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spammers now run XHamster

who else is sick of the bullshit spam of the past couple of days and getting fucked by it??? Hey why bother even checking your comments? Why bother posting? Why bother at all?
We should have a day of protest!!!
No posting anything.
No commenting.
No even coming to the site at all.

Join the protest s****r and b*****r Porn-lovers!!!
Monday no being here at all! Pass it along.

uzmeplz (Markie)

Who wants to guess this gets spamed???
Posted by uzmeplz 2 years ago
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1 year ago
Could somebody tell me what a spammer is please?
2 years ago
I always wondered who was stupid enough to answer those spammers? I mean, if they do it, it's because it's profitable somehow.
2 years ago
Spammers are almost as bad as paedophiles. I loath the fuckers. The best one can do is report, report, report!
2 years ago
just have to keep blocking bullshit profiles; keep doing that and not adding them and eventually it will die down
2 years ago
Facebook for porn SPAM!
2 years ago
What to expect from a site thats free .Evently transition would happen .It sucks that it is! ?/?