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so-called slave robbenbosch

I had give this so called slave? A simple task... Actually the simplest of tasks. To address Me by my name. Remarkable this is on My profile. Now this so called slave has block Me after a remark that I am only able to respond to here.

As I told this so-called look at My profile for My name. Which is clearly stated under name M
Now I shall tell everyone and so-called the failures.

1) so-called does not understand how to look.
2) so-called does not understand how to listen.
3) so-called does not understand how to complete the simplest of tasks.
4) so-called wishes to take the easy way through this by guessing.
5) so-called does not understand when stuck? Simply admit so-called failures.
6) so-called is only concerned with so-called.
7) so-called is spoiled.
8) so-called is not worthy to Serve.
9) so-called is only an online player. Doubtful so-called completes any tasks?
10) so-called does not know the first notion of Service.
11) so-called will never rise above what so-called is.
12) so-called is so sad so sad.
13) so-called is truly lost to the world so-called wishes to be a part of.
14) so-called was no even worth this list.

Since so-called felt the need to not hear a very short list privately. I had to inform XHamster publicly. If anyone out there know of so-called or has had a similar experience. I would enjoy hearing it.

Posted by uzmeplz 2 years ago
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1 year ago
tell her dude she is dumb
2 years ago
2 years ago
my dear sir. there not worth friendship.~