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another day

well another day, spent reporting spam. today was only about 75 so far. have no idea if anyone actually enjoyed what I posted or saw it. The spam wiped out those who watch and enjoy. Or dislike as the case may be. Would be nice to hear something?
Thanks XHamster for another good day everyone
Posted by uzmeplz 2 years ago
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2 years ago
If xham doesn't allows comments and PMs
to the newbies immediatly, but it uses
the same rule of other sites, for example :
two week before to allow them for simple
members and one week for verified members,
spammers can't use the comments opening
hundreds of uneuseful profiles, with the
"ten minute e-mail" trick.
Before was possible to locate them on a map
now the laptops, netbooks and tablets allow
them to do their work meanwhile are on a train,
on a car, from everywhere they need.
I sent a message to a reviewer about this, I hope
he can help me, because my english is too weak to
explain this matter to the "contact us".
2 years ago
Do you have a blog saying how to recognize spam here? I've been here for a couple of years. and I believe I only receive two. and when you say: "spent reporting spam." Are you clicking the inappropriate button or do you need to PM someone?
Thanks, I'd like to help.
2 years ago
all spammers are bastards.. cum on xhamster sort it out.
2 years ago
Good job!
2 years ago
Thanks for getting rid of the spam. It fucks up a
great site.