Miem Being a Pian in The Ass

Miem has been a pain in my ass all day. Let's go out, let's do this, let's get something to eat. I had enough of my filthy whore! She's forgetting who is in charge and who is the slut in out relationship! She's about to find out the hard way.
I smile at her and tell Miem to g put her best dress on, we'll have dinner and party all night. Stupid slut thinks that she is going to have fun. Hell no I have to once again teach her, her place.
She comes into the livingroom an hour later. Looking goregous! I kiss her, hold her tight. Miem moans into my mouth. Our lips part she opens her eyes. I smile at her! Miem doubles up and falls to her knees I puched her in the stomach she's trying to breathe! I rip her up by her hair! "You filthy mutt! Who is the Master! Speak you PIG!!! "
She cannot breathe so I know that she cannot answer me. I hold her up and pnuch her again & again! Miem pukes! I throw her down into the filth! Use my boot & push her face into the slop! "Eat it Bitch!" Miem is crying, able to breathe at last. I watch her tongue touch her puke.
I leave the room to get some things to use on the filthy slut. I come back to watch her finish the puke. I rip the dress to shreads. I coould care what it cots. Miem is my filhty slut! My bitch to use and torture. She knows to never get on my nevres
I take titclips that i had specially made for her. Mem's tits are tiny but her nipples are long thanks to clamps and weights! I hold the clips in front of her, I kknow she want to be for me nor to use then. They are 2 inches long, the biting part has teeth sharpened to a piont, each tooth fits perfect into the other.
No space and they will cut a whore nipples up! I drop them in front of her. I love forcing my filthy slut to hurt herself. I know Miem loves it and hates me for doing this to her. She screams as the clips bite her nipples. It must feel like an a****l chewing on her nipples.
I hold the chain. "You know Miem? I could rip your nipples right off if i wished."
She nodded knowing that I could. "So who is the Master?" Her voice is broken with pain and lust. "YYYOU REE Sir..." I smile at my filthy mutt knowing that she was broken at my hand long ago. Now she had to be reminded.
I loop the chain over her back! Have Slut Miem take my cock out and get me hard!
I push her face down and Fuck her ass! No lube, no niceities. I **** her filthy ass like the dog she is!
Miem is starting to get off. I am not even close, so the mutt does not get to ahve fun yet! I grab the chain. she is so into getting ass fucked, the pain ahs become pure lust and pleasure!
Slut Miem's screams fill my ears with lust and joy! I pull her off the floor and back by her nipples! The pain must be beyond understanding. Her ass tightens around my cock and jerks it off. Slut Miem's ass is jerking me off with pain and suffering!
I fill her ass with cum! Miem has came about 5 times! Her cum and piss cove rthe floor under us. I hold her back with ther tits1 wanting her to feel every once of pain!
I drop her in her cum and piss. My cock pops out of her ass. "Dump my cum in your filth mutt." Miem squats over her cum and piss. Forcing my cum from her ass. Miem's been fucked so amny times it's not that hard to push out. Blod trickles from Miem's nipples.
Without being told Slut Miem cleans her mess. Now the slut is back in her place? Well almost. The doorbell rings.. "Slut that's for you." My filthy slut Miem crawls to the door. I smile and light a cigarette. When she opens the door my slut shakes in horror!!!
25 of our friends are there with there wives and husbands. "Miem?" she looks at me "We are not going out..." I see a tear rooling down her cheek. Not of sadness or fear. Her love for me and mine for her.
"50 friends Slut." I smile as out friends come in and Miem starts a night in.

I am sorry because i have not wrote any stories of Miem and I. Love yaeh Miem my true Filthy Slut Friend!!!
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