My First Threesome Experience

It was quite hot during summer season. Saturday afternoon hard work, go downstairs watch a little TV and cool off from the heat, strip down take a shower, go upstairs and get dressed. Ever since the f****y moved out, this has been Saturday at my house. Why would this Saturday be different?
Everything went as usual, except while watching the game I fell asl**p. When I woke, I stripped and took my shower. Ten minutes later I'm walking up the stairs and notice that my wife, Rita, left the front door open. I can't get to our room without passing that door but the porch is partially covered so there isn't a clear view from the street. I sucked it up and took the step. Two steps into the hall I noticed movement on the porch, Sonja from across the street was just reaching up to ring the bell. We both froze, staring at each other. Well, Sonja wasn't staring so much at me as she was my cook.
I wouldn't say that at 7 inches I am overly large but I am thicker than most and Sonja was staring straight at it. I had to end this quick (where was Rita?). "Hi Sonja, I don't know where Rita is but I'll tell her you came over." "No, I want you...wait I mean I need"
Now this was kind of cute seeing her frustrated like that but like I said this had to end I was starting to get hard. "Is your garage door acting up again?"
"Yeah, yeah... garage door. It's not working."
"Okay, I'll be over in a few minutes and look at it." With that I shut the door and quick-stepped it to the bedroom.
After I got dressed, I searched the house. Rita was nowhere to be found. I checked the garage and her car was gone so I headed over to Sonja.
While I'm crossing the street let me tell you about Sonja. She's a 30 something, about 5' nothing, very attractive and fit. I've seen her in a bikini and her boobs are probably 34B maybe C and her ass is, well perfect.
Her husband is out of town a lot for work so Sonja usually makes the rounds to the neighbors asking for help or advice on various household items. I fixed her garage door once, so every time the garage door acts up, she comes to me.
I get to the garage and there's Sonja sitting in a chair waiting. God this is awkward. I start looking the door over and asking her was it was doing and what she had done before it started acting up. The chain had jumped the gear again, simple fix. While I was on the ladder (making sure my back was to Sonja) getting the chain back on the gear Sonja asks, "How big does it get?"
Your dick, when it gets hard how big does it get?"
Oh shit, "Big enough."
"Can I see it hard? I'd really like that."
"Well, if you want to see it hard you need to ask Rita. If she says okay, then we'll see."
"You're no fun."
"Guess not." And with that I tested the door and it worked fine. While putting the ladder up I told Sonja, "I'm sorry you saw me naked, it was an accident. I know it's all awkward and stuff but it's really better to just forget it and stay friendly neighbors, okay?"
"I guess, but that dick won't be easy to forget."
With that I smiled, said my goodbyes and headed home.
Almost home and Rita pulls in the drive. She gets out of the car as I walk into the garage and asks "Sonja having trouble with the garage door again?"
"Yeah, and that's not all. We may have a problem. Let's get the groceries inside and I'll tell you all about it."
While we're putting groceries away I tell Rita how Sonja inadvertently saw me naked to which she laughed. "Oh, you think that's funny?" I asked, "Well have a chuckle on this one - she wants to see it hard."
"That bitch! What did you say?"
"I told her if she wanted to see it she would have to ask you."
"Good answer."
Three weeks later, Saturday again, as usual I mowed, went downstairs to cool off, and showered. Now however, before I go upstairs I make sure the front door is shut. It's shut so I head upstairs. I can hear Rita in the hall bathroom and make the turn to go into our bedroom - I stop dead in my tracks. There's Sonja lying on our bed wearing just her panties. I start to take a step back when I hear the bathroom door open and feel my wife’s naked body press against mine.
Rita asks, "Where are you going sweetie?" as she reaches around, grabs my cock, and starts stroking me in front of Sonja.
"What's going on?"
"Don't you remember? Sonja wants to see you hard, so I'm making you hard."
It didn't take much and I was almost full staff. My wife was rubbing my butt and then she started probing my asshole. Soon her finger was inside me as far as it could go. Sonja was on the bed, her hand in her panties rubbing her clit, her nipples erect. My cock was hard, so hard it felt like it would burst.
"What do you think Sonja?" Rita asked.
"I've never seen one that huge before!"
"Do you want to touch it?"
Sonja’s hand came out of her panties as she sat herself up, her eyes opened wide as she absorbed my wife's question. "Yes" was her soft reply.
Rita pulled her finger out of my ass and placed her hand on my back pushing me towards the bed. I turned and looked at her, she just smiled. I laid on the edge of the bed and my wife kept pushing, "Scoot over. Make room for me."
Then I was lying next to Sonja with my wife next to me on the other side. My wife took Sonja’s hand and put it on my cock. Sonja started to stroke slowly at first but soon was tugging a bit too hard. My wife noticed my discomfort and took Sonja’s hand saying "Slow honey, don't rip it off."
"Sorry", then Sonja resumed a slower pace making things much better. So good in fact I started to feel the first indication of Cumming. Being married for over 30 years my wife recognized the change and said softly, "Do you want to taste it?"
"Are you sure?"
"Go ahead honey; take him in your mouth."
Sonja went down on me with a hunger I haven't experienced since high school. She couldn't take much of me but she kept coming back for more. After about 10 minutes, my wife tapped her shoulder, "My turn".
Sonja backed off and my wife took me in her mouth. Slowly at first she worked my cock then she swallowed me whole and held it for a few seconds. Sonja gasped. My wife came up, worked on me for a few more minutes then sat up. "Just relax you can do it" she said to Sonja.
She passed my cock back to Sonja and Sonja went back to work. She managed to get a little more in her mouth but she couldn't take it all. Again the stirrings of ejaculation were imminent. This time my wife kneeled by Sonja rubbing her back and petting her head. Then I came. Sonja tried to pull back but my wife held her head down on my cock. I came again, Sonja jerked again. I shot again and Sonja was gagging a little. My wife let Sonja’s head go and she shot up, cum running out of her mouth but a smile on her face.
As Sonja was catching her breath, my wife reached for my cock and gave it a small tug. She smiled - she knew there was still a little life left. She maneuvered herself in front of Sonja and pushed gently on Sonja’s chest so she would lie down. Once Sonja had laid down, my wife pulled her panties down and off. Now Sonja was lying naked on my bed. Her cute little pussy shaved clean. I got hard again. My wife then came over to me and whispered in my ear "Fuck her".
I gave my wife a "Are you sure?" look and she smiled and nodded yes.
I positioned myself between Sonja’s legs and entered her. Oh! her pussy was tight. The room smelled like cunt, she was plenty juicy so that I could slide in pretty easily. A few strokes in and Sonja started stretching out some and she started to relax making the experience better for both us. A few more strokes and Sonja was Cumming. Her legs went up and her toes slowly started pointing toward the ceiling, her breathing was labored, her chest and face were red, she started to shiver. Then her fingers nails dug into my back as she pulled herself into me. She wrapped her legs around me and let out a huge sigh. I was still pumping her and she started to get ready for round two.
I looked at my wife. She was rubbing her clit and pinching her nipples. Then I got an idea. I pulled out of Sonja and helped her sit up. I told my wife, who had a look of confusion on her face, to slide closer. I turned Sonja around and guided her head towards my wife’s pussy. Sonja and my wife balked. "Hey, a lot of firsts here today - it's your turn."
They gave in and Sonja went down on my wife. Rita glared at me at first but soon Sonja got the hang of pussy licking and Rita's eyes rolled shut as she enjoyed the licking.
I positioned myself behind Sonja and entered her from behind. I started pumping slowly and as Sonja adjusted to two fronts of action started pumper faster. I watched Sonja eating my wife and got hornier by the second. Soon I noticed my wife showing signs that the licking was about to pay off. I pumped a little faster and Sonja started on the road to orgasm too.
Rita loved having her pussy eaten and soon she was Cumming. She grabbed Sonja’s head and ground it into her cunt moaning softly at first but getting louder. Rita had her orgasm, I knew because she squirts a little when she comes orally and when Sonja pulled back, her face wet with my wife's cum. That was my queue to pound Sonja harder. In a few more strokes Sonja was Cumming again and I was shooting cum into her pussy.
All three of us spent, we lay intermingled in a pile on the bed. About 15 minutes later Sonja got up "Can I get cleaned up?" My wife and I both said "Sure". Sonja grabbed her panties and headed for the bathroom.
My wife cuddled into me and we lay there until Sonja came out. Sonja came out with her panties on heading for her pile of clothes on the floor. "I guess I should go", she said as she dressed. My wife got up, put on a robe and walked Sonja to the door. I heard them talking but couldn't make out the words. Soon the door shut and my wife came back into the room dropped her robe to the floor and got back into bed.
We were snuggling again and I was just about to drop off to sl**p when my wife said, "You ever fuck that cunt again and I'll cut off your cock and feed it to the dogs." I haven't fucked Sonja again, but our adventures with Sonja did not end that day.

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2 years ago
Nice and hott story,yah i like it.
2 years ago
did u like it alot
2 years ago
i love the story very sexy
2 years ago
Great sex
2 years ago
nice story...