Kammi's Bar Room Gang Bang

Kammi's Bar Room Gang Bang

Let me start out by telling you a little about myself before i
get into the wildest night of my life. My name is Kammi, I have
been married for 11 years and have two beautiful c***dren, I am 30
years old 5'6" 126 lbs. brown hair and brown eyes my measurements
are 44D-24-34, I have both my nipples pierced and i work out
every chance i get and i work at nights at a local 24 hour store.

It all started out when i would walk taking my c***dren to
school in the morning along the way there was an older black man,
his name is Curtis about 57 years old who would always say hello
as we walked past. Well after i would drop the k**s off I would
walk back home and he would always still be sitting there and
would always strike up a conversation when i came back past and
would always ask me if he could take me into a bar that is nearby
to buy me a drink and i would always say no I have to much stuff
to do because i work at night but he was always a gentleman and
would just let me go on my way.

One morning when Curtis asked if i would like to go with him
for a drink I told him no but I didn't have to work tonight so I
would be more than happy to because I would of just sat home all
alone because my husband was taking the k**s out to a sl**p over
birthday party and he wouldn't be home until late so I told Curtis
I would meet him about 4 o'clock in the afternoon at Jerry and
Mike's Pub which is a couple blocks from my house.

I dressed up in a tight black mini skirt with black knee high
stockings and garters with no panties, 3" black high heels and a
nice purple silk blouse and a black jacket. I left my house after
i was sure everyone was gone and walked up to Jerry and Mike's and
true to his word Curtis was sitting at the bar and was surprised
when i walked into the bar and said he didn't think i would show
up. I was some what apprehensive and told him i probably would
just stay for a drink or two then i would probably just go home.
There were not to many people in the bar, there was Curtis and
myself, Jerry and Mike who are 46 and 51 years old, white and
kinda out of shape for their ages and another man, Al who is a
friend of Curtis who was sitting at a table with Jerry and Mike
was behind the bar.

Well i walked over to where Curtis was sitting at the bar and
he pulled out a stool for me and i sat down next to him and i
ordered a bl**dy mary and Curtis and i started talking about our
personal lives and he would ask me what my plans for the future
were all the while complimenting me on how beautiful i looked
tonight and how lucky my husband is to have such a lovely wife and
before i knew it, it was an hour and a half and 6 bl**dy mary's
later and was feeling pretty damn good.. I stood up to take my
jacket off and go to the bathroom, while in the bathroom i
unbuttoned a couple of buttons on my blouse to show some more
cleavage, primed my hair and fixed my make up a little because i
was starting to get rather hot.

When i walked back out into the bar i got some whistles that
made me blush and laugh as all five of us were having a good time
and i went to get back up on the stool and my foot slipped off the
stool knocking my bl**dy mary onto Curtis's khaki pants and i said
"oh no" and grabbed a towel off the bar and went to help Curtis
and he insisted i didn't have to help him clean up and when i put
the towel in his lap i felt a huge bulge in his pants and i just
stood there with my mouth open and Curtis then got up and went
into the bathroom to clean himself up. I then got back up on my
stool and Mike had already had me a new drink and i was so
flustered from what i felt that i got me a double shot of Jack
Daniels and threw it back as soon as he filled up the shot glass
then chased it with my bl**dy mary which Mike replaced with yet
another one. I had to calm down my pussy was starting to get wet
and with the air conditioning on in the bar i could feel a cold
draft running up my skirt and my nipples were getting hard. How
could of i expected this nice older man to be hung like a horse.
Well Curtis returned about ten minutes later telling me how sorry
he was and i said i was the one that should be sorry i spilt the
drink after all and i asked him if i could make it up to him and
he said sure.

I then leaned over and kissed him on the cheek telling him
thanks for inviting me out tonight and so far it had been fun and
i didn't want it to end because i wanted to have fun all night
long. He then placed a hand on my knee and started rubbing up my
thigh, slowly moving his hand up my thigh until he reached my lips
and looked at me when he realized i had no panties on and got the
biggest smile i ever saw. He slowly rubbed up and down my slit and
i just sat there with my head down on the bar drifting off into
paradise when i heard Curtis tell Al to go ahead and lock the door
and for Mike and Jerry to move some of the tables together.

I picked my head up and reached over and unbuttoned Curtis
pants and pulled them down and was in for the shock of my life as
i sat there thinking of how i was going to get this monster in my
mouth let alone my pussy and he said "you ain't neva seen a black
cock before up close have ya"and the only sound i was able to get
out was a "uh-uh" because i was running my tongue up and down
this monster, he told me later that when fully erect it was 13"
inches and it was thicker than my wrist. I could barely get the
head in my mouth and kept pumping with my hand as i licked all
over, i was like a little k** with a huge loli-pop, i sucked down
to his balls and and slowly sucked his balls in my mouth, running
my tongue back up along his slick ebony shaft. I started to calm
down a little bit and was able to start getting more into my mouth
and i started bobbing my head up and down stretching my lips
filling my throat as i began to deep throat him. Curtis had his
hands on the back of my head running his fingers through my hair
telling me "oh baby your mouth feels so hot" and i looked up and
smiled and said "if you think my mouth feels hot wait until you
feel my pussy" to which he picked me up and when i turned around
Al, Jerry and Mike had set 3 tables up together and were standing
there watching my performance on Curtis with all their cocks out,
I couldn't believe it here i was, in some back alley bar with four
older men, two of them black nonetheless and i didn't feel one bit
ashamed, i was in for the time of my life. Curtis then instructed
Mike and Jerry to get me undressed and get me up on the tables. It
felt so good these two older men stripping my clothes off rubbing
my tits and pulling on my nipple rings and sliding their fingers
up in my hot dripping cunt.

They then lifted me up on the table and i laid back and Jerry
started kissing my inner thighs sliding his tongue up and down my
slit, sliding his tongue up in my pussy then Mike leaned down and
started sucking my clit into his mouth, i thought i was going to
explode, having two men eating my pussy at the same time is one of
the most incredible feelings in the world. But they stopped and i
was so disappointed and Jerry says to Curtis "she isn't getting
much more ready than that man, I've never seen a piece of ass get
that hot before." Curtis then walked over and said "since I'm the
one who got her in here I'm going to fuck this white slut first
then you guys can have her."

I looked down and saw that monster aimed at my cunt opening
and Curtis just rubbed his cock head up my slit torturing me
sending electric shocks through my body every time he hit my clit
and i started squirming trying to get him in me and he said "you
want this black cock don't you you white slut" and i said "yes
Curtis i need your big black cock deep in me, he then grabbed a
hold of that monster and started guiding it in me and i felt the
head split my lips and he slowly pushed forward taking my breath
away. I felt so full and asked him to stop because i had to get
used to him but he didn't he just continued forward slowly pumping
that monster deep into my cunt finally i felt his huge balls
resting on my ass and i sat up and he slowly started pulling out
causing me to moan loudly, it was so exciting watching the
contrasts in our skin as he was sliding that monster out. I
thought he was going to rip me apart.

He stopped and i could feel he only left the head of his cock
in me and he just looked me in the eyes and just plunged all the
way in my and was pumping very hard slamming deep into my cunt. He
kept pounding me telling me what i tight white pussy i had and he
was going to pump his black seed deep in my womb, i have never
felt a cock that deep in me before and i kept cumming. Every time
he plowed deep in me i could feel his cock dragging my clit
inwards causing me to scream out "Curtis fuck me harder with your
massive black cock i want to feel you cum deep in me", then after
what seemed like an eternity Curtis started grunting and i could
feel his cock swell up and then large hot spurts of his cum
shooting deep in me. We just laid there for a little bit and until
his cock finally shrank and it slowly slid out of my well used
pussy, while it was limp before it fell out of me it was still
bigger than any other man hard that i had ever had sex with. When
Curtis got up he said "alright fellas this slut is all yours now,
just don't touch her ass, thats mine for later."

Curtis then went to the bathroom then Al, Mike and Jerry
descended on me like vultures swooping down on their prey, they
had me get on all fours on the floor and Jerry climbed up behind
me and his dick didn't have any trouble entering me because Curtis
really loosened me up. Al and Mike were in front of me and i
alternated between the two of them, Mike was about 6 inches and
Jerry was about 7 inches but very fat and Al had a nice 8.5 thick
cock (i later measured all of them...hehe) that i had no trouble
deep throating. Jerry had no rhythm fucking me i later found out
he was nervous because he hadn't had sex in such a long time. Al
and Mike kept saying stuff like "damn this white bitch can suck a
dick" and "keeping sucking my dick I'm going to feed you a huge a
load slut" and all this did was make me suck harder and faster and
slam my hips back against Jerry as he began to grunt and say he
was cumming and he added to Curtis load. he then slid out of me
and i could feel the cum oozing out of me.

Curtis returned and said he was ready for some more and all i
could do was smile i wanted some more of that beautiful black cock
deep up in me he then instructed Al to get under me and as soon as
he did i sat down on his thick cock and he slid in with no trouble
at all, i could feel Al deep up in me, Curtis then said for Mike
to not let me suck his dick until he was in my ass. Curtis then
had me arc my back a little and try to get my ass up in the air, i
then felt his cock head at the entrance of my ass and i tried to
relax as much as possible, Curtis went slow i felt the head pop in
my ass and he slowly slid in an inch at a time i was crying out it
felt like my insides were being ripped apart but i also felt an
enormous orgasm building up, finally Curtis had his cock all the
way in me he then to Mike to step forward so i could continue
sucking his dick and he then just told me to do all the work and i
started rocking my hips riding Al sliding up and down his
beautiful black cock and Curtis was pounding slowly in my ass, it
took us a few minutes to get our rhythm but once we found it we
were moving like a well oiled machine, the orgasm i had was so
intense i kept cumming i could feel my juices flowing out of me
and running down my thighs. Mike was the first to cum and he
pumped a big load down my throat and i as much as i could. I kept
ridding Al for all i was worth as Curtis kept pounding deep in my
ass, having two cocks in me, one in my pussy and one in my ass was
an incredible feeling it felt so good to have all this attention
and these two black studs were giving me the fucking of my life. I
then announced i was going to cum once again and Al said he was
ready to cum also so Curtis picked up his pace and was slamming
that monster cock of his in me hard and just as i started cumming
i felt Al erupt deep in me and Curtis came deep in my ass at the
same time.

We just laid there in a heep of humanity then we all got up
and we still naked sitting at the bar laughing and having more to
drink they all kept complimenting on my looks and the fun we had
just had and they were constantly pulling on my nipple rings
getting me horny again. Curtis told me to lay on the bar then told
Jerry to get between my thighs and start licking the cum out of me
and as soon as his tongue touched my lips i started cumming again
and i could feel all the cum deep in my coming out and Curtis, Al
and Mike were cheering Jerry on as i began to thrash about
grinding my hips up into Jerry's face, after i finished cumming i
told Mike to get up here and fuck me since he was the only one who
hadn't fucked me yet so he jumped up on the bar and threw my feet
behind my head and he just plowed deep in me and the guys started
cheering once again we were having such a blast then Mike came
deep in me. My cunt, ass and mouth were so sore but it felt so
good,we continued until a little past midnight when i finally said
i had to go home and get some rest. Al said he would be seeing me
around which is the only of the four i probably wont see again,
Jerry and Mike said i could stop in anytime i wanted and i could
have half price off of all of my drinks as long as i kept giving
them private parties and Curtis told them all that i was his white
slut and he would tell me if i could come back and have fun with
the other three. Curtis offered to walk me back to my house but i
told him id be okay it was only a couple blocks.

When i got home i took a quick shower and wanted to get into
bed before my husband got home i ended up passing out on my
stomach, well the next thing i knew i felt something moving across
the bed and over my ass so i tilted my hips up a little and felt
him moving his dick up to the entrance of my pussy and having just
been gang banged had not trouble sliding all the way in with one
quick thrust, he was pounding away furiously and i was slamming my
hips back onto him, i could feel his cock pounding on my g-spot
driving me crazy as i started bucking like a race horse as he was
riding me then he said he was about to cum and i finally turned
around and looked and it was my next door neighbor who had come by
early in the morning to pick something up from my husband but by
this time i didn't care and i kept pushing back on his rock hard
cock then he pulled out and i turned around and sucked him down my
throat swallowing all he had not missing a drop. Later he told me
he was sorry but he was walking past the room and the door was
open and he saw me lying there and couldn't resist so i said no
problem we were to just keep it between us and no one would no any

Finally my husband Glenn came home just as i was about to get
in the shower again and since he had such a long night with all
those other parents and k**s he was rather uptight he got in the
shower with me. I began to tell him the events of the past evening
and he became so horny. We made love in the shower then when we
got out of the shower we continued into the bedroom until we
passed out in one anothers arms until it was time to pick up the

-- The End --

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2 years ago
That was really hot! Wow!
3 years ago
3 years ago
hot story!!
3 years ago
read it quickly but it seems hot and nasty!
4 years ago
very good
4 years ago
Loved that story hon...a fantasy of mine!!