First time as Mommie's lover

Once i finally got the courage to confess my real, sexual feelings toward my Mom, the rest was easy!
We were both alone (Mom has been divorced for many years) and seated on the sofa. Mom had a glass of wine and to keep my thoughts clear, i had water. Mom knew that i was a confirmed lesbian since my sexual beginning as She had caught me and girlfriends in various acts before. So it was easy to recap my sexual preferences towards Women... the challenge came when i confessed that i was actually attracted to Mother-types and particularly, Her... my own Mom! Mom took a deep breath and then told me to continue. Swallowing hard, i went on to confess my sexual attraction to Her, my Mother, and that it was my desire to enter into a new level of relationship... a Mother\daughter sexual relationship. i then began babbling something about how i needed Her tenderness and loving touch and how sexy i thought She was and that i wanted... and then Mom held Her finger up to my lips, stopping me in mid sentence. Mom leaned back and took a slow, sexy sip of Her wine while looking out into space as if She were digesting everything that i had just said. Mom then swallowed Her wine and then set the glass on the table. Mom leaned closer to me, took my hand and said "you do understand that if you and I open this door and go down this road, things between you and I will be VERY different." Mom added "I am your Mother and I will always be your Mother, yet if you and I go here, sexually, you will do as I say... EVERYTHING that I say... and without hesitation. Do you understand what I am saying sweetie?" i was looking directly in her eyes as She spoke but once She paused for an answer, i looked down, in a showing of submission and replied "Yes Mom." i then felt her familiar hand under my chin as She lifted my face so gently and so She could look into my eyes and added "it's "Yes Mommie" from now until I tell you otherwise, understand?" "Yes Mommie" is all that i needed to say. With that, Mom smiled and leaned back and took another sip of her wine, then place the glass on the table. She leaned in closer to me for our first kiss in this new relationship. i closed my eyes as i felt her get close and our lips touched as not just Mother and Daughter, but as soon to be lovers exploring a totally new world. i had kissed Mom a million times before but this was different... Her lips were full of passion and She wanted me in a different way. i was anxious to be taken by Her and i so wanted to please Her and not disappoint. i felt Her mouth open and i felt Her tongue gently on my lips. i opened my mouth in a submissive gesture and Mom slipped her sexy tongue into my mouth for the very first time. i felt my knees weaken, my nipples harden and my folds moisten. Oh yea, this was Love, Lust and passion all at once! i moaned into Mom's mouth acknowledging that i was all hers. Mom and i made-out for a very long, passionate time and my head was spinning. Mom finally broke the kiss and leaned back, smiling at me. She reached for her wine glass and took another sip, then returned the glass to the table and leaned in to kiss me again. As we kissed, i again opened my mouth and Mom opened her mouth and let the red wine run from her mouth to mine. i was surprised at first, but then found the experience very erotic... tasting warm wine directly from my Mommies mouth. i swallowed the wine and we continued kissing. Mom and i were both moaning into each other's mouth when She once again, broke the kiss.

Mom stood and offered me Her hand. i took her hand and stood, and we both knew what was next... Mom pulled me close and said... "Come with Me to my bedroom... but do understand that once inside, you agree to what we discussed... no turning back. Understand dear?" i replied "Yes, of course Mommie.. of course."

Together and hand in hand, we walked down that familiar hallway, past what was my bedroom, for so many years, and into Her bedroom. my very first time in Her bedroom as Mommie's lover!

i was actually trembling a little as Mom released my hand and took Her place on her bed and slid up to put her back against the pillows and headboard. i really saw nothin in the room except Her. She was still fully clothed yet was so incredibly sexy and confident. my gaze was boken when Mom said "remove all of your clothing except for your panties..." i did as i was told as Mom watched my every move. my nipples were so hard that i swear that i could feel my own pulse beating through my nipples! Once i was naked, except for my cotton panties, i looked down in a submissive nature. Mom then slid off of the bed and removed her clothing, except for her panties and matching bra. She was so incredibly sexy! Mom then resumed Her place on the bed and said "join Me up here on the bed, sweetie." i got on the bed and crawlwed on all fours up to where Mom was waiting for me. Mom leaned toward me and we began kissing again... opening our mouths and enjoying all of this new passion. after a little making-out, i then felt Mom's familiar hands and fingers cupping my breasts and i moaned into Mom's mouth, signaling Her that i enjoyed what She was doing and that and was ready for more. Mom then began to gently roll my nipples between Her thumb and fingers as i continued to moan into Her open mouth. Mom was so tender and passionate as She touched me and yet i hoped that She was as excited as i was. Mom then broke the kiss and told me to lie on my tummy in the middle of the bed. i did as i was told. Mom was now kneeling beside my waist and rubbing my shoulders, my back, my butt and my thighs. i then felt Mom's breath on my neck as Mom began to whisper into my ear... very sweet and sexy thoughts. That just turned me on even more! Mom began kissing my neck and nibbling my ear as Her hand sliped under my panties and was tenderly exploring my butt... my cheeks... and in between. i now was very aware that Mom had removed her bra at some point as i was feeling her beautiful large breasts swaying across by back... just grazing my skin at times, othertimes mashing into my body. i was in Heaven! i so wanted to arch my back and f***e my butt into Mom's fingers and hand, but i knew that it was not right... also i was enjoying this tender love and passion that i had never felt in a sexual situation before. In the past, it was usually lust or just sex and everything was hard and fast, but this was totally different... tender and passionate - as only someone who loved you to your core could offer... like a Mommie to her baby girl!
Since i was focused on Mommie's breasts and nipples on my skin, i was not really aware that Mom was now rubbing my very-puffy pussy lips from side to side - sliding my wetness all over my outer lips. i then began to moan more as Mom told me to "calm myself and enjoy what Mommie has to offer." i did as i was told. Mom then sat up and peeled my wet panties down my thighs and calves leaving me totally naked and on my tummy. Mom then placed my wet and very scented panties up near my face and told me to inhale and smell my own arrousal. i did as i was told and it was very erotic! Mom then rolled me over and we began kissing very passionately again as Mom's hands and fingers continued to explore the front of my naked body. Mom's lips then traveled down my nect and onto my chest where She spent a long time kissing and toying with my little breasts and nipples as She fingered my very wet pussy! i felt my first orgasm build and Mom encouraged me to "relax and let go..." Hearing those words made me shutter and come in my Mommie's arms! That was the first of many for me that evening. After i coated Her fingeres following my orgasm, Mom brought her fingers to my lips and i instintively knew what to do and i did so with pleasure! Mom then kissed me softly and then slid down my body to my very wet and needy center.
It was VERY obvious that Mom knew her way around a woman's pussy and She did erotic and exciting things to me that i have never felt... and all so loving and tenderly. i'm sure that i came twice more before Mom sat up and then lay beside me. We cuddled for a few minutes and then i rolled to kiss Mommie. i then told Mommie that i really wanted to kiss Her breasts... Mom smiled and encouraged me to do what i wanted, for now (perhaps Her way of allowing me some liberties, but reminding me that She was in charge!). i slid down and kissed each of Her incredible breasts, then her nipples and then i just began suckling Her nipple like i was expecting breast milk! Mom seemed to really enjoy that and encouraged me more. As i suckled Her left nipple, i slid my hand down Her tummy and into the waist band of Her panties. i began to feel her outer lips and Mom suddenly slaped at my hand! i was shocked but then Mom said "you had better not stretch out these panties... but you may take them off of me." Mom said this with a smile. i sat up and removed Her panties...and for the first time, i saw my Mommie's pussy in an entirely knew light...

i resumed suckling Her left nipple as i felt and explored her vagina. Mom broke my trance when She asked "do you enjoy suckling Mommies nipples like that?" "Oh YES, Mommie.. i LOVE it" was my reply. "Good then... I might use your affection toward My nipples as future rewards!" Since i had alreadt released her nipple, i took the opportunity to kiss down Her tummy and explore some more. As i got close to Her vagina, the first thing that i noticed was her incredible, erotic scent. Obviously, Mommie was enjoying this new relationship. Her scent seemed intoxicating to me! i kissed all around her lips and couldn't help but notice how incredibly WET Mommie was! i began to lap at Her outer lips. As i did, Her clit began to swell and make it's presence very well known by peeking out of ot's hood. i could not resist and began tongueing Her incredible clit. my fingers were still at the enterance of Her vagina as i sucked on her clit and then it hit me... this is where i first entered the world! i began suckling her clit and Mom erupted in a hip-shaking orgasm, covering my face with Her wonderful cum!

i will not go into the additional details (unless Mommies wants me too) of the rest of that evening, or the morning after or all the next day, but i will say that it all happened 5 weeks ago and i am happier then i have ever been.

It is an amazing experience to make love with another woman who already knows you better than you know yourself, yet is also so confident and sexy!... just amazing!

Mommie told me to capture my thoughts of our first time so this is for Her, my loving and incredibly sexy Mommie.

i will document more as Mommie tells me.

babygirl anna

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