Away for business

Miem had been away for a few days. She thought that I had no idea what she was doing. Busness? The first time she said it. I smiled, nodded, laughed knowing the truth. My slut bitch Miem was going to get her ass and pussy fucked for 4 days. I hoped that it was going to be nonstop? Miem is the biggest slut that I had ever meet. She would drop to her knees and spread her legs, suck and fuck for anyone.
Miem was born a dog slut and only became a bigger one. If she could get fucked 24/7 she would. I love her because she is a slut and a whore! I could do anything I wanted with her, Miem would beg for more. I do sicker and nastier shit everyday. Now i had to wait 4 days. It was going to beworth it.
I waved as she drove off, poured a drink and waited for my slut to come home. The surprize that was awaiting her slut Miem was never going to forget. All I could think of is wait until she had to go away again??? How my sluts face looked when she asked. I smiled and drank. "Poor Miem... You cunt whore..."
I was looking out the window as Miem pulled up. Cunt seemed to be walking a little strange. I smiled and opened the door as she got to the door. We kissed. Her voice was soft and sweet, "I missed you so much Lover!" I kissed her again! "Me too. Did you have fun? Get off your knees or out of bed?" I did not raise my voice ther was no need to. Slut Miem was scared more with soft words and gentleness. She always understood that hell was about to come.
"I.I?It was business Lover..." Sluts voice trailed off. My eyes twinkled, now it was time. "So if I call your office?" Miem hold my hand before it touched the phone. A tear rolled down her cheek, i wiped it softly away. Leaned in to kiss her once more. I held her face in my hands tongue fought her mouth.
I released cunt miem. she stripped at once! Why she had not do this the second she walked in? Well she'll have to pay for that later on... Softly "I have a present for you cunt." I held up an 18 inch dildo,3 inches around. Miem the huge cunt that she is dropped to her knees.
I smached her cock sucker lips with it, Miem is so well trained as a cunt whore her lips opened at once. Her eyes soft blue beautiful waited for pleasure."Turn around you fucking worthless cunt! You fucked and sucked for 4 days! It's time to pay!" mie has a great little body. Her ass was in the air, Miem is a dog whore bitch! She will be forever! I held the dildo to Miem's well used ass!
"How many cocks cunt?" Miem felt the dildo pressing on her bitch asshole. Miem sobbed and whinned. "25 Lover..." The cunt knew not to beg or try toget away with anything. I had no idea how many or who? I pressed a little harder. "Each day?" Miem pushed her ass on the didlo. What a fucking cunt whore! "No Lover every 12 hours..."
My cock was rock hard in my pants! The thought of my pet slut getting fucked like a cheap street hooker. With one huge slam the dildo was buried in the dogs ass! Miem screamed! Shook uncontrolable! Her back twisted and legs spasmed! I ****d Mutt Miem's ass for one hour, her voice was gone. Sweat covered her body, wet hair stuck to her! I counted 10 orgasms! Just the start my cunt!
My dildo was covered in Mutt Miem's ass juice, shit, and used cum from the past 100 guys! "Knees you fucking slut whore..." When Miem kneeled tears filled her eyes. My soft voice once again. I held the fake cock to Mutt's lips. Her eyes were huge as ass juice, shit, and used cum dripped into her mouth.
"Open wide..." Mutt Miem opened her lips. Before she took a breath, my hand smacked her lips! I f***e throat fucked her! Drool spilled out, slut choked, gagged and started to puke! Puke shoot out of her nose, huge chumks of whatever! My slut Miem was choking her eyes red! I pulled the dildo out. "All clean huh cunt?" My useless piece of cunt shit nodded her head. Vomit fell from her nose and mouth. Miem thought she was done. "Lick all of the puke! Don't swallow a drop hold it in your mouth..." Miem lapped every drop. her cheeks expanded with puke. I held my cock to her lips. Strated to throat fuck every drop of puke back down her throat. Miem is a slut, a whore, and a dog. That is why I love her and use her for who she is everyday.
I pulled my cock out slut opened her mouth. Not one drop of vomit remaned. Miem swallowed my cock again. She was a pro cock sucker. I pulled out and fire a huge load of hot cum all over miem's face. I like to look at her with cum on her face. I used my cock and pushed all of my cum down her mouth. Swallow and go get cleaned up. Miem staggered to the bathroom. I smiled as she almost fell a few times. Slut Miem is going out of town again, just that she doesn't know yet?
Thanks Miem for all of the wonderful ideas cum evryday tinking of using you. Sorry that there have not been new stories in a bit!
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2 years ago
Great raunchy, nasty slut revenge story. The fuck slut bitch.
2 years ago