Miem's Weekend

I finished packing my suitcase for a three day business weekend. Miem sat on the bed naked, as she always had to be. For all her little mistakes Miem had truned into a good whore and an even better slave! I had told her that I would be going away. she smirked because she thought of a weekend alone doing what she wanted...
"Miem take my case to the door." she looked puzzle I was not to leave until tomorrow. The slut did as told. When she return I took her by the collar and lead her into the spare room.
A spreader bar hung from the ceiling. "Now you fuck mutt, attach your right arm." slut miem did as she was told. Standing on her tiptoes to do it. I attach her other arm. I knew she felt the pain at once. I had stretched my slut before never like this!
Her big toes held her weight. I kiss my slut, then spit in her face! "You thought all weekend was going to be yours huh?" She nodded. I grabbed her pussy and lifted her. "AAAHHH SIR!!!" I held her up spit in her screaming mouth she choked the spit out and even more!
I dropped her, now her toes did not touch. I left the room came back with a metal wash tub. Lifted her by that filthy cunt again, she screamed as i held her and droped the tub under her. slut miem cried and pussy juice dropped into the tub. I looked her in the eyes. "Do you like that sound slut? Pussy juice dropping. Imagine a weekend of it?"
Miem looked with shock and happiness! Too bad she had no idea how her cunt juice was going to drop. I left and returned with a 2 2gallon jugs of energy drink, huge it above her head. A hose hung before her mouth! I saw shock in my sluts eyes. She realized this was going to be her weekend hanging. No relief,no being let go. Still she had not seen everything.
"Sir.... SSSirr you? please i cannot be left like this. WWWhhat iifff ssomething goes wrong?? Please Sir Please!" I love my slut begging but she was not going to be let down. I left the room for the last time. I returned with a fuck machine custom make for the tube. No worry of an electrical short or fire. I placed it in the tub. Slide the dildo 12" long 3"around up her filthy slut pussy.
6" hung out the filthy mutt was crying like hell. "Please Sir no! Please I'll do anything pleeeaaseeee!" I pluged in the machine and hooked up the computer. "Now you fucked pathetic slut. The machine is going to fuck you hard,soft, and brutially!" I allowed that to sink in. "It will not stop until I return! The tub will catch everything."
I allowed that to sink in. Miem shook her head. I had see her affraid before. Never scared!!! Never a look of pure horror on her face! "You can drink anytime,piss anytime,shit anytime! Just think about what will be done with the full tub when i get home." All the slut could do was cry! "Don't worry about getting shocked or anything happening. Besdie you bitch cunt getting fuck without mercy!"
I turn the fuckmachine and the laptop on. The dildo lifted slut miem off her toes. She screamed! I walk towards the door. "Oh I lied. The machine is going to fuck you brutailly! Smile I am broadcasting this live. At least you made me some money with your filthy cunt this week." I started to close the door.
Turned and blew her a kiss. I knew my filthy slut was about to cum for the first time. "Oh and I will return in 7 days not 3 the tub will hold all you ahve to give it." I smiled and closed the door. Listen as slut mem screamed at the top of her lungs!!!
Her first orgasm and horror of the week ahead.
the rest of this story later today. =}
Thanks Miem my friend and hot slut! Could never do this without you.
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