Learning Experiences

Learning Experiences

“Are you sure you want me to do this? I can still give you a hand job instead.” Dana‘s voice was whiny with anxiety. Her thoughts kept dancing between exhilaration and guilt. I wanna do this. I’ve never done this before. Is this wrong? Is he just weird? Is he weird in an ok way? Matthew gave her a guilty look. His eyes were so round and sincere that she felt her heart washed over with puppy fuzz. I can’t say no, her brain concluded. They just walked into the living room. The apartment was already cleaned up. Matthew’s roommate would be gone for the weekend. This Saturday was one of the few moments they had time to be intimate. College did that to a person. Dana wanted to do things to him, nasty things to be sure. But this, this caught her off guard. Matthew’s shyness was killing her. “Well, we don’t have to…” Ugh, his voice. It was so cute! I just wanna hug him and kiss him and make him cum all over me. How can I do this to him?!

Dana Ong was a Vietnamese-American biology major with ambitions of becoming a veterinarian. She was a typical sophomore at UCLA, with the high school senior pride beaten out of her but the college student pride slowly taking root. At 5’4 and 120 lbs, she was reasonably fit, with light tanned skin and shoulder length black hair. She loved the feel of tight denim on her inner thighs. When it came to shirts, the lighter the better, but it was always nice to cover up. She was a horny little thing. She wasn’t a slut in high school. She liked a specific kind of guy, shy, kind, skinny, nice smile. Matthew Acosta, a k** with Guatemalan parents, was actually a bit more broad-shouldered than what she had in mind, but it was cool. She had a fetish for being generous. She wanted to take these shy, bottled up men and show them a world they’d never seen before. She got off on guys groaning and seething as their cocks exploded with pleasure. She loved virgins in particular because she knew she could make their first time the most memorable experience of their lives. There was a shocking plethora of virgin men in college. She had done her community service to three of them. But she never stuck around, because the novelty wore off when they thought she was in love with them.

“I mean, yah it’s gonna hurt but it feels good to me for some reason. I wanna experience... someone…” Matthew couldn’t look her straight in the eye. He had never asked for any kind of intimacy from anyone before, let alone this. Dana rubbed his shoulder. Matthew was able to look up at her. God those jeans look great on her. She was wearing a black long sleeve blouse that left plenty to the imagination. But if anything it just made her collar bones, face, and hair that much more attractive. Dana softly said, “I’ll do it. I can definitely do it. But I mean…” She said this with a squirming smile. “They’re your balls.”

Matthew, the History major freshman with a heart of gold, had a ball-busting fetish. He got off on testicular pain, or to be more precise the fantasy of testicular pain. It was a dark secret he kept from everyone he knew, to an extent even himself. He only rarely watched cock-and-ball torture porn, and the girls looked so cruel. He appreciated what their feet and fists could do, the ferocity. But he was so shy he couldn’t really bare any real anger towards him. It was too frightening. But then what possible reason would a girl have to rack him other than anger? But he couldn’t make girls angry. He couldn’t make anyone angry. Why would he? Wouldn’t that mean hurting them?

His face froze as he just wasn’t sure what to say. Dana could read him quite well. She turned back to the door, closed, and locked it. “Take your clothes off.” She smiled. Not grinned, but smiled. There was a difference. A grin would suggest some anticipation, maybe a touched of sadism. But this was just a smile, a cautiously optimistic, comforting gesture to preempt what she feared was going to become very uncomfortable. He was wearing grey gym shorts and a white t-shirt. When he removed his shirt he revealed a tone, dark body perfectly designed for his favorite sport, basketball. He wasn’t that tall. 5’7”. A perfect height really. She bit her lower lip. Ugh this was too perfect. No, I don’t want to destroy him! He pulled off his shorts and then his underwear. To his embarrassment he was already upright. Dana reached out and gently held his cock in her hands. She loved how soft the skin was. She ran her thumb over the vein on top. He wasn’t circumcised, but she could see the pink head peeking through the flesh. She pulled back softly, her body inching closer to his. When she placed her arm around him and pushed her lips (the ones on her face) on his, he inhaled sharply through his nose. At that moment his head (not the one on his shoulders) was revealed in the open air, and he couldn’t help but twitch it hard, a phenomenon which never ceased to amuse her.

But then she had to pull back. She had to remember why she was there. Balls, huh? It’s funny. She hardly ever paid attention to them. They were just there, and most guys seemed content just pretending they didn’t exist. She looked down and with her other hand started feeling around. They weren’t exactly hard to find. The skin of his scrotum was kinda wrinkly. It felt strange, like touching wet toilet paper without the wetness. “Umm…” She started when Matthew spoke up. “Aren’t you going to undress too?” Dana chuckled. “Oh yah, my bad.” She backed away, giving his aching parts a bit of time to rest. It wouldn’t be much of a rest once she pulled off her black blouse. Her skin around her sides and abdomen looked so smooth. A touch of fat bulged out from the top of her jeans. Matthew breathed deeply to calm himself when he saw her bosom. Her black bra seemed to be kinda low cut. He didn’t know much about bras. She could have told him it was a balconette bra with black lace frill on top.

“You look really nice.” Matthew grinned awkwardly. “Haha, thanks.” She removed her sneakers and slid off those tight jeans. Woah. Her legs were long, and really tone. They were absolutely gorgeous, stunning, but… they looked really strong too. Matthew gulped. Those transparent black hipster panties now felt untouchable. “Do you feel like you could cum right now?” Her bright playful eyes could have knocked the wind out of him. “I’ll try not to.” Dana smirked. She could already see a slight glistening at the very tip of the head of his cock. Actually, she was feeling rather moist herself. Her swollen labia push against the fabric of her panties when she thought of those innocent eyes rolling back into his head, that soft voice moaning loudly as though he were trying to sing to the clouds. But still, she felt unsure of herself. She wasn’t even sure what to do. And she reminded herself that he probably didn’t know either. They had rushed into this without researching or planning.

“So… umm…” Dana thought for a moment and rubbed her chin. Matthew thought she looked sexy even in her pensive state. “Well, what do girls usually do in porn? Do I just start kicking them?” She’d seen guys get hit in the nuts on America’s Funniest Home Videos. She always felt kinda bad for them actually. She knew he was probably going to collapse on the floor. Matthew shivered when he thought about those angry eyes in the porn he’d watched and the guys just wailing like they were passing a stone. “Umm, I guess so.” Dana took a step back. She could see it in his eyes. He was scared. He was terrified. He was kinda sorta trying to hide it. But she could tell. Oh god. It was almost a turn off imagining him doubled over in pain. Fuck. Maybe there was another way to approach this?

“Umm… maybe we should test to see how sensitive you are. I’ve heard some guys are more sensitive than others, right? You’ve never been kicked in the balls before have you?” Dana thought about the absurdity of her question. Not likely. This guy couldn’t hurt a fly, almost literally. There isn’t a girl on earth who would rack him unless she was unbalanced. He answered, “No, I haven’t.” Yep. Figures. Oh my god. No. How? Why? I can’t do this I can’t do this! A chibi version of herself was nodding rapidly left and right in aversion inside her head. She felt like she’d rather kick a puppy. “Ok, umm… Oh! I’ve got it! Be right back.” Dana darted into the bedroom, leaving Matthew leaning against the wall with his cock still erect and wondering what the heck was going on. He looked down on himself and thought idly maybe he should have shaved.

Dana came back into the room with two ribbons. They were part of an arts and crafts project she’d worked on with him for Circle K, a community service organization they were both in. The ribbons were long and pink, long enough to be tied around someone’s waist. “Ok, stand up straight.” Matthew did so obediently, like a soldier brought to attention. Dana paused to smirk for a quick second before tying one ribbon around his waist in such a way that it lifted his cock away from his balls and pressed it against his stomach. She then took the second ribbon and wrapped it around his waist too. But this time the front of the ribbon went under his balls, pushing them forward and outward just a bit to make them easier to target. “Is that comfortable? Lean back lean back.” Matthew leaned back against the wall against. Yah, the ribbons were quite comfortable, but now his nuts were sitting ducks.

Dana took a second to admire her handiwork. She felt like the bottom ribbon might be pulling some hairs, so she went back and adjusted it. Matthew’s member twitched again at the feeling of her soft fingers. Dana felt each testicle with each hand to make sure they were securely out. That’s when she realized that them being pushed outwards actually left the skin on the surface rather smooth. She held one in each hand and rubbed her thumbs up and down very gently on the top. Aside from a few bumps from hair follicles, the skin was incredibly soft, even softer than the skin around her labia, like tissue paper made flesh. She looked up at Matthew’s face and saw that he was pale with fear even though he was still clearly turned on. Some sweat was trickling down his temple. He was so sweet. She looked at his balls in his hands. They were actually quite cute in their own way, so vulnerable and delicate. She felt like she could play with them for a few minutes.

She shook her head. She feel kinda stupid. She thought to herself, balls? Really? I think balls are cute? But on a guy like him they are kinda cute, like holding baby ducklings that produce sperm. “Ok, be right back.” This time she went into the kitchen. She came back out with a wooden spoon. “There we go. Now we can test how sensitive you are.” Matthew actually looked relieved. He had busted himself with a hair brush before. It wasn’t that bad. It hurt, but it felt great afterwards each time. “You ready?” Matthew actually grinned. He was much less nervous. “Ok. Go ahead.”


Without warning she wacked them both at once. She was careful to get some good surface area using the convex side of the spoon. “Oh! Ahh, ahh…” Matthew yelped, and then yelp degraded into a strained sigh. The smack hurt a little, but the real pain came a second later, a strong pressure in his upper groin area. It was very uncomfortable, but at the same time he felt like feel good chemicals were rushing into his lower body and grazing his cock. As the sensation flowed throughout his body he breathed a sigh of pleasure. Dana was scared at first, but then realized he felt fine right now. She smiled. Maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad. Instead of using her mouth or vagina or hands, she’d be using a wooden spoon. It’d be like playing an instrument, except sex. She really liked the idea of her strikes causing him to make noises of pleasure like an actual instrument. For a split second she thought it’d be funny if she could get him to sing a song that way. “Hard or softer?” Matthew’s shyness had subsided dramatically. “Can you go a little harder? Oh, and twice in a row?”

Dana was getting increasingly aroused at his eagerness. “Ok.” She said ok with a background giggle and a bubbly head. She stoned up her face a bit to make herself look serious (the actual effect was that it made her look more adorable) and wacked him two more times.

*Slap slap*

“Hunnnn!” He grimaced and then exhaled, inhaled, and exhaled again. That hurt quite a bit more. The pressure acquired a burning attribute and was pushing up into his stomach. But his cock was also aching to where he felt like he had to push his pelvis forward, sprawling his hands on the wall for support. Dana inhaled sharply. That was the reaction she lived for, the first signs of his senses being overwhelmed. Warmth was overtaking her privates steadily as well. “Are you still ok?” Matthew’s face scrunched up. “Do it a bunch of times, harder, this time with the edge of the spoon!” Here Dana became nervous and her thoughts ran. I’ve been slapping them already, and I can understand that feeling good. It’s like spanking right? But wait, the edge? Won’t that a lot hurt more? Dana did her best to maintain her smile. “Are you sure?” Her voice was clearly whining with concern. Matthew gave a masculine-ish puppy whine and thrust his pelvis forward. Dana was reassured. God, what a turn on. He really likes it!

*slap slap slap, slap slap slap*

Each nut got three. “Uuuu… huhuh! Ahh…” That time really got him. The burning and pressure were even more intense and his knees started to buckle. Dana was afraid she’d gone too far. “Are you ok?!” Her natural instinct was to care for him after. Maybe an apologetic rub of her panties against his cock? Maybe a little neck massage and some kissing? No? Maybe?! “Ahh… ahh… just give me a second.” Matthew took some deep breaths. Was it over? Matthew, very shyly and with a c***d-like grin, said “Harder? Please?” Dana gritted her teeth. “Umm, I don’t know. I don’t like seeing you in pain.” Her eyes were a bit watery actually. “I’m fine, really.” Was he really? His boner didn’t even seem as intense anymore. Is the rush making up for it? Dana relented with a raised eyebrow. “How much harder?” Matthew thought for a second. “Like… if you were trying to break an ice cube.” What?! Was he serious? Oh my god. His poor balls. Poor babies. “Umm, ok!” Dana actually took a step back to position her body in just the right way. Then she swung.

*THUD! (?)*

She managed to do it horizontally so that the edge of the spoon delivered equal f***e to both organs. Oh god what a sickening sound! It was a combination of a thud and a slap, but the thud was a bit too soft to be a real thud. She knew it was because his balls had absorbed the entire concussive impact. Not exactly how nature intended. “UGH!” Matthew’s face grimaced and he doubled over. Now it was looking like America’s Funniest Home Videos. But it wasn’t funny at all! Dana stood in awe before setting the spoon down on the ground and caressing the sides of his head with both hands. She felt the sweat on his cheeks. Does he have a fever? “Oh my god, sorry. Was that too hard?!” Her voice was so apologetic it cracked. But once he caught his breath he started chuckling.

“God I wanna remove your panties with my teeth!” Matthew, in his doubled over state, was staring at her crotch. She gently guided his head and body up to where they were eye-to-eye, but he was staring at her bosom. His hands reached around her waist and went up her curves and finally around her back, and he pulled forward like she was the only thing stopping him from drowning. She was still stunned. Wow… Just wow. His pleasure was addictive. And he came out of his shell, really. He… wanted her. He wanted to take her. And she wanted him to take her. What was strange about it was that he seemed… powerful. He pulled her against his pelvis. Despite it technically being less hard, his cock somehow seemed more eager. The head was slippery with pre-pre-cum, just that mucousy layer that seems to magically appear before anything even shoots out. But as quickly as it came, his surge of power quickly subsided.

“Umm, sorry! I guess I was kinda excited there… um…” Dana wasn’t sure why, but him backing down made her even hotter. He was still that shy man, but there was something raging beneath him (aside from his dick) that wanted to subdue her. It wasn’t quite what she fantasized about, but it was fascinating. Dana chucked, sounding relieved. “I’m just glad you’re ok. I’m the one who should be apologizing.” Matthew bent down a bit, supporting himself with his hand against his thigh. “That really hurt!” Dana gave a demure smile. “Do you… wanna stop?” Matthew, with some strain, stood upright. “I wanna try one more thing.” Dana thought aside, well damn, it felt like I was the one doing the trying. Dana wanted to encourage Matthew’s more assertive personality to keep coming forward. She felt like she was working with a time limit. She already kinda wanted to cum badly, and she was the girl. Matthew’s breathing was rather labored itself.

“How hard do you think you can squeeze?” Say what? “Say what?” She said out loud. Matthew shrugged. “I kinda… I kinda wanna play this game. I wanna… do stuff to you.” Dana nodded encouragingly but perplexed. “Go on, go on.” Matthew grinned. “And… I kinda… want you to try to stop me by squeezing my balls.” Uh, huh… “Well… what kind of stuff do you want to do to me?” Matthew’s grin widened. “Haha, like, removing your lingerie with my teeth, kissing you, giving you oral maybe…” Really? So you’re trying to do all these really nice things for me, and I’m supposed to respond by… squeezing your balls. Dana gritted her teeth like before. “I guess I can do that.” Matthew sensed her hesitation and quickly added, “We can stop if you want. It’s ok.” Dana shook her head and put on her most enthusiastic fake smile. “No no really it’s fine! I’ll do it.” In her head though she was thinking that oral sounded really good right now. It wasn’t fair. She wanted to make him explode already! She herself wanted to explode.

Matthew pressed her lips against his with his hands. Dana thrust her pelvis forward. God, that cock, sooo good. Please don’t soften too much! As planned, Dana used her right hand to grab his entire scrotum. Her left she could actually use to pull him closer, because frankly she wanted him to win. But whatever. As she tried to find a good grip she realized there was a problem. Her finger tips, even her nails, kept running into the bl**d vessels and tubules behind the testicles. She tried to find a good grip with just one hand, but it wasn’t possible. Matthew may like pain, but she certainly was not going to risk serious damage. Sadly, her only recourse was to let go with her left and take one nut in each hand, allowing her thumbs to push against the sides of each against her palms. He’d have no chance now. Their game began. Matthew was steadfast at first, kissing pecking at her collar bone, teasing at her panties. But as she increased the f***e, the ever-growing pressure and burning in his abdomen started making his hands shake, until finally he slid down her body like a fire pole, prompting her to let go.

“Are you…” Why bother asking? Of course he was ok. She wanted to cringe, but his smile made her visceral empathy evaporate. “Damn, you win.” Ha! Oh my god. Dana couldn’t help snicker. He was still bent down a bit, holding on to her waist with his face buried in her chest. He was so adorable like this and she ran her fingers through his hair, massaging his scalp. Suddenly she started laughing loudly. “Matthew you dummy! There’s no way I can squeeze your balls if you’re trying to give me oral! They’ll be too far away!” Matthew chuckled. “Huh, I guess you’re right.” Dana was excited. Matthew’s breathing was so labored and strained she knew he had to, had to cum soon. This whole experience was fun, a lot more fun than she anticipated. But now she wanted her reward, to see him get his. Dana gently pulled him up to where they were eye level, where she said, assertively and insistently:

“Fuck me. Now.”

Matthew obediently pulled her panties down and took her by the hands. He whisked her into the bedroom. She decided to take the initiative and remove her own bra, and grab a condom from his shelf next to the bed. They plopped into the bed, and immediately he set himself on her and slid his cock (She thought to herself, “What a trooper!”) into her. She pushed her pelvis forward to relieve the ache in her thighs and groin. When he started pumping, she started watching his eyes. They were looking down at an arbitrary spot on her chest. God, even in the end shy with a heart of gold. He was pumping pretty hard though. The more his eyelids scrunched up and the more his breathing turned into panting and panting into barking, the wetter and hotter she became. He was getting pretty loud too. That’s right. Breath harder. Breather harder! Harder! I wanna hear you groan! I wanna hear you yell! Yes, yes, YES! The hot spicy sensation in her vaginal walls and the stinging fire of her clit reached critical mass and she came extremely hard, her entire body shaking and panting like a saw cutting wood. He actually kept going a few seconds after until his whole chest seem to freeze, his eyes rolled up, and he was completely breathless for that second until the air finally managed to rush through his vocal chords like a dam bursting, and he groaned louder than he had probably ever groaned before, then seethed and inhaled and exhaled with relief as his body winded down.

“Oh god. I love you. Oh…” Dana meant it too at the time. She never expected him to be so powerful. She could only imagine what it was like to be a sadist. He would have been the one being generous to her. After a few seconds when they felt like they could move, Dana pulled Matthew off and put him to the side. She had forgotten that the ribbons were still there, although the top one was displaced. She untied them, then examined his balls. They seemed no worse for the wear. “Heh, balls are tougher than I thought.” She grinned and caressed them, never mind the fact that her juices were still saturating his pubic hair.

Matthew slowly managed to get his torso up. Although he was tired, he has a big stupid grin on his face. “You’re really nice! I was scared you were going to be too rough. But you were fine. I didn’t know it could be like that!” Dana chuckled. “I guess porn can’t teach you everything.” Matthew thought for a moment. “You wouldn’t be up for kicking me would you?” Dana grimaced. “Eesh, no, sorry. You might not realize this, but people have limits on how much pain they can give. It’s not just what you can stand. Sorry, but today I hurt you about as badly as I’d ever want to.” She was surprised by her own authoritative tone of voice, but this experience had taught her a lot. Matthew looked a little disappointed, so Dana quickly added a “But, well, you never know.” This seemed to reassure him as he plopped back onto the bed.

“Matthew… you wanna go see a movie tomorrow?”

“Oh my god you’re so lucky!” God she’s practically drooling. Gross. Dana’s friend Seneca Mackenzie, the Goth blond freaky best friend since grade school, was basking in the details of what had transpired a few nights before. “That was a good call by the way, with the wooden spoon. You’re a natural!” I guess? “It just seemed like common sense. I mean- oh cool!” The pair was walking towards Powell Library and Dana had gotten distracted by a swallowtail butterfly sitting on a bush. “Man, why can’t I be like one of those really at peace characters in movies where butterflies just sense my… inner soul… or something? I never got how that worked.” Dana was easily distractible, but Seneca had a one-track mind. “You didn’t knee him or anything?! That’s like, the best part! The closeness and the tears and oh wow that is a pretty butterfly.” They both stopped to stare at the butterfly until it flew away. It was unusually large even for a swallowtail and had bright blue ridges at the bottom of its wings. “You are waaaay too nice Dana, and by nice I mean vanilla flavored.” Dana squirmed. “I just don’t get what’s so great about causing pain.”

They headed into the cavernous lobby and then turned into the Night Powell study lounge where they could study and chat. They picked two maroon easy chairs where they could put their feet up on the same stool-like little table simultaneously, almost like twins. Eeek, Seneca was wearing those wicked black boots. She thought about the casualties they must have caused over the years. Seneca thought for a second. “You know that feeling you get when you see a cute guy cumming and you just hope he passes out from the intensity? I know you do.” It’s weird. We’ve watched porn together so much and yet never talked about this. “Yah?” Seneca smirked and leaned in close to Dana’s ear. “Just imagine feeling like that whenever a guy is at your mercy.” Dana thought about Matthew being at her mercy, as she put it, and her only follow-up thought was “Aww, you’re so cute. I won’t make you grovel anymore!” Her thought was interrupted by the thought of Seneca running in from the back and smashing the poor guy’s jewels into his pelvis like she was trying to kick a field goal. She cringed. Seneca continued, “You fantasize about how great his cock must feel. You should try thinking about how great he can make you feel.”

Dana thought for a moment. “I dunno, I feel pretty good as it is.” She grinded her fingernails into her black capris and leaned back. “I can’t help it. Him feeling good makes me feel good. It must be an empathy thing. Besides, girls enjoy orgasms more than guys anyway. I’m not hard to please.” Seneca raised an eyebrow. “You really think so?” Dana shrugged. “Honestly, if I tried hard enough I could cum in about five minutes. I’ve had like five orgasms in a row from Matthew penetrating me. I even came once from giving him a blow job.” Seneca looked stunned. How was she just hearing about this? “Daaamn. That’s a talent. You just wanna spread the love… But you’re wrong about guys not enjoying it as much. I once made a guy orgasm four times in a row. Of course, that was with the help of candles. The guy loved having wax poured on his-” Dana raised her hands. “Woah woah woah back the fucking truck up.” (Seneca snickered to herself. “Fuck truck.”) “Did you say you made him cum four times in a row?!” Seneca shook her head. “Orgasm. It’s different. You’re the pleasing type so you should know that.” Dana was a little embarrassed that she said orgasm so loud. Some people walking by turned their heads. “Uh…”

Seneca turned and used hand gestures didactically, like she was explaining the birds and the bees for the first time. “An orgasm isn’t when you cum. It’s the surge of sensation you get while you’re cumming. Girls take a while to cum, so they can get multiple surges like that. For guys it’s trickier because they cum more easily. A guy can cum without having an orgasm. But it won’t feel very good, just like peeing snot honestly.” Dana almost wanted to take notes. Also, eww. “But, guys can learn to separate their orgasm from ejaculation. Any guy who can spend a really long time masturbating probably figured it out.” Dana u*********sly started grinning. The idea of making Matthew orgasm non-stop for half an hour made her loins warm right then and there. Seneca could sense this and interrupted by tickling her armpit. “Eeeeeeee!” She giggled at Seneca. “Oh my god… I need to do this. Except…” Dana had flashbacks of Matthew being doubled over in pain. “He’s into ball busting. How am I supposed to give him that much pleasure? I can’t stand him being in pain for that long even if he says it’s ok.” Seneca shook her head. She did not get that at all.

“I’ll make you a bet. If you can make him orgasm five times in a row before the end of the month without him trying, I’ll buy you dinner at Mr. Noodle for a week.” Dana bit her lower lip. Foooood. “Sound good?” Mr. Noodle… her favorite place… Pad Thai… Mmmm… “Ok, what if I can’t?” Seneca grinned devilishly. She took her fingers and walked them across Dana’s thigh. She said softly “I get one running kick to your cunt…” Gulp. Oh god… but, but but Mr. Noodle. Pad Thai! What do I do?! “Umm… uhh…” Seneca shrugged. “Hey, I might get a bad angle and it wouldn’t hurt you that much. You’re not a guy. You might get lucky.” Dana narrowed her eyes at her and tsk’d. “You won’t miss. You’ve had too much practice.” Seneca chuckled. “You’re right. I won’t. You’re gonna squeal like a dying pig. So do we have a deal?” Dana bit her lower lip. It was her default response to lots of different cognitive processes. She thought about all the great food… And then she looked at those black boots and the powerful legs behind them. Seneca was wearing black knee socks and a short black skirt, but she could see the bulging tendon where her thigh met her knee joint. Indeed, Seneca never missed…


“Ugh… aaaghh!” That evening Matthew and Dana decided to spend time studying together. Right now they were in the middle of the end result of their studies, fucking. Dana was breathing through teeth and grinning. She was massaging Matthew’s scalp and the back of his ears as he plowed her into the mattress. God my pussy feel amaaaazing. I’ll bet his cock feels just as good. I wonder what it’s like to have all that hot bl**d pushing and inflating- oh god! Dana shivered and her body writhed and twitched forward. That was number three. She felt her face become hot as the warmth spread throughout her body. Matthew for his part was giving these little moans which reminded her of a fearful puppy. God he’s so cute! He’s being gentle with his arms. It’s like he’s trying to hug me but can’t quite get it right. That’s right. Have as much as you want. Dana felt so in love. Oh god. Is he depriving himself just for me? Oh… thank you. AHHH!

It was the beginning of a unique series of twitches that signified she was about to make a mess. “Ahh, uhhh… Matthew, Matthew you can cum. I’m cumming. I’m cu- ohh… uhhh!” These moans flowed into high pitched squealing. A few seconds later and she just had to sit back, relax, and let him finish. Oh god. His eyes rolling up. He can barely stand himself! He can’t breath! He’s giving halting breaths. He’s breathing. Oh… She chuckled when Matthew collapsed his whole body onto her, arms giving out. His weight was just tolerable. It felt like he died on top of her.

She was sure he just came. But actually that wasn’t the first time he seemed overwhelmed. Technically that must have been orgasm number two. Seneca did say guys usually have two without fail, especially when they’re in love and wanna draw out their love making. But she needed to ask more questions and find out more.

“I’m kinda glad you didn’t feel like having your balls busted tonight.” She grinned at the fact that he was tired and didn’t wanna move. “Are you just gonna sl**p on top of me?” Matthew whimpered into her shoulder. She ran her fingers through his hair again. She didn’t think she’d mind him sl**ping on her if he didn’t weigh 40 lbs more than her. “Come on, we gotta clean up.” Reluctantly he got up. As they started erasing the evidence of their naughtiness, Dana decided now would the perfect time to start questioning. “So you just didn’t feel like it?” Matthew’s face turned red. He was still embarrassed about how readily Dana offered this service to him. “I guess it comes and goes. I got it out of my system. Maybe this Saturday if we’re ready for midterms before then.” Dana nodded. “Ok, but remember. I’ll only go as far as knees. No kicks. Got it?” That felt even weirder to Matthew. Dana was being very protective of his organs. He guessed CBT porn stars really were quite specialized. He was under the impression all girls secretly wanted to wreck someone’s manhood. But she seemed to care about his parts even more than he did. He was kind of ashamed of himself.

“I guess you really care about me huh?” Matthew was folding the sheets so they could be taken to the laundry room more easily while Dana lit scented candles and hid the lubricant. Her dorm wasn’t very large, so the more cautious they were the better. “Of course I do. And it’s hard for me to cause pain to others. I think it’s hard for you too. We’re both in Circle K for a reason, right?” Matthew shrugged. “I guess so.” Dana smirked. “And I told you I really like it when guys like you orgasm.” (Matthew blushed so hard even his dark skin couldn’t conceal it.) “Aaaand on top of that I actually have a crush on you. That makes it even harder. You should be grateful… kinda.” Dana started with a stern look but then became apologetic at “kinda.” “Honestly wouldn’t you rather just cum inside me? I’m not trying to make you feel bad!” She added that last part when Matthew seemed to lose the ability to look her in the eye. “I’m just curious. Like, how does sex feel to you? Does busting your balls make you feel the same way as regular sex?”

What Dana hoped to figure out was what made Matthew tick. If she could figure out what he liked, maybe she could get him to feel so good he would orgasm faster than he could cum. She hypothesized that more non-direct stimulation to the genitals might be the trick.

Matthew thought about that. Why did it feel good? “Well, not right away. I mean, I guess it’s endorphins. Pain feels good sometimes…” Dana walked up to him and pinched his armed while grinning mischievously. “Ouch!” Dana teased, “Turned on yet?” Matthew’s lips pursed together, suppressing his amusement. “Well, I’m kinda tired. I did just do a lot of work if I do say so myself.” Hee. He has a point. They were pretty much done cleaning up. “Matthew? Let’s hop in the shower together. It’ll save time so we can eat soon.”

De Neve Plaza dorms had a shared bathroom. But luckily the neighbors and Dana’s roommate were out. So they were free to hop in without interruption. The shower head was quite powerful as well. They hopped in together and then turned on the shower head, and then quickly realized this wasn’t going to be as romantic as they thought. Not that it was unpleasant but they were each selfishly trying to hog the water and kept getting soap in their eyes. Also no matter how much you love someone, watching them wash their privates and butt crack isn’t as pleasant as you’d think it would be. When they finally got a good rhythm going, Dana continued her interrogation. “So you don’t always like it, right? Like right now it wouldn’t feel good.” Matthew reached for the washcloth while trying to avoid slipping. “Yah. I mean I’m not a circus freak. It does hurt. But sometimes the endorphins just feel much better. I think it actually helps that it’s not a sharp pain. I don’t like sharp pain, and I don’t like being injured either.”

Dana massaged her scalp with shampoo. Actually, now that they weren’t trying to kill each other, watching Dana wash her hair was kinda sexy, especially since her arms away from her chest made her breasts that much more prominent. The back and forth movement of her arms helped too. When Matthew’s member started to perk up like a shy turtle, Dana rinsed out her hair and placed her arms around him. “I told you this was a good idea.” She gave him a light kiss. “And I never thought you were a freak. Your turn.” Matthew carefully switched places and grabbed the shampoo, and continued trying to explain. “Any sensation in the balls feels good, It’s kinda like stretching? It kinda feels like it helps get bl**d flowing.” Dana was trying to pay attention and not get distracted by Matthew’s soaked skin. Wow, the man took good care of himself. She also noticed his balls hanging lower and redder than usual. Made sense. The water was hot. She got closer and started massaging and washing his scalp for him. Matthew put his arms around her waist. Man… we should totally try shower sex some time… although it might actually suck if we have this much trouble just being inside here together.

“So… a massage can feel just as good?” Dana gently pressed up against Matthew and kissed his neck. She embraced him with one hand and with the other carefully caressed his privates. Matthew felt like he was slowly melting into her arms and rested his head on her shoulders and moaned softly. God this is better than scratching a puppy behind the ears. “I know you can’t cum for at least another hour or so, but how good can I make you feel meanwhile?” Matthew was speechless. “I… I… I feel like we’re wasting water.” Eh?! “Really?! That’s what you’re worried about? Psh, you goofball. Hey, do you think if I squeezed your balls hard enough I could make you cum more than once?” Matthew’s shy turtle head became a cobra in that instant. “Umm, I mean, if you wanna try…”

Dana’s back-up plan was to figure out if there was a way to make Matthew cum more than once. She figured each time they had a love-making cycle he had at least two orgasms. Maybe if he could cum twice in a row, she could bring that number up to four. Some really good foreplay beforehand would make five, and she’d win the bet. Yes, she and Seneca were on an honor system, but she wasn’t going to lie. She decided first she needed to see if it was possible to get him to orgasm even after sex was over. Even her own experience was enough to teach her that once guys came they were usually done for the night.

Later that night…

“God this food sucks.” Seneca looked at her greyish lump of stand-alone chicken placed comically on large plate. “They literally ration the good food. You’d think with the cost of tuition they’d be able to afford more than this shit.” Dana tsk’d. “It’s not that bad. You’re just being spoiled.” Seneca was taken aback. “Hey, you’re the one who got the last enchilada and strawberry coffee cake. I’m stuck with something I could have made with a lighter and a dead pigeon.” They laughed at their own stupid argument while on the way to the table. “Where’s Matthew?” Dana hung her head in shame. “He’s not feeling so good. I… was a little rough on him.” Seneca smirked, sadist that she was. “Oh really?”

They sat down at about the same time. Dana took her fork and poked at her enchilada. “Yah. He’ll be fine, he just got nauseous. He’ll probably be down later.” Seneca picked up her chicken with her bare hands (it was pretty dry anyway) and took a large satisfying bite out of it and chewed with her mouth open. “Yah, that’ll happen. Did you squeeze too hard?” Dana frowned. “You’re enjoying this way too much. And… yes… He implied he was in the mood, kinda? We were in the shower and well…” Seneca giggled. “Like two little hairy sirens calling out to you…” She raised her open hand palm face up and slowly closed it into a fist as she said this. The image made Dana shudder, but Seneca continued. “’Daaaaanaaa? Oh Daaaaaanaaa?’” Dana shook her head. “Please stop.” Seneca refused. “’Daaaaanaaa, we neeeed youuuuuu! Squeeeeeze uuuussss. Squeeeze the liiife out of uusss! Make us rupture-’” Dana interrupted. “Hey hey hey I’m eating here!” Seneca chuckled. “You’re never supposed to do it when he’s not really in the mood, even if he’s not sure. It’s a consent thing, another thing you should know about.” Dana finally managed to take a bite from her food. “He’s just… so cute. I had to take his word for it.”

Seneca, done with her teasing, took the time to realize just how shitty her chicken was, so she grabbed some tabasco sauce from the center of the table and dowsed it as much as she could. “I take it I’m going to win our bet. You’ve got two weeks, and the rest of this week is midterms, so you won’t have time to research.” Dana exhaled deeply. Seneca took another bite. She still wasn’t satisfied so she reached for the ketchup and started dowsing the chicken with that. “Did I tell you I’ve been taking kickboxing classes at the Wooden Center?” Dana smiled. “Really? That sounds fun! Oh wait…God you’re a bitch.” As Dana’s smile faded Seneca’s became more enthusiastic. “Oh yah. Instructor says I’m a natural. I knocked one of those cushion things right out of someone’s hands.” Dana actually gave off a small but audible whimper. Seneca’s face became more sympathetic, although she was still enjoying watching her friend squirm. “Aww. Want me to give you a hint?” Dana raised an eyebrow. “Really? You’d do that?” Seneca shrugged. “I’m a cruel mistress but I’m not without honor.”

Dana suppressed a grin. She didn’t just want to win the bet. She was hoping to bring his pleasure to the next level. The memories of him pulling her close, his moans and whimpers. If she didn’t have access to the genuine article the memories alone could get her off on a lonely night. She shook her head back to reality when Seneca snapped her fingers. “Earth to Dana! Come in Dana!” Dana apologized and Seneca continued. “Do you remember the first time you busted his balls? He seemed more eager but his boner was weaker? Hey that rhymes!” Dana nodded. “Yah I remember and you realize you’re eating more ketchup than actual chicken, right?” Seneca shrugged. “I’m just gonna live off of dessert tonight I guess. Anyways, every guy is different of course. But from what I’ve seen, ball busting actually makes it harder for a lot guys to cum. It’s kind of like tease and denial for them. They still like it, but you either have to tone down the volume or give it a rest entirely for their bodies to get over the shock.” Dana rested her head on her hand, somewhat despondent. “So the only way to win is to bust him even harder when he’s in the mood.” Seneca grinned sardonically. “Yep. I’d start Googling safety tips if I were you.” Seneca paused for a moment. “I guess if I let you tell him you could also look up how he can learn to do it over time, but it literally takes practice. I’m not sure he’d be able to learn in time with midterms coming.”

All Dana could think was, sigh…

Dana’s and Matthew’s midterms were s**ttered over the next two weeks, so their plans for Saturday never actually materialized. Both of them studied hard, Dana because she was a south campus major and her classes were practice intensive, and Matthew because he was a freshman and didn’t know any better (North campus classes were generally very reading intensive, but since Matthew always read everything on time he had no chance of failing his exams anyway). Finally came the end of October, which happened to land on a Thursday. The fates accordingly granted both Dana and Matthew no assignments that weekend, which meant they were free to ditch lecture with virtually no consequences. The pair had a romantic day, walking through the Mathias Botanical Garden (as a prospective veterinarian Dana loved watching the turtles play), playing arcade games at Santa Monica Pier (Matthew had a talent for Time Crisis and got the high score), and visiting the Hammer Museum (…). They decided to skip the Circle K meeting that evening and head straight to Dana’s dorm, where conveniently Dana’s roommate had no intention of being at home (she was also a member of Circle K and it was board game night).

Matthew always preferred dressing comfortable, so he spent the day in a polo t-shirt and khaki shorts and sneakers. Dana thought he looked perfect, a somewhat classy golf player type of look. She on the other hand always tried to balance sexy with comfortable. She went for a black, front button, round neck casual dress and picked a strapless bra to go with it. Black knee socks and black sneakers completed the balance. She knew she was going to look amazing and that his cock would be aching all day, so she had the audacity (or consideration if you will) to remind him to wear comfortable underwear. The relief from just being able to get home and undress was enough for both of them to wanna collapse into each other.

Dana, however, had a mission. As they undressed in each other’s presence, she thought about what Seneca said. “Hey Matt?” Matt was down to his briefs and started slipping on gym shorts and a t-shirt, his equivalent of pajamas. “Yah?” Dana sauntered over to him, in nothing but black lingerie but still wearing sneakers and the socks. “Do you wanna go a little rougher than usual?” Matthew inhaled sharply when she pressed right up to him and slowly massaged his balls with her knee. “If you don’t mind.” Dana planted a soft kiss on his lips. “Ok. I know you can handle a lot, so this is about pushing my limits, ok? If you want me to take it easy don’t hesitate to tell me.” Matthew smiled as a sense of reassurance went through him. “Ok.” The fact that he had so much control was a real turn on. Dana walked over to the light switch and dimmed the lights. She then walked over to the drawer next to her bed and pulled out some matches. There were already two large red candles placed on top of the drawer. When she lit them Matthew immediately smelled cinnamon and apple. His heart palpitated at what might be coming, and also at her shimmering thighs. Something about the black knee socks made them even sexier. His cock was about as hard as it could get.

Unf… Damn, I could just make him cum already. But ok, I can do this. I just have to remember that he’s enjoying it. He can stop whenever he wants. Dana’s mind gave an internal grimace she didn’t let him see, and she pulled out the ribbons from all those nights ago. She carefully teased his shorts and briefs off while kissing at his neck. Matt wasn’t sure if he should have been trying to remove her bra or not. He felt reassured that she’d probably let him know, so he just followed his instincts and caressed her and kissed back. When his privates were free in open air, Dana looked down and began tying them up like last time. Every errant brush of her hands on either the head of his cock or his balls made his member twitch. Dana had to take a deep breath. Ok, don’t let him cum. No matter how much you want to, don’t let him cum. We got this. She finished tying him up. They were perfectly vulnerable.

Ok, some light massage to start off. Dana ran her fingers up and down, back and forth, skimming across his scrotum. She didn’t relent on the kissing or on letting him caress her. God his eyes! I can do this. Dana kept teasing, massaging with gradually increasing f***e until he couldn’t help pushing his pelvis against hers, even just a little. Perfect. Dana pulled back and grabbed from the table the first implement of destruction, that same wooden spoon from before.


Without warning she struck, with considerable f***e actually, his left testicle. The dull localized pain was instant, and a rush of burning and endorphins went into Matt’s abdomen. “Ahgh!” Matt’s eyes scrunched up. He seemed to realize that he was in the middle of the room, with nowhere to place his hands to support himself. Dana took notice and said, “Just lean against the door. No one’s coming in for hours.” Matthew gingerly pranced back against the door, leaned back and took a deep breath. He was still pretty hard, but that definitely hurt. Dana grinned slightly and pressed back up against him. She massaged the poor organ with the same hand that held the spoon. Matt made an “mmmm” sound and was clearly savoring the moment. His hand caressed and assisted her hand. Aww. Dana got the same endeared sensation as when they held hands walking down Bruin Walk together. Instinctively Dana pressed herself against his cock, which was already being pushed back by one of the ribbons. Oh god, so good. I can feel it twitching on my stomach. Ok. He’s still happy. Still, hard as possible is not what she wanted. Damn. Matt was relaxed. But Dana had to stop. She backed away and put on the sadistic grin she learned from Seneca.


She struck the other testicle this time, with more f***e than the first time. “Ugh! Uhhh…” Matt grunted and then panted and then took deep breaths. Dana could actually see his abdominal muscles heave and withdraw. It reminded her of what a nasty period cramp felt like to her. Once again she leaned in close. But this time she massaged his shoulders and kissed him on the neck in reassurance. She could see beads of sweat on his forehead. She pushed her groin against his. Ok, he’s still good. He’s seething a bit. Is it from pleasure or pain? I don’t know! No… no it’s pleasure. Halting breaths… that could be either or… “How are you feeling?” Matt took a few breaths to respond. “Good. Keep going.” He nodded reassuringly, but he didn’t smile. That concerned her.

*Slap slap slap slap slap slap slap.*

This time she went for multiple taps. The first one made his body twitch, but each subsequent seemed to make him freeze in time instead, like he was waiting for a predator to sneak by. Unf. I’m confused. It’s turning me on, but I don’t know. I wish he was the one slapping me like that. Dana felt herself getting warmer. But she also couldn’t shake the visceral discomfort she felt. She pushed up against him and breathed deeply. Matt… was panting a lot. Getting there? Dana quickly checked for signs of pre-cum. There was none, but Matt seemed overwhelmed. The more she pushed her abdomen against his, the more he panted. She started panting too. She raised her thigh up on his side and pushed so hard he could actually feel her twitching. Matt grasped her stronger around her ribs. She reached down and massaged his balls. “Ugh, AHH!” Matt shuddered and his nails dug into her skin. Oh god. Yes. I’m here. I can feel your pleasure. I wanna feel it… Wait…


Afraid he might cum soon, Dana took a step back and wacked her almost as hard as she could with the spoon. The left one. His groans of pleasure ceased. “UH!” That grunt had almost a screaming quality to it. Then Matt started whimpering a little, and Dana’s face grimaced. “Ah! Are you ok?!” Matt took some deep breaths. His knees were bent. But after a few seconds he nodded. Dana looked worried. But at the same time she was pleased It wasn’t much, but it was definitely some sort of climax. One down. Four more to go. Dana carefully helped Matt stand up straight. “Do you wanna change positions?” Matt, with some mildly strained breath, said “Not yet.” Dana decided it was time for a reward. She set the spoon down and carefully removed her bra and tossed it on top of Matt’s head with a smirk on her face. “What do you want to do to me? Whatever you want.” Matt bent down and started licking gently at Dana’s breasts. She was sweating a bit, but to him it tasted almost sweet, like salty blueberry or something. Fuuuck. This is so hot. I think I wanna cum right now. Dana could feel her labia swell, her clit pushing to peek out of its hood. His gesture was driving her crazy and she couldn’t help but moan. He knew exactly what he was doing, licking and grazing his teeth against one and using his hands to gently caress the other. The look of her bra slowly slipping off of his head added some comedy to the effect and she giggled slightly.

Yes… yes please. She ran her fingers through her hair. He’s too sweet! Ugh! She pushed harder against his body and arched her back to give him a better angle. She wanted to cum, but then a nasty voice in her head reminded her that she had a mission.


The right one. She pulled back, reached down to grab the spoon, and swung with deadly accuracy all in one motion. Matt didn’t stop panting for a few seconds, almost as though his brain didn’t get the message. But then he started to double over, the pain in his abdomen wrenching his upper and lower body together like a rubber band. “Uh huchh, uhhhh…” His eyes became watery. Is too much pain I’m causing him? I don’t know if I can keep doing this. Is he still ok? God I wanna cum too! Just hang in there! Dana set the spoon down again and held Matt’s head up gently. Slowly he started to put his arms around her and once again start licking and teasing at her. She put her hands around his head in comfort, holding him close to her bosom. “Ok baby. Ok. Whatever you want.” While he did his thing she reached down with one hand and carefully grasped his balls. Surprisingly he reacted by pulling back. Had she gone overboard? But when she very carefully tried again he seemed more willing. He raised his knee up and straightened up so that his balls presented themselves more readily into her hand. She felt them carefully and cocked her head to the side so she could get a better look (he was still mouthing her chest). Ok… they’re not swollen or red. He’s fine. He’s ok. Oh… Unf…

Dana couldn’t help herself. She pushed her groin against his thigh. It was an awkward angle but it just felt too good. She slid her leg up and down his body. She could feel Matt’s forehead melting through her upper chest. Fuck. Ugh. Ah! I can’t stand it. Dana f***ed Matt’s body to straighten up and she rubbed her privates up and down him. “Uh, Ah! Ah! NNNNnnn!” She was moaning and whining. He was moaning and whining. She actually felt some wetness in her panties. She gripped and clawed at his scalp. He did the same. “UHHHHH!” Him. “Oh, huh, UHHHHH!” Her.

That was number two. She did it. She was sure. Just three more to go. And she got one for herself. She even came close to cumming. The spicy, mildly uncomfortable warmth at that which felt incomplete prompted her to remove her panties. She decided to keep her socks and shoes on, so this was done awkwardly. Matt seemed rather exhausted. “I kinda wanna cum.” His eyes. His puppy dog eyes. Gawd I want you to come too! Gawwwd. “I wanna… I wanna try busting a little more. Are you ok with that?” For the first time Matt wasn’t sure he was ok with it. He took some deep breaths and thought about his now tormented cock. He was feeling a little nauseous. Was it the warmth of the candles? Was her scent overwhelming despite how pleasant it used to be? Or were his balls trying to warn him that enough was enough? Dana was almost naked, but her legs, lower clad in black, made them irresistible. Matt decided he didn’t mind offering up his jewels as a sacrifice so he could feel what it was like. The curiosity, if nothing else, was getting to him. “Kick me.”

Dana was becoming dizzy with pleasure, and her own groin was hurting. Her vaginal walls were twitching. But she was so close! Half way there really, and just had to make sure his cum was a pleasant experience and it would count. Her heart was palpitating with excitement. Her reasoning was dulled and her eyes were d***k. As a general rule, physical effort into sex meant more pleasure. She wanted to put the effort. She wanted to run a marathon. She wanted him to feel pleasure.


Oh crap! Crap crap crap I fucked up! Dana did indeed fuck up. You never, ever use the pointed toe. But she was so disoriented she wasn’t paying attention. What have I done?! Not only was it a fairly impressive kick, but Dana had angled it wrong and struck each of his fleshy orbs with the tip of her sneakers. She couldn’t have done it any worse (or better depending on how sadistic you are). “UGH! AAahhhh…” Oh no! Matt’s groan had gone high pitched and he was down on his knees. The ribbons had slipped out of place. The burning sensation in his abdomen now felt like a raging fire. Dana wanted to cry (though perhaps not as badly as him). “Oh god! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! I did that wrong… We can stop, right now. I can get some ice and-”


Dana looked down on Matt’s groveling form, flabbergasted. But no, he did say it. “Wait…” Matt’s voice was barely audible. Dana got down on her knees and bent down closely to try to find Matt’s face in the dark. Matt slowly raised his head.

Was he grinning?!

He was, just for a second. He then bent back down and started seething and panting again. Occasionally his breath halted as though he wanted to vomit. Jesus. That must have really hurt. And yet he clearly wasn’t upset. For that split second what she saw was a look of defiance, like he relished the challenge. After several long seconds Matt finally broke the silence. “Get on the bed.” OK! Without a word Dana obediently got up and jumped on the bed. She felt kind of scared actually. Matthew struggled but slowly got back up and started limping toward her before collapsing on the bed. Dana couldn’t believe what she was seeing. He was so determined. Her terrified face seemed to draw him in like a magnet. “Spread your fucking legs.” Once again Dana obeyed, and Mat inched his way towards her until his head was between her legs, and he started licking.

He licked, hard. She could feel his tongue pushing against her clit, splitting her lips open. His hands were massaging the skin on the side of her lips. Oh god… What? How? How can he… oh god… She felt like she was being overcome. At one point his tongue was penetrating her ferociously while his hands were massaging the side of her crotch. Dana seethed herself and gripped at the mattress with her hands so hard she thought her nails were going to tear. Fuck. FUCK FUCCKK! OH! She was moaning so loudly she had to remind herself she was in a plaza and that her neighbors might still be home. But that thought quickly left her as his tongue pushed further and further into her vagina and back out. He lapped up the wetness like a dog until she was shivering from head to toe. When she could focus long enough to see what he was doing, she could see he had climbed up completely onto the bed and was rubbing his sore balls on the mattress. Dana’s whole body seized up when she felt him switch to his fingers... Ehh.. gghhh….ugh! AHH! Dana’s cries and yelps heralded her first mess. Sticky white fluid now saturated her pubic hair. When he saw that his initial work was done, Matt seemed to collapse right then and there, almost as though he’d passed out.

Dana could hardly move. She was still shivering. Her lower lip was trembling. But then she remembered what she did to him just minutes before. Worried he might have passed out, she quickly got up and climbed off the bed and went down on her knees to his side, finding him sitting on his legs. “Are you ok?” He barely moved. Out of curiously she reached and felt his balls, which were tucked between his thighs. They still didn’t seem swollen. In the faded light they were hard to see though. Curiously she touched the tip of his cock. It was slippery with pre-cum, but it didn’t seem like he came. He wasn’t as hard as before. In fact at first it seemed like his erection was gone. But it started to climb back…

He didn’t cum. That could probably be considered orgasm number three…

“Huhh… How did I do?” Matthew’s voice was hoarse, but clearly he hadn’t passed out. Dana, without hesitation, pulled him back up onto the bed. “I’m going to reward you.” She kicked off her sneakers and pulled off her socks. “I’m going to reward your fucking brains out!” Dana f***efully flipped him on his back and climbed on top of him. Both his chest and hers were heaving up and down. She kissed him and grinded on him until he was fully hard again. The lips of her labia slicked up the shaft of his cock like it was a trophy in need of polishing. She then licked his member like a popsicle. She climbed back on him and rode him into the mattress like a jackhammer, cowgirl style (she only just remembered to slip the condom on in time). A few minutes later, and Matthew had his fourth, and final orgasm/cum while Dana sprayed all over him like a water pistol.

It was the best orgasm she had ever had in her entire life (as some of the neighbors surmised). But unfortunately, when midnight struck, she officially lost her bet with Seneca.


“Heh, I didn’t know you had it in you.” It was Saturday morning, two days after Matthew and Dana had given each other the pleasures of a lifetime. Dana was in Seneca’s dorm regaling her with the details. Seneca was enjoying it immensely. She was almost visibly trying to resist touching herself. “I mean, I knew if he prodded you long enough you’d eventually kick him, but pointed toe? Awesome.” Her grin was sickening. Dana thought it ironic that her room was full of stuffed a****ls and posters of unicorns that she liked to wear black and was the biggest sadist she knew. “Well I didn’t do it on purpose! I still feel pretty awful.” Seneca was still in her pajamas (which were also covered in unicorns… and rainbows). At Dana’s description of Matt’s reaction to taking a toe kick Seneca actually bit her lower lip. “Did he vomit? I wish I had been there. You should have made me a recording.” Dana shook her head. “I’m just glad he was able to cum at all after that.” Seneca chuckled. “Dude, you gave him four orgasms! You should be proud! Sure you also made him collapse like a Jenga tower but it sounds like he doesn’t hate you for it.”

Dana’s hands dug into her thighs again. She was wearing pink athletic shorts and a white tank top. That was definitely true. Matt’s reaction afterwards would serve as jerk-off material for years. The way he ordered her onto the bed and… yah… “So… how were his balls afterwards?” Dana shook her head back to reality. “Umm, they were pretty red afterwards, but that morning I checked on him and the swelling had subsided. He was still kinda sick though. He couldn’t eat breakfast.” Seneca grinned. “You let him sl**p over! What did your roommate say?” Dana snickered. “She’s had boys over before too. It wasn’t that bad.” Seneca breathed in a long, satisfied sigh. “Dana, my friend. I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. You are, and always have been, meant to be a sub.” Beg pardon? “What do you mean? I’m the one who had him on the floor.” Seneca shook her head in disappointment. “Not on purpose. Let’s face it. He had you by your balls… well, if you had any.”

The thought crossed her mind. That would be funny… and kinda hot actually. She thought of herself having balls and him crushing them in his grip. This actually made her salivate a little. “So you’re saying… I’m his sub even though I’m the one beating up his manhood?” Seneca shrugged. “Kinda. It’s not unheard of to be topped from the bottom. I mean I’m sure even he feels like you’re the one dominating him, because overtly you are. You’re both sub material, but his personality is more dominant than yours. Try asking him to slap your cunt for a change. I’ll bet he’ll be really shy at first but then get into it. Speaking of which…” Oh god, the day had arrived. Seneca started to remove her pajamas right in front of her. Dana smiled nervously. “Don’t suppose this means you’re about to give me a lap dance?” Seneca removed her top, revealing a wireless white cotton bra. She then walked over to her drawer and pulled out a black tank top. “Stand up.” Dana whined. “I don’t want tooooooo.” Seneca ignored her and pulled out her own black athletic shorts. Apparently she wanted to wear black for the occasion. When she removed her pajama pants Dana’s labia twitched in horror at the sight of Seneca’s very toned long legs.

Seneca looked towards Dana and giggled. “Oh come on. It won’t be that bad. Besides, don’t you wanna have some idea of what your boyfriend is going through? Think of it as me doing it on his behalf to punish you for accidentally using your toes.” Conceptualizing it that way actually made Dana a little hot. “Ok, if you say so.” Dana got up and spread her legs apart past shoulder length. She put her arms on the back of her head like she had just been arrested. “Besides, you might not be that sensitive. This might actually just feel good.” Dana gave a sarcastic, closed mouth grin which disappeared instantly. They both knew she was very sensitive. That’s why she enjoyed sex so much and could orgasm so easily. Seneca added the last part of her outfit… the legendary black boots. Seneca strapped in those veterans of agony like she was preparing to go into battle. Then she got up and sneered sadistically at her friend. She took a step back and jokingly put her two fingers in a cross. She aimed the make-shift crosshairs at Dana’s crotch. “I guess I should crush the labia into your pelvis if you wanna experience what Matt’s going through, sorta. Or maybe I should nail your clit for a nice, sharp, stabbing pain… Or I could get you right in the pubic bone. That’s always a classic…” Dana sarcastically said, “Gee, I didn’t know I had so many different options!”

Seneca thought for a moment and took a deep breath. “Dana, would you mind tapping the location of your clit? I wanna see something.” Dana gave an exasperated look and, unable to look her friend in the eye, reached down and quickly tapped herself through her athletic shorts. Dana smirked. “Ok thanks.” She took one step back. Dana rolled her eyes. “I guess this means you’ve picked your target.” Seneca shrugged. “Not exactly. Just trying to figure out the right angle…” Great. My friend is the fucking terminator. Dana was a bit curious what Seneca was aiming for exactly. She decided it was best to close her eyes… God what is taking her so long? Don’t tell me she forgot where everything is. No, this is Seneca. Her skills could earn her a place on the Greek pantheon. God, why did I agree to this? Would the Thai food for a week have been worth it? Yes, yes it would have. Maybe we can get some for lunch after, that is if I’m not in the hospital after this. I wonder if this is how Matt felt. I wonder who it hurts more. Seneca mentioned something about a third of groin injuries reported in ERs belonging to women. Does that mean it hurts a third as much? No that’s stupid logic. She said it varies a lot… Hmm. What would a diagram comparing the two normal distributions of pain look like-



“AHHHH! HOLY… GHH… JESUS!” Dana’s face scrunched up like a prune. She grasped her entire mound and slowly sank to the floor. Seneca laughed out loud. “Bullseye!” Dana’s brain was still trying to make sense of all the horrible sensations. Apparently Seneca had angled her kick in such a unique way that it destroyed the entirety of her privates. The foot sc****d right up her labia, with the toe compressing it further and further until it reached the clit, delivering maximum compression. Somehow the toe then pinned her flesh into her pubic bone, which took a direct, but still grazing, hit. The shockwave went into her spine, releasing a flood of pain neurotransmitters which felt distinctly like a period cramp. It was a one in a million perfect storm of agony which could only be achieved by someone with the accuracy of a NASA scientist. Burning pain, sharp pain, dull pain, nausea, numbness, the works. She may as well have been shot with one of those stunners from Star Trek. Dana was already on her knees, but she felt she could sink lower and just lie down, which she did. For a good ten seconds she was writhing on the floor like an earthworm after the rain. “Fuhhuhuhuhuck! Seneca! Jesus Christ!”

Seneca walked over to her, sat on the bed, and held up her phone. Dana looked at her appalled. “Oh you wouldn’t…” She would. She started taking pictures of her poor friend. Dana didn’t wanna give her the satisfaction, but she couldn’t help it. It was like her hands were glued to her crotch by a hot fiery super glue. She whined and bawled. “Senecaaaaaaaaaa! Oh for fuck’s sake at least stop taking pictures!” Seneca grinned. “Don’t worry! I’m not taking pictures anymore!” Dana breathed a sigh of relief, or at least she tried to through the sharp breaths of agony which currently seized her lungs. She did notice that Seneca still had her phone up. “I… I thought you stopped taking pictures!” Seneca shrugged. “I did! I’m filming it instead.” Ugh! Bitch!

She would have liked the words “Ugh! Bitch!” to actually exit her mouth. But for a while all that came out was incoherent bleating.

After fifteen of the longest minutes of her life (during which time Seneca casually undressed and put her pajamas back on, then proceeded to mockingly play some porn on her laptop), Dana finally managed to get back up. She felt dizzy. For a while her vision had blackened and she thought she was going to lose consciousness, but she didn’t. She got the feeling she would be sore for a while. “Feeling better?” Wow, for someone so evil Seneca looked adorable. Dana gave her the kind of blank, angry, exasperated look you’d give to someone who just gave you the worst pick-up line in the history of all of humanity. She collapsed onto the bed opposite Seneca’s (her roommate was gone for the weekend). Seneca grinned. “Would you like some ice?” Dana slapped herself on the forehead. Actually, yes, ice would have been very useful. But she figured she was already probably bruised and the bulk of the pain had subsided, so it was too late. All she could do was lie there and wait for the weird tingling in her legs which resonated back and forth to subside so she could walk straight. “Seneca, you have a talent. I don’t know what possible evolutionary benefit it would ever serve to humanity, but it’s a talent none-the-less.” Seneca graciously accepted the compliment. “Aww, thanks you’re so sweet. I know a lot about all kinds of pressure points. Did you know there’s a spot on your back that if you hit hard enough can cause someone’s heart to stop?”

Dana grabbed a nearby pillow and covered her own face with it. Then she screamed into it. Wow. If this is how Matt felt then she really deserved it. Her thoughts were interrupted by Seneca. “Matt didn’t have it that bad by the way.” Dana removed the pillow from her face. “What, really?” Seneca nodded. “Yep. From what you told me I’d say you only caused him about half that much pain. You weren’t trying. I was trying. Of course I still didn’t put 100% into it. Haha.” Dana looked at her curiously. “Really? That wasn’t 100%?!” Seneca shrugged. “You’re one of my best friends. Of course I didn’t put 100% into it. That was maybe like 20?” Dana’s mouth was agape. 20? That was only 20%?! “Seriously? That was a fucking fifth of what you can do?” Seneca shrugged. “Yah, duh. I aim for pain, not destruction. At 100% I could probably kill you.” Dana shuddered. “I don’t envy the first guy to ever try to rob you.” Seneca sneered. “You mean second.”

Right… Dana thought back to high school. It was funny. In kindergarten Dana used to be bigger and stronger than Seneca and teased her, even bullied her to a point. But by the time high school came around Dana was the nicest girl anyone knew, and Seneca was known for subduing two of the meanest female bullies in the school with a mop handle. She once shattered a guy’s front teeth for touching her ass. They both got into trouble, but she took the brunt of it. Still, she always felt it was worth it. It was around that time that Seneca confided in Dana that she got turned on from causing pain, especially to people who deserved it. She felt kinda guilty about it, but her guilt was ameliorated when she found out there were people who enjoyed being in pain and that there was this thing called BDSM. Then rumors started going around that people were paying Seneca to kick them in the balls. There were girls who developed red marks on their backs after hanging out with Seneca for a few days. Lots of rumors, but Dana knew fact from fiction. Most of it was fact actually. But she had never caused permanent damage to anyone (not even the guy who tried to rob her, although he certainly regretted his choice in victim). Dana of course took a different path, the kind pleasuring one. They remained best friends until college.

“Dana, if you want I can teach Matthew how to dom you.” Seneca seemed genuine in this. Dana’s eyebrows shot up. “Are you serious? That man couldn’t hurt a fly if it landed on his nose. He’s a lot like me actually.” Seneca cocked her head pensively. “True, but then again, you know he’s into ball busting. And you can be persuaded. I’m sure if he knew you were into cunt busting he could be persuaded too.” Dana was stunned. “What?! Seneca… I’m not into… I mean… if it’s anything like that!” She pointed to the floor where minutes before she was writhing in agony. Seneca smirked. “That’s just because it was me and I wanted to torture you. You mean to tell me that the idea of Matthew laying into your crotch doesn’t turn you on?” Dana, guilty, realized that Seneca was right. “I’ll… need time to think about it.” Seneca smirked. “Cool. Hey, if you let me kick you again I’ll go ahead and buy you dinner at Mr. Noodle for a week!” Dana was tempted briefly, but her answer, which flashed in her head like a lightning bolt, was a resounded “Fuck you.”

Seneca got up and plopped next to Dana, who was now sitting up with the face of someone who looked oddly hung over and groggy. She put her arms around her shoulders and rubbed and squeezed. “Fine. I’ll buy you lunch at Mr. Noodle anyways, today at least. You’ve earned it. You can invite Matthew too if you want.” Dana’s face was still in a stupor, but slowly a sweet close-mouthed grin crawled across her face. She buried her face in Seneca’s shoulder. “Seneca?” She muffled sweetly. Seneca responded in kind. “Wassup?” Dana rubbed Seneca’s shoulder with her face like a cat. Then she turned her head sideways and let her temple rest on her friend. “If you ever kick me like that again, I’ll beat the crap out of you.” Seneca chuckled. “If you can. I can pretty much guarantee that at 80% you won’t be able to walk for 3 months.” Dana’s face became despondent. Seneca, with unexpected compassion, slowly drew her hand back from Dana’s shoulder to her other shoulder and gave it a little massage. She smiled gingerly. “Call Matthew. See if he’s feeling better.”

Dana’s torso and head wavered. Then she drooped back onto Seneca’s shoulder, where she stayed another minute. She loved Seneca, but she missed those grade school days where she could still beat her up.

Epilogue/Things to Come

“Ok here we go! One! Two! Three! Four! Five!”

With each count the gym was filled with a thundering roll. The students were pounding into their partner’s kicking pads using their shins. The instructor loved the sound. When he first took the job he didn’t think college k**s would put so much effort into something so physical. Not that he looked down on them, but he generally had them pegged as nerds. But then even the pale skinny guys with thick glasses seemed to be giving it everything they had. It must be the youth.

“Eight! Nine! Ten! Eleven!”

They were practicing middle kicks. Muay Thai was all about toughening the shins, the elbows, all the striking points.

“Thirteen! f******n!”

Ah, the fat k** at the end seems to be slowing down. Oh well, what do you expect? Still, his tenacity’s admirable. He guessed he didn’t want to fall behind his peers.

“s*******n! Eighteen!”

Yah, they’re slowing down, except for that blond girl at the end in black. She seems to be doing fine. Wait, what the…

“Twenty! Jesus…” He jogged over to the girl. At that last kick she had collapsed onto the floor. “Hey, are you ok?” The girl took some deep breaths and looked up at the instructor with a large grin on her face. “I’m fine! I just wore myself out. I’ll be fine in a sec!” The instructor held out his hand to help her up. Then he turned towards her partner, a big burly guy black guy who happened to have those thick glasses he was thinking about earlier. He looked like Erkel from f****y Matters if Erkel took horse steroids. He was taking some deep breaths. “Actually you look pretty winded yourself.” The student wiped sweat from his forehead. “Dude, she kicks hard!” The instructor nodded. “I noticed. She’s the only girl I know to give herself bruises on a soft pad!” The girl shrugged. “What can I say? I’m a pain slut!” Some of the other students chuckled. One guy snickered to himself, “Bet she’s into some SM shit or something.” The instructor was about to turn around and ask the guy show some respect, but not before the blond girl could answer “Maybe tonight you can find out.” At first the guy thought she was hitting on him, but when he turned to look at her, something about her smile informed him that a night with her was ill-advised.

The instructor shook his head and smiled. “Seneca, you’re crazy. But some of the other guys here could learn something from you. Ok, let’s switch to elbows!” As the instructor returned to the center of the room, he looked back at Seneca’s legs, somewhat embarrassed of himself that he found them attractive. A tingle went up his spine however when he noticed something. He was exaggerating, but there were in fact bruises forming on her shins. Jesus. From kicking a soft pad? Just how much power can she generate?! She’s actually outstripping her body’s durability.

Seneca was already poised to start attacking her partner’s elbow pads (even though it should have been his turn). The bulky young man looked nervous.

Hmm, maybe she is into SM. Whatever. She’s a bit young for me… “Ok, switch to the elbow pads! Let’s go let’s go!”

The session ended half an hour later. The instructor was pleased with the students’ progress. And again, that Seneca girl was ridiculous. “Hey!” Seneca was on a bench resting while everyone else was putting their equipment away. She was wearing black athletic shorts and a black tank top. Black looked good on her. If only I was a few years younger… “You did great in class. But you should take it easy. Don’t kill yourself just because you wanna be the best.” Seneca was panting but managed to keep a straight face. “I can’t help it. It feels good to me.” The instructor was shaking his head when he heard a call from behind.

“Yo! Gary! Tell your k**s to hurry up our class is starting soon!” Gary ticked. “We’ve got this room until 8. Not my fault you insist on being early. How’s the baby?” The woman made a “hmph” noise and then smiled. “He’s good. Started walking yesterday. Seriously though. They never give us enough time for Judo class so I prefer to start early. Hey Seneca!” Seneca gave a cute little wave. “Hey Joan!” Gary raised an eyebrow. “Is she in your class?” Joan nodded. “Yep. Best damn hip thrower I’ve ever seen. She’s pretty lazy during warm-ups though.” Gary looked at her stunned. “You’re taking two classes consecutively?!” Joan gave her the same look. “Seneca… I didn’t know you were taking this class at the same time… Aren’t you exhausted?”

Seneca looked up at them both with a satisfied sneer. “Like I said. I’m kind of a pain slut.”

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8 months ago
Thanks. I hope you don't mind that Dana's internal dialogue occasionally blends with the rest of the story. The original doc had italics for that and I just copied and pasted. Oh well.
8 months ago
I'm not really into bdsm but this story was great. When you put more of this story into action, I promise I will read. Great story.
8 months ago
I really appreciate it. Unfortunately I kinda put all my eggs in one basket (so to speak) when I wrote it, so I don't know if I'll be able to write a part two, but you never know! I do have some ideas on where to go from here. Anyways, thanks for the thumbs up. ^^
8 months ago
Wow .. very good story and i like how the story let Dana be once a sub and once a dom ... I am waiting for the second part of this great story :)