waking too late

My head was screaming as I awoke! I kept trying to remember last night? All there was darkness,emptiness, and forgotten hours. The booze had been free and it did nor it matter that I knew no one. Free kept repeating its self! I was not even sure what day it was.
"Morning sl**py..." I open my eyes to a girl that I did not remember. I tried to move,found out that it was impossible! "Shhh." her finger touched my lips. "You cannot move sweety. Nor can you escape." Fear shook me fully awake! I tried to turn my head? Nothing?
My lips started to move nothing came out. "Honey don't try to speak. You cannot, last night you were the one who got d***kest, so you won." I was not that sure what I won if I wanted the prize? I was so affraid! If Icould have moved or look around? I thought of escape and noting else. I was going to get out of this, then I will never drink again! Never!!!
She smiled, unnervingly. As if she had been high and did not know whatit was to be sober. "Now honey, you are bound down, you are going to be reformed." Reformed what was this nutty cunt talking about?! With all of my strength I turned my head. I saw that the walls were covered in whips,chains, and all kinds of torture devices. I cried!
The woman turned my head back. "No they are for later." Again that sick smile, I wanted to scream no!!! My mouth moved and still just silence. "would you like to know your prize?" There was no need to shake my head. I knew that I could not anyway. Leaning down she kissed my lips. So soft and smooth, I felt her warmth spilling out of her. I felt safe, no longer alone. How bad could it be?
"Well honey your reforming?" My yees sparkled for a few seconds I thought it was going to be good?! "I was like you once honey. In all ways." She smiled, then I knew what she meant! Nooooo!!!!
My head fell back hanging on the edge of the table. It was nothing, nothing! my mouth was agape as a guy walked out of the dark. NNOOO!!! His cock was 10" long and at least 3" around! My eyes were watching his cock bounce towards me! NNOOO!
I tatsed his cock as it touch my tongue. I tried to spit! f***e him out of my mouth! There was nothing I could do. I tried to close my eyes put could not! NNNOOO!!!!
His cock slide in my mouth! He was fucking my mouth, his taste filled me, the scentof his cock poured into my head. slowly he withdrew. It was over! They were only messing with me. Thank you! Thank You! without warning he buried his cock to the back of my mouth! held it there. I was gagging ,suck air around his cock! Drool spilled from my mouth, into my nose then my eyes. I blinked?Movement, Yes!
He slide his cock out slowly. Air! Air! I sucked the cool air around the massive sloppy cock. He tasted better, lovely. More give me more! Suddenly all that I could think of or want was this massive cock! My head jumped up! Swallowing him! Fuck me! Fuck me!
I f***ed the beautiful cock just into my throat! f***ed myself not to gag, I needed this cock needed his cum MORE!!! He pulled out I dove for his cock and missed. "Please fuck my throat!!!! Give me that cock!!! I want to be your fucking bitch! Fuck you!!! fucking rip my throat open and fuck my mouth!
I was insane for his perfect cock! Needed and wanted it! "Please!!! Please I'l do anything pplleeaase???"
He stepped aside, I saw hard cock after hard cock. "Yes fuck me!" I look at the woman? "Yes make me a fucking cunt slut!" tears filled my eyes "please..." She nodded. The cock slide into my throat and fucked me. I was happy. At last I was going to be the bitch whore I always have been.
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