a long time coming

I was asked to be a third with this couple. I thought I had a decent sized cock. When I saw the size of his. At first I was embarressed. He was so much bigger than I was. I went limp that night out of being ashamed of my size. She told me it was ok. We talked about the size difference for a few weeks. Getting her assurrance it was ok.

Now I'm starting to get turned on by the size difference. His big hard throbbing cock was about 8 inches. She would describe how everytime he took a step it would bounce off his leg and jump to the other side. Repeating that with every step. I would get instantly hard even thinking about how big his manhood was. she would tell me what, where, when, and how much she touched his throbbing cock and here he used it. Got to the point my mouth would be watering when she would talk about him. I wanted to become his personal cock sucking cum drenched whore. I even bought dildo his size and started to practice. When i told her what i did, she was so turned on.

One time during our special time talking about what she wanted me to do in her place. Describing how i would be on my knees, with my head tilted back, and my tongue out. Ready for, thats when I blurted out. DADDY's fat throbbing cock. her response was, you do want to be a cock slut dont you. I was so excited and turned on, i could barely get out an answer of "yes" by what she said. I exploded right then. Thinking about his big fat cock pressing down my tight virgin throat, while his balls would be slapping against my chin with every stroke. Thinking about him grabbing his hands full of my hair on the corners of my head. Fucking my mouth like the cunt i wanted to be treated like.

To bad it was only a fantasy that was just talked about. If given a real chance of a woman to sissify and teach me how to suck amazing cock and deep throat her mans cock? I would be on my knees, you wouldnt have to ask me twice. I would luv and jump at the chance to be a sissy for a dominate couple. Do what they asked with no questions
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