Fighting It Out pt-2

My life changed the day after my s****r Princess Hanna, my s****r is known to me as now. After I cleaned up my piss Princess Hanna had me set on the floor at her feet. I could not set still my ass was on fire. I had no idea how I was going to make it through school tomorrow?
"Bitch! Stop moving are." "Yes Princess Hanna..." She snapped her fingers and I looked right at her. All she did was laugh. I started to cry again, just balling my eyes out. Princess Hanna was no longer my s****r she did own me. I wanted to runaway to my room, hide and never come out.
"Did you enjoy your drink bitch?" I nodded to humiliated to answer. I still tasted my piss, I wanted to beg Princess Hanna to allow me to rinse my mouth out. After what she had just done? I was not going to ask for anything. In a little while I'll talk with Mom, she'll fix this! Princess Hanna is going to regret this!!!
"Bitch. My feet are sweaty lick them." I just stared at her feet, so perfect each nail trimed and buffed. I watch every pair of feet that walked by me. Summer was the best time. Barefeet and sandels, I would spot the dirty spots, toe jam. All of the dirt and stink that they held. I want to crawl on all fours 24/7 lick feet.
Princess Hanna's feet were before me and I was ordered to lick and clean them. I could feel my cock push against my shorts. I wanted to jerkoff as I lapped her toes. As my tongue touched them, I wreatched! Princess Hanna's feet looked nice, she had not watched them in a long time. I almost puked as I lapped her feet. The taste and stink drove me nuts. I lapped! Sliding my tongue between her toes. Toe jam stuck to my tongue and I swallowed it whole.
"Thank You Princess Hanna! Thank You for making me a bitch!!!" I lost my mind in Princess Hanna's feet. Forgot who she was, I just knew I was a slave bitch. "You are a fucking, loser bitch. And you are goign to suffer more theen you have any idea you ever could. I am going to use you bitch pass you around, make money selling your bitch pussy." I looked up from Princess Hanna's toes with lust in my soul. She saw it in my eyes. Princess Hanna laughed for five minutes.
"And bitch not now for the rest of your life!!!" Fear overcame my lust. I had never seen a smile so evil, so vicious! Princess Hanna spoke after a few minutes. "Yes bitch I am not, NOT going to work a day in my life. You being my bitch and slave. Everything you do from now on is for my pleasure and my profit. Never forget it bitch!!!"
"Yewwss Pwwinccessst Hhaannda." She slowly took one foot out of my mouth. Spit huge in the air, i caught it like a dog catching a bone. "Good bitch. Bark for me." "WOOF!" She laughed "No you stupid little doggy. No..No.. You are a little pussy dog. Small and useless. Come on sweety. Barkie, warkie." I got on all four close to the floor. I saw my spit with a tiny bit of toe jam in it, I lapped it up arf..arf.. All but silent.
"Good bitch.. Fetch!" Smoething flew across the room and I chaseing it Grabbing it. I gagged as it filled my mouth! Choking! Vial, putried, stinking thing! I look at the floor. Princes Hanna tossed a part of old used panties soaked from her period! The stink over powered me and I gagged and cried!
Princess Hanna's foot crushed my face into her sick panties! "Fetch you BITCH!" I ate them again. I crawled behind her to the couch sweating, choking, holding back vomit with each step! Prrincess hanna pointed to the floor. I dropped her sick panties. I tried to spit, only spent bl**d came out. Princess Hanna picked up her panties, pulled them over my head. The stench, wet bl**d overpowered me. Princess hanna slapped me to the floor! Stood over me. "Do not remove them until I tell you. Understand bitch?" If this was the beginning of Princess Hanna breaking me, I did not want to think of what is going to happen next. "Yes Princess Hanna..." She walked away laughing and making up a song about her bitch slave. I cried and felt her used panties dry, the stench got worse and begain to sink into my mind and face.

(More to come)
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3 years ago
Wow even better than the first chapter thanks