Creampie Eater

Creampie Eater

"Hi, I'm Dave," I said by way of introduction. I entered their hotel room, eagerly anticipating the night.

"I'm George," he said, "and this... is Raven." George was an average looking guy, but Raven was hot. Entering her mid-40s, she had serious sensuality. "You look like your photo," George was saying as I gawked.

"You too," I smiled. George was closer to 50, with the growing middle of the successful executive, as did I. His hair was graying, more than even mine. I wondered what he did in real life; his presence was fairly commanding, even when wearing just a bathrobe.

Raven, though, was delicious. She was rubinesque, with the ample hips and big bust of a mother. Although she was wearing a robe, I could see black hose extending down to her bright red pumps--"fuck me shoes" I called them. I could only imagine the large nipples under her robe. She was wearing her shoulder length hair up, which accented her bright red lips.

"Would you like a drink?" she asked. Her voice dripped Southern Belle honey, and made me more thirsty than I already was. "Wine?"

"Yes, ma'am," I said. She poured me a nice glass of cool white wine, and showed me the seat in the corner, where I sat.

When I was seated, she drank down the rest of her glass -- it was nearly full! -- and took George's from him. Then she put her arms around him and they kissed.

My role in this phase was pretty clear. All I had to do was watch them have sex. But in practise, it was difficult. It was hard to watch as they exchanged tongues. It was more hard to watch her open

his robe and push it off him, then sink to her knees and wrap those bright red lips around his shaft. I listened to her sucking noises... she was getting good vaccum! I looked at his cock, now covered with her saliva; it was nice and fat.

When he was good and hard, she stood and then looked at me. With her eyes locked on mine, she pulled apart her robe and let it fall to the ground. Wow! I saw that she had shaved her pussy, and that her lips were hanging. I could actually see her clit peeking out. I licked my lips, anticipating the future. She was wearing a garter belt, black hose, those shoes, and nothing else.

George looked at me grinning. "She's really something, isn't she?"

"Yeah, she's freakin' fantastic," I agreed. I watched as she laid on the bed, her legs hanging off. She lifted her legs, spreading them wide, and began to pull her pussy open. "She looks delicious," I murmured.

George climbed on the bed, and knelt next to her face, his knees wide. She turned to him and he fed his cock into her mouth. She moaned hungrily, and he reached down to help her old her ankles. It was amazing, to watch her finger her increasingly juicey hole and her mouth working on the end inch of his cock.

"Looks like she needs a fucking," I remarked. It was difficult NOT stroke my cock, but our agreement was that I would only watch until they asked me to join. Her juices were oozing out of her and beginning to run down her crack and over her asshole. I wanted to tongue her so much.

"Well, I think she needs a little licking first," George answered. He laid down on top of her, stretching over her length. Then he began to push his tongue between her lips. His arms went over her legs, pushing them down so that her pussy would tilt up, even more open and exposed. Raven was moaning like crazy.

"Come here and watch," George offered. I immediately knelt beside the bed, watching his tongue scooping out her juices. I watched as he pulled her lips wide apart, making her hole open. Then he licked her

clit, sucking wetly at it. She began to gasp, and then she came. I saw the opening to her tunnel spasm open and shut, her juices pushed out. Mmmmm! "Now she needs to get fucked!" he announced.

He climbed off her as I went to sit down again. His cock was purple and shiny wet with her spit. Without much ado, he pushed deep into her and began to pump in and out. I had a great view of his cock

pushing from where I was. Every now and then he'd stop and pull out, bringing with him a string of their juices. I was getting hornier and hornier.

After ten minutes of fucking, Raven rolled over onto her hands and knees on the floor, facing me. She closed her eyes and bit her lip, loving the feeling of being stuffed. She opened her eyes and looked at me, her eyes looking ever so large with her hair pulled up. George pulled her head back, lifting her onto just her kness so that he could kiss her. Then his hands found her hanging breasts and he pinched her nipples roughly. I saw that her fingers were a blur on her clit.

"Let us use the chair," George said. I got up and Raven sat on the chair where I had been sitting on. She put her legs on his shoulders so that he could push in deeper. I looked down on them, watching his wet shiny cock pushing full length in and out. "She feels so fucking good," George puffed.

Almost immediately, his face contorted. I saw the veins pop out of his neck and he pushed in all the way. His pubic hair was flattened against her bald pubes, and her lips were mashed against him. And he came, and came, and came! It looked to be a huge load.

He pulled out as he deflated, and she lifted her legs and pressed them tightly together. "It's your turn," Raven said. Mmmmm, yes it was!

I knelt between her legs, and watched as she spread them wide and lewdly apart. I flipped my necktie over my shoulder, and put my hands on her thighs, helping her keep them up and spread. She reached down and gripped her fat pussy lips, pulling them apart like butterfly wings. Her hole was still open from the fucking, looking incredibly sexy.

"Push the cum out," I said gently. I saw her hole flex, and leaned in, prepared. "Cum on, push it out." Another push, and I saw the first white glob of George's cum appear. Making sure my tie was out of the way, I leaned in and licked it out. As always, the first taste of cum mixed with pussy juice thrilled me.

Raven gasped, still unready for the pleasure of having the cum sucked out of her pussy. "Oh god, yeah, eat me," she moaned. I put my mouth over her wet and sticky opening and sucked at it. I felt her lips convulse, and I knew she was pushing more cum out. Sure enough, the next installment of his cum hit my tastebuds. In return, I swirled my tongue around her insides, cleaning her inside and out.

I circled around her clit and sucked again at her hole. I felt her begin to orgasm, and stuck in my tongue to enjoy the feeling of her squeezing me. Then I wrapped my lips tightly and sucked again. I was rewarded with a lot of sloppy wetness as her orgasm "flushed" her pussy. I sat back, smacking my at the treat.

Raven sat back, breathing heavily. Her nipples were very hard, which made it even more fun to watch her regain her composure. "Now you," she said, her eyes on mine. "Fill me up again with your cum".

I looked to George, seeking his approval. "Go ahead, fuck her. And then it's my turn again." I saw that he was nearly hard again. I dropped my pants and stepped out of them, then pulled down my shorts. If it weren't for the condom I wore, they'd be soaked.

I pulled off the condom, then I positioned myself. Raven put her legs on my shoulders urging me to fuck her deeply. Then, I pushed into her hot wet pussy, feeling the remaining sloppiness of George's cum. I fucked her hard, her pussy making nasty noises. I loved it!

I took the condom and poured my precum on her nipples. Then I licked and sucked it off as she gasped in pleasure. I felt her pussy trying to milk my cock, and focused [poorly] on her nipples.

Despite my attempts to distract myself, my pent up horniness exploded out of me in only a couple minutes. I pushed in as deep as I could, grunting as I added my cum to the remains of George's. I felt the satisfying sensation as a tremendous amount of cum flew out of my cock deep within Raven's liquid volcano. Her experienced pussy milked me, and I could only imagine her gooey insides.

I plopped out, and she again lifted her legs to keep the cum in. George was raring to go, and pushed in right away. As I watched, I could see traces of cum on his cock. George constantly remarked on how wet she felt inside, making me horny again. Despite having cum only a short time ago, George quickly orgasmed. MMmm!

"Lay on your back on the floor," Raven said with her legs high and tight. I did, and she slid off the chair, kneeling astride my face.

I was rewarded with the sexiest thing I'd ever seen: a dripping load of cum oozing out of her well-fucked cunt. I reached up over her hips, pulling her pussy down to me. I spent the next twenty minutes moaning like crazy as I sucked the cum juice out of her. She came twice more, her fresh pussy juice flavoring the mixture deliciously.

Then she put my sloppy old comdom on my rock hard cock and used it to jack me off. I again exploded, the pleasure of orgasm making me almost faint. She stood and sat on the edge of the bed, and poured the cum down her pubes and onto her pussy. Of course, I cleaned her up again.

I was done in! As I stood and put my pants on, I saw Raven beginning to suck George's half-erection to full strength. I shook my head and left, smiling at the memories we'd made.
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2 months ago
very sexy and exciting
1 year ago
Excellent post.
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I love that story,my dream.
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Outstanding story...loved it!
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1 year ago
Great story!
1 year ago
Hope that is based on a true story. Thank for posting.
2 years ago
Incredibly hot story, licking the warm cum from a clit is so rewarding, YUM
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great story
2 years ago
love it its our favorite way to play, the Mrs loves having hot cum cleaned out of her pussy by a willing mouth
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Added to my favorites, 5 Stars! I love eating my wife's pussy after I cum in her!
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my fantasy
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Eating a woman after she has had sex with you or someone else is so hot and tasty..that is the only time I miss my ex.
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Can I help naxt time?
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very hot story and have always loved to eat my lady after cumming insiode of her
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Absolutely NOTHING beats a sloppy second fuck!
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I'm into eating out a lady after watching guys fill her with cum