Out with Ash

Ash was in the backseat. I opened the door for her, held her hand as she got into the car. The GPS told me to turn, go this far. I did not say a word, did not ask anything. Lessons had been learned, Ash owned me and i knew my place and loved it!
After two hours no idea where i was. I pull the car up to a private garage door. It rolled up Ash ordered me to drive in and to the left. i will see where to park. A space said Ms.Ash. I slide her car into the space, jumped out, ran to open Ms. Ash's door. She pushed my hand away. Walked pass me! Closing the door i ran to catch up with Ms. Ash.
10 steps behind her and to the left. Matching her step for step, never fall out of place never fuck up. The elevator opened before Ms. Ash had gotten to it. I folowed a good dog, a good property! I wanted to smile knew better. I kept telling myself remember my place, what i am!
When the doors open a club open, no loud music or flashing light calm and quiet. Women were everywhere slaves and propety followed naked. On leashes hands and knees. i stepped out. Ms. Ash pointed i walked where her finger ordered me to. A coat check for all of my clothes. Naked a collar was wrapped around my neck, a leash ran from it into my mouth. "Get bitch!"
The leash was jerk from my mouth! i moan for a second then was pulled acrossed the floor! Ms. Ash sat talking with a tall blond, dressed in black latex. Two men where at her feet o leashes. one was about 40 the other perhaps 20? Both well built,naked, on their hands and knnes eyes to the floor.
"So this is the new thing?" Her accent was deep german. A shiver ran up my spine! My leash was handed to Ms. Ash and i dropped to my hands and knees. "So far so good." The blond kicked at me1 Pushed my head up with the toe of her boot. "Do you like my slaves?" I nodded yes. Knowing not to speak!
Ms. Ash laughed! "Annette you are terrible.." Ms. Annette smiled "You young cunt lick your fathers asshole!" The younger man did as ordered without hesitation! I could hear hm slobber his fathers asshole! Moaning and enjoying himself. "Yes these cunts are Father and son" Ms. Annette broke out laughing! "Know whatelse? I made the son my cunt then had him seduce his father and both are my cunt property."
They must have seen the shock on my face! How the hell could a son do this? How strong is Ms. Annette? she smiled softly, sweetly. Then evil crossed over them "****!!!" Her voice broke the transe!
Before I knew what had happen the father jumpped on my back! "Get the fuck!!" My legs were pulled apart to the point of breaking. "NNNNOO!" No! dDon't do this! Painsearred my pain as the youths cock ripped my ass open! I felt it tear and bl**d run over my balls. They were not slaves they were a****ls. The youth pounded my ass! I tried to scream but it was useless the father was forcing my face down and air bearly entered my lungs!
I kept saying cum cum you fuck! My ass was ****d for so long it seemed like hours? Sweat dropped form the youth on my back. God please just finish! There was no pleasure just unending pain and suffering! With each push in and out. My asshole ripped wider and I suffered more.
"Cum you cunt!" My ass filled at once with his hot cum! There were gallons of it, i dooubt this guy ever came in his life? I lay there crying from pain and humiliation. Ms. Ash spoke. "Next. ****!!" i looked behind me there were 45 slave on hands and knees waiting to **** me! i started to cry. Looked up at Ms. Ash. "I did not like the way you drove here."
I shook as the next slve cock ripped me open. Looking up again. My eyes spke of love. Screamed with pain and love. I Love You Ms. Ash! Then pain riped my guts and ass to shreads
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3 years ago
kind of rough but very hot thanks