Suzi's Bitch

I have always had a fantasy about dressing like a girl. Suzi has allowed me to fulfill that fantasy. Although she has her own kinky agenda in mind sometimes.
I have several different ways this fantasy plays out, one of which I am going to tell you about.

It starts out with Suzi laying out my clothes. A sexy pair of silk panties, lacey bra, school girl blouse, short mini skirt, bobbi socks, and pink tennies. As I shower to get ready Suzi comes into the bathroom. The curtain flings open, as she orders me to shave “get all that hair off your crotch and you better do a good job”. I soap up and start shaving, almost done the curtain flies open again. “That’s not good enough” as she smacks my ass and takes the razor. Suzi turns me around and stuffs a finger straight up my ass and slaps my cock. As she points out the two small spots I have missed. Pushing her finger all the way in and pulls it back out quickly she tells me to finish and get dressed.

All dressed up now, Suzi does my hair in pig tails with small slutty braids circling my face. She makes me pretty with make-up, lipstick, and some jewelry. I’m all ready now and she turns me around, lifts my skirt, and pulls my panties down slightly. Suzi starts pushing a butt plug into me. When it’s almost all the way in she pops it with the palm of her hand and it goes deep. Pulling up my panties, she snaps the elastic against my ass and tells me, “Don’t touch that unless I ask you to bitch, now go sit down”. As I sit in the living room she comes out of the bedroom naked, walks over to me, and says, “Stand up bitch”. I just look at her, she reaches out and slaps me lightly on the face. “STAND UP NOW”. I say ok, and smack again and she says,” that will be yes Miss suzi, now stand up and turn around”. I stand up and turn around as suzi grabs my hands and cuffs them behind my back, she orders me to my knees. Grabbing my hair she points my face at her pussy and says “ lick it bitch and do a good job” as she spreads her legs slightly she pulls my face to her. Sticking my tongue out I slowly lick up and down her soft pussy lips. She parts her lips and f***es my mouth onto her clit and says “suck on it and slide your tongue inside me and suck it some more till I come all over your face little girl”. I look up at her and say “yes Miss Suzi”. She holds me by the hair as she rubs her pussy back and forth over my face faster and harder. This goes on forever or as it feels, as she is using my mouth for her pleasure. Over and over she slides her pussy lips back and forth over my lips pushing on my face with each thrust. Tilting my head back as she bucks wildly on my tongue, coming all over my face. After she comes she lets go of me and says “now go to the bedroom and get my cock”.

I return with her strap-on, and she orders me to put it on her. I tighten the straps on her huge strap-on cock. Suzi looks me in the eyes as she again grabs me by the hair, tilts my head back and slaps my face with her beautiful cock. She smiles and says “Suck my cock bitch”. I take the tip in my mouth and start sucking.
Up and down the shaft as I suck it the best I can. She smiles hugely as she starts pumping in and out of my mouth stretching my lips and she buries it as deep as I can take it without choking. Harder and deeper I take it as Suzi fucks my mouth I am gagging as saliva runs down my face dripping all over me. Laughing loudly, Suzi pushes deep, holding my head tightly as my cheeks puff up, then she pulls back and pumps it deep again. Loving the service her cock is getting as she moans and watches from above as I am on my knees sucking Miss Suzi’s cock. Just when I think I can take this cock she pushes deeper and I choke all over it, covering it with my saliva. Suzi pushes me away. Turning me around and forcing me on my knees on the edge of the bed she grabs the end of the butt plug and pulls and pushes it in and out of me a few times. With one quick tug she pulls it out, grabs my hips and stuffs her strapon deep into my tight ass with one huge thrust, holding it there for a little while as I tense up from the sudden pressure, She says “so bitch you like my cock” I tell her yes as she starts with small short thrusts till I get used to the size of her huge cock. She is making longer and harder strokes as I get used to her in my ass. Just then she pulls it all the way out and teases my ass with the tip. Popping just the head in and out as I am moaning. As my ass relaxes she grabs me and starts fucking me deep. Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, I can hear her breathing harder as she takes my ass. Pounding her cock into me I can feel her thighs slapping my ass with each thrust. Slapping my ass sheis fucking harder and harder as she is yelling “ take it bitch, take my cock up your ass, I’m gonna fuck you till you can’t take it anymore”. Suzi takes her cock out and shoves it all back in over and over. I can feel my ass stretch each time the head pops out and back in. I am convulsing in orgasm as she fucks and fucks me and keeps fucking me. I shake and shudder as Suzi makes me cum over and over. Exhausted I collapse under her. Suzi rolls me over, Puts her pussy right above my face, with the strap-on resting on my forehead, she pulls the harness aside and makes me lick her pussy. My tongue sliding between her wet lips and sucking her swollen clit, it doesn’t take long for her to cum. Squirting all over my face as she cums. I am jerking my cock frantically, Trying to make myself cum. Suzi lays off to the side as I masturbate. Rubbing my hard cock faster and faster, I start to feel it, Suzi lays her cock on my hip as I jerk off. Just then I start squirting cum everywhere. She grabs my cock and directs my cum onto her strap-on. As I finish cumming, she scoops up all the cum with the tip of her cock. Smiling she gets on her knees in front of me, holding her strapon glistening with cum she says ”Open wide bitch and suck my cum off my cock”. Rubbing it all over my lips as I taste it, she slowly pushes her cock into my mouth. Watching as every last drop of cum is cleaned off by my tongue. I feel very well used as I stare at her ass as she walks out of the room toward the shower. Leaving me with my cum dripping from my lips.

The End
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4 years ago
I would be her bitch whenever she wanted!
4 years ago
Ms Suzi, can you use another malebitch? I offer my ass to the best bitch you can have.dress me as you please,stapon your biggest dildo and fuck me til i cant take any more.then rape my will #1Bitch with 2mailbitches.drop me a line ok?
4 years ago
I love this story.wish i was you.Be a good bitch for her.If she ever need another boybitch call me'
4 years ago
i would have bitch slapped her & made her my slave slut suzi
4 years ago
awww come on someone has to like this story
4 years ago
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