Reg and Kev Thug Fucking

This is my first time writing and need your comments of improvement but I think the next one will be better and involve the same people. So I hope everyone likes it and those that dont at least give me a chance.--Reg and Kev Thug Fucking--I wanted it so bad that Kev asked me slow down sucking his dick. Slow up man or you r going to suck the skin off my dick, but dam your mouth is the bomb. We meet at the local club a couple of months ago, but talked over the phone or internet. Had alot of the same interest like putting in work and making that almighty dollar and wanted to hook up after some long hot conversations. Kev said that he want me to stick my big black dick up his man cunt and breed him, I was getting so hot and hard at thinking about sliding in and out of his man cunt. I pulled out my dick out and started stroking it, the more he talked the more precum leaked from my piss hole. Reg are you jacking off, threw heavy breathing I told him yes. I wish I was there to lick that big juicy cock. Kev pull yours out and lets jack off together. Lol I and already half there he laughs again. Reg was moaning and it turned Kev on even more. He shot his load that landed on his chest and face, Reg scooped the cum off his chest and sucked it off his fingers. Hearing this caused Kev to blow his load that hit the wall, were he went to his knees and licked the cum from the wall. Reg says we have to meet ASAP my ass wants some that 7.5in magic stick you got. We agreed on a time, I was to meet Kev at his crib for the hookup we both could wait. Reg laughed telling Kev not to jack-off cause he wanted all the cum he had for him. Dont worry my man I got you and you do the same cause your 9in big dick belongs to me. If anyone knew these two thugs were switchhitters, their reps would be shot. I reached his crib Friday nite as agreed cause it was on this weekend. Reg had texted Kev of his arrival, he pulled his caddy into his garage and with much hood swagger he entered the house threw the open door. Kev was just about to lit a blunt to ease his nerves. He had been waiting on this for sometime. Whats up dude a smile came across Reg mocha face. With a nod he acknowledge him. Kev hit the blunt and rose and stepped to Reg and lean in and blow the smoke into Reg's mouth and stuck his tongue in for a deep kiss. Reg cock was growing by the seconds and Kev grab it and started rubbing. Reg took the blunt as Kev fall to his knees and running his nose/face across Reg's cock. Inhaling Reg mind is on cloud nine knowing he is about to fuck Kev and get fucked also. Man I have been waiting on this Kev says and stands up as Reg passes him the blunt back. Dam man this some good shit. Yeah I know, go head man smoke up, got plenty. Hen on the rocks right Reg, you know I do it(smiling). He poured our drinks and we went into the living room, nice crib dog, thanks enjoy.We sit and talk business for a minute and Kev got up to refresh our drinks. I picked up the remote to turn on the 56in tv. One guy fucking another up the azz and the bottom was enjoying it while jacking himself off. Oh sorry man only thing I watch(smiling). Alright dude its a turn on to watch to guys fucking their brains out. By the time Kev comes back in the room by dick is out and Im massaging slow up and down into the movie. You started without me. Man I couldnt let this go to waste. Kev hurried and got on his knees and started sucking my cock. Moaning, licking and sucking all I could do was hold on to his head and enjoy him and the movie. Kev got a thing about sucking balls, so he asking me to get naked so he could get to my sack. I do so leaving on my socks and he did the same. Dude body was banging, he had a nice bubble juicy fuckable butt, thick legs and arms, oh yeah this is going to be a great weekend. Kev saw Reg butt naked his cock got so hard he thought it would break if it was touched, smiling yeah im going to tap that azz. Man you want to take this to the bedroom, hell ya. Cocks bouncing, precum leaking. Once inside the room Kev turns and goes to his knees again but this time taking my balls in his mouth. One by one sucking and licking them, both squeezed together being sucked hard. Come on man you killing me dude. What nigga cant take some ball busting, he said smiling. Im going to bust something alright as he starts frenchin me ruffly. Reg binds forward with his legs apart and told Kev to ate my azz like you did that chicken head last week you told me about. You better ate my shit right to nigga. Kev was a big man on the streets, he didnt take orders from anyone, well almost anyone. Reg knew this but to strong real gangstas on the dl had to do what he got to to get his. Kev spreaded Reg azz cheecks and began licking around his pucker, Reg started moaning, that made Kev give him more. More spit, licks and tongue. Get in there Reg begged out loud, fuck that cunt with your tongue. Kev got real close and got his tongue in as far as he could, darting in and out sucking in the process. Dam dude do that shit make me cum nigga, make me cum. Fuck dude fuck yelled Reg. Kev pulled his tongue out and kissed his pucker, which now is red and swollen, moaning. Reg is jacking is cock again. Nigga I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you. Bring it nigga all talk no show, Kev cockiness was still showing. Suck my dick nigga, wet the mutha up before I stick in that tight azz. Kev did as he was told and was horny as hell. Reg told him not to jack off, cause he wanted to make him cum. A wicked smile came across Kev's face. The only other man he let do this to him was his Dad. Yeah pops been banging his azz since he was a shortie. Nigga get on the bed on all fours, hold that azz open for me. Kev does it and is waiting with a hard on he only feels with pops. Reg grab some lube and start finger fucking Kev's man cunt. Dude you so tight, he moving aroung and moaning, I put another finger in and then add another. Give it to me, fuck my man cunt, come on man fuck that man pussy, add more. Dam this nigga is a freak for real, I give him the thumb. Ohhhhhh shit, do that shit dude. Fuck me fuck me fuck me man. I knew he was ready know, I ease up behind him. My cock tip touches his pussy, he backs up as I was about to push in. OHHHHH you tight so dam tight my cock head was in. You yell come on man stick that cock in man come on fuck me fuck me. You dont have to ask me twice, urgggg cock in ball deep. Now nigga want you want. Fuck me fuck me Reg, twist my back out. Kev was in lust from the moment Reg started fingering his pussy, all he wanted was more dick up his azz. That shit hurted/burned when he went all in at once ball deep. Thats what you want Reg was slow stroking him now, riding his azz he stared squeezing Kev tender nipple. Harder and twisting. Kev: Hell yeah nigga do that shit fuck me harder, harder blow my back out, put your babies in my gut. I'm your bitch take me nigga. The diry talk turned Reg on more. You my bitch now, this tight azz booty cunt belongs to me know right. YES YES. Open it up somemore, Kev pulled his azz cheeks open more. Reg was banging Kev azz so hard all you heard was wet fucking noises and moaning. Dam this shit is good man your azz is the bomb. Its yours man, its yours. Reg started ramming him so hard the shouldve broke, Kev head was hitting the headboard, Reg didnt stop. Kev started tell'm that he was about to cum, Reg said cum bitch before Kev could grip his dick it exploded. Yes thats what I'm talkin about fuck by balls getting tight, I'm not gonna last much longer and I made him cum by fucking him. Kev was banging the azz back at me trying to milk my dick. It was working, slapping that azz made it worst. I'm cumming I yelled. Breed me baby, put me your bitch, soak my pussy with your man juice, he was still milking me good. Pussy muscles clamped down again and again, fuck man. I felt this hot spray in my man cunt, spasm and spray again, Reg went crazy pounding my man cunt, cum was spilling out my cunt and he was still going. He went deep one last time and fell forward on my back, dam he is good. He kissed the back of my neck and licked my ear and told me I was a good bitch. Knowing it was just Friday and we had the whole weekend this shit can only get better. Before Reg could roll of that good azz he just hit a voice came from behind them. Hi son I see you got company now that you've been fucked good, you both get cleaned up and meet me in the livingroom. Young G holla at me after you've cleaned up. Reg turned and looked in shock as this old G was standing in the doorway holding is cock. Kev was in shocked and ashamed. He started talking explaining fast. Dude my fault pops lives here with me and I thought he was going to be gone all weekend, let me talk to him, man dont leave come on we been planning this for months. Reg was trying to get his stuff on fast but realize most of his clothes were in the livingroom. Fuck! Reg went to cleaned up. Kev was standing there with cum leaking out of his cunt.
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3 years ago
Good Story and hot!! but, please avoid run off sentences. Always remember your clauses and everything will be OK.
4 years ago
Wow what a story i was rock hard now i'm going to go and jack off thanks