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hd3636 COWARD!!!!

hd3636 here is a coward. They complained about a video. Yet when I went to have my say to them. The coward does as all do and does not allow comments. Boo Hoo if you are going to have a say. Coward at least have to courage to allow someone to resond to you. Appearenly you think that your words are the only one that matter. Yet hide like the loser coward that you are. Hey at least act like an adult!!!??? Oh that means don't hide, if you say something? Let someone have a say back.
One more coward!!!!

Posted by uzmeplz 3 years ago
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2 years ago
wat ever happened to hd3636
2 years ago
To be a purveyor of fine filth tastefully is a hard thing .
2 years ago
you are absolutely right
2 years ago
I so agree, why is it that we turn in to over sensitive western politicians, when we get the slightest criticism. I have experienced this numerous time here on xHam, someone saying something just to go hide. Let's be grown ups and have a normal conversation.
2 years ago
they should learn to accept criticism. They should be a man and accept others might have another opinion.
3 years ago
yes, to insult & block is a common practice here, lame :(
3 years ago
im with ya dude