Reg and Kev Thug Fucking II

This is another part of Reg and Kev Thug Fucking, I hope you like it. You might want to read the first part first, to catch up on the story. This one is a work in progress, so any comments are welcomed. Reg and Kev Thug Fucking II………….
Reg was still trippin as he walked out the room to get his clothes after banging Kev and getting caught by his dad. Pops was sitting back chillin, sipping some yak, as he entered the livingroom. Well boy, you like that azz? Man, no disrespect but that nigga got a sweet azz! Pops was smiling, nodding his head, yea he does. That brought Reg’s attention to Kev’s dad, no this nigga didn’t just say yea. He was reaching to pickup his clothes and Pops tells him no need to get dressed, make yoself at home. Matter of fact come roll this blunt for me youngbl**d and lets get to know each other until my son gets out the shower. Cocky as Reg was he felt a little uncomfortable being half nude with this dude he didn’t now, he had a rep to uphold. A nigga on the street known to be hard and found out he hitting switches, watchin dicks on the sly, your a wimp, a bitchass nigga, that gets no respect, out there planning like you hard. Pops waves his hand and says, “don’t worry nigga what goes on in this house stays in this house, do u understand” in a harsh tone. Yea nigga I got that. So he sat down next to Pops in his boxers and started to roll, he could feel dudes eyes all over him. As he finishes Kev enters the room still unsure what his pops is going to do and then he clears his throat. Sit your azz down boy, the fuck you clearing your throat for, got cum stuck in it that muthafucker or what. They all laugh and it eases Kev‘s mind a little. Pops this is Reg a friend of mines and this is my dad Melvin. Just call me Pops boy and light that blunt. Pops, I thought you were goin to be gone all weekend, whats up with that? Was swinging by for a min. but I think I will stay and join the party if your boys don’t mind. You know us DL brothas got to stick together, reaching over and rubbing Reg dick, with a snear. Reg is hitting the blunt and didn’t say nothing. Take it out and let me see what u working with, says Pops. He stood and dropped his boxers and sat back down, limp dick and all. Pops tell Reg that he has been fucking his son for yrs now and his son “likes” Pops dick up in his cunt on the regular and you well like it also. Kev get your azz over here and suck this boys dick and get it hard for me. He does as his dad asked and got down between Reg’s leg and takes his dick into his mouth and start sucking away. Pops stands and removes his clothes, leaving on his socks and stands legs apart over Kev’s back. Dick already hard and tells Reg to suck it. Reg leans forward and takes the dick in his lips, licking the head first to get the precum off the tip and started really sucking his rod, after just licking all around, up and down, swirling his tongue in the process. Pops was moaning and grinding his hips trying to get it all down his throat. Kev is picking up his pace and is making so much slurping and gagging noises, Reg and Pops have to look down at him. Dam boy you know you love sucking dick and Reg sticks Pops cock back into his mouth, this goes on for a few minutes. Pop pulls back and is stroking is wet, spit over dick, boy I like that shit but that azz would be better. Smiling he nudges Kev and he moves away and Reg stands and walks up to Pops. You want this azz nigga, slapping his on azz, well u gonna have to take it, like you want it. Pops grabs Reg and starts to French kiss him, rubbing his hands over his body, as Reg doing the same to him. Pops grabs his azz cheeks and pull them apart, still kissing him and Kev moves in and begins to lick his azz hole, making it wet and sloppy. Kev moans escape into Pops mouth and Reg sticks his tongue in the pretty tight hole, Kev tenses up and Reg rubs his cheeks again to sooth him. Pops is grinding their dicks together and when he stops Kev is at a lost, wanting more. Bend that azz over boy and let me see that man pussy you got. Mmmmmmmmmmm, I bet its tight and right as he jams his fingers in ruffly and is jamming them in as his son is now lickin his balls Come on Kev and get Pops cock ready for this azz. I think you ready now aint you, after getting three fingers in one by one and riding his sons face, they both were ready. Pops spit a glob onto Reg’s asshole and Kev moves out the way. Pop slaps is cock on Reg’s hole playful, slapping his butt cheeks and then linning up his cock. He pushes forward and with f***e his tip pops in and Reg moaned out loud. Oooooooohhhhhh sssssssshhhitttttttttt, hold up dude, dam you big man slow up. Pops is grinning now, knowing he got this young buck in his control. He moves in further, wait wait wait man, let me get use to it first. Pops slaps his azz and told to take it like a thug. What nigga you cant take no heat, as he slams into Reg’s hole again and again. Reg is yelling now, come on stop dude, what the fuck. That’s what Im trying to do and Pops grabs his hips and starts slangin the dick in. Reg is moaning now from pleasure and Pops his riding him like a show horse. You like this dick boy? As he is hitting Reg’s prostate. Ooooohhh yea yea dude fuck this hole its yours, take it man, take it, oooo oooo oooooohhhhh. Kev watched his Pops take his friend and wanted in on the action. He moves under his Pops legs and engulfed Regs dick into his mouth and was getting face fucked via through his Pops fucking Reg good and hard. Reg is throwing back his azz on every thrust and start asking for more. Kev working his dick and Pops his azz, he was in heaven. Fuck Fuck Fuck, shit this is good, damn. Pops wanted to make him beg for more so he pulled all the way out, Reg head swung around looking like what the hell is wrong. Kev still deep throating his dick, and Reg goin to town face fucking Kev, cause his azz is empty. Give his azz some of that cum you got boy, fuck his face good, I do, Pops says with a smile. He walks over to the bar to fix a drink for them, adding some V, so they can last all night. When he finishes Reg is blowing is load all over Kev’s face. Lick that shit boy, lick that cum off his face, Reg is riding such a cumsmic high as he does as asked. Kissing Kev and sharing his own cum with him, Pops leans down and gets some on his finger and puts in his mouth. Damn boy you got some good cum there and slaps Reg’s azz. I still want that cock in my azz Pops, Reg tells him. You got all nite for that, here drink this shot as he hands Reg the brandy sniffers full of yak and V, Kev go get them blunts off my dresser so we can enjoy this fine evening all together. Reg downs his drink and gets up to get another, just bring the bottle over Kev says returning and picking up his drink. They finish their drinks and a couple more blunts and Pops suggest they go to his room since he has a king size bed. Reg is extra horny now and his dick is hard and crying for attention, on the way down the hall Kev is jacking off as they walk. Pops lays in the middle of the bed with Reg and Kev on either side of him. He is stroking both their cocks now and tells Kev to hit the tv. Of course it was already on gay porn. This takes their horniness to another level and they both are sucking and kissing Pops tittes like they had milk in them. Alright boys, let me tell you both what I want. Reg I want you in my azz and Kev on my face and we all will switch position so everyone can get some action. He reached over Kev and opened a drawer and pulled out some more lube, oh I got something else for us also and he got off the bed and went to the dresser drawer and pulled out a big thick 12in dildo. Reg said who is going to fuck that big thang, shit let me see that bad boy. It felt real in Reg’s hand as he was stroking it and then he stuck it in his mouth, sucking the tip. Damn nigga you love sucking dick too. Smiling shaking his head yes and Pops pulls out another huge dick with two tips and returns to the bed. Kev is lubing up Reg’s prick now well licking Pops azz again making it wet and ripe for Reg to fuck. Pops is stroking with his dick eagerly its so hard, that damn V and he laughed and told him he put V in their drinks to keep them up longer, he wanted all the dick he could get from them and vise versa. Kev moves up from between Pops legs, to put his own dick in his Pops waiting mouth, ooooooo yea yea, Pops do that shit as he his grinding into his face, my balls Pops don’t forget my balls. Pops squeezes them and Kev goes wild. At this point Reg is about to get his dick wet and moves in for the kill, dick in hand. He pushes and easily pops into Pops pussy, its hot and feels so good around his dick, no women has felt better than this azz he is in. Reg is drilling for shit he is fucking Pops so hard, oh yea hit that azz boy Pops yells out around Kev’s cock. Pops is getting pounded in both hole by two young bucks and loving every minute of it. Yea nigga you want this dick, is it good Pops, you taking this dick like a soldier old dude. In and out, in and out, short and long strokes and then he starts eating Kev’s azz out and that make Kev come hard in his Pops mouth. Pops is struggling to swallow it all but manages to down most of it. Wow, Pops that was good, damn, while still squirting cum on his face. Reg pulls out and tells Kev to move and stroking his dick and shoots all over Pops face and into his mouth. Pops is still swallowing cum as Reg is now sucking his dick. Kev wants some too so he nudges Reg to move and straddle his Pops dick and starts to ride him. Yeah, you like that chicken bone don’t you boy, yea Pops as sweat is rolling off of them like rain. Pops grabs his hips and begins pounding away inside of his son guts, until he busts a nut deep inside and it was leaking back out onto his nuts. Reg was right there so lick it all up and sucking Pops balls as they start to draw up. Damn that’s still some great azz son, I will never get enough of pounding that cunt of yours. They rest for a minute getting some fluid and Pops tells them he wants both their azzes on the end of that double head dick. They move into position and Pops inserts one end into Kev. and tells Reg to move up and inserts the other into his hole. Now fuck each other like two lesbo beeyotches doing their thang. Reg took Kev’s dick and started jacking and Kev did the same, they were turned sideways, legs in a V position. Yea man, ooooo this feels good moans Kev, the dildo is wet with their cunt juices and Pops grabs the middle and starts hammering away in both directions, in one hole out the other. Driving them both wild with lust, he let go and lubed up the big 12in dildo. He moves to the top of the bed, while the boys in the middle and spreads his legs and tries to into the dildo, all of a sudden its pushed up into with his efforts at all. Kev was helping him push it in, so he let him, holding his legs up. Reg joined in as they fucked each other and they both dildo fuck Pops’ azz. This went on seem like forever as they all came right after one another. Kev was first, fuck Reg do that shit, their balls touching you could barely see the dildo, they were riding it so tuff. Man I…I….Im about to cuuuummmmmm, Kev shouted, bucking so it set Reg off as well. Fuck nigga do that shit, make me cum. Ooooo yea yeas nigga get that puuuuuuuuuuussssssssssy, he yelled while cumming. Spent but still fucking Pops with the dildo, azz covered in their cum, they really started giving it too him as his face to a sudden change. Twisted like he had to shit or something, and then started grunting. Calling us all kinds of name. You bitch azz nigga, fag fuckers, cock suckers, yall making me come, you want this cum he said while beating his 10in meat raw. Yeah Pops spill that shit, lets have it. You want this baby batter I got, alright both you hoessssssss can have it, as he pointed at our bodies and shoot his baby batter onto us. It felt like fire hitting our skin, shot after shot of hot ropes of cum landed on skin. He jumped up, dildo still in his azz and started licking his cum off our bodies mixed with our own cum. Shit, I was whipped and they were also, no one wanted to move, hours had passed since we began and I think the sun was about to rise. I got more for you youngbucks but it will have to wait until I get some sl**p first, they both smiled at each other. Reg told Kev this is going to be a wonderful weekend after all. Yes it is sons, yes it is.

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