A Day in the park or How NOT to take sexy self pot

A couple days ago I was feeling kind of bad because I had dumped on a guy I had been chatting with. I started thinking, what could I do to make it up to him. Suddenly I knew, I'll take some pictures just for him! It was a nice day outside so I thought - an outdoor shoot would give both of us a thrill! He knows I tend to be an exhibitionist so I ran upstars and picked out my outfit. I choose a short blue jean skirt and T-shirt with no panties, partly to get me in the mood and partly because I knew he would like the view.
I planned on doing it in my backyard but as I went to the back door, my dog started whinning. Shit, she's going to bark and whine the entire time I'm outside and likely draw attention from my neighbors. Not a good idea when I'm planning to do a photo shoot in the middle of the afternoon in my own backyard with several houses with views into the yard. I think for a second, grab the leash, grab my keys, and off we went to the local park.
Driving over to the park, it's about 10 miles from my house, I reached into my purse and pulled out my pocket rocket. Girls - Never leave home without it -turned it on and started working it between my legs. Something about sitting at a red light buzzing away, a couple feet from some stranger, that makes me wet in seconds.

As I pulled into the parking lot I knew I was close so I put the car in park, closed my eyes and worked the rocket in and out and all around my clit until I came. When I opened my eyes an elderly man was standing by my car smiling and looking at me. I smiled back, he waved, then walked a few feet over to his truck, and drove away. Knowing he had watched me, likely even seen what I was doing got me going again. I slide the rocket up my butt, which was all wet with my juices, and started rubbing. In only a few seconds I was coming again, this time much harder than the first. Leaving the rocket in my butt, I used some tissue to clean my self up, grabbed the leash and my dog and off we went.

Walking across the parking lot, I had to keep my cheeks clenched to keep the rocket in place. It felt like it was going to slip out with every step. Several people were walking towards me, going back to their cars and as we got closer the rocket slipped out, bouncing on the pavement and attracting my dogs attention. Instantly she pounced on it, and started mouthing it on the ground. At the same time, a couple walked by me staring at my dog chewing on a vibrator. Thinking quick, I yelled at her to drop it and as the couple walked by commented how disgusting it was to leave something like that in a public place. I don't think they believed me, but they continued walking. Memo to self - leave the rocket in my purse next time and bring a butt plug instead.

I left the rocket buzzing on the ground and continued into the park. When we got to the dog park area, I let Mindy loose, closed the gate and walked a few feet over to a bench. There were maybe half a dozen people there with their dogs but none within 50 feet or so. As Mindy ran around and played with the other dogs, I pulled out my camera. I looked around to see if anyone was watching and they all seemed pretty focused on the dogs so I started setting up the camera. I set timer for a 6 second delay and set it on the bench, got up, pressed the shutter, posed in front of it and waited for the click.

After what seemed like an hour, I waited with my back arched and my butt exposed until finally, click. Excited, I picked up the camera, switched it to view the picture and there in front of me was a perfect picture of the back of my head. I had forgot to take it off telephoto. Ok, I can do this. Not thinking about anything but getting the perfect picture, I adjusted the camera, set the timer, put it back on the bench, pushed the button and stood up and bent over again.

At that exact moment two guys walked right in front of me and said "hi". Click went the shutter, I pretended to stretch and said "hi, Isn't it a wonderful day today?". They laughed and told me it was definatly looking better. They continued on and I grabbed the camera. Looking at a picture of the trees in the distance, I started thinking this wasn't going to be as easy as I thought.

For the next 20 mins or so the guys stayed right by my bench, watching me. Finally, they lost intrest and walked towards the parking lot. Thank God! I set my camera to take continuous pictures 4 seconds apart and set it on the bench again. I looked around to make sure no one was around and pressed the button. I got in position, bent over, spreed my legs and click. I slipped my hand between my legs and spread myself open and click. Rubbed myself a little and click. Slid a finger inside my pussy and click. These were going to be perfect! I stood up, turned around and saw the camera had fallen over.

So, in 40 mins, I had had an old guy watch me buz off, had two teenagers see me with my legs spread and my ass in the air and all I had to show for it was a picture of some trees, the sky, and the back of my head. Getting pissed off, I was determined to get a picture if I had to pay some one to take it!

I set the camera up again, got behind the bench and eye balled where it was pointing. Took my purse and put it on the ground where the camera was pointing, rechecked the positioning and pushed the button. As I stood up I noticed that every one was staring at me. There were at least 20 people at the park and most were looking right at me. Beyond caring by now, I thought fuck it. Standing over my purse I spread my legs, and started rubbing away. After about half a dozen clicks I stood up, called for Mindy, grabed my purse, shut off the camera and walked towards the gate.

By the time I got there, Mindy was by my side so I leashed her and off we went. As we walked across the parking lot I heard several voices calling to me from the park but we kept going, got in the car and drove off. By this time, I had calmed down a bit and was mortified that all those people had watched me taking pictures of my ass in public and I had no idea if I had even suceeded!

At the next stop light I pulled out my camera and pulled p the pictures. The first and the second was of the trees, the third . . . was perfect! I checked the last four and one was good, one just caught a corner of my butt cheek and the other was of the trees again. Success at last!

I posted one last night and the other today, so if you get the chance, take a look and remember the hard work that goes into taking a picture of ones own ass.
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2 years ago
I'll take your pictures for you...oh and can I replace that rocket with my tongue?
3 years ago
Great story, sorry it was so much work for a pic!
3 years ago
Love the story, taking good self shots that aren't super close ups is much harder then people think!
Glad to see you got a few good shots, keep up the sexy posting.
3 years ago
wow so hot!
3 years ago
very funny story...
3 years ago
That was hilarious!
3 years ago
Great story in the park. I don't think I've ever been that gutsy. During a lunch break at work, I've taken a video of stroking myself in the bathroom of the bank I used to work at and sent it to a coworker. What do you think about that?
3 years ago
Your story is hilarious! And very sexy too. I'd love to see how well your hard work paid out
3 years ago
That was funny,,hope u didn't find a camera nut to take pics yet,,,sure would vol to do it,,,hope you r close to me or at least my trips,,would luv to be friends,,,thanks
3 years ago
good story! Would like to see the pics but you need to add me as a friend...
3 years ago
This was humorous! Damn cameras, trying to get the best self photo and being frustrated-I can relate. Also, the microbullet is a wonderful toy to carry on the road with you...