fight of love-3

Hanna told me to be by the pool at 1:00. I knew there was no sense in asking why we're trying to get out of it. All I was now to her and women a live with her, a punching bag, toy, something for them to take the frustrations out on. Each day as they grow stronger my body became battered covered in bruises and lumps.
They would tie me up to the corner of the gym. I was f***ed to watch them with weights, growing stronger and stronger each day! Knowing that all their muscles were going to be used on me! I cried hour after hour watching them knowing that soon they would inflict such pain on me.
I crawled out of the cool house towards the pool. I was not allowed to walk unless I was ordered to. Any movement brought great pain! My teeth were clinched so tight that I thought they'd break! Tears fell on the walkway, each time I moved my body exploded in pain, my mind screamed no more!
Hanna was standing over me. in the few short months of summer she and all her friends had trained well! Always with the use of their muscles, the endless pounding of my body. Before her on my hands and knees I knew not to look up, not to make a sound just to wait. Times seemed to stand still. My body shaking from the pain, the sun beating down on me.
Only one time when I was in this position that I look up? Immediately she saw that I was looking at her face, begging for mercy without saying a word. Her friend Sage ripped me off the ground by my hair! I was screaming hanging there! trying to reach the ground or Sage's strong hands to escape! she shook me like a ragdoll!
"Do you believe this fucking punchingbag, weak bitch!?" I held Sage's ahnds and held myself up. Slight freedom. The pain ceased! Maritsa the smallest yet biggest muscled of the women jumped up and started to pound my stomach! The air ripped from my lungs, I could not scream, could not hold myself up! My mind screamed Breath! Breathe your going to die!! Maritsa just kept slamming her fists into my gut! The last thing I saw was Hanna laughing, Far off i heard you will pay weakling!
I woke slowing, at first unsure where i was? "I'm sorry... Please Hanna.... I am so sorry..." I tried to move? Useless. Pain cut every inch of my body. If this is the payment i may survive yet?
Sage moved to my left. " sorry iii didn mean." Her evil smile torn my heart in fear! She pushed button on a remote control. My right leg started to roll behind me. slowly tighter and tighter! My hip was pulled first out and up. I felt my knee bending not just moving! finally my ankle stretched out and my toes were in front of my face. My right leg followed. After one minute bent like this i screamed! begged! "Please!!! I cannot take this PLEASE!!!" Maritsa Came in to focus throught the tears. Pushed a button, my arms were bent back one at a time. Back slowly, down, and forward! I could no longer scream! My voice was long gone, bl**d trickled out of the corner of my mouth. I mouthed please.. mercy...
Hanna stepped before me. I was done, my mind lost in the pain and sufering, please.... Hanna just smiled. "You will not look up again?" I shook my head and new pain shocked me. I was about to pass out. Hanna rubbed the top of my head. "Will you look?" My voice cracked "nnnevveeerr..."
Hanna smiled and punched both my eyes til they swelled shut! In the dark unbearable pain! Suffering beyond understanding. Pian on top of pain. Now i wasalone to suffer without seeing when i would be released, even if it was day or night. never... never.. never...never...
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2 years ago
2 years ago
this is a gripping story, wondering if this is ow your hip got broken, and you want to look good for this hannah person, just dont know?????