Me and the Hairdresser

For several years now I've gone to the same Hairdresser who I've really become to know and like. Her name is Yvette and she's from the Philippines and has been in the States now for about 20 years. She's about five foot two, has long raven hair, and an amazing set of tits, which I recently just discovered. I've never really been sexually attracted to Yvette since she's always been very professional and we seem to talk about our f****y, k**s, and spouse which for sure doesn't leave one aroused. I'm a middle aged white guy and at 6 foot two I always feel like a giant when I'm around her and we're just about as opposite as you can get. She never seemed to be interested in me other than as a customer but that changed several weeks ago from out of the blue.

I needed my hair cut and like always didn't make an appointment ahead of time and called to see if she could squeeze me in. At first Yvette said she couldn't so I told her that's fine that I would go to the local barber. A few minutes later she called me and asked if I could come in at 5 pm when she closed and she would just stay a little late since she didn't have any plans that evening. I thought that was cool and with my wife and k**s down at the coast I didn't have anything to do anyway so I told Yvette I'll see you at 5.

When I got there at 5 she closed the blinds and turned off the open sign and locked the door so nobody would walk in and asked me to have a seat at the sink where she shampooed the hair. We started our usual chatter and I found out that her husband and her k**s were also out of town and that she was glad to have a little time to herself. She told me that she needed to change her coat since she just colored her last customer's hair and that she would be with me in just a second. Well I've never seen Yvette without her barber coat on so when she took it off I was shocked to see that she had huge tits. She was wearing a white sundress underneath the coat and as she turned to put on the other coat I could clearly see the outline of her tits through her sundress. She wasn't wearing a bra and it was clear that she had huge nipples as they poked through the dress. In hindsight I'm not sure if this show was on purpose but I now saw Yvette in a different light. And with my wife out of town now for almost a week I was horny as hell.

As Yvette washed my hair her tits were inches away from me and it was killing me not to reach out and grab one but I just couldn't risk that since both of us were married and I thought she would slap the hell out of me. Before I knew it I had one hell of a boner and was very glad that I had the barber cover over me that hid it. She seemed to wash my hair forever and finally as she was finishing her elbow brushed against my cock. Now I have a nice fat cock that is 8 inches long and it's hard to hide but she acted like she didn't feel it. I thought she didn't know that I had a boner and was a little relieved but I kind of felt her manner changed after that. She asked me to move to the barber chair and when she turned to walk to the chair I quickly adjusted my cock where it would hopefully not be seen.

As I sat in the chair I composed myself for a second telling myself that Yvette was my Barber and that she and I had a customer/client relationship and not to let my little head take over. But the more I tried to get those beautiful tits out of my mind the more I honed in on them. I also felt she was touching me more than usual which made me nuts. Once again I had a raging hard on and I could see that it was starting to form an outline under my barber cover. Why the hell did I wear those damn gym shorts that offered very little cover I was now thinking. Yvette had to see my cock by now and I was starting to get a little embarrassed. Once again as she was leaning over me with those huge tits I just couldn't help myself and I reached under her coat and started to rub the left one and she moaned a little bit. Now I was on fire and there was no turning back. She didn't offer any resistance as I pulled her barber coat off and unzipped her sun dress enough to pull out her tits. Man they were amazing. She had large areolae and her nipples stood out probably half an inch. What was really shocking was they were natural and still stood up on their own and were very firm. I almost shot my load just sucking on those huge tits. Then we started french kissing and I reached down to her pussy and it was dripping wet. Clearly she was just as horny as I had been and her pussy juice had completely soaked through her panties.

As we were kissing and I was fingering her I was amazed at how tight her pussy was. I pulled off the barber cover used to keep cut hair off my clothes and grabbed her hand and placed it on my cock. She simply gasped as she felt it and when I pulled it out of my gym shorts she just stared at it. (I later found out it was just the second cock she had ever seen and it was twice the size of her husbands). She stared at it for what seemed like hours and finally I grabbed her by the hair and lead her head down to my cock. She sucked the tip of it which was just about all she could get in her mouth. But she too was on fire and was doing the best to suck it for all she was worth. It wasn't the best head I've had but the sheer pasion of her sucking and moaning pushed me over the ledge. I shot a huge load in her mouth and she choked and gagged but swallowed every drop. As I caught my breath I had to return the favor and picked her up and placed her in the barber chair. It caught her by surprise how easily I picked her up and then when I yanked off her panties she let out a little yelp. As beautiful as her tits were her little pussy was just as amazing. She just had a little landing strip of hair and her labia was very swollen hiding her clit. As I started licking it became clear that nobody had done this to her before. She was letting out little grunts and moans and when I finally started tonguing her clit she exploded on my face drenching it. In all my years I've never seen a girl orgasm like that. Seeing that tight little pussy up close my dick was hard again and picked her up and bent her over the chair. It was clear that she liked it a little rough. Her pussy was so tight that it took me about five minutes to work my cock all the way in. She was so wet that when my balls slapped against her ass they were soaked. As I pulled her hair she came again and after about ten minutes of fucking her as hard as I could I pulled out and shot my second load on her back. What she did next took me by surprise. She got up, got on her knees and licked every part of my cock and balls cleaning up her juices and my come. Now in all my life I've never come three times that quickly but as she kept sucking my balls I got hard again and she sucked me for damn near twenty minutes and I shot a small load in her mouth.

Afterwards we got dressed and she told me that her husband's dick would never be enough. She told me that she would always crave big cock for now on and I chuckled at her. She asked me if all white dicks were just as big as mine and I told her I doubt it and that all races come with big cocks and small cocks and I supposed that God just blessed me. I asked her if all Asians had big tits and she laughed at that.

I now go get my hair cut once a month at 5 pm and Yvette never charges me but I make sure she gets a huge "tip"...
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1 year ago
Great story
1 year ago
Fantastic! I'm married to a Filipina and she, too, has those lovely big areola sand nipples!