Why Does The Cuckold Get Turned On By Cuckolding?

Why Does The Cuckold Get Turned On By Cuckolding?

History of the term Cuckold
"Cuckold" is derived from the Old French for the Cuckoo bird"Cocu" with the pejorative suffix -ald. The earliest written use of the Middle English derivation, "cockwold" occurs in 1250. The females of certain varieties of Cuckoo lay their eggs in other bird's nests, freeing themselves from the need to nurture the eggs to hatching. In medieval Europe, the law, custom, and the church all defined married women as a category of property held by their husbands. Although Christian marriage vows strictly enjoined sexual exclusivity in a marriage for both partners, custom rarely enf***ed it on the husband (although Catholic doctrine held infidelity by either party to be a mortal sin).

A nuance of the word often overlooked in contemporary usage is that it refers to a man who, like the bird warming the cuckoo's eggs, is unaware of his victimization. A man who knows and acquiesced, in his wife's taking of another lover was call a "wittol", itself a derivation from the Middle English for "willing (as in knowing) cuckold."

The cuckold male could be a husband or boyfriend
There are numerous variations on cuckolding or being cuckolded:

The cuckold male could be made to only watch the woman dress up to go out for the night, yet knowing she is out looking for another man and there is nothing he can do except wait for her return and either just observe her appearance which is obviously different from when she left.

Another cuckold male could be made to wait up for her and quietly listen to all the details of her night with another man.

Then there are the cuckold males who must sit and watch as she brings home a man she has met and has sex while he is in the same room. Other cuckold males may only be allowed to stay in the next room, peek through a crack in the door or hide in a closet to only listen or watch in secret.

Most of the time, however, the cuckold male is made to sit in the same room and watch. He could be f***ed to wear panties and lipstick to further his submissiveness and humiliation (this is sometimes called sissy cuckolding). While watching he could be laughed at, ridiculed, made fun of what he is wearing and taunted about his inabilities to satisfy the woman.

There are also cuckold scenarios in which the cuckold male either willingly or demanded to take part in the sexual acts he is observing. This could range from allowing him to lick his wife as preparation for her lover or "fluff", stroke or suck the male, to arouse him for her pleasure.

Another form of the cuckold participating would be as the one who cleans up by using his tongue on both after they have had sex. In some cases the cuckold male may even be made to give oral sex to the woman's lover or be taken by the male anally.

In any of these cuckold cases the point it total submissiveness and total humiliation at being the cuckold "victim".

Why Do So Many Men Enjoy Cuckolding?
So why do these men enjoy watching? One is that they want to see their wife or girlfriend enjoy sexual fulfillment that they cannot provide. Another is having a small penis and rather than her leave for a better lover it's understood she will stay with him as long as she is in total charge of who and when and how she chooses a sexual partner.

Another form of being a cuckold male is by pretending he is bound and helpless and f***ed to watch. This is often used when the cuckold male has a wife or girlfriend who is very conservative sexually and a stranger or intruder f***es her to do things she wouldn't even consider with her husband and as this "stranger" continues to ravage his mate she can't help but become totally aroused and begins enjoying what he is doing to her and lets loose like the cuckold mate has always wanted her to do.

"f***ed" Cuckolding
By allowing himself to be her cuckold he takes the submissive position and endures the humiliation if it means she will be completely fulfilled sexually. Watching another man have sex with her and seeing her react to him naturally arouses the cuckold male and if allowed to masturbate while watching will have an intense orgasm.

Many men will not admit they have a submissive side, yet when put in the position of being a cuckold man they find themselves aroused by the humiliation felt as being enjoyable.....So this is wy the cuckold gets turned on by cuckolding.
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4 days ago
I have been a cuckold for years. Seeing my mate being fucked by another man is an ultimate turn-on. Knowing I get to lick the cum from his cock as well as her pussy and asshole. there is no greater euphoria then that.
2 months ago
I want my wife to cuckold and humiliate me
2 months ago
My wife has told me that being free to do as she pleases give her that power full feeling of total control over me as we progress she has become much more demanding in our relationship . She is now totally committed to her black lover I only get to watch sometimes and only then to clean them both or revive him so he can fuck her again . It was my idea in the first place to involve another man in our live she was very shy at first now in total control
3 months ago
This is very educational. Thank you for talking your time to share this on here.
3 months ago
Would like to experience "sharing"
3 months ago
My wife only allows other men to fuck her when I am the instigator. I just love watching and helping her be satisfied. An extra is that the other man is also satisfied. I am the one who initiates the encounters but I get the most pleasure of the three... or four. . . or more.
See- she always go home where we complete the act to our mutual pleasure.

Maybe it is just a way to express my Bisexual side
4 months ago
Almost always a woman cuckolding her man eventually gives the woman the extraordinary feeling of dominating her man and being able to select many lovers all of whom serve her. She knows she is a hot woman than many men seek and that is part of the erotic pleasure she has.
6 months ago
I am submissive and love being cuckolded and humiliated.
6 months ago
I you take part in this, and your girl is messing around with the superior bbc's, believe me it will eventually escalate to full cuckoldtry.
9 months ago
I was a cuckold for years before I learned that there was a word for it.
1 year ago
I cuck to get her lover's cum when she's through...yummy!
2 years ago
Im a cuck but I dont get into the humiliation part. I just love to watch my wife with other men, share her at the same time and definitely clean her up afterwards.
2 years ago
I think its weird and if you dont please someone sexually and they want to find others then to move on. Sex is a HUGE part of a relationship and if you cant have it why be in it? It just sounds like an excuse to me on the womans part to fuck other guys and still be married and have one guy love her and be used by her while she fucks as many other guys as she wants.
2 years ago
2 years ago
Because it is very good!
2 years ago
good post but fuck no
2 years ago
love it!!!
3 years ago
being a cuck and offer ones wife to another man who is usually hung by twice or better does really humble a man and to watch ones wife giveing herself so wantonly to him is confusing for sure but it sure is hot
3 years ago
sounds right!
3 years ago
Very Good ....
I agree
3 years ago
Great post. It is kind of confusing when you first realize you enjoy being a cuck. Thanks.
3 years ago
That was an interesting read and I learnt something new. I don't believe that the cuckolding lifestyle is, or will ever be, common. I know the practice has an almost fanatic fanbase but I dont think it'll ever be more than a niche fantasy. Personally I don't see the appeal, who would want to just sit there and watch people fuck? However, submitting to a dominate man with an equally submissive woman partner for an unrestricted bisexual threeway is a huge fantasy for me. Not sure if that classifies me as a cuckold or a cock-loving man, hmmm.
3 years ago
Great posting!
3 years ago
Great posting. Check out my cuckold story
3 years ago
nice to know. Good explanation. Never thought it possible. So, whose girls is going to me mine?
3 years ago
Im not a full cuckold ,I love to watch my lady get fucked and take my turn later or do her togehter.
4 years ago
Seems the variation is as varied as the players
thx for the information as that is a word I did not fully understand