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BBW Wife Sharing
By bbw lover
Edited by Seremala


He was a loud macho asshole but I liked him from the
first day we started working together, he was big in
all ways even his mouth and from what he said he even
liked his women big. I thought he meant big breasted
but he meant just big, I discovered just how big when
he invited me to stay at his place for the weekend and
I meet his wife Clare. (MMF, bbw, wife)


She was his age 45 and very fat, her round face was
pretty but her body was just enormous. As I said he was
macho and liked his wife to dress sexy but on her it
looked comical. When I arrived for dinner the first
night she was dressed in a lycra cotton dress that only
barely reached below her wide ass and clung to every
bump and curve on her body.

I didn’t know where to look. It was as if she were
naked, her breasts swelling out on top of her bellies
like two footballs and her nipples poking through the
thin fabric like hard cigar butts.

She seemed to like my discomfort pressing her tits
against me when she kissed me hello and making sure I
got a good look at her, as soon as she was out of the
room Ron asked me if I thought she was sexy which I of
course said I did. The strange thing was she looked so
slutty it was almost sexy and even her two bellies
didn’t distract me.

We settled down to watch the football game and she
served us drinks and when Ron asked her or told her to
but more volume she smiled then bent forward over the
TV pointing her doorframe ass at us both. Her dress
rode up as she bent forward and I saw she was wearing
black stockings and suspenders on her chunky legs, my
cock twitched in my jeans as no matter what the woman
looked like if she wore stockings I would get a hard

Ron laughed and shouted at her "Hey you slut, we can
see you whole ass from here", it was true both flabby
ass cheeks where on show for us with her panties dug in
between her cheeks.

She stood back up and tugged her dress back down
grinning at him then smiling at me leaving us to the
game after that. "She’s hot right?" asked Ron, grinning
at me with his beer in his hand. I gulped and said she
looked real good and to be honest I was feeling horny
now. There was just something incredibly filthy about
her that made me want to ram my cock into her but I
drank my beer instead and watched the game.

At half time she came back in to join us sitting next
to Ron and facing me, she seemed to be teasing me
constantly and Ron was enjoying it more than she was.
He put his arm around her and even kissed her full on
the mouth giving her some tongue action while he was at
it, I had to sit there and watch as he squeezed her tit
in his large hand through her dress and she just let
him as if I wasn’t there.

When he pulled away from her he grinned at me and said
"Man, football makes me horny" and laughed to himself,
Clare looked at me and said "Everything makes him

I excused myself to go to the toilet my cock half hard
in my pants, I had to get it together but I resisted
the urge to have a wank. When I walked back into the
room Ron and Clare where in full swing, he had her on
her back on the sofa with her legs open and her dress
hitched up to her waist. He was blocking the view as he
had his face buried in her pussy eating her, I stared
wide eyed at the show before me and started to turn
back when Clare opened her eyes and saw me standing
there. "Ooooh Ron that’s sooooo good, Oooooh baby eat
my pussy" she purred winking at me and pulling his head
closer to her.

I stood there like a fool not believing my eyes and
thinking if Ron saw me standing there spying he’d get
pissed off but he was real busy. He stopped what he was
doing and sat back up not looking at me he yanked her
dress up roughly trying to get her tits out like he was
in a frenzy or something. I saw her white swollen belly
then her bra covered tits and man they where truly
huge, the flesh spilling over the bra cups wobbling and
shaking as he tugged and pulled at her clothing
grunting like an a****l.

With one violent yank he ripped her bra up and over her
tits making them flop into view, they had angry red
marks where the bra had dug into them and her nipples
where bigger than some of the tits I’d seen on other
women. "You filthy slut, you want cock you damn sure
are going to get it" I heard him say as he grabbed her
tits in both hands and mauled them roughly, she was
wriggling about under him enjoying the treatment.

He leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into his
mouth and she cried out loving it. She was still
staring at me while Ron sucked on her tits; her
breathing was coming in short gasps. Then I saw him
fumble with his pants getting his cock out, he didn’t
bother taking his jeans off just tugged them down below
his hairy ass and without delay he rammed his cock into
her. She growled loudly wrapping her arms around him
and pulling him to her still staring at me, I had not
moved an inch except for my cock that was now fully
hard pressing against my jeans uncomfortably.

He wasted no time in pounding her fast and hard really
giving it to her the whole time pulling and squeezing
her flopping tits as they shuck up and down her body.
It was all over in only a minute, no sooner had he
rammed his cock into her that he was coming clenching
his ass as he emptied his balls into her pussy. She
held him tightly trying to keep him there but he was a
selfish lover and simply pulled out and rolled away
from her.

There she was with her tits and belly out and her legs
wide open, her pussy looked huge hanging open and
leaking white spunk from Ron. Her belly curved down
almost covering her pussy but the wet pink lips where
on full show, she stared hard at me then looked at Ron
who was also staring at me. "You can fuck it if you
want mate, she’s gagging for it" he said out of breath
panting still, his cock limp between his legs.

I was too shocked to say or do anything and it was
Clare who spoke first "Did you like watching me get
fucked? Did it make your cock hard?" She asked.

Ron shot her a nasty look then turned back to me "She’s
been in heat since I told her you where coming to stay"
he said almost angrily than added "What are you waiting
for, fuck the slut!"

I stood there still wondering what the fuck was going
on as she used one hand to lift her belly up and the
other to spread her pussy lips open. His spunk was
leaking out thick and white some of it matting her
hair, she was rolling her swollen clit between her fat
fingers "Come on, fuck me hard I cant wait!" she
demanded staring at me while she worked her pussy.

I walked over to her stopping next to the sofa, her
tits where like nothing I’d ever seen each one bigger
than my head and both of them red from Ron’s biting and

"Let me see your cock" she growled at me her hand a
blur now. I slowly opened my jeans removing them
completely, my cock was rock hard inside my shorts and
her eyes went to it. My cock is one of my best points
as it’s much bigger than people expect for a man my
size, when hard it’s a good 9 inches and really thick.

Looking at Ron’s cock I knew mine was much bigger and
so did Clare, she almost gasped out loud and said in a
whisper "Let me see it!"

Ron was staring too wide eyed surprise on his face too
as I peeled off my shorts and let my cock pop up into

"Holy shit, it’s huge" said Clare in awe licking her
lips and stopping masturbating. She looked at Ron
unsure now and asked "Can I suck it Ron?"

He looked at her like she was a piece of shit and spat
"Do what you want cunt, your just a filthy whore." She
didn’t seem to mind his treatment and sat up on the
edge of the sofa making her tits and belly into rolls
of fat that hung down between her open legs. I swear
her tits hung down past her waist.

She reached up and gently cupped my balls in one hand
and wrapped her free hand around my shaft. She jerked
me off slowly and gently still staring wide eyed at my
cock her tongue licking her lips like a fucking dog in
heat then she lowered her mouth over the tip of my cock
and wrapped her lips around it sucking gently. Her
mouth felt wonderful hot and wet and she knew how to
suck cock, she squeezed my balls as she took more and
more meat in her mouth sucking loudly.
"Christ, this is the biggest cock I’ve ever had!" she
said in awe licking it up and down like a lollipop, man
it felt so good I could have come in her mouth right
then but I wanted to see her tits flop about as I
fucked her.

Ron didn’t look happy at all sitting there watching his
wife suck my cock, he shifted away a little and grunted
"Fucking whore" in disgust.

She paid no attention to him too busy devouring my cock
with her hungry mouth, she was making a lot of noise
too which only got me hotter. She stopped a second
staring up at me while she jerked me off faster now
"Please fuck me, fuck my fat pussy" she almost hissed.
She released it and lay back on the sofa opening her
legs as wide as they would go, her huge body with it’s
rolls of fat and tits looking very good to me right

She was breathing hard now even before I put my cock
near her pussy squeezing her giant tits together and
pulling on her nipples making them stretch to an
unbelievable length, I knelt down between her legs and
could smell her sex strong and appealing wafting up at
me. Ron leaned over and watched as I pressed my hard
cock to her hot hole feeling just how hot she was, her
pussy was on fire and I felt Ron’s spunk on the tip of
my cock.

Clare tried to f***e my cock in faster but I wanted to
take my time, I pushed her belly up keeping my cock at
the entrance to her cunt amazed at how soft the flesh
felt and how much I liked it.

Slowly I eased my cock inch by inch into her, she
started to shake almost right away her hips jerking
uncontrollably "Oooooh God, Oooooh yes" she panted with
only half my cock inside her. Her pussy felt
surprisingly tight around my thick cock and I think
even Clare was surprised at how I stretched her open.

"Fuck me" she screamed out so turned on she was
breathing like she’d just run a mile, I grinned down at
her then pushed the rest of my cock into her hot
snatch. "Oooooh Christ, Ooooh fuck yeah" she panted her
arms flapping about and her head leaning all the way
back. I waited a moment with my cock fully inside her
letting her feel it and get used to it before pulling
out slowly then forcing it back in a little faster this

"Ooh God I’m soooo full, Ooooh Ron his cock is so big!"
she almost screamed out. Ron just grunted and moved
closer to us his cock getting hard again, I started
pumping in and out now her pussy opening up to me
getting wetter and bigger as I feed her my full 9

She was going nuts screaming out that she was coming
and bucking so hard I had to grab her legs and hold her
still enough so my cock wouldn’t slip out. It was the
best fuck I’d had in a long time and the first time I’d
fucked a guy's wife right in front of him, Ron was
horny now but I was not sure he was liking it.

"Fuck me, fuck me< Oooooh yeah baby give me that big
cock I love it!" she screamed as I pounded her to
another orgasm her cunt flooded with Ron’s spunk and
her own come it was a mess.

I grunted with effort really getting into it for
another couple of minutes before pulling out and
ordering her to turn around, she was out of breath and
didn’t move at first so Ron told her to move her fat
ass and turn around. He was close now and when she
tried to move she was too out of it so he grabbed her
arm and yanked her up then pushed her over so her huge
ass was facing me.

He stayed like that climbing up on the sofa to offer
her his cock to suck. "Suck my cock whore, come on you
can get fucked at both ends," he snarled forcing his
cock into her mouth. He was fucking her face so hard I
had to aim to get my cock back into her cunt and once I
did we both fucked her hard and fast. Her flabby ass
was making farting sounds as the air was beat out of it
and the sound of flesh on flesh was excellent, her ass
rippled like water as I trust into her and she moaned
and groaned around Ron’s cock.

"You fucking tramp, suck that cock" he said pulling her
hair so hard it must have hurt. He looked up at me and
grinned then said "Fuck her ass, she likes your cock so
much let’s see it in her ass!"

She managed to get his cock out of her mouth and looked
up at his grinning face, he laughed and said "That’s
right baby, he’s going ream your ass good! You think my
cock feels bad in your ass wait until you feel his
monster!" and he laughed again.

He wanted her to freak out and say no but she laughed
too and turned her head to me saying "Yeah good idea,
fuck my ass! Ram that big hard cock up my ass!" then
she looked back at his surprised face.

He grunted and f***ed his cock back into her mouth
muttering slut and whore under his breath.

I did it, I f***ed my cock up her ass taking a minute
to get it in, it hurt but she would not let Ron see her
pain and once I started sliding in and out she relaxed
a little. Her ass opened up nicely covering my cock in
brown slime the sight of my fat cock being squeezed up
her ass was great and it was so tight my balls where
ready to burst, Clare just grunted and let me fuck her
and Ron switched form having his cock sucked to jerking
off on her face.

"Oohhhh yeah that feels soooooo goooooood!!" she moaned
bucking back at me now and taking the whole 9 inches in
her ass. "Fuck my fat ass you bastard, make me come
from my ass!" She even reached back with both hands and
pulled her ass apart so I could get more cock into her
screaming out another orgasm; Ron groaned and fired his
spunk all over her face and hair at the sight before

Come in my ass, fill my ass with spunk come on I want
it!" she screamed but Ron spoke up, "No, come on her
face and in her slut mouth!"

That sounded good to me!
97% (31/1)
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9 months ago
Nice one,,,BBW's are always a great fuck
2 years ago
Great story! Need more.
3 years ago
Good story.