BBW Whore Wife

BBW Whore Wife (MMF, wife, huml)
by BBW lover (address withheld)


A week after telling Roger over drinks that I loved fat
women he was in my office wanting to chat. He looked
nervous and shuffled from foot to foot before speaking,
"Pete, remember you said you liked big women right?" I
nodded and he went on, "Well, you've never meet my wife
Mary but she's big," again I nodded looking at him
standing there and wondering where this was going.

"Where having problems in the sex department, and I was
wondering if you could help me out," he was serious. He
went on to explain that he and his wife had had problems
ever since the birth of their son fives years ago, he
said Mary had always been big but mainly around the
breasts. The problems was after the birth she not only
increased her bust but her belly and ass too and that now
he had trouble getting a hard on.

He went on to say that after a lot of arguments and a lot
of talking she had agreed to let him go to a whore for
sex but only if he found her some one too. He now looked
at me with a grin on his face, he wanted me to service
his wife for him so that he could go have some fun on his
own, this was strange. "I don't even know your wife Roger
what do you expect me to do?" I asked amazed that he even
asked me.

He said she was highly sexed but very shy and there was
just no way she was going to go out hunting in bars and
in his opinion even if she did it might not work as most
guys never looked at her he had checked. The next day he
brought some photos of her wearing a fat girl floral
dress, the photo showed a 40-year-old woman with a round
pretty face but her body was hidden by the horrible fat
dress. I told him she looked real nice and he asked if
she was too fat, no I said she wasn't but that was not my
problem the real problem was I was not comfortable just
going over there and fucking her it was just too weird.

A week passed and I thought he had given up on it when he
burst into my office with a grin on his face and said "I
have a plan" ,I had to laugh as he looked so happy. He
asked if I'd ever used a whore ,like paid for sex and
said yes I had.

"Good," he said then told me his plan. To be honest the
plan sounded good and I had to admit it even had me horny
thinking about "You see, like this Mary can play a role
so she wont be too shy and you can treat her like a
whore, just fuck her and go" he said I wouldn't have to
pay of course but to just pretend she was working.

I had to phone her and start the game so reluctantly I
did with him standing there beside me, after three rings
she answered. I told her it was Pete and she immediately
went silent and then spoke slowly "Yes sir, Mary what do
you have in mind?" in a sultry voice. I smiled at Roger
who was grinning at me, I was liking this. "Well Mary, I
was hoping we could get together," I said smiling down
the phone.

"Sure, how would you like me to dress? She asked again in
her little sexy girl voice.

I shifted in my chair and said, "Well I hear you're a big
girl, I like that and I'd like to see your body so wear
something tight fitting and wear stockings too," I added
getting into this.

She replied straight away, "What would you like to do to

Shit this was hard especially with her husband watching
me but her voice was such a turn on I told her, "I'm
looking for a fat slut to fuck and abuse, just normal
nasty sex." After a second she told me to come over
Friday night at 8. As soon as I hung up Roger wanted to
know what she had said and how she sounded but I brushed
him off and told him to arrange his date for Friday

I was nervous as hell as I knocked on her door and when
she opened it, it got worse. She was not very tall and
looked almost as wide as she did tall but incredibly sexy
anyway. She had poured herself into a black dress that
clung to every hump bump and curve of her large body
leaving nothing to the imagination.

Her enormous breasts where spilling over the low cut
dress and threatening to rip the dress open if she moved
too fast, it was also so short her black stockings where
a good four inches below the hem showing her fat legs
pushing over the top of the stockings and to finish it
all off her shoes looked like she had bought them in a
sex shop.

She was not wearing a bra and I could clearly see her
nipples poking through the black cotton and when she
turned to show me in I saw her ass as it swayed from side
to side the two giant ass checks giggling as she walked.
She didn't say much and didn't look me in the eye as she
led me in, the sitting room was not well lithe but looked
romantic enough.

Once inside she offered me a drink and a minute later I
had a beer in my hand and Mary perched on the sofa's edge
with her chunky legs held together. I could still see
five inches of flabby leg flesh above the stockings and
my cock was twitching and jerking in my jeans already.

"Mary I understand if you're embarrassed," I began but
she stopped me dead saying, "Call me slut or whore and
treat me like one," she only looked at me for a second
when she said it.

I gulped down my beer staring at her, she looked like a
slut and I was well up for it "Ok slut, tell me did you
shave that fat pussy for tonight?" I asked.

She nodded her head yes.

"Good, lean back and let me see it," I commanded. Without
looking up she leaned back and let her legs fall open,
the dress rode up on its own and wham! I had her plump
meaty pussy looking at me. I must have looked in shock as
I felt it, her pussy looked freshly shaved with huge
swollen lips and a pussy mound that almost hide the whole
thing. "Lean back more and pull your belly up so I can
see it bitch." I spat at her and she did it straight off
leaning back and reaching down to pull her hanging belly
up off her pussy.

Ooh man what a sight, if you like fat girls like I do
this was as good as it got. Her pussy was perfect, the
fat lips parted as she tugged on her tummy showing the
wet pink insides and letting me see just how big and
slack it was. I licked my lips but stayed where I was
staring down at her.

"Do you like sucking cock slut?" I asked as I started
removing my clothes, she looked at me with a small smile
on her round face.

"Yes," was all I got from her so I asked again and this
time I told her to speak up. "Yes I like sucking cocks."
That's better I thought as I stepped out of my shorts and
let my hard cock come into view. She gasped out loud and
stared at it "Its so big," she purred at me grinning.

I tugged on it to get it up looking at her. "I bet you
love big cocks, with a fat pussy like yours you'd need
one." She didn't reply but licked her lips. "Is it bigger
than your husbands?" I asked. I knew it was mean but I
wanted to know.

She chuckled and said, "It's bigger than any I've had in
my life," she said coming out of her role of whore.

"Well crawl over here and get it in your mouth" she
smiled at me and dropped down onto her hands and knees
her breasts hitting the carpet as she did "Take off your
dress, I want to see those tits" I hissed at her. As she
pulled the dress up over her waist and then her breasts I
held my breath, they flopped down heavily as I knew they
would massive white globes of flesh.

"Get over here now slut fast," I commanded gagging for
her mouth on my cock. As she shuffled over her tits
dragged on the carpet and even her round shoulders shuck
a bit, she stopped at my feet and looked up and my cock
that I was jerking off slowly wide eyed. She got up on
her knees to face it and smiled when she was inches from
it "Your going to suck my cock now whore, and when I'm
ready I'm going to fuck your fat cunt, understand?" I
hissed at her.

She nodded and opened her mouth as side as she could and
stuck out her tongue, it was such a sexy sight I carried
on jerking off pointing my hard cock at her open mouth. I
slapped her face with it a couple of times and she
followed it around trying to get it in her mouth, when I
had played with her enough I grabbed her by the hair
roughly and rammed it into her mouth. She gasped but took
it and even when I started fucking it in and out fast she
just held onto my legs and ass and let me face fuck her.

"Filthy fat cocksucker, take it all yeah!" I snarled down
at her.

She managed to moan around it and made loud slurping
sounds as she dragged her red lips up and down the shaft.
In and out I pumped it slapping my balls against her chin
and making her tits swing wildly, she sucked and sucked
massaging my balls and squeezing my ass moaning and
panting. I pulled it out and let her get a breath,
"That's it whore, that's real nice," I panted, "You want
it up your cunt now?" I asked looking down.

She nodded yes but I told her I wanted to hear her say
it. "Yes I want it inside me" I told her to try harder,
"I want your big hard cock to fuck me," she tried again.

I smiled saying it was better. "On your back whore and
spread your legs," I hissed at her.

She lay back on the floor and spread her legs wide for me
her pussy open and wet, her tits hanging on each side of
her body. When I kneeled between her legs she was at the
perfect height for me to fuck her on my knees, I pressed
my cock against her pussy and she pushed down impatiently
taking a couple of inches inside. Man it was hot in there
and when I slid the whole thing inside she came right
away bucking her hips up off the floor.

"OOOoh Christ, I'm coming!!" I started fucking into her
hard with short hard jabs banging my balls off her and
leaning over her looking down. She had her eyes closed
tightly as she hissed and panted coming in buckets all
over my shaft, every time I slammed into her I saw her
belly and tits swing wildly.

She tried to get her arms around me but I batted them
away getting back up onto my knees so I could get some
f***e into the trusts. I was banging her so hard now her
pussy was making wet sucking sounds as her meaty lips
clung to the shaft.

"Take it slut, take that big cock," I hissed down at her.

She was still coming trashing her head from side to side
and banging her arms off the carpet "Ooh yes, fuck me!
Fuck me like a whore I love it!!" she screamed out.

"On your knees bitch," I panted at her pulling out and
leaning back, she rolled over and stuck her fat ass I the
air it was wet from asshole to pussy from come and sweat.
I quickly rammed my cock back up her used pussy gripping
her flabby hips and yanking her back to meet my trust.
Her whole ass and back shuck and wobbled with every trust
as I slammed into her wet open cunt banging hard every
time, it felt fantastic for me and she was not
complaining at all burring her face in the carpet.

Her ass looked huge with my slim hips behind her making
me hornier still, just watching my cock slid between her
meaty ass checks had me humping like mad my cock slick
with her pussy juice and knowing that she was loving it
made it all the better. She was panting louder again
close to another orgasm, I slapped her ass hard with my
open hand and she screamed out in shock but came on the
spot. I had to get one of my legs up and grip her flabby
ass hard to stop her bucking me off her as I slammed her
pussy mercilessly grunting and panting myself now.

"Fucking fat whore, take it like a dog you slut," I
hissed and panted. She was getting off big time and the
more I talked to her the harder she came, "You love my
big cock don't you bitch, you should be paying me slut!"

She managed to get a grip and started ramming her ass
back at me, "Yes, yes, yes," she repeated over an over
getting louder each time "Fuck me harder, fuck my big
pussy" she was going nuts and I was close to coming.

"Get up slut, let me see those tits flop about," I said
pulling her up by the arms so she was on her knees
trusting her massive tits out. They flopped about
comically and I watched amused as she had to grab them to
stop hurting herself as I hammered her from behind.

"I'm gong to come slut, I want to do it on your face," I
panted real close now.

She stayed kneeling up like that as I pulled out and
quickly moved around to face her ,she had her mouth open
and her tongue out waiting for it. Beating off pointing
my cock at her face I felt it rise from my balls, her
round heavily made up face making me hotter still.

The first wad fired out and hit her forehead with a
splash the second her check and the third right in her
mouth, next I pushed my pulsating cock into her mouth to
finish off and the filthy bitch sucked it all down
swallowing every last drop.

We both collapsed in a heap on the floor panting and
sucking in air, when I looked over at her she was staring
at me smiling still with spunk all over her face.


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Love the story , I would love to fuck her too
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Fuck ya u can fuck my wife like that
10 months ago
hell yes . a well wrote tell . you luck dude . would like to hear more
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what a terrific story
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great story
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hot story
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Outstanding story.
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You need to do her ass nexttime
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great fucking story... is it real?