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I'm married to an amazingly beutiful woman who has an incredible sex drive. One of the things she does that drives me wild is she'll put my fingers together and lick them like a pussy and tell me how much she loves eating pussy while we're fucking but later when I talk about a threesome she just smiles and says that's just a fantasy and we end up leaving it at that. Well all that changed a couple of months ago but make sure you read all the way through because the twist in the end will blow you sure did me. Of course I've changed the names because this is a true story and I don't wany my employees reporting me...LOL.

Well I run a large grocery store in the middle of the city and one of my best customers is a stunning blonde housewife that shops once a week. Over the last three years I've flirted with her weekly but always felt that she was way out of my league so I just left it at that. Her name is Beth and every time she came into the store productivity took a dive because all of my employees followed her around until she left.

One day I got a call at the store and it was Beth. She told me that she left behind a bag of groceries and was pretty pissed off that the cashier didn't put it in her basket. I told her not to worry and that I would personally deliver the bag to her on my way home and she gave me her address. I didn't think much about delivering the groceries because quite frankly I've done this many times to appease an upset customer. When I knocked on the door I was very pleased to see her in a low cut workout spandex. I had a hard time not staring at her tits as they were nice sized and half of them were out it seemed.

Beth asked me to come in and told me that her f****y was out of town and she was enjoying the peace and quiet. She asked me if I wanted a cocktail and I said sure and wondered if she was going to go get dressed but nope she poured us a drink and we started chatting. After a couple of cocktails she got up and whipered to me that she was really horny and that she needed some cock. Wow...I never got hit between the eyes like this and was actually pretty shocked for a minute. She grabbed my hand and we went to her room and before I knew it she was blowing me like I'm guessing she'd done to quite a few guys before. I shot my first load and she swallowed every drop and kept sucking until I was hard again. This girl was crazy. We fucked for about an hour and she came like three times which I've never seen any girl do and when I shot my second load I was spent.

Well this went on pretty much every time her husband left town which was about once a week. What surprised me was she fucked her husband several times a week so it wasn't like she was screwing me because she was lonely....she just loved sex. Even though my wife and I have an open marriage I really didn't like the way I felt so I cut Beth off after several months.

Last June my wife, Jean, and I were staying in the city for the night to get a little couple time. We were at a really cool bar and sitting at the end of the bar was Beth. She was wearing a white sun dress which looked amazing with her tan and all eyes at the bar were on her. I thought shit what were the odds and sure enough she saw Jean and I. I smiled at her and told Jean that she was a regular customer at my store and Jean told me to invite her to our table since she was sitting alone. Fuck. I did and of course Beth said sure and she looked me right in the eyes and I was thinking man oh man this could be trouble.

Jean and Beth hit it off and it was like I didn't exist. AFter about five drinks I noticed Beth rubbing Jean's thigh. I remember telling Beth that Jean talked about eating pussy when we had sex and I wasn't sure if Beth was doing this to fuck with me or she was really attracted to Jean. Now Jean can hold her own. She has huge tits and the best looking pussy I've ever seen and it was clear that Jean was really getting turned on. I knew it was probably a bad decision but I asked Beth if she wanted to get a night cap back at our hotel room and she said sure.

Well back at the hotel room I was pushed aside and Beth started kissing Jean. They were on fire for each other but Beth was clearly in charge. Jean is submissive so Beth dominated her from the start. I had never seen Jean like this and as Beth fucked her Jean must of come at least a half dozen times. In the end I fucked Beth and when I came she grabbed Jean by the hair and made her "clean" her pussy. I fell asl**p and was awakened a couple of times when Jean was "servicing" Beth again.

When we woke up the next morning Beth was gone and we went home. It was like that night didn't happen but I could see subtle changes in Jean.

One day back at work I got a call from Beth and she asked me to stop by on my way home. I thought to myself maybe one more time so I said I would and left work. When I got there Beth invited me to her back study and told me to sit down. She said she wanted me to see what my wife had been up to and turned on TV and put in a video. Out comes my wife wearing a leash crawling on her knees. What the fuck?? Beth was leading her around like a dog giving her all kinds of commands and if Jean didn't react quick enough Beth gave her a spank with a whip. I was shocked. She told Jean that her husband had just fucked her before he left for work and she needed to be "cleaned". Jean crawled right up to her pussy and licked every lip until it was cleaned to Beth's satisfaction. Then Beth put on a huge strap on and bent my wife over the couch and fucked her for about ten minutes until Beth "allowed" her to come. Then she grabbed Jean by the hair and had her suck her clit until she had a massive orgasm and once again Jean cleaned her up.

I was in shock but was so turned on I couldn't look away. I saw this ritual several times with pretty much the same story. Beth would have some stud come over and fuck the shit out of her while Jean sat there next to them and after the guy came Beth would grab Jean by the hair and Jean would lick up all the come out of Beth's pussy. What really turned me on was how rough Beth was with Jean. She would grab Jean by the hair and lead her around and utterly dominate her in front of the guys. On the last video Beth fucked two guys and had Jean clean up all three afterwards. She licked the guys from the tip of their cocks to their assholes until not one drop of pussy juice was left. In this video one of the guys got hard again and fucked Jean and Beth "allowed" Jean to come. Man I never in a million years thought I would see Jean do this.

Well Beth and her Husband split up and Beth moved up North last month. Jean came up to me yesterday and said she had a business trip...I wonder if she'll be back. Next time your wife tells you she likes pussy you may think twice about it.
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My wife loves pussy. Fortunately, so far, she appears to love me more. Still, I let her indulge on the rare occasions when she meets a woman that suits her desires.