Morning Snack With Miem

I woke up with a raging hard on. I allowed my slut miem to sl**p in my bed not tied down. I thought she had been a good bitch last night. Every mutt needs a break. I looked at her short brown hair, listened as her breathe slowly filled her lungs, her tiny tits rose and fell. she looked like and angel, so sweet and beautiful. She was, still miem is my slut and my slave. It's time for her to get up!
I look into her closed eyes. Reach over and rub the top of her head. mutt miem's eyes snap open! so blue and perfect. Tears well up in them. I can feel she of her hair come loss in my hand. "mutt get you fingers up your asshole!" I twist her head by the hair mutt screams and begs for mercy! I spit in her face! "mutt your ass! NOW!"
mutt miem slowly moves her hand to her asshole. I twist her hair and yank her head back and forth, my spit flies off her face. mutt miem digs three fingers up her asshole. "Deeper mutt!" I watch as she goes to her hand. "Fuck that scumbag ass!" I twist her head until hair come out! Mutt is screaming and shaking from pain!
i spit in her cunt mouth! mutt miem chokes on my spit, losing her breath she gasps for air and cannot get it. I Yank her head down to my cock! "suck my cock mutt!" Before she can take a breath my cock is down her throat! Mutt Miem is suck my cock with her throat. I know she needs air. That is why my mutt's throat is working my cock so good.
I twist mutt miem's head so i can see her eyes! They are still a wonderul blue and i love looking inot them! She's crying tears roll down her cheeks into her mouth around my cock. The blue orbs bulge and turn red. I pull her off my cock! A large hunk of her hair comes off in my hand. Mutt sucks in air1 Her life depends on how much air she'll get now!
"ppp...ppleaassseee mark! mutt needs a.. airrrrr. ppppllessss." I twist her head back. Spit right down her throat with out hitting anything. Ram my cock down her throat again! Mutt throat fucks me again! Her hand is pounding her asshole! I pull her ehad back. "open your mouth! do not swallow!"
I spit in her useless mutt mouth. miem plows her ass deeper! After ten minutes my mutt's mouth is full of my spit. "don't spill one drop mutt! that is what you are right?' Miem looks up mouth gapping, mouthful of spit. tears stain her face. I reach down and yank her hand out of her asshole! Hold it before her face. Mutt shit coats her fingers. I stick them in her mouth. "nice and clean now mutt." my mutt miem sucks her shit fingers.
I hook three fingers in her ass and pull her to me. mutt screams! does not remove her fingers. I slide under my mutt. Ram my fist up her asshole! miem writhes in pain and trys to get away! I look at her cunt, I kiss it she moan on her shit fingers. I bite onto mutt's cuntlips! Chew them like a piece of cheap meat1 That's all my mutt miem's cunt is anyway a cheap piece of used meat for whoever has a euro to pay me for it!
She screams! Trys to get away, miem knees. I bite deeper onto her cunt! For a minute i thought i could rip it off with my teeth. Her screams break the morning silence1 Her knees slam against my head1 I chew and bite deeper, in hand goe to the wrist fucking her ass. Miem cums violently over and over! My bed shakes, slams into the nightstand senting everything flying!
After six orgasms mutt's body shakes uncontrolablly and she passout on top of me! She is breathing unbelievable deep, she must not have breathed during her orgasms?
I pull my hand from her asshole. Mutt cums again. Her blue eyes are filled with bliss, I was not even sure if she knew what happened. I hold my hand before her. Mutt Miem laps her ass juice off it like a k** eating ice cream. I start to jerk off from watching her. She drops my hand and dives for my cock throat fucks me. A mutt bitch in heat! I tought she was going to suck my entire body down her throat?
"Ggoooooddddd MMMuuuttttt!!!!" I pull my cock out miem opens her blue eyes wide. I blow a massiveload into her eyes. Mutt Miem blinks gluing her eye shut with my cum. I watch it run down her face. mutts tongue comes out, just like the useless mutt she is. Laps eevry drop that falls down her face.
We cuddle for ten minutes. "cunt go get me some coffee." Miem jumped out of bed! So much energy! That's how you can tell a slut loves you. Jump to follow your orders.
Mutt Miem falls to the ground after one step. Screaming,writhing and twisting in pain! Her hand go to her cunt. The pain was unbelieveable. As she touched her cunt miem entire body snapped backwards! Shaking uncontrolablly1 I saw her cunt raw,chewed up,and covered with bite marks. I pull mutt up by the hair. "Now mutt? Did I give you permission to wear clothes in the house?" i look at my mutt whore deep blue eyes. I love them and her so much1 "Well?"
"Nnnooo..." Tears poured from her. I knew her crying would go on for a long time nor will the pain stop soon.
"Mutt you wear clothes only when I say and what i give you." I open her closet and dresser draws. "See!" I step over her as leave the room. turn back, watch her cry in front of the closet. Hey a mutt has to learn it's place. after all miem is my mutt and a whore.

Mutt Miem and I had a great time this morning. She inspires me to do greater things!
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3 years ago
no body could survive all this stuff
3 years ago
she needs more cock