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BBW Cuckold (MMF, reluc, wife, bbw)
by BBW Lover (


BBW wife gets fucked in front of her husband.


30-year-old man looking for submissive wife for sex in
front of husband, only BBW need reply. That was the ad I
ran on the net and amazingly I got lots of replies but
not very many BBW's. There was one that stood out, it was
a lady aged 50 who was definitely a BBW.

She sent a photo of herself wearing a bodice and
stockings and she looked perfect for me, she said her
husband only got off when they talked about her fucking
another man and now they wanted to try it for real. We
exchanged e-mails for a month getting dirtier and dirtier
until we finally arranged to meet in a hotel outside of
Boston. I gave her instructions as to what to wear and
she loved the idea saying she would do exactly what I

I walked into the hotel and say them straight away at the
bar, the husband I had never seen but now that I did I
could understand why she was looking for something else.
He was small and skinny with not much hair and he looked
older than her somewhere in his 60's.

She was sitting on a bar stool with her ass hanging over
the stool on all sides with her chunky legs crossed
causing her short skirt to ride up her leg giving the
whole bar a good eye full of thick thigh. Her tight
fitting cotton top clung to her breasts and even from the
door I could see how huge they where making me smile

I walked over and said hello shaking the guys hand and
then kissing Ann full on the lips taking my time, she
responded warmly and when I pulled away she smiled at me
looking me up and down. I looked at the hubby to see his
reaction to the first kiss and right enough he was red
faced and shifting his feet, I wondered how he would
react when he saw her sucking my cock.

I ordered drinks and we started chatting, well Ann and I
talked while Peter looked on and tried to join in when he
could. Ann's top had a plunging neck line showing a deep
cleavage, her breasts where so big they spilled all over
her lap resting on her crossed leg, my cock would give a
twitch every time I looked at them and I didn't bother to
hide the fact.

She was loving the attention, not a pretty woman but for
a fat girl not bad, she had a double chin that ran down
to her join her breasts. She had worn lots of make up as
I asked and her hair was cut short, but it was her legs
that had my attention. Her thigh was as thick as my waist
and the stockings had no way of reaching the top of her
legs so the thick black band was on show getting me hot,
as we chatted I moved closer and closer until I was
rubbing against her and when I placed my hand on her hot
thigh she shuffled closer.

I almost had my back to Peter now sliding my hand up and
down her exposed leg the conversation getting more and
more sexy as we drank. As I moved my hand up her leg it
brushed off her breast and it felt so firm I wanted to
maul it there and then, we had to get naked and soon.
"Let's go upstairs to my room and have a last drink," I
said to her but it was Peter who spoke up saying, "Ah
well, you see we thought that as it's the first meet we
would just have some drinks and if every one was happy we
could arrange another night."

I laughed and said, "Yeah, sure whatever," and turned my
attention back her Ann's leg trying to get my hand up
under her tight skirt. I gulped down my drink and stood
back and said, "Well let's go," it was funny she looked
from me to him and then back to me then slowly slid off
her stool to stand at my side.

Peter looked panicked and said quickly "Ann, we agreed
and I think its wise," I stepped up close to him and said
in a menacing voice, "I hope your not going to be any
trouble tonight."

He backed away and started talking fast, "No, no that's
not it! It's just that we discussed this and WE feel it
would be better if we went slowly," he was not sure of
himself now and looked at his wife for support.

I smiled at him and said, "That's alright Peter, you can
stay here and drink while I go up stairs and fuck your
wife," and I turned and took her by the hand and started
towards the door, she let me tug her after me without a

When I reached the door Peter was behind us and followed
us to the lift. Once the lift doors closed I pushed Ann
up against the wall and gave her a deep French kiss
pushing my tongue into her mouth and bringing my hands up
to grope her breasts through her top.

She felt wonderful her tits where really firm and fucking
huge, I could feel the lace on the bra and her nipples
poking through hard and ready. Her enormous swollen belly
pressed into her cock and she must have felt how hard I
was as she pushed against me harder. The bell sounded and
I had to stop but she was almost panting leaning back
against the wall looking shocked and excited. I walked
out with them both following me, I could hear Peter
whispering something to her urgently but we where at my
door already.

When we got inside I immediately removed my clothes
stripping down in front of both of them ,Peter looked
sick now not a happy camper. When I got to my shorts my
cock was almost poking out it was so hard and I turned to
face Ann smiling. She looked shocked too but happy with a
large grin on her face, she looked down at my cock and
gave me a bigger grin.

"Come over here and take off my shorts Ann," I said and
stood with my hands on my hips and waited. She looked at
Peter one more time and he looked really pissed off, he
shook his head "NO". She was hesitant so I said loudly,
"Get over here and get my cock out lady," it shocked her
into action and she walked over to me stopping up close
to me.

Slowly she moved down until she took my shorts in her
podgy hands and pulled them down having trouble getting
them over my cock but with one last tug she helped me
step out of them. My cock stood up proudly in front of
me, when hard it's bigger than most and I could tell from
her face that it was bigger than she was used to. She
looked at it like it was all there was in the room her
mouth dropped open and she sank down into a squatting

Her face was now a couple of inches from it and as I took
it in my hand pulling the foreskin back off the knob she
licked her lips and waited. I jerked off only inches from
her face getting faster and faster until my cock was
fully hard and leaking pre come from the eye on the knob.

"Is this big enough for you?" I asked smiling down at
her, Peter was trying to look past her to see it but her
head was blocking his view. "Peter, does this slut know
how to suck cock?" I asked to piss him off.

It worked he jumped up off the chair and shouted,
"Alright, that's it, we're leaving Ann. Let's go!" he was
red faced and looked like he meant it.

She didn't respond right away as she was watching my cock
as I jerked off but then she turned her head to look at
him and spoke, "Peter darling, I cant leave him in this
condition and besides this is why we came here," she said
it in a calm soft voice and she didn't wait for his

She turned back to my cock and reached out and took it in
her small round hand right at the base, she then leaned
forward and took my cock in her mouth swallowing as much
as she could before closing her lips around it and
sucking gently. Peter was livid with rage like a c***d
who didn't get his own way but he didn't storm out of the
room ,he stood there looking as his wife sucked on my
cock bobbing her head up and down the shaft like a busy

"Ooh yes, that's it lady, suck my big cock," I moaned for
his benefit then "Get it nice and hard so I can fuck your
fat pussy." She was loving it sucking harder now and
moving her head up and down getting more of it's length
down her troth.

"Does she suck your cock Peter? does she suck you like
this?" I asked a very pissed looking Peter. He didn't
answer me, he looked weak at the knees, Ann however was
very active, she was doing a good job on me.

My cock was fully hard now and shiny with her saliva as
she dragged her lips up and down the shaft. "That's
enough for now, get up and take off your clothes but
leave on your shoes and stockings," I ordered and she
stood up obediently. I carried on jerking off as she
pulled her top over her head, her bra must have being
custom made to hold a pair of tits that big the fleshy
mounds where spilling over the crammed full cups.

Next she unzipped her skirt and tugged it down past her
wide hips and let it drop to the floor standing up for me
to inspect her. Her belly was as big as her tits swelling
out below her bra and curving back into form a second
belly that was in fact her pussy mound. Her panties
covered her belly stretched up over the massive swollen
form with her suspender straps running under the panties
to her garter belt that was hidden under her belly fold.

"Get your tits out slut, they look fucking huge," I
snarled at her making her smile and Peter frown.

She reached back and unclasped it and they dropped
immediately with the weight down to her waist the bra
falling to the floor. They where as I said huge but I was
still surprised at just how big, each breast was bigger
than my head and the nipple area was larger than a saucer
light brown with cigar sized nipples sticking out hard. I
wanted to grab them and suck on them but waited telling
her to hurry up and get her panties off.

She leaned forward letting her tits flop forward to her
knees as she pulled her panties down giving Peter a nice
view of her ass as she did. When she stood back up she
was naked except for her stockings and shoes and looked
very fuckable.

"Lay on the bed and spread your legs wide," I commanded
and she moved back to the bed sitting first her tits
spilling all over her lap then laying back and letting
her legs fall open. It was the first sight of her pussy,
freshly shaved as I had told her to it looked huge too.
The lips where open already large meaty lips that looked
puffed up and I could just about see her swollen clit
poking through the fat folds of her pussy.

She laid back looking at me over her heaving breasts and
waited for me, "Masturbate for me now, stick your fingers
up your fat pussy for me," I commanded again jerking off
myself. Peter sat back on the edge of the dressing table
and watched his sweet wife push three fingers up her
slippery pussy and start to masturbate in front of a
complete stranger.

It was so sexy to see her do this, her huge belly getting
me hotter now and the idea of fucking her had me so close
to coming I had to stop beating off. I moved closer and
stood at the beds edge watching as she beat off too, "Is
that what you do when your husband cant satisfy you?" I
asked grinning, "We he's finished fucking you with his
small cock do you fuck yourself like that?"

"Yes, I fuck myself like this, can you see how wet your
making me?" her voice was almost broken with lust.

Peter hung his head and groaned softly defeated. I
quickly went to my bag on the floor and pulled out a huge
8-inch black dildo I had brought with me and placed it
between her massive tits. She looked at it a moment
before she understood what it was then she smiled and
took it in her podgy hand and lifted it up to look at it

"I'm sure a slut like you fantasizes about a big black
cock fucking you, try it for size I'm sure it will fit
nicely," I teased.

"That's enough Ann, lets GO!" shouted Peter standing up

She looked over at him and surprised us both by saying,
"Shut the fuck up Peter, just stand there and watch how
you should have been treating me," and with that she
moved the dildo down to her pussy and replaced her
fingers with it. She pushed it inside her slowly but
didn't stop until the large black cock was fully inside
her wet pussy, she moaned out loud as it bottomed out
filling her pussy like never before.

I watched as she started moving it in and out the shaft
already wet with her juice, I quickly moved over and
straddled her chest taking a breast in each hand and
wrapping them around my cock making it disappear under
the flesh. I was sitting on her belly humping my cock
between her tits making the knob pop out onto her double
chin. She looked at my cock fascinated as it touched her
chin while working the dildo into her greedy pussy.

I could hear the wet sounds her pussy was making with the
dildo getting me so horny I shoved my cock into her mouth
and the bitch sucked on it like a lollypop. "A whore like
you needs two cocks to keep her happy, am I right?" I
asked with a laugh.

She let my cock pop out of her mouth to answer, "Yes I've
always wanted two big cocks to fuck me, quick put your
big hard cock back in my mouth," she was panting getting
close to coming now. She sucked noisily on my cock as I
slid it in and out of her wet mouth.

I decided I wanted to taste the bitch so I turned around
and got into a 69 position putting my cock back in her
mouth and leaning down to look at her pussy up close. She
was fucking the dildo into her pussy furiously now it was
slick with pussy juice and the moment I touched her erect
clit with my tongue she came. She almost bucked me off
her as her body jerked up off the bed, she couldn't even
keep hold of the dildo she came so hard so I took over
grabbing the rubber shaft and sliding it in and out of
wet slippery cunt while sucking her clit into my mouth.

"Ooh christ, stop I cant please, Ooh God I coming so
hard!!" she screamed out around my cock.

I kept up the pace ramming the black cock into her
gapping slack cunt and she carried on humping her hips up
off the bed coming non stop. When she started to come
down I pulled the dildo out and licked her swollen pussy
from top to bottom making her moan softly still twitching
from the orgasm, the dildo was wet from her pussy and I
used it to open her pussy so I could get my tongue deeper
inside her. "Please fuck me, please fuck me now! Hard I
need it please!" she begged as she tugged on my cock.

I got up and walked back around the bed as she lay there
with her legs open obscenely, her pussy was hanging open
gapping and wet. Peter was shell shocked sitting on the
dressing table looking on as his lovely wife acted like a
complete whore, he watched as I stood at the beds edge
and dragged her big body by the legs over to the beds
edge. The slut had taken the dildo and was sucking it
licking her juice off it and trying to get as much as she
could into her mouth.

"You'd like to suck a real black cock wouldn't you my
filthy slut?" I asked leaning over and rubbing my cock
against her open cunt.

"Ooh yeah, I'd love a big fat black cock right now to
suck on, please ram that cock into me now I'm begging
you," she growled at me.

I rammed it in so hard she moved up the bed and screamed
out with joy, I had to grab her chunky legs to lift them
up before I could fuck her the way I wanted. With her
legs up in the air I was able to get more cock inside her
and I started pounding the crap out of her slack open
pussy, it was really large but so wet and hot that it
felt great and every time I pounded into her it made her
belly and tits flop about wonderfully. "Yes, yes, yes Ooh
Yes fuck me, fuck me hard you bastard!" she screamed out
"Fuck my whore pussy harder you fucker, do it. Ooh yes,"
she was going crazy.

We where both panting and moaning and when I looked over
at Peter he was rubbing his cock through his pants
getting off on the whole thing now no longer pissed off.
"Looks like your pussy husband likes to see his precious
wife getting shafted," I said down to her red face. She
looked over at him and smiled saying "Peter, take it out
and wank it for our host."

She was coming again now but still managed to say. "Show
him what a small cock you have darling," she teased, but
he was passed caring pulling out his little cock and
tugging on it.

He shuffled over to her bed and stood close beating off
on his tiny cock, I wondered what he did with it, his
wife's pussy was so big. As I fucked the shit out of her
gapping cunt he beat off like mad.

"Come in her mouth asshole, fill her slut mouth with
spunk!!" I shouted at him and he moved it closer to her.

With a couple a jerks he started coming firing his spunk
onto her face, "Take it whore, take it on your filthy
slut face," he was panting firing an usually large amount
of spunk onto her face and open mouth.

"I knew when I married you that you where a dirty whore,
take it," he managed as he emptied his sack onto her
face, she was covered in the stuff and loved it using her
hands to smear it all over her face and scooping large
gobs up into her mouth to swallow. I hadn't stopped my
fucking and she was still coming I could feel it her
pussy squirting liquid onto my cock and balls.

Wanting to calm down a bit I pulled out and ordered her
onto her hands and knees, she rolled her massive body
over and got up onto her knees sticking her big plump ass
in the air. She was soaked from pussy to ass with come
her whole ass shiny from pussy juice and her pussy was
hanging open the hole clearly visible still stretched
from my cock. From the side I could see her massive tits
and belly sprawled onto the bed. She swayed her ass from
side to side to encourage me as if I needed it " Come on
big boy, stuff that cock up my pussy," she moaned at me.

Instead of her pussy I pressed my cock against her
puckered asshole watching as it retracted on its own, she
moved forward away from me and said over her shoulder
"Please I'm not ready for that yet, my pussy needs more
attention first." I pressed my cock against her ass again
and held her there pushing forward so my cock opened her
ass just a little " Just stay still and it wont hurt" I
said pushing harder.

"No please, don't!" she tried again but I pushed just as
she said it and my cock popped inside about two inches
making her gasp out loud.

"Just relax bitch, your going to love my cock up your
ass." Peter had removed his pants now and moved over to
see what was going down, he looked happy to see her
suffer a bit.

"Ooh God, go easy! Ooh Christ you feel huge," she panted
as I pushed another two inches into her ass.

It was tight and I knew it was the first time she'd taken
a cock up there. "I'm going to fuck you up the ass bitch
and make you scream!" I snarled down at her pushing more
inside. "I'm going to make you come from your ass slut,
can you feel it," I was almost all the way in and she was
taken it with ease.

"Ooh shit yes, your splitting me in half," she cried out.

Suddenly Peter spoke up saying, "Go on, fuck her ass,
fuck the slut's ass hard," he was leaning over watching
every inch slid into her ass. He was wanking off again
his small cock hard again, when I was fully in I started
moving it slowly in and out getting faster as her ass
became used to it until after only a moment I was fucking
her ass with long slow strokes humping my cock in and out
of her tight asshole.

She started moaning now and gently pushing her ass back
at me, "Mmm, yes that's nice, fuck me slowly like that I
love it," she said then, "I can feel every inch of your
cock you bastard!!" she sounded like she was about to

The very sight of my cock squeezed in her ass was almost
enough to make me come and I had to do all I could not
too, I started humping faster with shorter strokes
jabbing my cock into her ass and making her fat ass
wobble with every trust. Peter was beside himself beating
off like mad and watching his wife take my cock up her
ass, I was now fucking it hard pulling almost all the way
out before ramming it back in every time making her cry

"Fucking cheap filthy whore, take it up the ass like a
real slut," I panted "Take my cock up your tight asshole

"Yes, fuck my ass, fuck it hard Ooh shit I love it I'm
going to come," she cried out ramming her ass back hard.

Peter suddenly appeared beside me with the dildo in his
hand and a big grin on his sorry face. I knew what he had
in mind so I pulled out with a loud pop and moved aside
for him, he quickly rammed it up her pussy all the way
and left it there with just the stubby end sticking out.

"Now fuck her ass again, give her both cocks that's what
she really wants," he snarled like a tough guy.

I did just that pushing my cock back up her ass this time
it felt tighter with her pussy so full, she screamed out
as I filled her ass with cock meat. "I'm coming you
bastards, I'm coming!!" and she did making the dildo slip
half way out as her pussy contracted around it, her ass
too was clenching around my cock like a vice grips. Peter
saw the dildo popping out and quickly reached under my
balls pushing it back inside her but she was coming so
hard he had to stay there to keep it in.

"Fuck her with it Peter, fuck her slack cunt with it," I
snarled at him.

It was not easy as he was trying not to touch my balls
but he managed to fuck the thing in and out of her
slippery pussy making her come again and again. My cock
was coated with brownish slime from her ass lubricating
her ass so I could really hammer it hard. She was out of
control now screaming the room down, "Yes, YES!! Ooh fuck
yes, fuck my holes you dirty bastards."

Peter's hand was covered in come but he kept it up
fucking her sorry pussy hard with the black dildo while I
hammered the shit out of her asshole. "Gangbang my ass
and pussy Ooh Christ YESSSSSS," she managed just before
she passed out flopping down heavily onto the bed. I
stayed buried up her ass as she lay limp on the bed her
breathing coming in ragged breaths.

"She's passed out," cried Peter amazed beside me.

I pulled out and moved up the bed my cock still very
hard, she was not really passed out it had just been too
much. We rolled her over and she looked up at us both
smiling like a cat

"Mmm Boys, are you finished with me so soon," she was
purring as she said it. She looked down and saw my cock
pointing at her.

"Well what have we here, I thought you came already?" she
mumbled to me. I moved up to her face and started jerking
off pointing my cock at her face and open mouth, she
stuck her tongue out for me and I moved my cock to within
an inch of her mouth.

"We where saving it for your spunk shower, get up here
Peter and jerk off on her face," I said still beating off
fast. Peter climbed up fast his cock hard and started
jerking off like me right at her face. "Give it to me,
fire it all over my face," she growled at us.

I came first but Peter started a couple of seconds later
both of us firing onto her face and open mouth, it went
every where splashing her face neck and lots going into
her mouth which she swallowed down. It was fantastic and
Peter looked like he might pass out too collapsing onto
the bed beside her.

When I came out of the shower she was still exactly where
I'd left her half sl**ping with a big grin on her face,
Peter too looked like he was sl**ping beside her. I stood
looking down at her sprawled all over the bed her breasts
hanging heavily on her swollen belly and her stocking
clad legs still open. I could see her pussy was gapping
open stretched from the fucking she had just received. My
cock got hard again in a second just from looking at the
fat slut and I wanted her again.

"Wake up bitch, I want your pussy again," I said loudly
waking them both from their sl**p.

She looked at me over her breasts and smiled then rolled
her big body over and got up onto her knees sticking her
giant ass up at me. Her asshole was like her pussy still
open and looked very inviting to me right then, "Do my
ass again I loved it please," she purred at me over her

95% (58/3)
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5 months ago
good stuff!
9 months ago
Great fun but the husband should have been made to lick you both clean
10 months ago
there's nothing like the hot sex from a woman of size
1 year ago
luv it.. got me so ready to go
2 years ago
nicee story
2 years ago
great story
2 years ago
Very hot ....had two massive cums
3 years ago
So long I've been looking for a cuckold story with a hot older BBW! Finally here it is!!! Fucking good!!!
3 years ago
nice story