Seduced for the very first time

My story dates from the late 80's when I was still seeking my way through life. I was only 19, enormously shy, quite innocent and fresh out of a failed attempt at university. I know now that I had been wronged when the university body expelled me just because I was in a girlfriend's bedroom at night, but at the time no matter what or who caused it all, my life wasn't going to plan any more. My parents were still very supportive and told me that I had to face the music; I needed money, a means to support myself, a job quickly. Luckily at my old boarding school I had been taught bookkeeping and when the new local golf club needed a bookkeeper I applied immediately for the job. After making an appointment I asked my dad to drive me to the location on a lazy Friday morning. He wasn't a member of the club so he parked the f****y car near the local pub outside the grounds. I went into battle on foot with in my head the interview with the club secretary entirely planned out. Nothing was left to chance, so I thought. She was one of the new generation of top business women who were pushing themselves through to such demanding jobs like hers. In the national golf trade magazine she was already tipped to go all the way. Through the masculine hierachy of the golf world into the National Olympic Organisation and so on. Well, nothing would have prepared me to what happened next. After an initial introduction that went very well indeed, I was lead by the club secretary into the members' bar. It was still empty because of the time of day and week. We sat down at a little corner table. When the barman came to our table she asked me what I would drink and I asked for a coffee. With that said she left me to go with the barman to the kitchen area behind the bar. After a few minutes she came back with two cups of what seemed to be coffee. The barman was nowhere to be seen, and except for us two the room was empty. It was a nice day and we were having a glorious conversation between two women who clearly liked each other. She was about f******n years older than me, so she had much more experience and things to talk about. We chatted happily for hours, from Mozart's Requiem to the newest art exhibition in Paris, etc. I didn't have a taste of my coffee yet. When I did two things at once struck me: there was brandy in my coffee and I felt her hand moving over mine on the table. As I drank from the cup she stroked my hand, held it high to kiss my fingers and then let them touch her skin. Just when they felt her hard nipples through her blouse the whole extraordinary situation dawned on me. This wasn't professional, I felt betraited and backed away. Luckily the club chairman entered the room at that very moment and she introduced me quickly to him. He was from the old school, an aristocrate actually. He didn't seem interested in me at all after I answered his sole query in the negative. No, I didn't have any experience in bookkeeping. I felt that I was asked to leave the room shortly after that. I seemed to be a disappointment to both of them. But they didn't know half the story, because I know now for sure that I would have completed both tasks to their utter satisfaction.

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1 year ago
Great little story!!
3 years ago
A tease of what could've been. Erotic though.
3 years ago
June 14, 2011. What a beautiful and exciting story.