Cast party

Cast Party

My name is Dan, and I have always considered myself an adventurous and open minded person, but my experience was taken to a whole new level in my junior year of college when I got involved in an amateur theatre group. We all got along astoundingly well and I found myself becoming friends with several of my cast-mates. We often went out for drinks and to parties together and after a very successful production of Romeo and Juliet, we decided to have a cast party at an international sorority house where several of the girls in the cast lived. During the long months of rehearsals I had fallen under the spell of the leading lady, a beautiful petite blonde named Magda who had come to our school as an exchange student from Sweden. One of her roommates, a French girl named Stephanie, had secretly pledged to help me have a chance with her, and it was Stephanie’s idea to have the cast party at their house. Magda and two of the other girls in her house were known as the “ice queens” because all three were blonde, beautiful, incredibly sexy, and equally difficult for any man to get into bed. To my surprise though, Magda really had become much friendlier since Steph started speaking up for me. She even sat on my lap a couple of times in the green room couch.

On closing night everything went perfectly, and we all arrived at the party house in high spirits. There were about 100 people all told at the party, but the house was enormous and there was no shortage of space or of private rooms to retire to if more intimate settings were required. The music played on and the liquor flowed, and I found myself getting more and more aroused as Magda, in a tight, short little black dress and high heels, danced sensuously with me occasionally gracing me with a soft and passionate kiss. Eventually she led me by the hand, and with an inviting look full of desire took me to one of the bedrooms. It was spacious, but I was surprised to find it full of people. This was not at all what I expected but I knew all 12 of them at least to some degree. Lance, Jamie and Cody were very effeminate gay guys who were very prominent in the theatre group. I had never told anyone but I secretly found all three of them incredibly hot. Lance and Jamie had their boyfriends Matt and Jeremy with them, who were known to be gay but acted like any other guys. The other guy was Mark, whom I used to hang out with a lot, but had drifted apart from in recent months. I was a bit surprised to see him there but also glad for a chance to catch up. We seemed to have stopped talking much since he started dating Lucy, a wild and spirited party girl who had surprised everyone by finally staying with one guy for more than a week or two.

She was in the room too, wearing a short, low-cut red dress that left even less that normal to the imagination as it was hiked up practically to her waste. She had kicked off her shoes and was obviously very d***k with a smiling and tipsy Stephanie sitting on her lap. Lucy worked part time as a plus size model, and every curve of her size 14 body looked ready for action that night. She had wild, curly brown big hair that suited her just right and creamy pale skin. Stephanie was quite a contrast, her tanned skin a caramel color, with carefully tamed slightly darker curls and a round ass that was to die for. She was very slender, and could be described as willowy except for her ass. She wore a white miniskirt and a light blue strapless top that revealed the fact that her chest was nearly flat. But her tiny breasts accentuated rather than detracting from her beauty. Sitting next to them was Dana, a light skinned black girl only slightly darker than Stephanie with a curvier body and breasts that were just as small but perkier. The other occupants of the room were Lana and Brigitte, the other two ice queens and Melissa, a sultry Greek girl with long straight black hair who had recently joined their sorority.

After everyone had said hello and Magda had locked the door, Lucy said it was time to get back to where they’d been. Matt and Jeremy removed the blankets covering their lower bodies and both were sporting pretty decent sized erections. Both were athletic and handsome guys with dark hair and it was still a bit hard for me to believe they were gay. To my shock, Lance and Jamie proceeded to suck on their dicks in front of everybody and leave no doubt in my mind. But then Lana and Brigitte proceeded to strip the two bottom guys and slowly kiss them all over while they stripped down to their panties. Brigitte was tall, with a boyish figure, short bob-cut hair and A-cups. Lana had a much fuller figure, long wavy blonde hair and b-cups. Brigitte sucked on Matt’s 5 inch cock and caressed his body, while Lana licked the length of Jamie’s 6 inches and fingered his smooth, eager ass.

I was now thoroughly confused but getting aroused as I watched Mark and Cody close in on Melissa, who by now was wearing only panties as well, and start sucking on both of her nipples while she moaned and ran her fingers through mark’s short dark hair and Cody’s shoulder length blonde curls. They both quickly stripped and then took yet another unexpected step when they reached out and caressed each other’s dicks while sharing a three way kiss with the incredibly beautiful Greek girl. She then got on her knees, her thong giving me a full view of her gorgeous heart-shaped ass. Taking Cody’s thin, 6 inch dick in one hand and mark’s impressively thick 7-incher in the other, she brought them together and took both into her mouth while Cody looked up into mark’s face with lust in his eyes and the two guys began making out, slowly exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues and their bodies with their hands.

“Do you like what you see?” Lucy asked. While I was distracted watching the action in front of me I hadn’t noticed that the three girls behind me had stripped to their thongs as well. Dana was furiously fingering herself, her fingers slick with pussy juices, while Stephanie writhed on Lucy’s lap, her legs open, as Stephanie fingered her under her panties. I could only nod as I turned back to see the six guys, all naked and hard, and the three girls passionately involved but all still clothing their genitals. This struck me as unusual, but the whole scene was definitely arousing. The scene certainly had a gay tinge to it, but I found myself not caring. I had never had a problem with homosexuality and involvement with the theatre had gotten me used to open displays of it. I found myself wondering about the taste of cock, about the feel of an ass. Was it anything like being inside a pussy? Magda had been watching with me and we had been kissing and touching each other. I now slipped her dress down to her waist and played with her breasts through her bra while she sat on my lap and pressed herself to me. As we continued to watch, one guy after another gushed with come as he was sucked and fondled by the beautiful girls. The exception to this was Mark, who lubed up his cock and penetrated Cody while Melissa sucked him to orgasm. At this point the three girls who were watching each exploded in orgasm just before Mark gasped and climaxed, filling Cody’s ass with hot jizz and collapsing onto him where they held each other and kissed.

“Are you shocked?” asked Lucy. “This is what happens at our private parties. It’s never boring when I’m the Mistress of Revels. You see, Magda has taken a real liking to you, Dan, and so I wanted to welcome you into our little group. We’re all very close and very open minded here and we want you to have a good time. There’s only one rule on your first time. You are not allowed to touch me, Dana or Stephanie but we might choose to touch you. You have your choice of doing anything you want with the other ten people in the room. But we get to watch.”

Nobody had to tell me twice. As we watched, Magda’s dress had been pushed up to her waste and she had been using her ass cheeks to caress my cock, which was out of my pants by now. I was more curious than ever about anal sex, but knew I wouldn’t last that much longer. I had unhooked Magda’s bra and slipped it off, noting that her perfect little breasts were a 34A. She squeezed me with her ass a couple of more times and then slipped down to the ground and took my throbbing cock in her mouth. She sucked me and stroked my balls for just a few minutes before I shot come into her mouth and she swallowed , then kissed me, giving me a taste of myself. All six guys had been watching us and were hard again, the three tops each had one of the girls in his arms and was kissing her. They had all shed their panties at last but were all turned away from me, showing me their perfect asses.

“OK girls “, Stephanie said happily, “Show him your surprise”
At her cue, the Lana, Brigitte and Melissa turned around and showed me that between their legs they each had a hard, uncut cock, fully erect and glistening with pre-cum. Lana and Melissa had tiny penises and had trimmed their bushes to the bikini line. Brigitte has completely shaved her pubic hair and her cock was as big as mine! Stephanie jumped up and down and clapped, her AA breasts barely bouncing as she did so. The bottom boys then started to suck on the girls’ dicks while they made out with the tops. I found that my cock was getting hard again and Magda stepped in front of me and looked me in the eyes.

“I hope you don’t think too badly of me for keeping this secret” she said, and slipped off both dress and panties to reveal the biggest surprise of all. This beautiful petite girl with the 34-22-36 figure had the longest cock of all between her legs! It was about 9 inches long but very thin even when fully erect. I pulled her closer and told her that I found nothing shameful in falling in love with a girl with some extra parts. I caressed her scrotum and kissed her while she moaned in pleasure. By now, the lube was out and had been liberally applied to every cock and ass. Cody was fucking Melissa while Mark fucked him and Brigitte was buggering Jeremy with her big cock. Lana was bouncing on Matt’s cock like a girl, her natural breasts bouncing and her dick erect. Lance was in Jamie’s ass making love to him and to my surprise, he was anally penetrating Stephanie while she moaned and fingered herself. Dana then moved in to suck on Melissa’s dick.

I lubed up Magda’s ass and my cock and slowly, gently inserted my cock into her. She gasped in pleasure and I caught my breath. It was so much like being inside a woman, but tighter and her huge cock rubbed between us. She rode me slowly as Lucy came over and started stroking her. She then explained how she had the idea for these parties.

“I’ve always thought boys fucking boys was hot.” She said. I have a whole closet full of porn and there’s not a single girl in any of it. Everyone getting fucked in it has a cock. And when I learned that my new boyfriend Mark had broad tastes, I decided to stop just watching DVDs and see some of the action live. Stephanie and Dana have always loved gay guys too. Stephanie even has the kind of boyish body some gay guys can get a hard-on from. Cody loves girls as long as they’re flat-chested. He just doesn’t like pussy. Tastes like his are more common than most people would believe. And he brought in the other gay boys. I consider it a public service that we are teaching American boys about the joys of sex with shemales from around the world, and of anal sex with the three of us. And I think you’ll fit right in here.”

She then rubbed her full breasts on my face and I came inside of Magda, who then slipped me out of her and lubed up her own dick. She and Lucy slowly worked their fingers into my ass and she then slowly slipped her manhood into my back door. It was an exquisite feeling, having my ass used as a cunt by this pretty, petite blonde. I rode her and bucked my hips, waves of pleasure going through me. Lucy then lowered her lubricated ass onto my re-hardened dick and started riding me. Mark joined us and I sucked him greedily, enjoying the taste of his come, while Melissa fucked his ass with her small dick. He soon erupted in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. His orgasm triggered Melissa’s, who filled his ass while he bent down to kiss me. Magda screamed and pumped while she filled my eager ass with her seed and I could take it no more. I came for the third time that night inside of Lucy’s ass and she exploded in another orgasm.

As we lay exhausted and entangled in each other’s arms, I reflected on how amazing and erotic the whole experience had been. And strangely, not a single pussy had been penetrated by dick at all. But we all enjoyed ourselves and I knew I had found a great new group of friends, and a beautiful amazing new girlfriend, even if she was “the other type of woman”.

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