ssbbw shipping clerk

It was going to be a morning day driving today,i had to pull a van trailer an load a load an bring it back to yard a easy 8 hr day. When i got to the plant i parked an went inside,there she was standing an on the phone the hottest looking shipping clerk i have ever seen.She was a ssbbw aleast 300 pound hand size tits a sexy front butt an a nice big butt an thighs, some would call her a pear.She hung up phone an said can i help you as i stared at her bottom,i said yes i am her to load for toyota she said back in the first dock you can side outside or have a sit inside.I backed in an sat outside an played with my phone,then she came out to have a smoke she looked hotter in the sun she took a puff an said big truck way the big truck for littie load i said i usaliy pull a lowboy an haul heavy loads but they had no work but loading local loads for road guys so easy money we are teamsters.She said kool we talk somemore then she said will i see you tomorrow i told her i hope so. I came back the next 3 days we flirted everyday she new my name bob an i knew her name sue she was married but her husband called her fat everyday i told her she was hot looking an she laught like i was blind.On friday i was sitting outside an she came out an said bob there is a delay an it will be aleast 4 hrs an that she was sorry do you want to come to lunch with me i said sure. In her tahoe she filled out her sit an her seatbelt was huging her front butt like a rubberband i was semi hard trying to hide it we went to tim hortons sitting down we talked some more she flatout just said it bob do you think i am hot for real yes sue i don't lie i am semi hard rightnow. She smiled an next thing i felt was her hand on my thigh she said thanks. you ready to go i said you be driving.In the car she turned to me an put her hand on my cock an kissed me i grabed her tit an just like i thought fit my big hand just right.We made out in parking lot for a few sec she pulled away an said sorry i said no its ok she said i live around corner you have to fuck me i said yes mam. Next thing we where in her house she pulled my shirt off an pulled my pants off grabed my cock an sucked like she was a vacum i told her i loved the view of her butt in her pants she sucked harder an then i blew in her mouth she swallowed it all an cleaned it up i looked at her an said i was sorry she said no thanks you i have wanted to do that for a longtime.I said stand up there she stood i asked can i eat you an get hard again so i can fuck you she pulled her shirt off an her bra she tryed to cover her belly i rubed it she had a pair of elestic waist jeans on i rubed her front butt though them she said her husband calls them fat pants i told her i loved them an my wife wheres them all the time.She took them off pulled her pudge up an i dove in an ate the sweets pussy ever then out of know where she squirted in my mouth i licked her clean an her butthole she cam just from me touging her there,i told her i had to fuck her i so hard she looked at me an said do u have a condom i looked at her an ask the same she said you have to fuck my ass then i don't want anymore k**s i said i love to pack your fudge she put some ky on her ass an spread both cheeks an said fuck mommys ass please i dove in an road her like a mack truck i asked can i cum inside or pull out she said pull out i want to swallow it i pulled out sheturned around an swallowed an clean it up good.We went back to plant kissed 1 more time she asked can we do it again i said sure her is my number call she gave me her's too got my paperwork an left have a date tonight.
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1 year ago
Well done ..there's no more the joy in life than the loving/sex that Cum's from a woman of size. I would know I've dated thin Women .woman of size are always told stuff like hey cover up your fat or some other not nice thing's ... now that sucks for they are also persons. Love a lady of size treat her as a queen like she should be treaded and she will love you and make you feel like your with a real Hottie.. and beside they are real Yummmmy....
2 years ago
OHHHH YEAH! Well done Sir. Welcome to the league of extradorinary gentlemen!
2 years ago
2 years ago
Thanks pcarter02 an it is a real story to . There will be a party soon
2 years ago
Love SSBBW stories.