At my Mothers Feet

"Hello earth to Mr. Dion?"

Jumping at the sound of my name I looked up to see the professor staring at me.

"Umm Yes Mrs. Richards?" I asked.

"Well Mr. Dion, my initial question was; 'are you paying attention', and I believe you just answered that."

"Sorry Mrs. Richards." I said lamely, feeling myself blush a little as several of the other students around me laughed.

"You will be if you don't pass the exam on Friday Billy," Mrs. Richards said shaking her head. "I know US History isn't part of your major but credits are credits."

"Yes ma'am."

Fortunately Mrs. Richards let it go at that and returned back to discussing the always exciting subject of Manifest Destiny. I sighed and jumped again as a paperclip hit my hand. I looked to the left and saw my best friend Jeff looking over at me smirking. As I looked at him he nodded his head, and pointing past me, winked and whispered;

"Don't blame you Bill, she's hot!"

I nodded in agreement, and turning my head, looked over at the 'she' Jeff had been referring to. Sitting one seat up from me to my right was Miranda James, and as Jeff had said, she was damn hot. Of course Jeff had been right about me day dreaming over Miranda, I mean who wouldn't? Miranda was tall, blond, tan, and had legs that went forever. Currently Miranda was showing off those legs quite well, wearing a tiny pair of denim shorts, that when she stood, barely covered the cheeks of her perfect little heart shaped ass. What Jeff, and pretty much everyone else, would be wrong about however was exactly which parts of Miranda's amazing body I was staring at.

If you were to follow my eyes one would think I was looking at her legs, which don't get me wrong were more than worth checking out and I had, but the focus of my attention was at the end of those long legs. What I really had my eye on was Miranda's incredibly sexy feet. I tried not to look, as it would only drive me crazy, but I couldn't help it. I was drawn to those tan perfectly shaped feet, with their bright red toe nail polish, like a moth to a flame. Making matters worse was that Miranda had slid her feet out of the straps of her sandals and had her toes pressed into the shoe with her feet up in the air. This left me staring at the smooth white soles of her feet and the extremely vivid image of me lying on the floor and licking the bottom of them.

I shifted uncomfortably in my seat, as my hard cock was bending painfully in my jeans. To make matters worse, at that moment, Miranda decided to not only cross her legs under her desk, but to dangle the sandal off of the edge of her toe. With an act of will I f***ed myself to turn and face the front of the class before I popped off in my jeans. I closed my eyes and shook my head as if physically trying to get the image of sucking on Miranda's red toes out of my mind.

For those of you who do not have one, which is most people I suppose, a foot fetish is not an easy thing to deal with. Most guys, and don't get me wrong me as well, are obsessed with girls tit's and asses and will stare whenever they can. The difference there is you can't actually see anything and can only imagine so much, but feet? Well in the warm weather which is what we were in now the girls had their bare feet on full display and it was driving me crazy. Sexy strappy sandals, heels that are so high they are uncomfortable; ankle bracelets, toe rings, and of course pedicures to keep those pretty little feet nice and soft for when they are up on their man's shoulders or chest. Better yet for when they were wrapped around a nice hard...

I was doing it again! Oh well, I thought at least I was doing a good job of not thinking of where my fetish started and whose feet I was attracted to the most. After all a foot fetish seemed strange enough to some people, but if they ever knew it was my own mother's feet that had instilled it in me it would be off to therapy I'd go! Stop that! I yelled at myself again as I immediately pushed the image of my mother's black stocking clad feet and pretty little toes out of my mind.

I'm sure part of the reason my fetish was so frustrating was because I had never been able to properly satisfy it. I'd been fixated with feet since well before I'd started having sex and still had yet to really explore my passion for them. Of course seeing that indeed, my love of feet had started with my mother, I tried to avoid thinking about any scenario that involved her, although admittedly lately it had been a losing battle. Pushing that from my mind before unwanted images began forming; I went back to thinking how I was too embarrassed to mention it to my first couple of girlfriends. In hindsight this was kind of stupid, as who knew maybe they might have let me play. Instead I would use any excuse I could find to rub their feet, and then after I was all hot and bothered just fuck them while I thought about their feet.

Even then, I would find positions to have their feet up on my shoulders or close to my face. Occasionally I would turn my head and give their foot or toe a quick kiss which would get a giggle out of them but I avoided licking and sucking on them the way I really wanted too. Sometimes when I would have sex doggy style I would try to look back over my shoulder at the soles of their feet facing up while they were on their knees and imagine cumming right there in their cupped feet. That thought alone would usually cause me to fuck them harder and faster and as I was spraying my cum over their ass or deep inside of them would have the image of their cum coated toes in my head. So far the closest I had gotten to satisfying my fantasies had been with Julie.

Julie and I had started going out when we met at our freshmen year at the University of Rhode Island, and after we had been together for a year, I had finally decided to fess up about how much her feet turned me on. Julie looked at me like I was a little weird but said that I always made her feel good so she would let me play. I was beside myself and after giving her a long foot rub with strawberry scented lotion got down on my knees and started kissing, licking and sucking on her cute little toes. I was hard as a rock but whenever I looked up Julie had an odd look on her face, as if she were embarrassed for me. I continued, hoping to get her into it, and after kneeling between her legs, took her feet and placed them around my cock.

Julie's feet were still a little moist from the lotion and my cock slid easily through them as I started thrusting my hips. I couldn't believe it! I was actually fucking her feet! I looked up again and saw Julie watching but still with that look of 'are you k**ding?' on her face. I felt bad she wasn't into it, but certainly was not going to stop having gotten this far. Admittedly it was a turn off seeing she was not excited and I started to look back towards her adorable little feet around my fairly sizable cock. Just as I started to turn away however I had an instant visual of my mother's face looking down into her lap her eyes wide with lust and her lips parted as she panted and moaned while my father...

I immediately looked back to Julie's feet and started fucking them faster and harder trying to get off, figuring that once I came and fulfilled my fantasy those sick thoughts would finally fade from my mind. I was just starting to breathe hard when Julie asked;

"You're not going to cum are you Billy?" As I slowed and looked at her, she opened her legs showing off her pretty little pussy that had just a little bit of blonde hair over it and continued; "You'd rather do that then fuck me?"

I all but rolled my eyes as I had deliberately taken my time going down on her and getting her off nice and hard so that I could do this and she didn't lose out. In hindsight I suppose I should have kept going, but as I stared at her she batted her baby blue eyes and pushed her lips out in the pout that always got her what she wanted from me. That pout that was so much like the one my mother used to use on my father anytime she wanted something. Of course Julie knew that it was the other things her lips could do that made me fall for it, which had made me start to wonder what my mother's had been doing that she got whatever she wanted.

Shutting that out, I reluctantly removed my cock from between Julie's delightfully sticky feet, and sliding up between her legs, slipped my cock inside of her admittedly very warm and inviting pussy. I had been close while fucking her feet, but the disappointment of having to stop coupled with my mind beginning to wander into uninvited territory had slowed me up somewhat. Julie had sighed happily and wrapped her arms and legs around me as I began to slowly fuck her the way she liked it; missionary and boring. After a couple of minutes Julie dropped her legs from my waist and I felt her feet land flat on my calves.

I instantly pictured them there and loved the way they felt. I started fucking her harder and she started to raise her legs, but I whispered in her ear to leave her feet where they were. This Julie was happy to go along with, as it meant I was still fucking her. A few seconds later I got braver and asked her to curl her toes. Julie giggled and started doing as I asked; curling then releasing her toes on my legs. Each time she did it I gasped and started fucking her harder. Julie was gasping as well then added to my excitement by raising her legs just enough to wiggle her feet back and forth. That was enough to send me over the edge, and as I felt my cum racing through my cock I started to pull back planning on cumming all over Julie's feet like she had said she would let me do sometime. As I began to slide out Julie grabbed my shoulders and holding onto me moaned;

"Oh please inside Billy! It feels sooo good!"

Julie was on the pill, and in reality how could I say no to that? So, envisioning Julie's pretty painted toes the entire time, I came hard sending what seemed like a tremendous amount of cum into Julie's hot little box.

I came back to earth, and all but slapped myself in the head at that point, as that little replay had done little to quell the raging hard on in my pants. At least if I was still going with Julie I could get some relief but she had started complaining that between school, my part time job as a waiter at Olive Garden, and doing things around the house to help out my mother, that I had no time for her. The job and school she understood but Julie always got upset when it came down to me needing to keep up the yard or the house. In our final argument I had told her that since my father passed away two years ago my mother was working two jobs and what was I supposed to do ask Mom to mow the damn lawn too? Julie had ended it with calling me a momma's boy and that I preferred my mother to her. In fact her last ridiculously bratty remark had been "Let's see who you prefer when you get horny!" Well on that note...

The ringing of the final bell mercifully cut off that train of thought and I practically jumped out of my seat and all but ran out of the classroom causing Jeff to call out behind me;

"Hey Billy, pool tonight! I'll be there at six!"

After waving to him over my shoulder I exited the building, and after walking halfway across the parking lot, smiled at my car as I approached it. The car, a perfectly restored 1969 Firebird was not only my pride and joy because it was gorgeous but because it had been the last thing Dad had given to me. Four years ago my father had been diagnosed with liver cancer. After the first year although he was still functioning the long term prognosis had not been good. Deciding to enjoy the time he had left dad had bought the Firebird which had always been his dream car and the two of us spent a lot of time together fixing it up. A year later, at my high school graduation at which point my father could barely get out of bed most days, he presented me with the keys saying that at least he had something cool to leave me.

As I got into the car and started it, deliberately giving it a lot of gas to hear the engine roar, I sighed as I felt that familiar pang of sadness go through me. After two years I was past the point of getting teary eyed on a regular basis but it still hit me that my father's life had been cut short at the age of forty four. Pulling out into the street I glanced into the rear view mirror and as URI disappeared behind me I thought that dad had left me a lot more than the car; his life insurance policy and my mother's selflessness was paying for my education.

Dad's policy had been enough to pay off the house which of course is what he wanted. This way all mom would be left to pay was taxes and the usual stuff and she would be able to live there the rest of her life. Mom however, seeing that I hadn't qualified for much scholarship money had taken the money and put it into an account to pay for all four years of my college. Because she had done that mom was currently working two jobs. During the week she worked as a paralegal and Friday and Saturday night's she waitressed at a cocktail lounge. I felt terrible and had gotten the job at Olive Garden against her wishes so I could help pay for a few things here and there.

This was also the reason I went out of my way to do anything that needed to be done around the house. As it was mom worked Monday through Saturday and usually spent Sunday running errands and eventually passing out on the couch to rest up for another week. How could I not help? Apparently I was supposed to spend my time catering to a spoiled little brat like Julie. On that note however, I certainly wouldn't mind having said brat around right now to relieve a little frustration. Instead I was heading home to the internet and my hand, then again, on the plus side at least my hand didn't whine and ask for things.

I arrived home, went up to my room, and tossing my books on the bed, went over to my desk. After putting my cell down where I could reach it, I flipped my lap top open. While the computer booted up I unzipped my jeans, and sliding them and my underwear down, logged onto the internet to find some inspiration. I clicked on the favorites tab and scrolled down to where I had several porn sites bookmarked. I passed over a couple of standard ones and went further down to where I had several foot job videos saved. After staring at Miranda's feet for close to forty five minutes I felt it only fitting that I got off to a hot foot video. God only knew it might be the closest I ever came to seeing my cum on a pair of sexy feet.

I was just ready to click on one when my eyes wandered down to the next site; Taboo tales; real Mother's seduce their sons! I hesitated and cursed myself for not deleting that site like I kept saying I was going to. As my finger tapped the mouse nervously I began playing the game with myself; the same game I'd been playing for months. My first reaction was to get rid of the site and watch a good foot video, after all sex with one's mother was a pretty sick subject. Of course immediately on the heels of that thought was the justification of; hey if it were that uncommon would there be sex sites about it? Never mind the endless stories dedicated to mother son sex on erotica sites. After all wasn't that what all types of porn were; harmless fantasy?

In the end I didn't know why I bothered; it's not like I already didn't know how this would end. With a sigh of resignation I clicked on the link, and as the site came up, instantly felt my cock begin to stir as my eyes scanned the trailers that were on the first page of the site. I lingered on one still of a mother on her knees, looking up into her son's astonished face as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth. I almost clicked on it but kept scanning. Like the game I had played with whether or not I would go into the site, I already knew exactly which video I wanted, the same one I'd been watching for the last two weeks.

I found it on the second page and clicking on it leaned back, putting my hand around my cock which was already hard in anticipation. The video began with a guy on his bed watching a porn and jerking off much like I was. The door opened and his mother came in and began yelling at him. I wasn't paying any attention to the dialogue but had begun to stroke my cock as the mom in the video approached the bed and opening her robe exposed herself to her son. My breathing began to get heavier as I watched the mother crawl up onto the bed and between her son's legs. The camera zoomed in on her and I moaned softly as this is what really made this my favorite video. The woman in the video closely resembled my own mother, same long brown hair, big brown eyes and very full inviting lips.

My hand sped up on my cock as the woman smiled and began teasing her soft pink tongue around the head of her son's cock. He moaned and I moaned with him, as the mother let out a delightfully wicked giggle and told the son to tell her what he wanted. After some really bad pretending of not wanting it the son finally whimpered;

"Mom, would you please suck on my cock?"

I moaned almost as loud as the idiot in the movie as with a wink his mother slowly, teasingly; an inch at a time took his cock all the way down to its base. Sliding it back out she said;

"What's the matter honey, didn't know your mom loved to suck cock?"

With that she began sucking it faster and harder, deep throating him and moaning every time her son's cock was buried in her throat. I could feel myself getting ready to cum and deliberately slowed myself down so I could watch a little more of the video. The mother stopped sucking, and sitting up on the bed, held up her small but perky tits. Her son sat up, and eagerly began to suck on them, as she reached down and stroked his cock. My hand picked up speed as it was getting to my favorite part. The mother lied back and slowly spread her legs. After bending his head to go down on her, the son slid up on his knees, and with a loud groan, slid his cock into his mother's pussy. Here it comes I thought as I started jerking even faster. The mother raised her legs and put them on her son's shoulders. Turning his head, he kissed the side of her foot, then opening his mouth started to flick his tongue across his mother's toes. I was panting hard and could once again feel my cock getting ready to explode. On the video the mom put her other foot up to her son's lips and...

My cell phone rang.

I jumped so hard I almost went over backwards in my chair, barely catching the edge of the table with my hand. Looking over at the phone, I saw it was mom calling, and instantly felt dirty as all hell. Reaching out I grabbed the phone and answered it quickly before it went to voicemail.

"Hey mom!" I answered.

"Hi hon, hey are you okay?" Mom asked.

"Yeah," I said realizing I sounded winded. "I...I had to run for the phone."

"Are you sure Billy?" Mom asked. "Is that all you were doing?"

"Umm well yeah." I said a little nervously as I looked over and saw the video still playing. "Why?"

Just checking." Mom laughed and I smiled; mom had a very lighthearted laugh and I loved listening to it."Thought maybe Julie might have come to her senses and you were being a bad boy."

Well the bad boy part she had right I thought before answering.

"No mom I told you Julie and I are all done." I reached over and shut the video off and asked; "Is everything okay?"

"Oh yeah sorry Billy, I was busy busting you up and almost forgot why I called." Mom paused then continued in the adorable little girl voice she would use whenever she needed something done. "Billy honey? Would you do your mom a huge favor before I get home?"

I'd rather do you a huge favor after you get home I thought, the image of the video still etched into my brain, but responded.

"What do you need mom?"

"The light blew out in my bedroom would you change the bulbs for me? I have some in the box in the closet."

"No problem mom. Anything for you."

"Aww aren't you sweet!" Mom laughed delightedly. "You do spoil me Billy."

"Someone should mom," I said seriously. "You deserve it."

"Thank you Billy." Mom said also sounding serious. "You really are sweet, I mean it."

Yeah real sweet I thought sitting there with my hand on my cock as I was listening to my mother talk.

"Thanks mom I'll see you soon."

'Yup I'm just leaving now."

Feeling guilty, I quickly pulled my pants back up and headed into my mother's bedroom to get the light done before she got home. I left the door open as I entered and paused as I stopped in front of her closet. Shit, why the hell did the bulbs have to be in there? Okay I told myself, just open the door, grab the bulbs, and shut the door. Mom had a large closet with sliding doors, and deliberately keeping my eyes down, I slid the door over to the right. The box with the four foot fluorescent bulbs was there in the corner and I quickly slid two out. I started to close the door when, as if they had a mind of their own, my eyes turned upwards and stared at the top shelf of the closet.

"Why the hell do I do this to myself." I muttered out loud.

Ignoring my own protests, I pulled the chain that turned on the light in the closet and stared at the contents of the shelf. The closet had to be five feet across and lined up from one end to the other were pairs of shoes. These weren't just any shoes; these were my mother's 'work shoes' as she called them. As my eyes tormented me by slowly scanning the shelf I thought that play shoes might be a bit more fitting. These were not the conservative business like shoes mom wore to the law office every day; those boring flats and short heels were on the floor of the closet. No the shoes up here were the ones she used to wear out when her and dad had their Saturday date nights, but now were the ones she wore at the cocktail lounge.

Every pair was a different color and ranged in style from four inch purple stiletto's to a pair of knee high fuck me boots that had leather ties up the back. These shoes were always worn with a very short black skirt, a blouse that matched the color of the shoes and different colored stockings. Giving up, and completely succumbing to my weakness, I reached up and removed the right shoe to my favorite pair. This was a red high heeled sandal that had leather straps that wound around the calf and tied just under the knee. These were the only pair mom wore without stockings which was probably why I liked them so much. Don't get me wrong the stockings looked incredible but so did my mother's bare thighs. Never mind the thought of there being nothing under her skirt but one of the skimpy thongs I knew she wore. Staring at the shoe I figured that over the last couple of years I had probably jerked off onto them at least a half a dozen times.

I put the shoe back up on the shelf then pulled down one of the purple stilettos. I gently caressed the top of the shoe, and closing my eyes, imagined that it was the top of my mother's soft foot. They would be in my lap and she would raise the shoe up to my face... As I envisioned it I brought the shoe up to my mouth, and feeling like a pervert, but unable to help myself licked the point of the heel. I felt my cock grow hard as I sucked the heel into my mouth and imagined my hand sliding the other shoe off of Mom's foot, and that foot lowering itself to my bare cock. My eyes popped open, and I all but threw the shoe back up onto the shelf. Just before I shut the light off I noticed the shoe was crooked and fixed it. My mother was borderline OCD and would notice something out of place right away.

Shutting the door, I sighed as I pulled the chair Mom sat in when she did her makeup away from her bureau, and stood on it to remove the frosted panel that covered her light. As I unscrewed the first bulb I thought back on how my fetish with my mother's feet had started. When I was a k** I noticed that my father would always rub mom's feet. Dad would sit in the corner of the couch and mom would stretch out with her feet in his lap. Mom would always coo happily and say how nice it felt and dad would do it for hours, sometimes just lightly caressing with his fingertips.

I never thought much of it; just figured dad was doing something nice for mom. As I got a little older however, I did start to notice little things like just how much mom seemed to be enjoying it, how some of the expressions on her face were starting to remind me of the dirty magazines I had been looking at. I also noticed how dad would now stop when I entered the room. I got my first look at what was really going on when I stood off to the side of the doorway for a few minutes one night, and watched shocked, as mom's feet were slowly rubbing back and forth on Dad's crotch. As she was doing it, I saw dad's hand wandering up the leg of her shorts at which point, afraid of being seen, I quickly turned and went back to my room.

That was nothing compared to the next time I saw them however. One night I was supposed to stay at a friend's house, but the k** got into trouble, and I had to leave around midnight. I pulled into the driveway and entered quietly through the back door figuring my parents were sl**ping. As I started to head upstairs to my room I saw the tv on in the parlor and went to go tell them I was home. I had just about reached the doorway when I froze at what I saw on the couch.

Mom was wearing an extremely short red silk robe, that at the moment, was up to her hips. Her feet were once again in dad's lap except this time they were wrapped around his bare hard cock. As I watched, mom started raising and lowering her legs, causing her feet to slide up and down dad's cock. My father's hand was up between mom's legs and I could see him moving his arm back and forth. I'd been having sex myself by then and knew he was pumping his fingers in and out of mom's pussy. That thought caused me to back up a couple of steps, but I found myself unable to leave.

From the angle I was watching from I could see mom's face and I found myself unable to look away. Mom's eyes were half closed, her lips were parted and I could hear her moaning softly from where I was standing. The darkness of the hallway kept her from seeing me and I now found myself edging back closer to the doorway. Dad's other hand reached out and pulled the tie of mom's robe open, causing it to fall to the side, and my eyes widened as I saw mom's small but well shaped tits exposed. Mom groaned as dad's fingers found her right nipple and she arched her head back and let out a sigh of pleasure.

Part of my mind was telling me to leave; that this was wrong and I shouldn't be watching but I couldn't help myself. Seeing my mother stretched out and moaning like that had me...excited. With a start I realized that I had become hard as a rock while staring at my mom's tits. Just then mom raised one of her legs and pushed her toes into my father's mouth. As her leg lifted I could see up her robe and my mouth dropped open as I was presented with a clear view of my father's fingers slipping into my mother's pussy. My mother's pussy! Oh shit I thought, why was I watching this? Even from where I was standing I could see mom's pussy glistening and felt my already hard cock twitch in my pants when I saw that it was completely smooth.

I saw dad add his thumb to her pussy and mom immediately dropped her leg and clenched her thighs around his hand. Dad's hand seemed to be moving faster, and as I watched mom, let out a loud gasp, and arching her back up, tossed her head back and let out a loud squeal that caused my cock to jump in my pants. The show wasn't over yet however, as leaning her head back up, Mom sat up straighter, and once again wrapping her feet around my father's cock, began rubbing them back and forth across his hard flesh. Dad reached down, and grabbing mom's ankles, stopped her feet from moving and began bucking his hips hard. I could feel my heart pounding and my cock throbbing as I watched my father fuck my mother's feet. I didn't think I could get anymore turned on until I heard my mother say;

"Yeah baby? You like fucking my sexy little feet? You going to cum all over them for me?"

Hearing my mother talk like that was as exciting as watching what they were doing. Apparently my father thought so as well, as with loud groan, he pumped his hips hard and my eyes widened as I saw his cum begin spurting out and all over my mother's feet and toes. Mom moaned as well as she watched and the look on her face looked almost as good as her cum covered feet. I had slipped upstairs into my room and had jerked three times before going to sl**p. All I could picture was my mother's feet covered in cum and that incredible look of pure lust on her face.

I shook my head as the image of mom's long lean body arched up off the couch as she had made that incredible squeal was causing my cock to swell again. I f***ed myself to focus on changing the bulbs, and when I had finished, slid the chair back and thought about how dad had gotten sick not to long after that causing me to forget about what I had seen. The last year however, I found myself thinking about it more and more, except suddenly the fantasy had gone from watching him with mom to me being the one she was playing with. Even when I had been with Julie there had been a couple of disturbing moments where I saw my mother, not Julie, moaning and squirming underneath me. I had even thought about talking to someone about it but felt too ashamed. Besides, I thought it's not like I was ever going to do anything with mom so maybe it was just some kind of sick fixation and I would get off it sooner than later.

Speaking of getting off, my cock was hard for about the tenth time in the last couple of hours, and I couldn't take it anymore. I had planned on going back to the computer, but as I started to walk away from the bureau, I looked down at the bottom left drawer. I knew what was in there and this time I didn't even try to talk myself out of it. Bending over and opening the drawer I let out a sigh as I looked at the dozens of pairs of different colored stockings and nylons it contained. Reaching in I picked up a hot pink thigh high, one that mom had worn last week, and the one's I had been thinking of ever since.

Walking over to mom's queen size bed, I sat down on the edge of it, and sliding my pants down my hips, wrapped the soft stocking around my cock and started sliding it up and down. I closed my eyes as I pictured mom's small soft perfectly manicured foot inside of that stocking. As I increased the speed of my stroking I envisioned that soft pink clad foot sliding across my chest and stomach. I started breathing heavier as I imagined how good her feet would look wrapped around my cock. Normally that is where my mind would stop, but this time I went further, much further. I thought of mom removing her foot from my cock, and laying back, spreading her legs and whispering;

"Come on Billy, fuck your mother, you know you want to."

I moaned and my hand started furiously pumping my cock as I saw myself slide into my mother's pussy. Mom moaned and put her stocking clad feet on my shoulders, her toes right next to my face. I turned my head, sucked her toes into my mouth, and grabbing her ankles started fucking the shit out of her.

"Oh Billy!!" She would moan.

I gasped loudly, as my cock exploded, sending a huge spurt of cum into the pink stocking. I kept stroking and my cock kept shooting. A moment later I sighed with relief, as I gave myself a couple of more pumps, and felt the last of my cum dribble into the now soaking wet stocking. I sat back panting for a minute, then looking at the cum splattered stocking, realized I would have to grab the other one and toss them into the laundry so mom wouldn't notice she only had one in the drawer. I stood up and was just starting to pull my pants up when I heard the front door creak as it began to swing open.

Holy shit! I thought as my eyes instantly found the clock and saw that it was five o'clock. The front door faced my mother's bedroom at an angle and I had left her door wide open. If she looked right at her bedroom she would be able to see me. In a panic I turned around, putting my back to the door, and zipping up my jeans. I went to shove the stocking into my pocket but just as I was I heard mom call my name I jumped so violently I dropped it.


"Umm in here Mom!" I called, hoping I didn't sound as nervous as I felt.

Knowing I would never have time to pick it up, I did the only thing I could think of and kicked the stocking under the bed.

"You changed the bulbs!" Mom said as she entered the room behind me. "Thank you honey!"

"No problem mom I..." I stopped as when I turned around I found myself speechless at mom's appearance.

Normally when mom went to work, she either wore knee length skirts or slacks with a professional looking blouse or jacket and a pair of her boring every day shoes. Today however, mom was wearing a red mini skirt that barely went halfway down her thighs and showed off her extremely long well shaped legs. Mom's top consisted of a tight fitting low cut black t-shirt that hugged and flattered her smallish tits. My gaze instantly dropped down to her legs and saw that she was wearing black stockings and the ensemble was completed by a pair of black high heels that had straps that buckled behind her ankles.

"Billy? You okay?" Mom asked, causing me to realize I had been standing there staring at her.

Yeah... sure I just..." I hesitated then blurted out. "Did you go to the office like that today?"

"Hell no!" Mom said laughing. "I have a couple of personal days left over that I have to use and the lounge needed some help in the daytime this week so I got paid from the office and worked there today." She shook her head and smiled.

"Maybe I should though, that's how all those dippy secretaries keep their jobs. Then again," she shrugged. "They can get away with it. I'm a little old for that."

"I don't know mom you do pretty good in tips at the lounge." I told her. "You look as good as any of those young girls."

"Aww aren't you nice." Mom said and leaning over kissed me on the cheek.

Mom then sat on the edge of the bed next to where I was standing, and with a sigh, kicked her shoes off.

"Damn those things kill my feet." She said, as raising her legs, she pointed her toes downward and wiggled them.

I caught myself staring as mom did this; marveling at how long her legs really were. I hadn't been exaggerating when I had told her she looked as good as the waitresses my age. Mom had just turned forty one but was still one hell of a good looking woman. Mom was tall, about 5'7" and was a little on the thinner side which made her legs seem even longer. As for her features Mom was the girl next store type, with long curly brown hair, big expressive brown eyes and a set of very full lips that she could push into an adorable pout that she used to use to full effect on my father.

I looked over to the side to stop from staring, and saw our reflection in the mirror. I myself looked nothing like mom, inheriting my father's dirty blond hair and blue eyes. I was a little shorter than dad's six feet, standing about five ten, and like mom I was a bit on the thinner side, but worked out a couple of times a week and preferred the word lean to thin. All in all I was a decent looking guy who had never really had a hard time finding a date.

"So any plans tonight Billy?" Mom asked, snapping me out of my trance.

"I don't think..." I paused and remembered Jeff yelling to me as I left school. Shit! I did have to go out for awhile. "No wait a minute, I have my eight ball league tonight. Jeff's picking me up in an hour."

As I spoke mom was looking at me smiling and I became painfully aware of the fact, that moments ago, I had just jerked off a foot from where she was sitting.

"What about you?" I asked hoping she would say yes, and it was soon, so I would get a chance to get under her bed before I left, but she shrugged;

"I might go get a pedicure, but not for a couple of hours."

"Oh, okay well did you want to shower before I do?" Please?

"Not yet," Mom said as started to take her earrings off. "I might just watch a little tv and ...Oh shit!"

"What's the matter?"

"I dropped the damn back to my earring!"

As she spoke mom looked down and added;

"I think it went under the bed."

Mom started to slide off the bed to get down on the floor and look for it. I immediately dropped to my knees so quickly, that our heads almost banged together, and exclaimed;

"No let me!"

"It's okay Billy, I can..."

"No you're already sore from working mom, you don't have to get down on the floor." I told her as I crouched down and looked under the bed for the earring back.

"Billy you are too good to me you know that?"

I didn't answer, as when she spoke mom turned slightly, and as I crouched there with my cheek against the rug, peering under the bed, I found that my face was inches from her foot. The black stockings were just sheer enough that I could see her deep red toenail polish and I felt the insane desire to kiss the tips of her toes. I shifted my gaze to under the bed, and swallowed hard, as I saw the cum soaked stocking under the bed not two feet away from me. There was nothing I could do about it now, but I did however, see the back to mom's earring.

"I got it." I said as I flattened out on the floor to try to reach it. This put my face even closer to mom's foot.

"Oh let me move." Mom said.

With that, mom swung her leg up off the floor and onto the bed. As she did I got a look straight up her skirt and saw that the stockings were thigh highs. Mom was wearing a black thong which seemed to be riding up a bit, and I swear I could see the lips of her...

I turned my head so fast that I winced as the carpet sc****d the side of my face. Pulling my head out from under the bed I sat up onto my knees.

"Here you go mom." I said handing her the small silver ball.

"Thank you hon." Mom said, taking it from my hand, and leaning backwards to drop it and the earrings onto the small nightstand next to her bed.

As Mom stretched back, her shirt became un-tucked and rode up, leaving me staring at her surprisingly flat stomach. I turned my head to avoid the temptation of fondling it and found myself staring at the foot she had placed on the bed. I let my eyes wander slowly up her leg and when my gaze reached the edge of her skirt made myself stand up. Mom was sitting back up and with a sigh leaned forward, and grabbing the top of her foot, kneaded the bottom of it with her red tipped fingers. Mom sighed again and said;

"I remember your dad used to rub my feet all the time. I'd give anything for a good foot massage."

I stared at mom and had to make a conscious effort to keep my mouth from hanging open. I wanted nothing more than to offer my services, but held back knowing damn well I wouldn't be able to hold back. Not that I would ever make a move, but no way in hell would I be able to have my mother's feet in my hands and not get hard and that would be all I would need to happen. The opportunity quickly vanished however, as Mom swung her foot back down on the floor and said;

"Oh well, I guess a pedicure and maybe a bath later will have to do."

"You know mom," I said. "Maybe you should try going out and meeting someone. I mean you're an attractive woman and I'm sure a lot of guys would want to," I shrugged. "Be good to you."

Mom smirked at me, and raising her eyebrow asked;

"Billy, are you telling your mother to go out and get some?"

"I..." I stopped as I could feel myself begin to blush furiously. "Well no... I mean well you should have some fun that's all." Mom laughed at my embarrassment, then turning serious said;"You know Billy just because I haven't brought anyone here doesn't mean I haven't," She winked at me. "Tried to have some fun but it's just," She shrugged and sighed. "I just can't getcomfortable Billy, not yet."

"It's been two years mom. It's okay." I told her and I meant it. My mother was a sexy woman with a lot of good years ahead of her and should have someone taking care of her the way she deserved.

"Yeah well like I said Billy I get close but can't pull the trigger." She looked at me and said; "But that's enough of that. Now what about you? Any new prospects?"

"Nah, I'm not really looking."

"You don't have to." Mom said smiling again. "Good looking guy like you."

"Thanks but you have to say that you're my mother." I said although I had to admit her complimenting me gave me a bit of a thrill.

"I don't have to say anything Billy." Mom told me, and then added; "And I'm also a woman who knows what a good looking man looks like and you are definitely something my boy."

I felt myself blush again and said softly.

"Thanks mom." I then winked at her. "Runs in the f****y."

"And smooth as well." Mom said laughing then looking at the clock said. "Billy you better get moving if Jeff is coming at six."

Shit I thought, seeing it was almost five thirty. I glanced once more at the bed wishing the hell mom would leave the room and I could find a way to get the stocking. It wasn't that I was worried she would look under the bed but if she went in the drawer and only saw one stocking she would look for the other.

"Why don't you go lie on the couch mom?" I asked. "I'll get you a glass of wine before I hop in the shower."

Mom shook her head.

"I think I might just relax in here for a bit hon." She then stood up, and reaching out gently ran her hand down my cheek. "Tell you what Billy, I remember your dad used to spoil me like you do. It's a shame that the only man in my life who knows how to take care of me is my son."

Mom leaned up and kissed me on the cheek again and told me.

"Get moving Billy if you're not ready then Jeff will come in here and I'm tired of him looking at my legs. k**'s got some wandering eyes."

I nodded and turning away from her walked away stunned at that last comment. Not the one about Jeff, I was well aware that he checked out mom. Hell he had been doing it since we were k**s, but the comment about me knowing how to treat her. Had she meant something by that? I went upstairs, and as I grabbed my clothes and hopped in the shower, my mind began to race. Mom was always very affectionate with me, very touchy, her hands always on my face or shoulder, always giving me those little winks that sometimes seemed as if there was a little more behind them. No, I told myself there was nothing; just a case of twisted wishful thinking on my part. Shit for the last six months I'd been watching Mother son sex videos, and reading i****t stories. That shit didn't happen for real and there was a reason for it; it was wrong.

As I showered, my mind spun back to the stocking and I found myself rushing through the shower, hoping to hell mom hadn't decided to go into her drawer for anything, she had said she might go back out. I quickly dried off, dressed in jeans and a plain black t-shirt, and grabbing my pool stick, went downstairs. Mom had changed into the long white robe she wore around the house and was on the couch sipping a glass of wine. As I approached she looked up at me and I felt a twinge in my stomach as she seemed to have an odd look on her face.

"Umm I'm going to go wait for Jeff outside." I said beginning to walk past her. "I'll be home around ten."

"Billy come here a minute." Mom said.

I turned and slowly walked over to stand in front of the coffee table opposite of where mom was sitting on the couch.

"Anything wrong mom?" I asked nervously.

"Yeah I think there might be." Mom said as she took a sip of the wine.

"Well uh what..."

"I think I have something wrong with my foot." Mom said. "Will you take a look for me?"

"Well I...I guess." I said.

I should have felt relieved but mom still had a weird look on her face as if she knew something I didn't. No, I thought I was just being paranoid. Mom didn't know what I was doing in her room, and tomorrow, when she left for work I would throw the stockings in the wash. My mind suddenly went blank as mom said;

"Here," and lifted her leg straight up, putting her foot almost right into my chest.

I reached out, and cupping mom's heel in my hands, lifted her foot a little higher towards my face.

"Here hold on." Mom said.

With that, she slid herself further down into the couch which raised her leg higher. It also caused her robe to slide up and as I stared past her toes I realized I could see up her robe to the inside of her upper thigh. As good as that thigh looked however I quickly returned my attention to the incredibly soft, sexy foot that was inches from my face.

"Do you see anything?" Mom asked.

"" I said softly as I stared at the smooth flesh of the sole of her foot.

"It hurts right under my toes."

For emphasis mom wiggled her toes in front of me, and I felt my heart begin to beat faster. I leaned a little closer appearing to take a better look, and as I did, I couldn't help but think that I was so close that I could probably flick my tongue out and lick her big toe with it.

"I still don't see anything." I said quietly, not trusting my voice.

"Well would you be a dear and just rub that spot under my big toe?"

Swallowing hard, I reached up and placing my thumb directly under her big toe, began to push in and rub it in small slow circles.

"Oh that feels nice." Mom cooed softly closing her eyes.

Damn straight it did I thought as I marveled at how soft her foot was. As my thumb continued its rubbing I slowly closed my fingers around the top of her foot and had to stifle a moan as my finger tips brushed the top of her foot. It seemed as if the room was getting hotter and I could feel my hands trembling slightly around mom's foot.

"You know I just remembered how strong your father's hands were. Yours are just like them."

Hearing my father mentioned cooled me off a bit, but as I looked up, mom still had her eyes closed. Mom didn't talk about dad much and when she did it was usually with a sentence or two that always started with "I just remembered or I remember when."

"Hmmm" Mom sighed, causing me to quickly forget about my father and focus back on the fact I had my mother's perfect foot in my hand.

"Billy, are you alright?" Mom asked suddenly.

"Uh Yeah why?"

"Because you look nervous, everything okay?"

"Oh yeah, just uh... a little warm."

"I guess it is warm," Mom agreed. "But I thought it was the wine." She let out a giggle and said. "It's the only way I get nice and warm these days."

Before I could find a response to that. I heard a horn beep, and reluctantly lowering her foot to the table, said;

"I gotta get going."

"Awww. " Mom said and to my delight pushed her lips out into a pout. "But that felt soooo nice."

Fuck pool! I thought I would go tell Jeff I was sick and... and then what? I looked back at mom and saw she was chugging the rest of the wine in the glass. I shook my head; she was getting a buzz. I began to feel warm myself at the thought of mom rolling around on the couch d***k and horny and...

"Sorry mom." I said quickly then, unable to help myself, said. "Maybe I can rub your feet another time."

"Ohhh careful with that Billy," Mom said smiling. "I was just remembering how much I enjoy a good foot rub." She sighed. "Well run along and have fun. I'll just stay here and..." she giggled again and with a wink said. "Have fun."

It was a long night at the pool league. Every game seemed to take forever and every match went the maximum amount of games. I didn't play badly and even won my match. This was pretty impressive considering that the girlfriend of the guy I was playing against had kicked off her sandals and kept playfully kicking her bare feet back and forth while she sat on the stool watching us. This proved to be quite a distraction, as of course I kept staring at them. Unlike earlier today when I was staring at Miranda's feet and actually thinking of her, this girls feet kept turning into my mother's. Jeff had a fake ID and the place we were playing in was pretty lax, so I had a couple of beers which took the edge off a bit. By the time Jeff dropped me off at a little past ten, I was pretty tired and looking forward to going right to bed.

I let myself in quietly, figuring that mom was usually in bed by nine thirty and I didn't want to wake her. Putting my pool stick down in the corner of the hallway I entered the living room where I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight before me. The light was out but the room was lit by several candles that were on the coffee and end tables. Mom herself was lying stretched out on the couch and must have gone out because she had changed and what she was wearing had me staring.

Mom was wearing a short red sundress that hugged her hips and had she been standing may have gone about halfway down to her knees. Lying the way she was however the dress was about two thirds of the way up her thighs. As my eyes wandered down her long shapely legs I saw that she had her feet up on a pillow and as I stared I could see a silver ankle bracelet gleaming in the candle light. Forcing myself to move before I got caught gawking, I came into the living room and as I approached the couch I saw a bottle of red wine on the table and with a start realized it was just about empty.

Mom had her head turned towards the back of the couch and I could see her eyes were closed. I could also see that she was wearing makeup and she had curled her long brown hair. I stared down at her, and seeing she was sl**ping, took my time admiring how absolutely beautiful she was. My eyes trailed down her face to look at the inviting skin of her slender neck. Drifting further I took in the smooth skin of her chest and found myself gazing down the neckline of her sundress. I could just see the swelling of her breast and... my cock twitched as I saw her nipples poking through the dress and realized she was not wearing a bra. Had she gone out like that? Where the hell had she gone dressed like this in the first place?

"Hey Billy, whatcha doing?"

I jumped at the sound of Mom's voice and immediately felt myself start to flush as she had to have seen me staring.

"Oh umm... I was just seeing if you were sl**ping." I lied lamely. "I was going to put the candles out."

"Hmmm." Mom sighed ,and to my distress, she put her arms over her head and stretched, arching her back up off the couch and pushing her tits out.

I turned away as she did and stared at the near empty wine bottle. Had it been full?

"No leave them lit I like them," Mom said. "Very relaxing."

As I looked at her, I could see her eyes were bright and her cheeks flush. Mom was d***k or close to it.

"The whole night has been." She continued. "I went and got a pedicure see?"

Mom raised her legs up and I saw she had painted her toes a deep emerald green. I also saw she was wearing a silver toe ring on the middle toe of each foot.

"I know, color clashes with the dress, but who cares?" She giggled then sighed. "Then I came back, lit some candles and drank a whole lot of wine!"

Mom stretched again and whispered;

"I feel like a cat! All warm and relaxed and happy and..."

"Satisfied?" I finished as she hesitated.

"I haven't been satisfied in a long time Billy." Mom said. Then as if realizing what she said she giggled again and added; "Oops sorry." She winked. "Bad kitty!"

Oh boy I thought to myself, this was a little too much for me. It was time to go upstairs where I'm sure mom's last little remark would run through my head while I stroked it to her green toes and nipples.

"Okay well I'm going to go to bed mom. Good Night."

I leaned over to kiss her cheek and at the last second mom turned her head and quickly caught my lips with her own. I jerked back stunned, it was only a quick peck, and mom had pulled back right away, but still! As I looked at her, with what I am sure was an expression of shock on my face, mom laughed;

"It's okay Billy I just felt like kissing a good looking guy that's all. Now I can tell the girls at the office I kissed a hot young guy and they'll be all jealous." She paused and added; "You used to kiss me on the lips all the time."

"When I was a k**." I told her.

I could taste her lipstick and began to feel as warm as mom said she felt.

"Oh? Too grown up to give your mom a quick kiss?" She grunted then laughed. "I see how you are."

"I guess so." I answered, not needing this to go any further. "Like I said I'm heading to bed."

"No you're not."

"I'm not?" I asked.

"Nope." Mom said shaking her head. "What you're going to do is sit down at the other end of the couch and give me a nice foot rub."

"Umm you know mom," I said speaking slowly so I wouldn't stumble over my words. "How about another time? I'm really..."

"Awww but you promised before you left!" Mom pushed her lips out in a pout and I felt myself begin to sweat, oh this could turn real bad real quick. "Please Billy?"

I looked down at her and felt my resolve melt away. I couldn't resist that. I would just try to do it quickly, mom was so relaxed, no let's be honest so d***k, she would probably fall asl**p. With a nervous smile I said;

"Anything for you mom."

"Now that's more like it!" Mom laughed happily.

Resigned to my fate and the potential embarrassment that could come out of this, I went over to the other end of the couch. Mom lifted her feet up off the pillow which I intended to grab and put in my lap to cover up the hard on I knew I would get. Before I could however, mom sat up and grabbing it, put it behind her head as she rested it on the arm of the couch. I sat down and mom immediately put her feet in my lap. Taking a deep breath, I reached down, and taking mom's right foot in both of my hands, started to knead my thumbs into the soft skin of the bottom of her foot.

"Ohhh that feels so-oh good!" Mom cooed happily.

"It's supposed to." I said absently,

I watched my hands massage my mother's perfect foot. The pedicure had made them even softer and the green nail polish was sexy as hell. I worked my fingers into the skin just below each of her toes, then moving down began to rub the sole of her foot. As I pushed my thumbs into the bottom of her foot, I started light running my fingers across the top, gently caressing her foot with my finger tips. I slid my hand back, and as I began to rub her heel mom let out a sound that could only be described as a moan, and slid further down the couch. Her dress rode up and was now dangerously close to her hips. Putting her foot down, I picked up the other one and repeated the massage.

Mom was making little sounds of pleasure in her throat, and maybe it was just my imagination, but I swear they sounded sexual in nature. Finishing rubbing that foot I let them rest in my lap and just began lightly running my finger tips across the tops. As I did I found myself staring at the ankle bracelet and toe rings. I felt my breath starting to pick up, and as I rubbed the back of my hand down the bottom of mom's foot, became alarmed as I felt my cock beginning to swell.

Shifting mom's feet slightly so they wouldn't be pressing directly into my cock, I turned my head to see if she noticed and almost let out a moan of my own. Mom had that look on her face; the one from my fantasies. Mom's eyes were half closed and her lips parted slightly. She was breathing heavier and I felt my cock grow completely stiff as I saw that her nipples were hard. No, I told myself she wasn't turned on just relaxed and buzzed and...

"Do that on the bottom of my feet." Mom said softly as I ran my fingers across the top of her foot again.

Mom had crossed her feet at her ankles, and putting my hand under her heels, I lifted her feet up and started to run my fingers across the soles of her feet.

"Ohh yes." Mom whispered, causing my cock to start to throb painfully in my jeans.

As I rubbed I stared at mom's feet and had to fight the urge to bring them to my lips, to suck on her toes and lick and kiss and...

"Go ahead." Mom said.

"Umm go ahead and...?" I asked nervously glancing over at her.

"Yes Billy, go ahead and do what you want to do." She smiled wickedly and added; "Suck on my toes Billy."

"W-What?" I gasped out.

"Don't what me Billy." Mom answered calmly. "Just do it. Suck on your mother's toes just like you've been thinking about." She smiled. "I'll let you. Hell I want you too."

"I... don't know what..." This was a trick or a dream or... at that point Mom cut into my thoughts.

"You've been a bad boy haven't you Billy?"

Before I could answer Mom reached down next to her, and with another evil little smile, held up the cumstained pink stocking.

"Oh no." I said softly feeling my stomach twist.

"Mom I... I am s-so sorry I..."

"Don't be Billy." Mom said. "I think it's quite flattering."

As she said that mom took the stocking, and as I watched open mouthed, put it under her nose and took a deep breath, sniffing right where there was a huge stain.

"Ohhh," Mom moaned. "And such a turn on."


It's all I could get out. My heart was beating like a jackhammer, and I could feel the sweat trickling down my back. I could also feel my cock begin to get even harder if that was possible.

"Billy, take off your shirt."


I had no idea what to do or say. I had been having wet dreams like this for months, but now that it seemed as if mom wanted it I was frozen. There had to be something more to this, was this just another wet dream was I...

"The shirt Billy, take it off."


"If I told you to do the dishes Billy you would. Now listen to your mother and take your damn shirt off."

Mom had said it in the exact same tone she would if I had given her a hard time, and I found myself immediately slipping my shirt up over my head, and tossing it on the floor.

"There you go, now I can do this."

As she spoke mom lifted her legs, and turning slightly on the couch placed her feet flat on my chest. I tried without success to stifle a moan as mom wiggled her toes on my chest then very slowly started sliding them up and down. I moaned again as they slid down my stomach then gasped as mom dropped her left foot right on top of my hard cock.

"Ohhh such a bad boy!" Mom breathed out as her foot rubbed my cock through my jeans.

"But that's okay Billy. Know why?" Without waiting for an answer she continued: "Because as soon as I found this I remembered that it's the exact way I found out your father loved my feet."

I... mom listen I ummm."

I was stopped by mom raising her foot, and placing her toes directly against my mouth. This time I didn't hesitate at all; the second mom's toes pushed against my lips, I opened wide and sucked three of her toes into my mouth. I whimpered like a small c***d as I swirled my tongue around the tips of her toes. Mom let out a long sexy moan that caused me to stop licking and begin sucking on them.

"Oh Billy," Mom sighed. "Oh honey that is so good!"

I knew this was wrong, but as I sat there with my mother's toe in my mouth, and her foot rubbing my cock, there was nothing in me that wanted to stop. Mom then pulled her toes from my mouth and as I made a sound of protest said;

"You can suck on them again Billy, but I want to tell you a story and I just won't be able to concentrate if you keep doing that." She returned her foot to my lap and was now rubbing both of them across my painfully hard cock.

"Why don't you go back to rubbing them while I talk?"

Without needing to be told twice, I reached down and started rubbing the tops of her feet again. I also pushed down as I rubbed causing them to press harder into my cock. Mom didn't seem to mind as she began speaking softly;

"That's right Billy, I caught your father the same way. See we always had a lot of fun in bed but for whatever reason your dad was afraid to tell me he liked my feet. He would rub them every night and get horny over it. We'd have sex but he never told me it was my feet that got him going. Oh, you do like them don't you Billy?" Mom paused to ask as she pushed down into my raging hard on.

"I love them." I gasped out still stroking the tops of her feet and staring at her toes which were wet from my mouth.

"Ohhh, and I love you loving them." Mom answered."But see the thing was I loved my feet being played with and would get excited over it but not say anything either. Then one day I'm going through your father's draw putting some shirts away and I find..." She held up the stained stocking. "A pair of my black nylons with cum stains all over them!" She smiled

"So I did just what I did to you, I let him rub my feet, then put him on the spot and after that we had a lot of fun enjoying my feet." She winked. "All my sexy shoes, and stockings, and polish. So when I found this Billy I guess I should be mad but all it made me was horny."

Mom looked away for a second, and for the first time seemed to hesitate herself before looking back at me, and whispering;

"I miss it Billy, and the couple of guys I've been with wouldn't understand just like I bet your silly little girlfriends wouldn't. So go ahead and suck on them again Billy. Kiss them, lick them anything you want, their all yours."

Mom had barely gotten that last part out when I lifted both of her feet to my face and, slowly one at a time, flicked my tongue around all ten of her perfect toes. Mom gasped and moaned each time my tongue slid between them, and started to rock her hips up and down on the couch.

"Oh just like that Billy, oh nice and slow oh yes." She moaned the breathed out "Oh, now suck on them honey, oh show me how much you love your mother's pretty little toes."

My eyes rolled back in pleasure as I took mom's big toe into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. I slid it out of my mouth and moved to the next one. For the next few minutes I worked each one of mom's toes into my mouth licking sucking and thoroughly enjoying each one of them. Spurring me on were the moans and sighs coming from her as she lied there loving every minute of the attention I was giving them. Finishing with her last toe, I held her feet up higher, and not caring if it seemed weird, placed my tongue at the base of my mother's heel and very slowly licked the entire length of her foot.

"Oh my God Billy!" Mom exclaimed. "Oh honey, that is so fucking hot!"

Egged on by that response, I repeated that move with her other foot. Pulling her feet from my grasp mom dropped them back into my crotch again, and after rubbing them along my cock, said;

"Oh you loved that didn't you Billy? Sucking on my toes got you all hard didn't it you bad boy?"

"Oh yes."

"Hmmm got me hot too baby, see?"

Reaching down mom pulled the bottom of her dress up over her hips, and spreading her legs open exposed the red thong she was wearing.

"Oh my God." I breathed out, as covering the entire front of the thong, was a large wet stain.

"Take your cock out." Mom said abruptly.

"What did you...?"

"You heard me Billy. Stop acting like a little k**. You've had sex before now take your cock out for me."


"Billy I am not asking."Mom shrugged and added; "How else can I put my nice soft feet around it?"

Mom pulled her feet from my lap, and moving quickly before I lost my nerve, I stood up, and unzipping my jeans, pushed them and my underwear down causing my trapped cock to spring free.

"Oh look at that." Mom whispered as I stepped out of my clothes and stood up. My cock, which was standing straight up, was glistening from the precum that had been dripping out of it and was so swollen the head was purple. Licking her lips mom said softly.

"Oh what a beautiful cock."

I felt a sense of the surreal come over me. I was standing there completely naked, not only naked but hard as a rock, in front of my mother and was totally turned on by it. I sat back down and as soon as I did mom stretched her legs back out, and wrapped her feet around my bare cock. I looked down and groaned at the sight of my hard dick nestled between the insteps of her feet and then moaned loudly, as squeezing them tightly around my shaft; mom started pumping her feet up and down. I leaned back my heart pounding as I watched my mother jerk me off with her feet.

When her feet got to the tip, mom wrapped her toes around the head of my cock and squeezed. I let out a loud moa,n and my hips twitched as a line of pre cum squirted out of my cock.

"Oh there you go." Mom whispered as she quickly rubbed the sides of her feet across the head of my dripping prick. "Oh yeah let's get that nice and wet!"

Mom started pumping her feet up and down again, but this time they were slick with cum and felt even better. I reached out, and grabbing her ankles, began to pump her feet up and down a little quicker. I stared into my lap transfixed by the sight of Mom's glistening feet with their green toenails working their way up and down my cock.

"Oh yeah baby? You like that? You like watching your mom give you a foot job?"

I couldn't believe mom was talking like that! Not that anything here was believable but hearing her talk that nasty was almost as much of a turn on as what she was doing to me. Almost, I thought as I released a startled moan of pleasure, as taking her left foot, mom placed it under my balls and wiggled her toes against them.

"Hmmm. Oh that is nice." Mom whispered. "Ohhhh"

At the sound of that moan I f***ed my eyes away from the incredible sight of mom's feet around me and turned to look at her. I gasped, as I saw that mom had slid the thong to the side exposing her pussy. As I watched, my cock throbbing between her feet, Mom reached down with her other hand and slid two fingers through the lips of her perfectly smooth glistening pussy.

"Oh!" Mom moaned as she started to slowly rub her clit. Looking up at me she said;

"Give me your hand."

Putting my right hand on her calf I slowly slid it up the length of her long smooth leg. When it reached the top of her thigh, Mom grabbed my wrist, and with no hesitation, placed my hand on her pussy.

"Oh Goddamn!" I exclaimed as I felt how hot and wet she was.

"Oh go ahead Billy! Play with it!"

"Play with it." I repeated numbly.

"Yes baby! Oh please play with my pussy." Mom pushed her lips out into the pout. "Oh please make me cum Billy!!"

I paused, part of me wanting to just pull my hand away. This was my mother! As if reading my thoughts Mom looked at me and said;

"Billy I know this seems wrong and it probably is but honey it feels so damn right! Oh please Billy? No one will know honey! No one will ever know it will just be our little secret!"

I moaned as Mom started moving her feet faster along the length of my cock.

"Oh Billy think of how much fun this could be! Oh we can be so good to each other!" She paused to moan as I slid my hand through her incredibly wet pussy.

"Oh Billy! I need it! I need it so bad!!" Looking at me with those big lust filled brown eyes, Mom whispered; "Make your mother cum Billy."

Everything about what mom had just said was totally wrong, but I had never heard anything that sounded that good. Abandoning all thoughts of wrong or right I slid my hand down and pushed two fingers into my mother's sopping wet pussy. Mom's pussy was incredibly hot and surprisingly tight. I started to work my fingers in and out, and as I did, I could hear a moist sucking sound coming from her pussy. Goddamn she was wet! Pushing my fingers all the way in, I placed my thumb on her swollen clit and started rubbing it in slow circles.

"Oh hell yeah!" Mom cried out as her legs clamped around my hand pinning it between her thighs.

As my hand worked her pussy, mom's feet wrapped even tighter around my cock and started pumping them again. I moaned, and using my free hand, grabbed her right ankle and started guiding her feet to move even faster. I looked up to see that mom had reached up, and sliding the straps from her shoulders, pushed the dressed down causing her tits to pop out.

'Oh mom, their beautiful." I said softly as I stared those small but still well shaped tits.

Mom's nipples were rose colored, and at the moment looked as hard as my cock felt. As I continued to stare Mom licked her fingers, and grabbing her nipples, began to slowly twist them back and forth. As she did she gasped, and I felt her pussy clench around my fingers. I looked at mom's face and saw her eyes closed and her mouth wide open. I started pumping my fingers in and out faster and pushed harder on her clit. Mom groaned and started bucking her hips up and down forcing my fingers even deeper into her pussy. Mom had stopped moving her feet, but I didn't care. Right now my only focus was on hearing and feeling my mother cum.

"Oh Billy, oh yes, oh honey just a little more!"

Taking a chance, I added a third finger inside of her pussy and began thrusting them in even harder than before. Leaning over, I reached out with my free hand, and gently pushing mom's fingers away from her right nipple, started rolling it between my finger tips.

"Ohhhh," Mom groaned. "Oh sooo close."

Getting braver, I gave her nipple a slight pinch. Mom let out a long loud moan and arched her back up off the couch. I kept my thumb on her clit and my fingers buried in her pussy, as with a sound that could only be described as a wail, mom tossed her head back and began bucking her hips wildly. As I continued to rub her clit I gasped myself as, mom wailed again and her pussy began convulsing around my fingers. I moaned, as I felt her juices gush out around my fingers as she thrashed and moaned on the couch. I had never seen a woman cum this hard! Not even in the movies. Mom let out a tiny whimper and her body went limp. As she slumped back into the couch mom looked up at me and I couldn't help but smile. Mom's face was completely flushed and she was sweating to the point her hair was sticking to her face. She looked stunned, as if even she couldn't believe she came that hard.

"Ohhhh did I need that." Mom panted. "Oh Billy that was soo good!"

Mom then looked down at my cock;

"Awww someone is all hard and needs to cum." She looked me in the eye. "You want that Billy? You want to cum all over your mom's feet?"

"Oh I do!" I moaned, as I slid my hand out from between her legs, and her feet started pumping me again.

"Tell me baby, tell me what you want."

"I..." I paused, but hearing mom's voice in my head saying not to act like a k**, I swallowed hard and said;

"I want to cum all over my mother's sexy feet."

"Hmmm that sounds good!" Mom said. "Go head Billy fuck my pretty little feet show me how bad you've wanted them!"

I held her feet still and as I started thrusting my hips as hard as I could, looked down and sighed at the amazing sight of my hard dripping cock sliding in and out of the sexiest feet I'd ever seen. I groaned as I felt my cock begin to twitch, and knew I was getting close. I started to slow down a little trying to make it last but mom said;

"Just cum Billy, nice and quick, that way you'll be able to last when you fuck me!"

When I fuck? Oh my god I was going to fuck my mother! I... all thoughts were cut off as my cock exploded. I cried out, as a tremendous shot of cum went up into the air and came splashing back down on top of mom's feet. I stopped thrusting, and mom immediately began jerking me off with her feet again. I moaned and whimpered, as each time her feet pumped me, more cum sprayed out of my cock. I stared down in awe at the sight of my swollen prick shooting all over my mother's feet. I gasped and slumped back into the arm of the couch as mom gave me one more pump and a little more cum dribbled out.

As I lay there gasping mom lifted her legs up and my cum began to drip down her feet.

"Oh my look at that!" Mom said softly. "Oh I forgot how good that hot cum could feel."

Mom took her feet, and placing them flat on my chest, started rubbing them back and forth. I could feel some of my cum dripping onto my stomach but could care less. I was just sitting there stunned listening to mom talk.

"Oh Billy, oh how good that looks." She was breathing heavier again and suddenly said;

"Billy I need to cum again."

"Anything for you mom." I said with a tired smile, and leaning forward went to slide my hand back up into her pussy again.

"Hmm-mm" Mom said shaking her head. "Get on your knees."

"On my...?"

Mom nodded, and pointing to the floor, raised one of her feet, and hooking her ankle behind my head pulled me forward.

"That tongue felt really good on my toes Billy," She said with that evil little smile. "Let's see what it can do down there.

I looked at mom stunned, I don't know why, at this point nothing should be surprising me, as I hesitated Mom pointed again at the floor and said;'

"Do I have to come out and say it?" She laughed softly. "Fine, Billy get down on the floor and lick my pussy."

I dropped to my knees so fast that it hurt. Mom smiled and turning around so that she was sitting the right way on the couch raised her cum soaked feet, and placing them on my shoulders, spread her legs open. I placed my trembling hands on the inside of her incredibly soft upper thighs, and leaning forward, placed a kiss gentle kiss at the crease of her thigh. I inhaled deeply and groaned at the intoxicating scent of my mother's wet pussy. Mom was rubbing her left foot back and forth and I could feel my shoulder getting wet from my cum dripping from her foot.

"Ohhh damn." I whispered, as sliding my hands up and using my thumbs, I gently spread mom's pussy open.

Mom stopped moving her foot, and I could feel her thighs tense up in anticipation under my hands. Leaning in, until my lips were mere inches from her pussy I opened my mouth and blew softly on her clit.

"Ohhh Billy," Mom groaned. "Oh honey please don't tease! You can take your time next time, I promise!"

Next time? At that I lost all pretense of trying to go slow and plunged my tongue directly into my mother's dripping pussy. We both groaned as my tongue swirled around, probing her hot flesh. I sucked hard, and found my mouth filled with my mother's sweet sticky nectar.

Ohhhh honey!" Mom gasped.

Holding her pussy open, and keeping my tongue rigid, I started moving my head back and forth sliding my tongue in and out of her deliciously hot box. Mom let out a yelp as I did it;

"Oh look at you tongue fucking me! Oh you are soooo bad!!"

I buried my tongue deep into her pussy, and once again breathed deep loving her musky scent and completely smooth wet flesh being pressed into my face. Keeping my tongue inside, I swirled it around and mom's hips twitched shoving her pussy even harder into my face. Removing my tongue, I paused to suck on it, groaning at the taste of my mother in my mouth. Pushing my tongue back out I slowly slid it up between her soft wet lips, and finding her swollen bud flicked my tongue across it.

"Oh!!" Mom yelped thrusting her hips into my tongue. "Ohhhh that felt good!"

As I started tracing slow circles around the edges of her clit, I lowered my right hand, and slipped two fingers into mom's sopping wet pussy. Once again I could hear them sliding in and became aware of the fact that I was hard again. After swirling my tongue around her hard clit several more times, each time enjoying the soft sigh of pleasure that mom would make, I took her clit between my lips and started gently sucking it in and out of my mouth. The effect on mom was amazing. Letting out a loud moan, mom started rocking her hips back and forth in time with my slow steady sucking and reaching down she started running her fingers through my hair.

"Ohh, ohhh Billy," She cooed. "Oh that is just right! Oh you soooo know how to take care of me don't you?"

Spurred on by that, I began pumping my fingers in and out of her pussy also in rhythm with my sucking and mom's slow thrusting. As I maintained the slow steady pleasing of my mother's pussy I became aware of how warm it was, and how I could feel the sweat dripping down my back. Mom was sweating as well, her thighs were moist against my cheek, and the heat from her pussy was incredible. As I had before, I added another finger into her pussy and feeling my cock throbbing between my legs decided to pick up the pace. After all, mom said we could play later, and the sooner she came the sooner she would let me fuck her.

Mom's moans were turning into one continuous whimper, and I could feel her thighs begin to tremble against my cheeks. I started sucking harder on her clit while really beginning to thrust my fingers in and out of her. Mom's fingers wrapped themselves into my hair as she began to grind her pussy harder into my face. I opened my eyes and looked up to see mom with her eyes closed and her mouth wide open as she moaned. My eyes lingered on her beautiful rose colored nipples, and reaching up with my left hand, I grabbed her right nipple, and as I thrust my fingers and sucked her clit hard into my mouth, gave it a hard twist hoping it wouldn't be too much.

Turned out it was exactly what she needed. Mom let out a high pitched squeal, and digging her nails painfully into my scalp thrust her pussy into my face.

"Ohhhh yes!!" Mom cried out, and then released the longest loudest wail I'd ever heard.

Mom's thigh's clamped hard around my head, and still holding me by my hair, she drove her hips up and down smearing her pussy into my face as her back arched and another loud squeal escaped her. Somehow I managed to keep my tongue on her clit and my fingers buried in her pussy continuing to please her as she came. Mom's pussy suddenly contracted around my fingers and she seemed to pause for just a moment, then with another cry of pleasure, I felt her pussy gush, and my face was suddenly full of her juices. With a whimper that I swear was sexier than all the loud screams, mom let my head go and dropped her feet to the floor.

I sat back on my knees, panting for breath, and wiping at my soaking wet cheeks. I looked at the couch and whispered;

"Holy shit."

There was a huge wet stain on the cushion just under mom's pussy, and her pussy itself was literally dripping. I wiped again at my face and was hit by the thought that my mother was a squirter. Mom was slumped back into the couch also gasping for breath. Her face was beet red and slick with sweat and her hair was plastered to her right cheek. Her chest was heaving and I watched transfixed by the sight of her perky little tits rising and falling with each breath.

"Goddamn you're hot." I said without realizing I was going to.

"And you Billy, are fucking amazing!" Mom panted out, and then looking down added with a tired smile. "And hard again!"

I glanced down to see my cock standing at attention and seemingly pointing directly at mom's pussy. I stood up and started to lean over the couch intent on slipping my cock deep inside of that over flowing pussy. Mom raised her leg and stopped me by putting her foot on my chest.

"Not yet," She said still trying to catch her breath. "Sit down next to me."

I looked longingly at mom's pussy, which was inches from my cock, but did as she said sitting down on the couch. Mom sat up straight and rolling over swung her right knee between my legs and kneeled over me. I could feel her pussy dripping on my thigh, but was more interested in Mom's tits which were in my face. Without waiting for her to say anything, I eagerly sucked that beautiful nipple into my mouth while reaching up and fondling the other one. "Hmmm" Mom cooed as she wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her tit deeper into my mouth.

I switched up, taking her other nipple into my mouth while teasing the other with my fingers. Mom's arms slid back, and leaning back she pulled her tits from my mouth. I looked up to protest, but mom reached out, and taking my face gently in her hands lowered her head to mine. I saw her perfect lips parted and feeling my heart begin to pound again I tilted my head and closed my eyes. A moment later I felt my mother's soft lips press into mine and gently kiss me.

I moaned in my throat as Mom started kissing me harder, and began to slide her lips back and forth across mine. A moment later I felt her tongue push against my lips and I obediently opened my mouth to receive her soft wet tongue. We both sighed in pleasure as my arms slid around her narrow waist and pulled her into me. I could feel her hard nipples pressing into my chest and her fingers were running through my sweat soaked hair. Mom let her weight go and completely folded into me as we shared the deepest most passionate kiss that I could have ever imagined.

As hot as all the playing had been there was a part of me that thought that this kiss might be the most amazing thing I had felt tonight. This was more than lust, I could feel my mother's love for me in this kiss and I hoped she could feel me returning it. I had never realized that I had this strong of a desire for her, not just her body, but all of her. Mom whimpered softly in her throat and I knew she did indeed feel it as well. Mom slid her lips from mine and bending her head started kissing my neck. I moaned as I felt her hot breath in my ear as she playfully nibbled my earlobe before bringing her lips back to mine for another long deep kiss. Finally breaking the kiss Mom leaned back and giving me that nasty little smile said;

Oh Billy you bad, bad boy," She shook her head. "Your face tastes like your mother's pussy!"

I could feel the heat of her pussy on my leg, and could also feel my hard cock pressed against her thigh. Sliding my hands down to her hips, I gave her a little push hoping to get her to lie back so that I could finally take her. Mom shook her head and said;

"Not yet Billy."

"Mom please...." I started.

"Oh I like how that sounded Billy!" Mom cooed. "Oh I do, but not yet honey, know why?"

Before I could answer mom leaned down, and after playfully flicking her tongue across my nipple said;

"Because your mother just remembered how much she missed sucking cock."

As I stared at her speechless, Mom continued;

"Now you don't want me to go without do you Billy?"

With that Mom slowly slid back off my leg, and standing up in front of me turned her back, and slowly, teasingly shimmied out of her dress.

"Oh fuck me." I whispered, as kicking the dress to the side, mom raised her arms up over her head and let me take in her fully naked body.

"You like honey?" She asked.

All I could do was nod stupidly as mom then turned around, and bending slightly, playfully shook her small well shaped ass at me. I could also see her glistening wet pussy winking out at me, and moaned as my cock felt even more swollen than it had earlier. Mom turned back around, and immediately dropping down to her knees between my legs reached out and grabbed my cock.

"Ohhh," I whimpered as I looked at mom's red tipped fingers wrap around my dripping prick.

Mom squeezed and more pre cum oozed out.

"Oh look at that." She whispered.

Squeezing tightly, mom slowly started to pump her hand up and down my throbbing cock. When she got to the top she would give a slight twist making me moan each time and also causing more sticky fluid to ooze out of my dick.

"Yeah nice and wet." Mom said. "Nice and hard, and," She winked. "Nice and big."

Leaning over, mom took my cock and started rubbing it along the side of her face.

"Hmmm. How does that look Billy."

"A-amazing." I managed to choke out.

Mom turned her face, and after rubbing my cock on her other cheek, pulled her head back, taking a string of my precum with it.

"Yeah, you thought about me blowing you Billy? You bad little boy."


"It's okay honey Because I've been wanting to." Mom said softly.

Any answer I could have come up with was erased by mom bringing my cock to her lips and slowly licking around the head with her soft tongue. Oh how fucking hot that looked!

"That's right Billy I've been thinking about us, but you had Julie and it was wrong, but ohhh when I found that stocking!"

"I...been wanting it too mom." I groaned out as dipping her head down mom licked up the length of my shaft. "I...I admit it."

"Hmmm." Mom moaned as she licked the other side of my cock. "Well Billy I will tell you a secret then."

"Wh-what's that?" I asked still in awe at the sight of my cock in my mother's face.

Mom smiled and said;

"That bottle of wine only had a couple of glasses in it." She gave me a rueful smile and said; "I just wanted you to think I was d***k, I thought it would help." She winked and said "I'm really just a bad girl."

Before I could respond mom, lowered her mouth, and taking just the tip of my cock between her lips, sucked hard. I gasped and my hips jumped as I felt her slurp the precum out of the tip of my cock.

"Oh damn!" I exclaimed.

Mom lifted her head and opening her mouth showed me her tongue. As she did some of my sticky fluid dripped off of it back onto my cock.

"Like that Billy? Like your mother sucking your cock?"

"I... ohhhhh"

I was cut off by mom opening her mouth, and in one smooth motion, taking my cock all the way down to the base. I moaned, as keeping it buried in her mouth, mom slowly shook her head back and forth.

"Hmmm" Mom moaned, and the vibration of it sent a surge of pleasure through my cock.

Slowly an inch at a time, mom slid my cock from her mouth. I could feel her tongue pressed against my shaf,t and it was all I could do to stay still as she teased me. Removing my cock from her mouth mom swirled her tongue around the head looking me in the eye as she did so. Then with a wink, she took my cock about half way down, and began bobbing her head in a slow steady rhythm. I was moaning continuously as much from the sight of my mother between my legs blowing me as I was at how fucking good it felt. Mom wrapped her right hand around the base of my cock, and started stroking up and down following her mouth with it, and jerking me off as she blew me.

As mom continued to give me the most amazing blow job I'd ever had I saw that she had closed her eyes and was sighing with pleasure every time she took me down into her hot wet mouth. I found myself glad that I had cum twice already today or I would have not have been able to last for more than a minute in my mother's mouth. I reached down and started to put my hands in her hair, but stopped wondering if she would care. Opening her eyes ,and sliding my cock from her between her lips, mom said;

"Go ahead honey you can play with my hair." As I eagerly ran my fingers through her sweat soaked hair she smiled and added; "But no pulling, after all I am your mother!"

With that mom not only went back to sucking my cock but with a vengeance. I gasped loudly as she began not only taking my cock all the way down each time she lowered her head, but was sucking much faster than she had been before. I could feel my legs start to shake and let out a moan as mom slipped her other hand underneath my cock and started kneading my balls. I was getting close and found myself thinking if I should say something. Instead I moaned again as mom lightly caressed my balls with her fingertips.

Mom's eyes were now open and were locked with mine. I was breathing hard and desperately trying to hold back as I watched the full length of my dick sliding in and out from between my mother's perfect lips. I dropped my hands from her hair afraid I was going to start pulling and put them on her shoulders. Mom's skin was sticky and sweaty and even that was turning me on. I was also aware that all I could smell was my mother's pussy on my face. I gasped as I felt my hips start to raise and lower as if on their own. Mom went down one more time but this time when her head came back up she released my cock with a loud sucking sound.

"Not yet Billy," She said looking me in the eye. "You can cum in my mouth another time but right now I need to remember how good a nice hard cock feels inside of me."

Mom stood up and I started to try to get up as well, not that I trusted my legs at this point, but mom pushed me back into a sitting position and leaning over tapped my legs. Taking her meaning I closed my legs part way. Mom put her right knee next to my left leg and swinging her right leg across my legs straddled me. I looked up to see mom smiling down at me. Mom reached back and I groaned as I felt her not only grab my cock, but guide it back, until I could feel the head pressing into her pussy. Leaning down Mom's lips found mine, and as her tongue darted into my mouth, she let her weight go, impaling herself onto my hard cock. I moaned into mom's mouth as my hard flesh penetrated her soft, wet and incredibly hot pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah!!" Mom cried out as she broke the kiss.

Bracing her hands on my shoulders, mom leaned back onto my lap and started sliding back and forth slowly. I whimpered at how incredible it felt, then seeing her nipple in front of my face, leaned forward and sucked it into my mouth.

"Ohhh yes," mom cooed. "Oh that feels soooo good! Oh how I need this!"

Mom leaned forward, and as she had done before, wrapped her arms around my neck and bending her head to mine pulled me into another deep kiss. We both sighed as mom continued to slowly fuck me while we kissed. I put my hands on her hips and started pushing and pulling, helping her to ride me. Mom leaned back again, and putting her hands into her hair lifted them up taking her hair up with them.

"How do I look Billy?" Mom asked softly as she posed for me.

"You are the sexiest woman I've ever seen." I told her meaning every bit of it.

Mom was sweating heavily and her tits and chest were glistening with it. Removing my hands from her hips I raised them to her tits and started fondling them. I was amazed at how firm they still were and enjoying the feeling of her hard nipples pressing into my palms. Mom reached down behind her and began fondling my balls as she slid back and forth on my lap. My hips twitched causing me to slam my cock hard into her pussy.

"Oh fuck!" Mom yelped.

"S-sorry!" I groaned out.

"Sorry?" Mom asked. "Do it again!"

Grabbing mom's hips I gave her two hard pumps. Mom yelped with each one and I stopped.

"Don't stop Billy!" Mom whimpered. "Fuck me!"

Those words were all I need to hear; squeezing mom's hips tightly I started driving my hips on and off the couch slamming my cock hard into her pussy. Mom through her head back and cried out as I started fucking her as fast and hard as I could. Putting her hands back on my shoulders, mom stopped sliding back and forth on my cock, and started bouncing straight up and down on it.

"Oh yes!!" Mom practically screamed, as my dick plunged even deeper into her incredible pussy.

Mom was so wet that each time she came down on me I could feel more of her juices coming out onto my leg and could hear a wet sucking sound.

"Harder!" Mom cried out, and leaning over so I could drive up even further into her made a noise that sounded like a growl in my ear.

"Oh fuck yeah Billy! Oh look at you!! Oh I knew you would give it to me like I need it! I knew you could take care of me!"

I was sweating so much it was getting in my eyes and my heart was pounding like a jackhammer. I was amazed I had been able to hold back this long, but as mom continued to pound her pussy onto my cock, I could feel my legs start to shake again. I looked into mom's sweat streaked face and moaned at the look of pure lust in her eyes as she fucked the shit out her son. Her son, who had dreamed of this for months, and wanted nothing more than to give her what she had been missing. I wrapped my arms around mom's waist, pinning her to me, and started driving my hips up into her even harder than before. Mom was yelping with each thrust and it was directly in my ear. Every yelp made me thrust even harder and I felt mom's finger nails dig hard into my shoulders. It hurt but felt good at the same time. I had never even imagined sex this hot!

"Stop!" Mom snapped into my ear.

I immediately stopped thrusting hoping to hell I hadn't done anything wrong.

"Did I..." I started to ask but was silenced by mom kissing me.

Breaking the kiss mom said;

"Not like this Billy, I just remembered what my favorite is and I want it!"

Mom pulled herself up off my cock, and swinging herself off of me, turned around and got onto her hands and knees.

"Oh my god." I said as I stared at my mother's perfect ass pointed up at me. Her pussy was in full view and was dripping down her thighs.

"Come on Billy," Mom said looking back over her shoulder at me. "Come give your mother what she needs."

I quickly got up, and kneeling behind her on the couch grabbed her hips, and slowly began to push my cock into her.

"Don't tease!" Mom said and slamming herself backwards into me drove my cock into her.

"Oh that's it!" Mom yelled as my cock buried itself to the hilt in her incredible pussy.

I pulled out and started to fuck her in a slow steady rhythm wanting to enjoy as much of this position as possible. Mom's back was also covered in sweat and her hair was plastered across it. As I started thrusting a little faster she began to rock back and forth into me matching my pace. I was breathing like a bull and could already feel my legs begin to shake. I started going even harder and then slowed as I felt something brush my balls. I looked down to see mom had reached down between her legs and was rubbing her clit as I fucked her.

"Not slow honey, faster!!"


"Fast and hard Billy make me cum on that beautiful cock of yours." She yelped as I reared back and gave her a hard thrust. "Oh yeah, not just your cock anymore Billy," Mom gasped. "My cock!"

Her cock? On that note I lost all inhibition and grabbing her hips hard enough that she couldn't move started fucking the shit out of her. There was no other way to say it. I was pulling back as far as I dared before slamming forward as hard as I could. Mom was screaming at this point, every thrust was making her get louder and louder and I found myself wondering what the hell the neighbors were thinking. As I continued to fuck her mom's hand was rubbing furiously between her legs. I let out a desperate whimper as I could feel myself approaching the point of no return.

"Oh just a little more honey!" Mom called out, "Oh please just a few more nice hard.... Ohh ohhhh!"

Mom drove herself back into me and lifting her head let out another of those unbelievable wails. I felt her pussy clench around my cock and as mom started wildly bucking her hips into me I felt my thighs get sprayed by another gusher from her pussy. I started slamming her even harder so hard that the sound of our flesh slapping together filled the room.

"Ohhhh ohh Fuck yeahhhh!" Mom wailed.

Her pussy twitched around my cock again and with one more thrust I yelled out almost as long as mom had as I felt my cum racing through my cock. I started to pull out but mom whimpered out;

"Oh no inside honey oh please!"

I cried out again as my cock exploded inside of my mother's pussy. I moaned and gasped as despite having cum not too long ago I was cumming harder than I could ever remember. Every thrust ended in another spurt of cum that sprayed the inside of my mother's already dripping pussy. I kept pumping and just kept cumming. Mom was moaning and whimpering with every squirt and was grinding her pussy into me as if she were trying to wring out every drop. With a soft whimper I pushed my cock inside one more time and felt the last couple of drops ooze out of my spent cock.

"Ohhh honey," Mom moaned softly. "Ohhh that felt so nice."

Mom rolled over and leaning against the arm of the couch put her arms out to me. I collapsed into her embrace my head nestled on her shoulder. Mom put her arms around me and hugging me tight said softly in my ear.

"I can feel your heart beat."

I slid my arms around her waist and pulled her even closer to me. I had never felt this tired in my life but also had never felt this good. What we had just done was supposed to be totally wrong but lying in my mother's arms feeling her naked body pressed against my mine I had never felt so content.



"I...I'm glad you wanted me."

"I'm glad you wanted me to want you mom." I said and turning my head kissed her cheek.

"Karen." She said softly. "Call me Karen."

"Really?" I asked.

"Yeah Billy, I think things are going to be a lot different between us from now on. I mean I'm always going to be your mom but I..." Mom hesitated and said quietly; "I want you to want me as a woman I haven't felt like a woman in a long time."

I was silent for a minute thinking of how incredible this felt, how I had never felt anything like it before and holding her tighter I swallowed hard and said in her ear;

"I...I love you...Karen."

Mom was quiet and I was afraid I'd screwed up. Mom turned her head to look at me and I saw she had tears in her eyes. I felt my stomach sink and was going to say something when she smiled and whispered;

"I love you too Billy in every way."

We kissed softly and went back to holding each other. I felt my own eyes tear up a bit but they were happy tears as I knew mom... I mean Karen's were. As we laid there I found myself starting to wonder how this would work. People would never suspect I suppose but...I stopped my mind from racing and concentrated on how good this was going to be. Of how we were going to be able to enjoy what we had just done every night. At that thought my eyes opened in surprise as I could feel my cock start to twitch again at the thought of enjoying my mother every night. Whatever I called her she was still my mother and it was still going to have to be a secret a dirty little sexy secret. Just then mom pushed against my chest and asked me to sit back. As I did she sat up and looking down at herself said;

"Damn were sweaty and sticky." With a laugh Mom stood up and extended her hand to me.

"Where are we going?"

With a wink Mom smiled and extending her hand to me said;

"I just remembered how much fun it is to play in the shower." She grinned. "Up for getting all dirty while we get clean?"

I returned her smile and answered.

"Anything for you...Karen."

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