Bitch for life

I knew my wife was a bitch long before we had talked of marriage. I always liked going out with bitch's little did I know? Our second date Ash told me we were going to a club a friend of hers owned. I smile and said yes that will be fine.
It was only our second date, I learned on the first not to step out of line! We were having drinks. When we got to the car I did not open the door for her, just clicked them open. Ash stood outside of her door, second mistake I rolled the window down and asked if something was wrong?
She stood there tapped her heel! The look on her face told me to get out and open the door for her. As I reached for the handle, Ash's knee crushed my balls! I screamed and fell to the ground screaming! Tears poured out of my eyes! She pulled me up by the hair, I felt clumps being pulled out! I screamed and begged her to stop! "Stop?! You stupid fuck!!" I kneed there shaking in fear and pain! Ash lifted me by my hair wiped all the hair she had pulled out on my face. Kneed me again! I fell once more, passed out from the pain.
I have no idea hw long I was out? The pain in my balls and body were still unbearable. On my hands and knees in the parking lot, I vomited then fell in it! It was warm and soothing. I stood at last, Ash and my car were gone. That was when I realized my clothe as well. I was standing there in a hot neon pink bra and thong!!!
I looked around? How the hell was I going to get home? Where the fuck was ASh and my car? Evverything else. I started to cry again this time in fear and humiliation. "Please No?!?!?!" I enjoyed games like this never outside of the house. "Not like this No!!!"
A car pulled up and two big guys got out... "Hey seetie... You need a ride." Before I could turn and walk away the youngest guy grabbed me. "You look so hot! Lets have fun Sweetie!" He was a hot twink, long blond hair, his mucsles pushed at his shirt.
He kissed me before I could run away. Lips soft and longing, he spit my lips with his tongue. So warm and sweet! I felt his hands around my ass pullling the thong down. His friend started to kiss my neck! I moaned. I did not want to do this but I was lost between these two hot bodied guys. I am not gay my mind screamed then faded away.
I felt there young hot cocks growing under the pants. My knees gave away . I feel between them. Two hot cocks! Ash was lost in a dreamland somewhere, she would not have to know. I heard both zipper slide down! My head shot back and forth. "Show me! Please show me your hot cocks!" I did not have to wait long!
Two huge thick cocks jumped out. I drove my mouth right on the blonds cock. I gagged as it hit my throat. So hot and warm. Tatsing of sweat and lust. He pumped for a minute or two the pulled my head off, I swallowed the other cock like a slut who has not had a cock in theirmouth in years. Slobber ran over my chin andsaked the pink bra. I sucked like a pro, there in the parking lot. I was lost and a whore now! Fuck Ash and how she fucked me over! I was in bliss! I would do anything for these two hot cocks!
They fucked my mouth for an hour or so. "Please give me yoour cum! Please!" The young blond looked behind him. "Well?' Ash stood there looking even more pissed then before. "Are you ever going to forget to open a door for me?" I shook my head "No Ash! Never! I'll be good! I promise!" Smiling she told me t open my mouth. I did as she had said I wanted their cum, to please Ash! The guys held their cockin front of my mouth and jerked off.
"You watch them cum in your mouth. Do not swallow it!" I was to scared and horny to disobey her. The cocks shook and pumped! I saw the heds grow, I could not take my eyes away from them! Then two huge loads of hot cum fired into my mouth all butfilling it. So sweet hot and wonderful. I wanted to beg for more! Woud have if my mouth had not been filed with hot cum!
The twinks wipe their cocks clean on my face. Thanked Ash and drove off. Ash stood over me. With a look of loathing. "Swallow." Gulpping the hot cum down I smiled. "Thank You Ash!" She turned and walked to my car. Tossed a few buck on the ground. Before she got in the car "There is bus fare. Be home in two hours."
I grabbed the money and ran to the bus stop! Think Ash I Love you and always will!
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2 years ago
sorry to disagree but pop a cap in that bitch
3 years ago
I want to be bitch like this one
3 years ago
3 years ago
3 years ago
Well that was fantastic i came allover myself thanks