The bar was crowded, smokey, & far to loud. I had not seen anyone I knew, that I would even want to be with. "Got a light?" I turned tosee the mst amasing woman. 5' tiny, blue eyes, tanned, and a set of tits that would keep going even after she was dead. I fumbled for a lighter! "Here..." I was going to tell her that she could not smoke in the club, she could have cared! "Thanks. I'm Jenni." she held her hand up. "I..I am Tig." Her smile melted me. It was notlove but lust! "I like that." Jenni pulled my arm, dragging me across the club. Damn! She was going to fuck me!!! Yes! My mind was screaming, and doing cartwheels! We stood in the lobby of the club. "This way Tig." She dragged me to the elvators. The door opened before we got to it. I did not feel the lift move. I smiled as Jenni blow smoke in my face. "oh you are nasty huh?" She just smiled, her eyes told me that I had no idea who she was and what was going to happen. My lust for Jenni's body outwilled any fear that I felt. The lift opened, I was dragged out and tossed on the floor! "You ever been a bitch to a really rich bitch?" Jenni slapped me twice, I felt tears well up, my face hurt! She smiled again, "Well?" I started to answer, four slaps! I stared to cry! "Please Jenni stop..." "Well did you ever fuck a rich bitch?" I knew what was coming.
I tried to put my hands up to block her. Jenni just started to slap me! Harder and harder. She was not letting up, not showing mercy! I felt bl**d in my mouth, bl**d ran from cuts in my face. Jenni went wild! Her slaps became Punches! Blow after blow! I felt my nose crush inward! My eyes swelled shut! Teeth were knocked down my throat! I knew I was done for!
"Well have you ever fucked a rich bitch?" Before I could do anything. I felt Jenni pulling off my pants. "Have I ever fucked a rich bitch?" After a year in the hospital and 17 operations? "Yeah I fucked a rich bitch and it was wonderful!!"
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