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If you have 25 spams. Hit report it take about 45 seconds to 1 minute to report all of them. You do get faster. Then hit refresh at the end. The same spams are still there. So if you do it again and again. You get the picture. Say 45 seconds as an average. 3600 seconds in an hour. Divided by 45 is 80. 80 multiplied by 25? Buller? Buller? Is? 2000. (: So I made a pot of coffee and had an hour waiting for a friend. A little over an hour. She tends to run late. So if I was to do this? 2000 spam reports? That is a lot if I were to do this??
Posted by uzmeplz 2 years ago
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2 years ago
I expect the admins are aware of the issue. I run a small forum which only has 2,500 members and we get 100 spammer accounts a day. I can't bear to think how many they get here, it must be almost overwhelming.