In the Locker Rooms

"Nice job tonight," Jacob said to Carl.

Carl smiled at Jacob. "Nice job yourself. You scored the winning touchdown,"

"Yeah but you made the awesome pass. Hey, need a ride home?"

"Yeah but first I need a shower. Wait up?"

"No problem,"

Jacob smiled his warm smile with his perfect white teeth. Jacob was a very hot eighteen year old boy. He had long black hair and kind brown eyes. He had a deep tan and he was extremely tall. He had a six pack and was one of the strongest k**s in school. All the girls swooned over him.

Carl was also a looker. He wasn't as tall as Jacob but he was still rather tall for a s*******n year old. He was also very well built. He had short blonde hair and warm hazel eyes. He was one that all the girls wanted as well. The only thing was he didn't want any. Who he wanted stood in front of him.

He smiled back at Jacob, hoping Jacob wouldn't notice he was getting somewhat horny. He went into the showers at the back of the locker rooms.
He stripped down fully, his semi erect shaved penis falling out. He walked into the stall and began his shower.

As he was washing the soap off his penis, he heard Jacob's voice. It sounded like he was moaning. Carl opened the stall doors just a little and was met by a shocking image.

Jacob was sitting on one of the benches, fully naked. He was jerking off an eight inch penis. Black curly hair covered the area around it. He was moaning quietly. In his hands was a pair of underwear. Carl's underwear.

Carl was shocked to see this. But he was also turned on. His penis was standing at a full seven inches. He reached down and started to slowly stroke it.

He stroked it faster and faster as Jacob sped up. Then right before Jacob hit his climax he looked over and saw Carl watching him. He jumped up startled.

"Oh god... How long have you been watching?" He noticed Carl's boner. "And were you jacking off?"

"I... I heard you moaning and I took a look to see if you were alright..." Carl was close to tears.

Jacob smiled and walked over to him. He put his hand on Carl's shoulder. "It's okay Carl, it's actually a turn on knowing you were watching me and jacking off,"

Carl smiled at him. "Really?"

"Yeah. I've had a crush on you since freshman year. I just didn't know you felt the same way,"

Carl was surprised but Jacob surprised him further by leaning over and kissing him full on the lips. Carl didn't break away and just went along with it as Jacob's tongue entered his mouth.

They continued making out as Jacob's hand crawled down to Carl's hard penis. He slowly stroked it. Instead of stopping Carl, returned the favor.

They sat there giving each other handjobs until Jacob bent down and started sucking Carl's dick. He played with the head with his tongue and sucked on the shaft. When Carl came close to cumming he stopped and kissed Carl on the lips again.

"Want to try something?" Jacob asked wickedly. Carl nodded, excited. "Bend over,"

Carl did as he was told. He got on all fours on the bench as Jacob positioned himself carefully.

"This is going to hurt at first, but trust me you'll love it,"

Carl smiled. "Go ahead,"

Jacob aimed his penis then slowly entered Carl's ass. Carl gave a yelp of pain as jacob went inside. Jacob started going in and out of Carl slowly as he got comfortable. As Carl's yelps of pain died down and were replaced by moans of pleasure, Jacob went faster. Soon he was going at full speed.

While fucking him in the back, Jacob reached down and jacked off Carl's penis. Carl was moaning with pleasure and Jacob was doing the same.

"Oh god Carl... I'm about to cum..."

"Go ahead Jacob...cum inside me... Please...."

So jacob gave out a shout of pleasure as he blew his load deep inside Carl's ass. At that second Carl blew his load all over Jacob's hand and the bench. The two remained in that position, catching their breath.

Carl smiled. "That was fun,"

Jacob smiled in return. "Want to come over to my place and hang out tonight?"

"Will we be alone?"

"All alone,"

"I'm looking forward to it,"
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9 months ago
Short and sweet and to the point, with the promise of more to come later that night at Jacob's place.
1 year ago
Thanks for this great jock story.... quick & well written, going into the faves....