emma d**gged in the dunes

It was the last day in July one of the hottest on record, the day had gone on seemingly for ever with no breeze the heat had been inescapable but now in the early hours of the morning, although still warm there was a beautiful cool breeze from the river on their left hand side.
The walkway stretched from Seaforth to Burbo Bank with high sand dunes on the Inland side, the walkway was their way home. As they walked Emma's mind thought back over the evening that they had spent in the Bars around South Road, they had eaten earlier on, and then "cruised" from one bar to another getting "pissed" and talking "shite" to each other, she felt very pissed now as she breathed in the fresh Sea air, she felt the breezes wafting up her simple white dress pleasantly cold after the intense heat of the day.
She wasn't, but she felt naked under the dress her nipples were hard and rubbing against the material of her dress, her Aurora puckered and mounted around her beautiful breasts, as she walked she felt her wetness increasing.

He stole a sidewards glance at her, she looked gorgeous, he loved the way other men paid her attention, he secretly looked around the bar noticing who was watching her as she made her way to the ladies, as she went inside the ladies the young bronzed guy across from Glen lowered his gaze he had seen Glen clock him, watching and he didn't want any trouble from the guy with her.

Emma leaned in to the mirror touching up her make before she went back out to the bar, it was dark and noisy in the bar, sort of, kind of sexy to be in there with your guy and talking about being shagged by other guys, she had noticed the guy at the bar watching her, she had flirted with him using her eyes over Glens shoulders and he had flirted back, she sensed his unease, but he definitely fancied her.
As she walked back she smiled inwardly as she thought about what she was about to do.

As Glen waited he ordered two more drinks, as the bar keep put them down she glided next to him, her scent filled him with longing as she pressed her breasts against his arm turning her head to see if "he" was watching, he was, again she smiled inwardly.
She placed her clenched fist into Glens right hand as she relinquished its content, she whispered in his ear " What on earth do you want my panties for?" as she secretly handed them over he smiled at her and walked off to the toilets, she watched him go, and noticed her admirer was watching her. It made her feel good to be watched.
Glen walked out from the toilets and as he passed the guy at the bar, he held his eyes and passed the small piece of paper into his hand.

As they walked along the walkway Glen looked at Emma and told her to stop, he knew she would be feeling the effects of the tablet he had put in her drink before they left the bar, very soon she would be screaming out for cock and he wanted to try something, he sat down on the little wall that retained the dunes and said to her "take all your clothes of , Slut" She lowered her head and as she started to pull her dress over her head she mumbled "yes master" although it was dangerous to be naked there Emma loved the whole risqué business of it, she knew her inhibitions were going, she was starting to feel gorgeously sexy, Glen motioned her over with a finger she knelt before him, subservient in her every manner, her mind was racing now, she wanted something to happen the urges were starting to become uncontrollable.
"Open my trousers you fucking cum slut!" her fingers opened his pants she pulled them down her eyes filled with lust at being his slave, she felt her head being guided onto his cock, she sucked him with relish.

Earlier that evening in the bar Graham had watched Glen go back to the girl , the note held tight in his clenched fist.
He moved around the bar to read it away from her gaze.
In a quiet corner he read.
"Go in to the toilets, go into the farthest cubicle and behind the cistern you will find her panties, smell them, she has been soaked all night, follow us when we leave, we are walking home, I have d**gged her, and she is gagging for your cock"
Amazed he reread the note, then went straight into the toilets watched by Gen and Emma.
He reached down and made contact immediately his fingers felt their wetness, my god he thought they were soaked through , he held them to his nose, her beautiful aroma filling him with lust, as her visualised her naked body.
It was pitch black darkness on the walkway but Graham could see Emma's naked body as she knelt there sucking Glens cock, he could actually hear her, as he watched he undressed where he was, his thick circumcised cock darker than his surrounding skin, was curved veined and throbbing .

Glen told her to open her mouth, she knew what was coming but still she obeyed , she adored being subservient to him, her fanny was pulsing with lust her right fingers were rubbing her twat, she waited with her mouth open as he placed the tablet on her tongue, she held it there knowing this was going to send her over the top and very quickly.
Still she swallowed it.

He watched her being lead to the railings on the side of the walkway, his cock hardened even more as he realised she was being bound to them, her arms outstretched her legs wide apart, he saw Glen bring out the ball gag and buckle it in place, followed by the blind fold, Glen knew did didn't need to tie her legs, she would want them open he thought to him self.

Graham made his way towards Emma , nodding to Glen as he went, his big cock stuck out before him.
Emma was in heaven just being restrained felt good now she could feel a pair of hands caressing her, filling her fanny, she knew it was the guy from the bar, it wasn't Glen she knew his touch.
Glen made two quick texts as he watched Graham working on his lover , her beautiful body was writhing in ecstasy even her low moans were sexual, as he watched he thought Jesus she was made to be fucked , his cock getting even harder as he thought about it.

Jenny parked the car in Blutcher Street car park she guessed the other car already there at this late hour was "him" clutching the holdall of toys she started to feel excitement as she hurried across the dunes towards where Emma was bound, as she came across the last sand dune her heart skipped a beat at the sight there, "He" was already there along with two others , she could hear Emma's moans of lust, that alone was filling her with desire as she knelt down before Emma and took her pussy into her mouth sucking and kissing it.
Emma knew it was a woman licking her, she could feel her desire race, being d**gged , and tied up merely heightened her enjoyment, as Jenny sucked she watched "him" Clive the black guy untie Emma's hands, his black naked cock looked really good she thought as he swung her round ordering her to "kneel slut" Emma obeyed.

As she knelt there Emma felt the female reposition herself under her and again she felt the extraordinary feeling of being sucked and licked by a female whilst on ecstasy, she paced herself knowing it would get better, she felt the ball gag coming off and she loved the feeling of this new cock entering her mouth , it was huge it was thick, she realised the female could taste her response to its entry as it face fucked her and pushed her back , her bar guy knelt down behind her , his curved cock plunged into her sodden cunt filling her with intense desire his balls warm and soft grazing against her, sending shivers of intense delight through her gorgeous frame.
As the blindfold came off she nearly climaxed at the scene around her, the black guy was gorgeous as was the woman licking her twat and of course her gorgeous bar guy, pounding her cunt sending pleasure right through her.
Glen turned the massive black butt plug on full as Emma watched him mesmerised he reached behind her and quickly inserted it into her bum , she felt it throb its way into her relaxed anus.
She gasped with delight as the bar guys cock started to twitch his curved cock up against the vibrating butt plug that filled her so well, as she started her massive climax, her mouth filled with spunk as Clive pulled out it shot over face.
She couldn't move her pussy was shuddering with climax after climax as the bar guys cock started to quicken she felt her self fill with her own juices and his cum, her beautiful face was covered in dripping cum.
She stood and threw her arms around Glen he was kissing her holding and caressing her, she felt really loved and wanted, her cunt still throbbed with ecstasy as he whispered "Your not done yet my love"

The end?


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2 years ago
another great story
3 years ago
Thank you mikey and petdyke
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Hot! Promising

But it doesn´t sound very lesbian so far :-(...
Maybe more in the second installment? ;-)P