After a Tough Day

I had the longest day. All I could think of was getting home and have my slut Miem fix me a drink and dinner. I wanted no shit, just peace and quiet! Through the front day I knew that my day ahd gone from bad to totally fucked up! Slut! I screamed her name over and over! Not one sound. I grew pissed with each step. I ahd been nice to the whore, I was the one who paid for it. Not Miem my so-called property.
Now the dog was going to pay! I found her in the tub, eyes closed, headphones on, resting nice. My mind turned to evil! I could see her hand under the water play with the pussy I own. I waited she moaned and started to shake. Cum You Fucking WHORE! I slammed her head under the water as she came!
My cunt fought to free herself litle does she know. Her arms fought me. You want to play we'll play!
I could ahve cared if she heard my screaming at her. I ripped her up by the hair1 she choked, trying to gain her breath. Her eyes caught me. I could see the pure horror in them. Cunt! Did I tell you to bath? Did I not leave you tasks? She started to say something. Her haed was under water again. I watched her eyes through the bubbles. She kept blinking, begging me with them to let her up.
puuled her from the tub! dragged her out of the bathroom. I could feel her hair being pulled from her head. You will learn! Miem screamed as i dragged her down the stairs. The rug burned her stomach and legs! With each satep she started to fight. Please Master! I'm sorry! Just useless words for a slut I found and created. Well she is going to learn.
I threw her to the kitchen floor. Took a beer from the fridge. Her begging went on and on! Shut up! I sat down water dripped from slut miem as she shook. I knew it was not from the cold, it was fear! How long? slut looked up with sad puppy dog eyes. did she think they would work. Not that much Sir...
Where you suppose to empty the garbage today. Slut nodded... Bring it here. Miem crawled to get the can she had been train to not walk unless i told her. I took the can, dumpped it over her head. Now you are a filthy slut. The garbage was days old and stunk. I stood and pissed on her! Clean that mess! She began to set it back in the can. NO! Eat everything! If you cannot eat it then place it in the can. I switched on the camrea. My house had close curcit in everyroom. It went out across the world. My useless slut miem eating garabge.
Twice she puked. I watch the screen as she ate that also. She would not disappoint me again. This was only the start of the whore bad day! an hour later she crawled into the livingroom, covered in filthy stinking of trash and puke. I threw a bikini at her! On! Miem my filthy slut, cunt whore stood there. String hot pink bikini. Her cunt lips stuck out on the sides. Only the tip of her nipple was covered. She loved to be dressed this way! not today slut was going to learn what it menat to disappoint and suffering. I put a I collar around her neck and a leash. Down mutt! I lead her towrds the door. She stopped as i opened it. Come mutt! Pulling her off her hands and knees! Sir please i..i.. can't the neighbors. please no.. pleass. I pulled her outside by the collar!
Miem cried. I pulled her. Bitch move! I walked behind her started to kick her ass! Slut would fall forward and get up! Her ass bruised at once! she screamed as her knees were cut open on the sidewalk. I kicked her ass down the street! There was a trail of tears, drool, and bl**d! You are never going to disobey me! NEVER!!!
We stopped in front a house. Two twins were in the driveway washing their car. Excuse me? They looked from me to my dog slut. Smiles erupted on their faces and they wiggled a little My whore disobeied me. She is a filthy whore and needs to be clean. Would you two do this for me?
One of the twins ran over and started to kick my slut in the stomach. she doubles over, screaming1 The other grabs the leash and drags her across the lawn. The twins start to beat the shit out of my bitch miem! I thought they were going to break every bone in her body. The bikini was gone. One twin stood on her hands held her skirt up and pissed over her face! The other kicked her cunt in! My slut could not scream loud enough. They hosed her off. One twin took a wire brush and scrubbed sluts cunt1 She screamed through two orgasms! Shaking from pain and pleasure. I lit a cigarette that's my slut. Her cuntlips were raw, swallen, begining to bleed. The twin beat cunts tits when scrubbed them bl**d.
My slut miem ahd given up fighting and screaming she layed there in shock! the twins kicked her on her stomach. Pulled her legs till they all but broke. The other twins took the wire brush. In one motion stuck it in slut's ass! The pain was beyond belief to the slut! Her head touched her feet as she writhed in pain. Knocking the twins off of her!
my slut miem passed out then. The twins seemed to careless they ****d her with the brush. miem ass would take a long time to heal. Her entire body was covered in bruises,scratches and bl**d. The ice cold water brought my whore around. She went into shock from the pain instantly. Shock violently!!
As i walked her home miem babbled and kept saying sorry. crying uncontrolable! the pain was so great, after crawling a few feet she collasped and i waited. After an hour of unbearable pain the slut collapsed on the livingroom floor. I stood over her. Miem my sweat? I barely heard her voice, it was broken from screaming. Yes Sir... she twisted in pain just from speaking. Will you disobey again. She brust into uncomtrolable crying. Shaking her head no! Good!
I went off to bed. All night long i heard my useless cunt miem crying in pain. I could tell when she moved because a scream escaped her tourture body. I slept good knowing that my slut had learne dher lesson!
**Slut miem and i enjoy our stories. She inspires me to use her and write about it. Miem & I wrote this together. My slut miem is my bdsm muze!**

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3 years ago
thank you fopr this chapter
3 years ago
Too rough for me personally
3 years ago
very good i want to use her