Cheating Wife

We've been married for a long time and I know things have slowed down a bit for us and I'm sure I've become a little boring in the sack. My wife, who is forty, has really aged well and has an awesome body. Her tits are simply amazing and I love looking at them when she towels off in the morning. Even though they're very large, they still point up and quite frankly I've taken them for granted. She works out a lot and does a great job keeping in shape where I've gone in the other direction.

A couple of months ago I noticed little changes here and there and thought that she was just going through some mental stuff and didn't really pay that much attention. For example, I noticed she shaved her pussy and when I asked her about it she told me that she had her annual doctor exam and she wanted to trim it for the visit so I let it go. I also noticed that her sex drive had slowed down a lot and when I asked her about it she said she was just tired. We have a busy life so once again I let it go. The final clue was she started locking her phone and that started to make me a little suspicious.

On her next day off from work I decided to stay home as well but didn't tell her. I left the house and parked my truck a block away and waited. Sure enough she pulled out about 30 minutes later and I followed her. My heart sank as she drove about ten miles down the road to a rough part of town and pulled into the drive of an old house. I was blown away by the way she was dressed. She had a low cut dress on that I've never seen and was wearing lipstick which she never wears. She knocked on the door and when she went in I jumped out and ran into the back yard. I was sure I would be bit by a dog or shot but there wasn't a fence and the bushes around the house were overgrown so I crawled under one and looked into the window. What I saw was something unexpected. My wife, who has always been a "take charge" kind of women was with a large hispanic young man and they were kissing passionately. He was probably about 25 years old and was tatted all over his body. After about five minutes of kissing he grabbed her by the throat and told her to get on her knees. I was in awe. She quickly obeyed and he pulled out his cock. Damn that thing was huge. My wife normally doesn't like to suck cock but she went to town on this one. All the time he was grabbing her hair and guiding her in a rough way. He asked her who was his bitch and she said she was. He asked her if she missed her husband's small dick and she said no she needed big cock now. I couldn't believe this was my conservative wife. He then told her to undress which she quickly did and he grabbed her and spanked her for a couple of minutes and she was moaning like crazy. As crazy and this was I was blown away what I saw next. Here was my naked wife crawling around on her knees and licking this guy's balls while he was spanking her and telling her what a good bitch she was and she was basically his slave at that point. Well he calls out and another dude comes out and she looks surprised. This guy is even larger and has the same gang type tattoos and pulls out his dick and the first guy tells my wife to go lick his ass. He sits on the couch and lifts his legs and she crawls to him and starts eating his ass I could see her tongue go in and out of this guy's asshole . Jesus I can't believe this. She is licking his ass and the first one comes up and starts fucking her from behind. It's clear that she's really into it and comes right away. Then the other guys puts his dick in her mouth and both of them are spanking her and she comes again. This goes on for about ten minutes and the first one comes all over her back. The other guy takes over and grabs my wife by the hair and leads her over to the couch and literally fucks the shit out of her and when he pulls out he grabs her by the hair again and f***es her to swallow his load. Now they make her lay on the ground and play with her pussy while they snap some photos of it and she comes again. At this point I'm thinking it's over and then some old guy comes out and they make her suck him off until he comes. I wait around for a little while longer and she basically crawls around naked and they keep fucking with her by making her lick their toes, balls, and asses until finally one tells her that they are done with her and she needs to go. I quickly make my escape and drive around trying to digest what I saw that afternoon. When I come home later on that evening I asked her about some bruises on her arm and she tells me she ran into the wall. I have to admit I'm horny as hell and grab her and try to fuck her and she tells me she's too tired...true story.

So men if you feel you're wife is not acting right check into it. It may be a little painful though. I can still see those two huge cocks fucking my wife to this day.
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2 months ago
1 year ago
I would have gotten photos of that action or a vid.. great story
1 year ago
oh yeah :-)
1 year ago
Awsome Story, Hot
1 year ago
Very well written story! You will have to be more demanding of her and maybe she will bring them home so you can watch and join in.
1 year ago
very well done story! hot!
1 year ago
Very hot and true,,,thanks
1 year ago
amazing story im so hard would love to see a porn movie like that