Slut Miem at Work

I woke to slut miem moving. I wondered how because I had tied her tight after I finished using her last night. I went to get coffee and check sluts chores for the day. I came back to see my sluts beautiful face looking at me, she was so cute. At times she could melt my heart. If I let her. "You have a lot of work today slut."
She looks up this big eyes trying to get out of work. I untie her and tell my slut to shower and shave! Them meet me in the kitchen. 10 minute later slut miem crawled in the room. She went right to her dog dish, it was a big day so I made her a good breakfast covered in cum, coffee made with piss.
Slut ate it right down! Crawled before me and kissed my feet. I dropped a slams yellow string bikini on the floor "get dressed!" Slut stand there the top just covers her nipples, most of her nipples could be seen. The bottom just covered her slut. slut's pussy lips could be seen. I put her collar and leash on.
We walk outside and down the street. My neighbor were used to seeing and using slut miem dressed this way. Two houses down I ring the bell. A woman answers the door she's 6'7" tall grabs slut by the throat and lifts her up. Throws her inside! Slut flies inot the house and crashes to the floor! before she catches her breath the woman starts to beat slut miem. Punching her in the face! slut's eye swells at once. The amazon slaps slut's face, knees her pussy1 The bikini is pushed into her cunt. miem screams! The woman spit in her mouth slaps her cunt over slut miem's face. She is strugling for breath as the woman grinds her pussy in her face. It looks like she is trying to erase my slut's face with her cunt. Her husband comes into the room and rams his cock sight up slut miem's cunt i hear her scream throught the mouthful of cunt.
The woman stand up. miem is choling and sucking in air. The woman lifts slut by the hair! she screams as the couple hold slut miem in mid-air r****g her cunt. miem is held to the womans cunt and laps her pussy for all she is worth. I can see some of my cunts hair comming out! The couple **** her for half and hour!
The drop slut miem to the floor! cum rolls out of miem's pussy! The husband leaves the room. The wife picks miem up holding sluts knees to her tits! miems ass is sticking out. The husband come back with a rack holding 2 enema bags. Filled with a gallon of water each! "Time for work whore..." The wife wisphers. Slut miem screams as the ice cold water fills her ass. The wife hold her tight. I can see my sluts stomach buldge!
When both bags are in my sluts ass. The wife shakes her! Miem is screaming in pain. Slut is held over a potted plant. "Don't make a mess bitch! Only water the plants!" I watch slut open her ass just enought to water the first palnt. Tear pour down her cheeks, pain fills her and she shakes in the wifes arms. Slut knows what will happen if she messes up. An hour later slut has finished watering the plants.
The wife drops slut miem on the floor before me. she is used up and crying! I hand her the bikini, With each movement she screams and twist in agony! The couple kiss slut mim and slap her face. Hand me one euro. I put sluts leash back on and we leave. "Sametie next week?" I turn and smile! "Of course."
Slut can barely move from the pain and is leaking ass water as we walk home.

Slut Miem and I wrote this. She keeps me going with sick and strange ways to use her.
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2 years ago
you sluts need more action!
3 years ago
very good, brutal