Fight of Love-2

Hanna and I had been dating for 3 months, through the end of school. I found out that her one true love was fighting. Males she called then the comtempt flowed from her voice. She would hold me up by the neck, shake me around! I was just a ragdoll in a brutes hands!
"Look at you? Weak! Useless! So pathetic and a waste! I have no idea why I bother?!" Then I would spend hours begging and tell her that I would do anything to be with her. Hanna would turn and walk away. I followed her like a good pet. In three months I was nothing, just a thing for Hanna and her girlfriends.
Hanna woke at 5am every morning, the first thing she did was slap my face to wake me! "Up!" From my first night as Hanna's pet I was hogtied over the seat of a dining room chair. My feet streched touching the back of my head, Hanna wrapped rope around my ankles, then ran it into my mouth I was gagged! My head being pulled by my legs and feet. My feet being pulled if I lifted my head.
The pain was unbearable within half a minute! My head was being pulled off my body! My mouth being cut open. Drool ran down my throat!
Hanna would then tie my arms from wrist to shoulders, each night the rope got higher and higher! Slowly my shouolders begain to meet. Even with the rope gag I knew she heard my screams and begging. All she ever did was smile her pure evil smile. After my arms were wrapped in hell, Hanna would push then under me. Not under and out of the way? She stuck my arms to the floor so that they were pushing me up! I had felt pain before never anything like this!
Hanna's boundage was hell! Pure and beyond understanding! Tears and screams escaped till my voice was gone and there was nothing left to cry. My feet ripped my head down! Pain of being pulled apart downward. My bound arms pushed my body up, tearring my shoulders off upwards! After a few minutes the two f***es fought each other, my body was being pushed and pulled. Into hell, suffering, and love!
Before Hanna laid down for the night she would give me a shot in my balls. A high potency mixture that would keep me hard all night! My cock ached and screamed with pain after a few hours! If I moved an inch the pain from my cock felt as if a horse had kick my balls. My body would spasm! The pain would torture my very soul untilI calmed myself down.
Sometimes it took hours. All I could do was remain still and suffer! Slowly going insane from the pain! Slowly falling in love with it. Hanna always put me down as she called it at 6pm after I cleaned the dinner dishes away. It was 11 hours of pure hell! I begain to love every second the first night...
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