thing.
Not only was she receiving attention from the couple but also the three young handsome guys at the bar kept looking over at her.
At around two o'clock Donald made off to the toilet leaving Emma with Jaycee as they chatted a bell rang out from behind the bar, Jaycee explained "They ring the bell to let you know its time to really dim the lights" as she spoke the already dimly lit club became almost totally darkened.
Emma felt was a sudden feeling of sexual giddiness as Jaycee (who was now sat next to her) caressed her ear with a warm tongue from heaven, sending little feelings rippling through her body and making her clit stand up to attention against her already more than moist panties.
Emma suddenly realised that the being watched part of what was happening to her was as exciting as Jaycees hand separating her thighs and her long fingers hooking into her wet panties crotch and pulling them from her.
Even in the darkness the three handsome guys were only ten feet away and were watching Jaycee pull Emma's pants from her body.
Emma deliberately open her white thighs as wide as she could so they could see her naked pussy and Jaycees fingers slowly fucking her.
As Jaycee knelt down she buried her face into Emma's crotch Emma felt her first female tongue slid softly over her clit, she slid down on the couch her legs wide apart her female lover lapping at her pussy drinking her juices.
Donald appeared as if by magic he reached across his hands gripped the neck of Emma's dress and in one powerful downward pull her upper body was exposed to the entire bar two seconds later and Donald had her bra ripped from her, Emma was aware her tits really wobbled as the bra left her body arousing the men at the bar, then Donald leant over her his lips over hers his tongue inside her mouth as his partner sent her pussy into major arousal mode, the three men moved closer.
Emma's eyes feasted on the three guys stood around her watching her being couple ****d, they had their cocks out wanking and Emma reached out to the nearest of the three who was just out of reach to her, her own voice shocked her as she said" Please let me toss your cock"
In seconds she had two cocks to wank as the third went into her mouth, as she began her climax Jaycee moved from her pussy and Emma felt Donald's beautiful cock enter her gently then with Jaycee feeling her nipples she started her biggest climax ever; as her face and tits were covered in spunk from the guys at the

80% (9/2)
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2 years ago
great story
3 years ago
A really great start but it sorta ends in a rush.
3 years ago
God I miss the UK...
3 years ago
Thank you all Mikey, Alared and numb. xx
3 years ago
Very Hot.
3 years ago
a good start
3 years ago
very good