Pain in Miem ass

I was at the mall. Need a new video camera. My slut Miem loved to be taped and it was time for a better camera. I figure I can make some money with her sick and perverted pussy. Hey she's a cunt and a whore! Why not make money and have fun watch her get used?
She had been pissed lately. Not from thinking out new ways to torture the bich cunt. I wanted to do something sick and nasty to her. I started to walk around the mall. I got an idea? sick and fucking nasty. If the cunt wanted to be used. Well she will???

After 2 hours of walking the mall my plan was set. Miem looked out the window as I pulled up. She was confused when she saw car after car pull up. When the doors open, Miem came! Her cunt juice dripped on the couch. she lost count after 30!

Miem tried to stand as the door opened, she fell to her knees. Shaking violently form cummming again! Before Miem stood 37 twinks. All 18-19 ready to fuck Miem and **** her throat!

"She's all yours! Do whatever you want. This piece of garbage whore will do everything... and if not? Just make her do waht you want." Miem came again at my words and the thoughts of all this young cock ripping every hole open!

"Yes you fuck me! Do what you want hurt me bad!"

One one the twinks walked up and grabbed her hair. Spit in Miem's face. she lapped it off. He tossed her over the coffee table and ripped her panties to shreds. She screamed! The panties burned her cunt as they ripped through it! "shut up you skank!" Pulling her hair back, he whipped her tit with her panties!

Miem screamed and tried to get away. Her tits marked at once. Welts and then some cuts appered. "You fucked up piece of shit. You beter like cock and being fucked wthout mercy!"

He pushed her face down. Miem spread her legs. "what afucking dog this bitch is!" Miem did not even have a change to prepare herself. His cock torn her ass wide open "NO MERCY!" The guy was suddenly an a****l lost in fucking Miem, hurting her! I kknow his look. Have it everytime i fuck her and when I don't!

The cheers and screams mixed. Miem's eyes rolled in her head! She came agin! Then the pain hit her! Hard and violent. I knew that she could take it? At least thought so. Hey next time she'll think before opening her mouth.

He was slammming her into the table! i was waiting for her to snap in half. Bruises stated on Miem's legs and stomach. Her knees were burned raw from the rug. As the pain she screamed! Slowly the fuck slowed he ripped his cock from her ass.

I walked to see Miem's ass was red and raw. "That's the first one." I laughed sat fliming and sipping my beer.

2 guys walked up and pulled Miem by the hair. "We are all friend her cunt. We know how to totally fuck a slut like you." They lifted her by the legs. Pulled them wide. I figured that she came 5 times form one guy.

Turning the fucking cunt whore around Miem came hard again. On the floor 2 other guys were laying on the floor, There cocks were 10". Holding them together Miem was carried to them.

In one violent motion Miem had both cock up her ass. shaking, drooling, snot ran from her nose. Miem's ass was being stretched by the huge cocks. Then dropped her the last 5". Screming as her ass was filled to the hilt. Without thinking Miem started to slam her ass. Now she was the voilent a****l! "FILL MY ASS! FUCK YOU **** ME!!! she was in prue bliss. Miem came and came.

All the cocks had fucked her ass. Miem's hand slide in with ease. She pulled out handfuls of cum and ass juice. Pourring it into her mouth! She was still an sick fucking a****l! A cum whore and a coc slut. How her legs were ever going to close.

They dragged Miem across the room by her hair. Rugburns on her ass the entire way. she was far to lost to scream just moan. On the coffee table where th first 2 guys ready for more.

Miem straddled them slammed down! Twisted! Spasam bend her body every way. Sweat and spit flew everywhere! Miem had 2 huge young cock in her cunt!.

She did not move slow or fast. Miem jumped up and just dropped on the cocks. No safety, no care! She was a cock a****l now! Nothing more Miem is a fucking mutt now she proved it.

10 hours later Miem and I were alone she could not move. Her cunt was black and blue! I blew on it and she orgasmed from the pain. Still she dug cum from her cunt.

I laid down next to her. "So?" Her mouth moved to my cock. Without any mercy for herself Miem rammed my cock down her throat and fucked me! I held her there. Looking up her eyes watered and turned red. Miem throat fucked me for an hour. I came she swallowed it with out thought.

I pulled her up. Miem scream was violent and gutteral!!! I almost felt sorry for her. I looked down at the fucked out whore at my feet! Everytime she move the scream got worse. "So you going to bitch anymore?" "No Honey No!" I know that the cunt was lying. "Good. You are coming to bed?" All she could down was shake in pain.

I turned from her smiling. "Wait a sec?" I pissed all over her. "You can sl**p there, just clean up your mess please." Looking back as I left the room Miem was pulling cum from her ass and mouth. Lapping up piss to!

Miem and I are friends she love to hear nasty things done to her like this and worse.

If you have any ideas for stories let me know and I'll write something. Just keep in mind the sicker the better. Miem is a true cunt whore.

Miem and Markie
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Great story line.
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