Miem's Weekend part-2

I had been watch slut miem for 12 hours now. Her entire body was shaking from orgasms and pain. All she was doing now was crying,sweating, and suffering. slut thought i left on business. I sat on the couch drinking a beer and watching my slut suffer.
Slut had stopped screaming awhile ago, her voice was gone from begging to no one and crying. The dildo was pumping her cunt raw! I could see her pussy lips being pushed inside of the bitch. Miem's feet would lift up each time her pussy was filled. Her pussy was red and bruised no longer pink,sweet,and tasty. I wondered if she was ever going to able to fuck again or cross her legs. I laughed and sipped my beer Miem was a good slave and a true whore slut. I wanted to see how much she could take before she was fucked into a breakdown. I checked the emails and the bets. 1500 guest had paid $100 to watch miem's hell week. They could vote to stop it at anytime. enough votes and miem goes free. I laughed again. So far slut miem had cum 47 times in just over 12 hours. Some had bet on how long before she passed out, number of times slut would cum in an hour,day.
First time she'd piss and shit herself. There were a few who even bet that I was going to fuck miem to death. 2 had bet her pussy would be split wide open. I had made close to 100k on my sluts fuck abuse. I almost felt sory for the whore but i could not. I had taken Miem a long time ago, I owned her and did what i wanted to her. Now this may be the end of Miem?
I cared but shse is a slut and a slave, i can get another one someplace so to hell with it. The tub was filled to Miem's ankles with sweat,cum,piss, and shit. Miem had d***k some of the energy drink she was going to try and make it last. Miem was a true slave, I had told her a week and she was going to take endless pain and suffering to get there.
I was proud of my slave. I knew at anytime I could end this, I knew i would not. Unless slut miem was going to die. I am a sick fucker at times! I would never fuck miem to death, even if Miem could be fucked to death. She would beg to death with a cock splitting her open. I would safe her.
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