My Wife, the new world record Cum Slut

My Wife, the new world record Cum Slut

My wife has had some INTENSE Gang bang experiences since our marriage,
with my knowledge and approval of course. Really nasty stuff, being taken
by 30 guy's at a military Barracks. The center of attention at Frat
parties and bachelor parties, being the target of massive cum bath facial
splattering. Having all three of her holes filled at once, AND both
hands. You name it she's done it.

But even I was surprised one night a few months ago with what she
proposed. We'd rented this video called "The worlds largest gang bang" (or
something like that) and we were watching it with a couple male friends.
(Who were fondling Kimmie the whole time of course). The video was kind of
boring because the Asian female in the lead role (who takes on 2 or 3
hundred guys or so) was obviously not really into it. Well. Kimmie, my
always nasty slutty spouse pipes up after a half hour or so of our rude
commentary on the video and says "I couldn't handle that many guy's inside
me, but I'd get off having a group that size masturbate on me and give me
the worlds biggest cum bath"

Well, we all started in asking her what she'd do of course, (While getting
boners listening to her talk about it), and she told us she'd take MOST of
their hot loads on her face, but would want to have her body covered also.
She is SO damn nasty! She said she'd want to have a total "coating" of hot
slippery cum drenching her completely. Just making her into one huge mess
of male sperm. Said it would be the "ultimate in slutty nastiness". Who
can disagree with that?

So after our 2 friends and I gave her a good 3 way fucking the rest of the
night, we started making plans! We ran ads in all the "Swinger" magazines
we could. Ran internet ads in the "" group. Ads in the
local papers. We knew we couldn't contain a group this size in any hotel
room, so we decided on a cabin in the Sierra foothills with a big plot of
land for all the guy's to camp overnight on.

Turns out we ended up with 212 guy's that made it out of the 300 or so who
said they'd show up that weekend. We had established the ground rule sin
advance. All the guy's had to be clean and disease free, tested with a
certificate. No Homo stuff allowed, at least not overtly. No pain or
abuse. No videotaping. But beyond that, we expected a lot of nasty talk,
and a lot of hot cum loads coating Kimmie wherever she requested.

Well, Kim had brought a few slutty outfits along. The Saturday night began
with her dancing around in this hot little tennis style miniskirt, and a
midriff baring tie front top, no bra of course, and high heels. Let me
describe her so you'll know how she looked in this outfit. Kim is part
Italian, part French. She's 5'2", petite, dark, sultry, cute face with
pouty full sensual lips, brown eyes, very dark shoulder length hair,
nicely formed "C" cup breasts that stand out firmly, (topped with pointy
nipples that seem perpetually erect), gorgeous legs that just seem to BEG
to be spread and used as fuck handles, especially with the slutty micro
miniskirts she wears (often with no panties).

We were outside with this big bonfire going as Kim started dancing around
in her little "Fuck Me" outfit, but the cum splattering event was to occur
inside. This was just the warm up, and Kim made the most of it.

She was groped, felt, fondled, handled, rubbed, finger fucked, (her
panties were off after just a couple of dances), and in general, treated
as the slut she loves to be. Within the first few minutes, she had already
dropped to her knees and sucked off 4 of the guy's. leaving the streaming
driplets of cum on her face of course, when we decided to bring her
inside. The cabin could only fit about 25 guy's at a time, even with
Standing room only, so we knew we'd have to do this great event in

Well, we brought her in. laid her on the mattress we'd put in the middle
of the room, and let the first group just go at it! She had dicks thrust
in her mouth, cocks rubbing on her tits, slapping at her sides, guy's
stroking themselves watching the lewd sight. The guy's kneeling on either
side of her mouth erupted first. A few alternating ssuckings from her
hungry lips and they were adding their hot cum , to her already wetted
cheeks from the outside blowjobs.

Kim moved her face to each side, anxious to feel their splashings fully
juicing her cheeks and face. AS the guy's moved aside she started talking
REALLY nasty. You know "FUCK my mouth guy's, give me those hot loads. I
want my husband to see me totally covered in cream. Fill my mouth with
sperm until it runs all over me, of YES!" She kept it up until she had a
big 10 inch cock shoved in her mouth. And the true "creaming" soon began.

A group of 4 guy's jacking by her face all erupted more or less at the
same time. Streamers and jets of hot Jizz pulsing in wet streams, leaving
criss crossing trails on her face. Kim took their goo all over her cheeks
and hair, told them to move aside and told the next group of facial
jackers that she wanted her mouth filled. The guy's were only too happy to
oblige, everyone had a total boner at her slutty behavior. From that point
forward, she took roughly 15 loads of cum right in her open mouth, one
after another after another.

Of course, a lot of these pulsing streams of milky white cream, missed
her open mouth and splashed instead on her face, joining so many previous
dollops of hot cum that had already been splashed there. Kim just held her
mouth open, letting load after load coat her teeth and lips and tongue.
She managed to keep most of it in her mouth somehow as her baptisms of
Jizz continued.

All the while, he guy's (who had long since stripped her top and miniskirt
off leaving her in just high heels) were all rubbing her body all over,
finger banging her, squeezing her tits, slapping at her body with hardened
dicks, rubbing on her.

As the 15 to 20 loads that were jetting in her mouth and on her face
erupted one at a time, several of the guy's surrounding her lower body
started adding their own hot steaming loads to her torso. Kim soon had cum
jets splashing onto her tits, jetting in driplets on her nipples, flying
against her shoulders and neck, in her hair. Several hot explosive loads
landed on her belly and thighs. She had mixed rivers of hot man milk
pooled in her belly button and running down her sides, dripping from her
tits in little streams, gushing onto her hot little shaved pussy.

When the first group had spent their loads, she looked right at me and
sort of gurgled " more yet..come here baby.." I was at once,
both repulsed and at the same time turned on by what I KNEW she was going
to make me do. She had told me ahead of time that she'd do this to
"punish" me for turning her into such a little gang bang cum slut. Though
I'm totally straight, I knew that she got off on making me experience the
results of the sluttiness that I'd encouraged in her. She knew I'd never
touch another guy's dick, knew I was even borderline homophobic. So she
did what she thought would be properly humiliating to me, for letting her
act this way.

"Khisss Mee" she gurgled. Gouts of cum gushed up and out from the sides of
her lips when she tried to talk, running like hot white lava down her
face. Her tongue was buried in the pool of white thick cream she held in
her mouth. I leaned down, drawn to her slutiness, both repulsed and drawn
at the same time by the nastiness of what she was about to make me do. I
leaned closer and she grabbed my face, drew it to her own, and started
French kissing me. The 15 loads of cum she'd been storing on her mouth
erupted from the sides of her lips in messy blobs and rivulets as she
f***ed her tongue into mine. She swirled her tongue around my own, forcing
me to taste the hot salty mixed loads of all those other men, all filling
my own hot slutty wife's little trampy mouth.

It was so disgusting, and yet so hot to see her act like such a cheating
cheap little cum sucker. Forcing me to taste of her slutty ways
firsthand. I guess this is what I deserved for getting her into all this
in the beginning. Arranging her first frat house gang bang. Hiring her out
to bachelor parties. Taking her on that camping trip where she did 25
loggers at one time. and all the earlier experiences that led up to those.

Anyway, when she broke away from the kiss, she licked her lips, running
her tongue slowly around the slippery coatings of so many loads that
shimmered wetly on the periphery of her lips. She looked me in the eye,
said "OK baby, you want me to keep going? To be the worlds hottest
nastiest little tramp wife that ever lived?" "Uh Huh" was all I could
mumble. "Then lick that cum off my breasts and belly, kiss me again, and
then I'll take the next group".. She had a self satisfied smirk, an evil
slutty grin on her cum blotched face as she uttered this request.

Well. I couldn't miss the rest of the show, so I obliged her. Dropped my
face to her tits, started licking the mixed streamers of other men's
spendings off my own wife's nipples, She grabbed my face, pushed it lower,
rubbing my face against her cum coated belly and turning it into a mess of
sliminess. I dipped my tongue in her deep "innie" belly button, licking
what must have been 4 or 5 different load spurts from it, lapping cream
from her thighs and pussy as she directed my face there.

When I had cum all over my tongue she drew me back to her and had me
deeply French kiss her again. The strong pungent aroma of all that cum
hung heavily on her lips, making my boner stand proud in spite of my
anxiousness to break away and clean my face off. And then it was time. The
next group filtered in. Disgusted at the sight of me no doubt (as I
hastily used my T shirt to clean myself off) but getting hardened boners
at the sight of Kim.

From there she the true cum bath soaking began in earnest. The white milky
cream was literally FLYING through the air, multiple jets at a time.
Bursts of steaming cream splashing her face sometimes with an audible
"splat" sound. Jizzum landing on her breasts and nipples and thighs and
belly and open pussy lips. Kim told the guy's she wanted to be "FUCKED
NOW" and a line started, This was to be "condoms only" as she didn't want
any cream deep in her womb during this scene.

When I thought it couldn't be done, Kim topped her own nastiness. She told
all the guy's who wanted to fuck her, (And there were dozens all told)
that they had to wear condoms and leave the condoms ON afterwards. As the
regular jackers continued using her mouth and coating her face and body, 4
to 6 at a time, she was also continuously being fucked by a new and
different dick. Within a half hour or so, there were 14 guy's that had cum
while doing her, and 5 more who had simply jacked off into a condom just
to contribute to whatever she had in mind. 19 guy's with cum filled
condoms. She had them all lined along the wall with their sperm filled
condoms, Kim issued her next request.

"OK guy's, now take those condoms off, don't let a drop of that precious
stuff spill now.. dump those loads all over my face and in my mouth!" the
guy's surrounded her, pressing close, pulling their cream filled rubbers
off. 14 guy's that had erupted in my wife's well fucked, well stretched
pussy, now had the spendings of those orgasms saved in these rubbers, and
another 5 jacked loads were at the ready, waiting to baptize my nasty
wife's, already cream coated face.

Kim looked up at all the guy's, then looked me right in the eye, her own
eyes flashing with evil slutty lust, then murmured to me "Watch this baby,
you want me to be a fucking whoring cum slut? Well just watch me now...OK
guy's DO IT!"

Well Kim's fuck partners were only to happy to give her the results of her
pussy tightening fuck fest, they all took their gang bang cum loads, held
them over her face..making the moment last for a moment, and then started
to empty.

Kim opened her mouth, pushed her tongue out, and closed her eyes. How can
I even describe what happened next? The first sperm showering dropped with
a great splash on her left cheek, a big strand half landing in her open
mouth. 6 more rubbers were being emptied at once, huge "splats" of cum
landing in her mouth, splashing into her teeth, on her face, in her hair.
Cum was running in virtual slow moving rivers on her spermy coated face
now as load after load splashed in their full entirety, 3 or 4 rubber
fulls at a time. Kim looked like she'd been coated in a large size bottle
of Elmers glue. Cum over her closed eyelids. Splats, splashes, plops of
hot jizz raining down on her in full massive loads.

In a matter of mere seconds, she'd been fully immersed in the male
spendings of 19 loads. Her face was just a mass of slippery steaming jizz.
Kim used her fingers to wipe the cum from her eyelids so she could open
her eyes. She rubbed it off on her tits because her mouth was way to full
for her to lick her fingers. In fact her mouth was once again filled to
overflowing, her teeth and gums not even visible, other than vague shapes
beneath their thick coatings of sticky pearlescent cream.

Her eyes open now, Kim looked at me again, clearly an expression of nasty
triumph on her cum coated face. She couldn't talk with all that cum in her
mouth, but instead, she poked her little pink tongue up through the thick
sea it swam in, swirled it around for effect, and started to swallow. THEN
she was able to croak some warbled words at me. "Get the camera" she said.
"I want to be able to see this later, I want you to remember this one".

I grabbed the 35mm from our carryall and started taking flash shots of
her. Pictures of my own wife's cum doused face from all angles. Pictures
of the fresh loads from 19 rubbers dumped all over my nasty pretty little
wife's face, lips, cheeks, hair, shoulders. Pictures of her looking at me
with her tongue swirling around her lips, strands of various thicknesses
of hot jizz, coating it. Pictures of her with her mouth wide open, showing
me and all the other guy's, the sticky hot strands of cum that were
sticking to the roof of her mouth, and attached loosely to her teeth and
tongue like thick spiderwebs , until she wiped them clear with a swirl of
that tongue and swallowed.

So many pictures that have ultimately given me many a boner since then,
when Kim and I get the scrapbook out. Her giving me a monologue of just
how it felt and tasted. She tells me how much she loved having so many men
use her for their lustful pleasure while I looked on. How much she loved
tasting the cum of so many guy's in front of me.

And to think, how much more simply it all started in the beginning of our
marriage. Kim's first "cheating" experience. The night we were at that
nightclub, her dancing with other guys, being felt up for my voyeuristic
enjoyment, (and her slutty enjoyment). How she'd come back to the table
with 2 of them. Taken off her panties, had them sit on either side of her
and finger bang her under the table till she came.

Then she'd asked to go outside to their van with them, to which I heartily
agreed. I remember how excited I felt while I waited for her to come back,
imagining what she was doing out there. When she came back a half hour
later, I soon found out. She kissed me with cum still on her breath, took
my hand and out it up under her mini, to show me her wetness and
stickiness there, and whispered to me how she'd taken them both at once.
One in her mouth, on in her pussy until they both came inside her. Damn
that was hot, but little did I know at the time just how far it would
ultimately all lead!

Now here we were, my hot little trampy wife already having taken cum loads
from almost 50 different cocks, and still more than 150 to go! I'd be
repeating myself too much if I described in detail just how it all came
down after that. All the repeat performances. All the slutty things that
Kim did as she goaded all those guy's into dumping their wet explosions
all over her. As several dozen more cocks violated her pouty mouth. As 25
or 30 more guy's fucked her gaping pussy, and did further "condom dumps"
on her face, in her mouth, all over her flushed hot body.

just a couple of the memorable highlights are in order I suppose. When she
was halfway through, Kim was so cum covered as to be virtually
unrecognizable. Some of the guy's were starting to balk at having their
cocks inside her totally smeared face. And Kim was getting mighty thirsty
from the amount of salty semen she'd swallowed. Plus some of the guy's
were starting to feel "cheated" because if they erupted on her, you
couldn't even see where their cum landed, it was just "lost" in the sea of
slippery, high viscosity goo that was already fully coating the little

So, we took her outside, cum dripping from her as if she'd just been
showering in it, and decided to hose her down to make her "fresh" for the
next 100+ guy's. Kim was given some beers to swill down the final remnants
of the loads that had filled her mouth. We had cases and cases of beer
that had been brought along, something to do outside while waiting for the
cabin. The guy's had her sit close to the fire so she wouldn't get too
cold, and started shaking beer cans and spraying her with the explosively
carbonated beer!

As if it wasn't enough that she'd taken burst after burst of hot steamy
cum all over her, she was now getting cold bursts of beer flying at hr
from all sides! Kim loved it. Beer blasts hitting her face, washing down
her body. Guy's pouring cans of it into her open upturned face, the beer
coursing in frothy streams down her body, washing away the cum that was
stuck all over her. The guy's were all talking nasty to her, telling her
what a fine hot little trampy slut she was, telling her how they planned
to feed her and cover her in another 100 loads of jizz, telling ME what a
slut my wife was.

Finally, Kim picked up by several strong pairs of hands, carried back
inside, and put in the shower. She showered quickly and dried off, kind of
a waste since she was destined to lay back again on that cum soaked
mattress, but she was fresh and ready now for the next waves of guy's.

Like I said, it defies description and gets redundant to try and describe
the next couple hours. Suffice it to say, Kim had a repeat of her earlier
experience. The only difference really was that she seemed to have more
cum loads on her body this time. By the end of it all, as she lay back
outstretched on that mattress, she had a pool of white in her concave
belly that was like a small lake of mixed loads of man milk, spilling in
little tributaries down her sides in all directions. You couldn't even see
her navel, so totally covered in cum was her midsection.

Her distended nipples were completely covered of course, like 2 little
pencil erasers that had been dipped in thick frosting. Her breasts were
like 2 swollen orbs that had melting vanilla ice cream running down their
sides. Cum was all over her neck, pooled in the little hollows of her
shoulders, totally covering her thighs. Kim's shaved cuntal area was just
a goopy white mess of creamy leavings, her pussy lips all but invisible
beneath the thick coatings.

Kim's face and hair were covered again, and dozens more hot loads had
sprayed explosively into her open willing mouth. There was one
particularly memorable scene where Kim had 6 guy's jacking off around her
face, and ALL SIX started to cum within seconds of each other! (It was a
planned thing, the guy's with the most "control" had gotten together to
try this one).

If you can imagine, 6 geysering, volcanic, exploding dicks, simultaneously
spraying jet after fucking jet of hot streaming cream into Kim's face from
all directions at once, well, how to describe it? Hot splatterings were
ricocheting off her face, they were hitting with such f***e. She had her
mouth open, but she was literally shaking her head from side to side,
trying in vain to catch all those streams and jets that were hitting her
face in such blasting hot orgasmic bursts, 3 or 4 streams at a time.

Kim was in slut heaven. She told me later that she could hear as well as
feel some of those juice jets, as they landed against her face. She said
she Loved the feeling of a full hot stream of salty pungent cream, flying
straight into her mouth and down her receptive throat, as other streams
simultaneously landed on her face and lips. Hot wet trails of jizz,
crossing as they landed on her, forming new flow lines in all directions
on her cummy face. Kiss in her hair, even in her ears. Damn what a hot
nasty, disgustingly slutty sight she was!

I don't know if Kimmie set the "Gang Bang record" but I know she set the
record for LOVING the most cum shots in and on her at once, as any woman

Well, I left a lot out, but at least you the reader, can get an idea of
what went on. For the REAL flavor of it, you'd have to talk to Kim. She's
GREAT at describing the experience beyond just the visuals. The taste of
200 mixed loads in her mouth, the strong bleachy pungent aroma of all that
cum covering her body, the slippery sensations, the pleasant sting of hot
bursts of man milk as they landed all over her face and body.

Mostly, she can explain the psychology of it. The totally wanton depraved
sexuality she experienced. The butterflies she felt in her stomach at
seeing herself totally surrounded by a sea of hard throbbing dicks, all
erect at the sight of her whoring acts of depravity. The inner feeling of
control she felt at being the world's sluttiest trampy wife while her
husband looked on and watched her.

Kim relives all these things and reminds me, whenever we get out the
scrapbook. She says that she has an inner driving need to experience the
new and differing dick meat of thousands of men before she gets older. I'm
just not sure how we can possibly reprise the scene we already had! We are
making a few plans. For example, she's going to go visit training camp for
a local pro football team and have a locker room experience!

Then there's the trip she'll be making later this summer. Says she wants
to visit this army base and be their slut mascot for weekend leave. For
that experience she's going to take a videocamera along and have a
boyfriend of hers film the whole thing, bringing it back to me later to
view with me as she tells me how much she loved all those big dicks. She's
also planning to visit a big Electronics convention at Las Vegas. She's
going to have this guy rent this huge double suite and then she'll
"entertain" a couple hundred or more of the convention goers. I plan to be
with her for that experience. Not something I'd want to miss.

Anyway, if there are any other couples out there that are into this, by
all means let us know. We'd love to hear about your experiences or
fantasies. And any other ideas you might have. We'd especially love to
hear from other cum slut wives who get off acting their nastiest with
other men in front of their husbands.
97% (62/2)
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4 months ago
If you think your wife is the record holder you have not read some of the stories of my slut wife. Check out Slut wife Tina at (g43 profile) She has been fucked for three days and looked for more.
1 year ago
I would like be fucking these guys. and fuck without a condom fill my holes. and of course gets double vaginal and anal penetration...
2 years ago
bukkake great
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2 years ago
id love to do that only no condoms as im allergic
3 years ago
wow, can only imagine what a delightfull sight she was..would love to a see movie of it or pics !!
4 years ago
Man I wish my wife would do that.
4 years ago
Wow that was a ton of cum
4 years ago
I would love to be her clean up guy. Yummy!
4 years ago
great story! very hot